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April 4. At Southampton in his 86th In Russell-square, in his 55th year, J. year, J. Fergusson, esq. admiral of the

Hulme, esq; white squadron of bis Majesty's fleet.

Miss Tarleton, daughter of General Sir April 6. The wife of S. A. Lloyd, esq. Banastre Tarleton, bart. of Newbury, Berks.

At Sidmouth, aged 39, Dr. Jas. Clarke, April 8. At the Abbey, near Llanrwst, late physician to the Nottingham Hospital, North Wales, the wife of J. Bayly, esq. At Bath, aged 59, Robert Anstey, esq. of Desborough, co. Tipperary, and daugh April 12. In the guard-room of Kinross ter of the late R. Uniacke, esq. of Cork. gaol, in extreme wretchedness, ' Andrew

At, Carlton, in Holderness, aged 52, Nicol, well known in the Court of Sessions John Dodsworth, esq. formerly a merchant and caricature-shops under the name of in Hull.

the Kinross Lawyer. From a tradesman in April 9. In George - street, Hanover. easy circumstances and of decent charac. square, aged 69, Sir Richard Gamon, bart. ter, he reduced himself by his litigious and He was the son of Richard Gamon, esq. quarrelsome temper to the state of a begby a daughter of John Grace, esq. of gar, and finally an ouicast from all soGrace Castle, in the county of Kilkenny, ciety. Rather than give up his pretended Ireland. He was born in 1748, and edu- rights to the famous Middenstead, he obsticated at Winchester School. At the ear nately refused all supply froin the poor nest request of the electors of Winchester, funds of his parish ; and in order that he he resigned the office of Commissioner of might retain what he conceived would be the Salt Duties, that he might be eligible the means of bringing him once more withto become their Representative in Parlia- in the walls of the Parliament House, wan. ment, which trust he faithfully discharged dered about froin place to place, uytil at nearly 30 years. With him originated last, from his habits of body and mind, he that useful and humane law for regulating became such a nuisance, 'that, disowned by the number of outside passengers on stage every relation, and shut out from every coaches. In 1795 he was created a Baronet, house, it was found necessary to convey Sir Richard married Grace, daughter of him to the common prison, which he quitJames Jefferys, esq. half sister to the ted only for that asylum where the wicked late Duke of Grafton and the first Lord cease from troubling, and the weary are Southampion, by whom he had no issue. at rest. In 1796 he was united to Lady Amelia, re

April 13.

At Great Thurlow, aged 66,
lict of Thomas Ivie Cooke, esq. daughter Rev. Thomas Crick, vicar of that parish,
of the late and sister of the present Duke and also of Mildenhall.
of Athol. This lady died in 1806, leaving

April 14.
Thomas Finch, esq.

one daughter, born in 1797. The baro Kentish-town.
netcy devolves, agreeably to the patent, in

April 15.

In Edward-street, Portmanfailure of male issue, to Richard Grace, of square, aged 73, Mrs. Gray, widow of Grace Castle, Ireland. A sister of Sir the late Edward Gray, esq. Richard married the last Duke of Chan Aged 78, Thoma's Bowerbank, esq. of dos, by whom she was mother to the pre Lothbury. sent Marchioness of Buckingham.

At Islington, Anue, relict of the late At Limehouse, J. M‘George, esq. cap John Stevens, esq. of Fore-street, Crippletain in the royal navy.

gate. James Lawson, esq. F. R. S. director of April 16.

At Edinburgh, aged 20, Mary the machinery of his Majesty's Mint. Aune, daughter of the late Jervis Hay,

At Gosport, Miss Hollis, sister of Capt. esq. banker.
Hollis, R. N.

April 17. At Grove, co. Nottingham,
April 10. Lieut. Ebenezer Winton, Rev. John Hardolph Eyre.
R. N. of Exmouth, Devon.

At Rhagatt, co. Merioneth, Charles
Aged 90, Henry Duncombe, esq. of Wyon, son of Edward Lloyd, esq. High
Copgrove, near Knaresborough, many Sheriff for the connty of Denbigh.
years M.P, for the county of York.

Anne, relict of Mr. Benjamin Gillam, of
April 11. At his father's, in Great Bristol, banker.
Marlborough-street, in his 34th year, H. April 18. In her 22d year, the wife of
T. Bower, esq.

Mr. Gilpin, surgeon, of Westbury, Wilts.
At Dilhorn, .co. Stafford, in her 29th At Swindon, Wilts, in her 69th year,
year, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Rev. Mrs. Goddard, relict of the late Ambrose
John Smith, M. A. vicar, of Bicester, co. Goddard, esq. who honourably represented

that County in Parliament for upwards of Mr. Robert Sandwith, of Stokesley, co. thirty years.

In all the relations of life, York, surgeon.

both public and private, she was a patApril 12. In- Abingdon-street, B. J. tern to her sex; she was an affectionate Johnson, esq.

wife and mother, a sincere friend, chari. In Lincoln's Inn Fields, Jonathan Den- table in the extreme to the poor, and a nett, esq.

pious Christian


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Aged 17, Anna Maria, younger daugh- private chaplain to their Majesties at ter of Sir Robert Kingsmill, bart. of Sid Windsor, and chaplain to the Duke of York. monton, co, Hants.

In his 41st year, John Dyson, esq. of At his father's, Plymouth Dock-yard, in Willow-field, near Halifax. his 32d year, Mr. John Stephen Dadd,

April 25. At Topsham, in his 78th surgeon in his Majesty's Navy.

year, Capt. Carter, R. N. With the ex. At Whitehaven, at an advanced age, ception of Admiral Schank, he was the Mrs. Huddleston, widow of Capt. Huddle- only surviving officer, who went to the ston, of the Powell of that port. She was North Cape of Lapland, to observe the seized with a paralytic stroke a few days transit of Venus in 1768, in the Emerald, before, immediately after receiving ber commanded by Sir C. Douglas, of which only daughter and her son-in-law on their the deceased was then first-lieutenant. return from their nuptials.

