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For he had rode but once before

On London's flood so merry: And then he cross'd from Kent's fair shore,

To Limehouse, in a wherry.

Now marshes on each side

appear; Swift are the paddles turned ; But soon a fairer scene is near,

For Erith is discerned.



BENEATH the woody heights of Lesnes,

Unite the Cray (8) and Darent(o)Give tribute to majestic Thames,

And slumber with their parent.

Past Purfleet and each magazine

The steamer now is gliding;
And Stone's neat village church is seen,

While slowly runs the tide in.

And Greenhithe, too, in foliage drest;

With Ingress Park uniting; And Fidler's Reach,(10) and Thurrock West;

And town of Grays inviting.

The pretty village of Northfleet

Invites the eye's attention;
Here wildest Nature runs to greet

The work of Art's invention. (ll)

Oldstock ne'er thought he was so near

To Gravesend's town, so noted,
As towards its light and handsome pier

The merry vessel floated.

But who is yon fair, comely dame,

Who on the pier is standing ?She's just arrived in the “ Fame” –

Its passengers are landing.

She meets the astonish'd gaze of John,

Joy from each eye is flashing: But, lo! the steamer still drives on,

And past the place is dashing.

And then, too late, our hero saw

That he had made a blunder; And now the sun's bright beams withdraw,

And loudly rolls the thunder.

Chang'd is the aspect of the scene

Dark, heavy clouds impending; * The lightning's vivid flash is seen;

The rain is fast descending.

Friend John was one who seldom sighed

At actions past controlling; Each frown of fate he still defied

Life's shadows backward rolling.

Some would have fum'd and made complaint,

And wish'd them back in London ; This was his maxim-true, though quaint,

66 What's done, cannot be undone.”



It rain'd until the Fort, (12) to view,

A speck seem'd in the distance; While swifter still the vessel flew,

And bray'd the tide's resistance.

Securely shelter'd from the blast,

Sly Mirth each head is ducking ;Whilst Chalk, Higham, and Cliff, are pass'd;

East Tilbury, too, and Mucking.

Yon heap likewise, o'er whose fair bow'rs

Destruction long has hoverd:
Old Cowling Castle's time-worn tow'rs,

With ivy richly cover'd.

But summer's stormy clouds will fade,

When Sol peeps in the distance:
So in this world, 'mid light and shade,

We pass our brief existence.

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