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Aryeh Kaplan has given us a truly easy book to read compared with the difficult and cryptic volumes that turn many away. His sublime grasp of physics is never used to overwhelm the reader or cause him to have to study to meditate on the thesis.
A simple knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and its numerics is all that is requisite to quick and full comprehension of the text and its thesis.
I can't emphasize the excellence of the book or its validity to all students of the Sepher Yetzirah. I wish that I could have corresponded with Aryeh Kaplan about certain kabbalistic concepts but only today I found out that he died in 1983. This is the second disappointment of this order my quest has suffered. I seem always too late to arrive in the company of pioneers and teachers.

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Many people who study the QBLH have studied only its western medieval interpretation of the system; this is the system that has been publicly forwarded by groups such as the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, and the OTO. All of these groups admit openly that the source of the QBLH is found in the Jewish traditions, and yet, they provide few, if any, links back to this very tradition.
This book will turn their QBLH on its ear.
Unlike the traditions written and expounded upon by Western sources, this book was written from within the unbroken inner traditions of the Jewish masters. This system is largely unrelated to their Western interpretations, and are based largely on meditative and contemplative studies as opposed to the largely practical magickal work of the Western systems.
This book has reinformed my QBLH work, and opened to me an entirely new realms of depth to my work. Other books from this author would include 'Meditation and the Kabbalah' and 'The Living Torah'; and both are highly recommended to the serious student.... 'Meditation and the Kabbalah' at the very very least.

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