At Edinburgh, aged 105, Mrs. Isabel April 19. At Oak Lodge, Southgate, in Taylor; she was born in the parish of bis 64th year, Edward Smith, esq. Mr. Crieff, co. Perth, 4th March, 1713, in the Smith had been an auctioneer of great reign of Queen Anue. Her memory reeminence, and was held in just and gene mained nearly unimpaired, and she would ral esteem for the honour and integrity converse on the events of 100 years since with which he exercised his professional with surprising correctness. duties, and in private life his amiable

April 24.

At Chiswick, aged 80, Grace qualities endeared him to all his friends. Anne, relict of the late Rev. Arthur Co.

At Cheltenham, Henry Iles Under- ham, archdeacon of Wilts. wood, esq. of Gloucester-place, Portman Mr. John Griffith, proprietor of the Chelsquare, many years resident at Demerara. tenham Chronicle. At Plantation Bohemia, in his 58th year,

April 25.

At his nephew's, in Salishis Honour Emanuel Samuel, esq. Presi- bury-street, Lieutenant-gen. Sir Albert dent of the Courts of Justice in the colony Gledstanes. of Berbice, and formerly of the East India Aged 33, J. J. Alphonso M‘Arthur, esq. Company's law department, Madras. barrister-at-law, only son of John M'Ar

April 20. At Richmond, Surrey, Mrs. thur, esq. of Hinton Lodge, Wilts. Edwards, widow of the late Capt. George On Clapham Rise, aged 70, S. S. Kemp, Edwards, R. N.

esq. At Wimpole, Rev. T. Sheepshanks, rec At Bath, George Mogg, esq. of Farringtor of that place, and for nearly forty years ton Gurney, co. Somerset. an active magistrate for the county of At Nether Poppleton, co. York, aged Cambridge and the Isle of Ely. He was 59, Rev. William Faber, B. A, late of St. formerly Fellow of St. John's College, B.A. John's College, Cambridge. 1775, M. A. 1778.

At Edinburgh, aged 78, “Mr. Andrew At Bishop Auckland, aged 29, Mr. G. Bell, late farmer at Hillhead, co. EdinNicholson, master of the Barrington-school, burgh. This gentleman was one of the Mr. Nicholson's accurate knowledge of few survivors who fought under the banthe Madras system of education, and as ners of the 25th or Edinburgh regiment of siduous attention to his scholastic duties, foot, at the battle of Minden, where six rendered him at once an invaluable acqui. battalions of British troops and two of Hasition to the neighbourhood, and a worthy noverians beat 15,000 French. object of his venerable Patron the Bishop April 26. Charlotte, relict of Mr. Jo. of Durham. Mr. Nicholson was also Se. seph Skinner, surgeon of the 29th regiment, cretary of the Saving Banks.

and daughter of the late Charles Davids, April 21. In Park-street, Grosvenor esq. of Brecon, South Wales. square, aged 54, Jeremiah Dixon, esq. At Bristol, Mrs. Elizabeth Walcott,

In Harp-lane, Tower-street, in conse widow of the late Robert J. Walcott, esq. uence of internal bruises received by the of Barbadoes. overturning of his carriage, Jolin Smiton,

April 27.

At Eltham, aged 19, Augusesq.

ta, eldest daughter of Thomas Cleeve, esq. At Homerton, aged 60, Harry Sedge At Bath, in his 57th year, Sir Egerton

Leigh, bart. of Brownsover-house, co. WarAt Bromley Lodge, Kent, Capt. Peter wick. Rolland, of the East India Comp. Service, April 28.

In Great Russell-street, At Caversham, Berks, in her 73d year, Bloomsbury, aged 32, Sophia, wife of Mrs. Taylor, widow of Walter Taylor, esq. Robert Robinson, esq. and eldest daughof Portswood-green, near Southampton. ter of the late Robert Forster, esq. of

April 22. At Walton on Thames, in, her 61st year, Deborah, relict' of the late In Canonbury-square, Islington, Mary, J. K. Escott, esq. of Ongar-bill, near wife of T. Morris, esq. of his Majesty's Chertsey.

Customs. At Windsor, in his 77th year, Rev. At Hastings, Matthew Warner, esq. late Charles Morice, M. A. thirty-two years of Great Eastcheap.

wicke, esq.

April 29. At Richmond, Surrey, aged which he was trying to move, falling 45, Anne, wife of Samuel Paynter, esq. against his chest. late of Canonbury-grove, Middlesex.

At Walkhampton, aged 100, John Wilo At Bristol, in his 90th year, Mr. Arthur liams. He was the eldest of eighteen sons Palmer. Having been blest with a good me. of Jane Williams, late of Brentou, (whudied mory, he was for many years a chronicle in her 111th year) seventeen of whom are of that city as to dates and families. He now alive and in perfect health. He repossessed a cheerful happy temper, and tained his faculties to the last, and had always sustained the character of an up- strength sufficient to gain his livelihood by right and honest man.

hard labour, until within a fortnight of his At Mathern, co. Monmouth, aged 85, dissolution. Samuel Rosser, esq. the eldest magistrate At Florence, Lady Campbell, wife of Sir of the county, and only remaining officer Grey Campbell, bart. and daughter of Monof the original Monmouthshire militia, tagu Burgoyne, esq. of Mark-ball, Essex. raised in the year 1745. He was a man May 8.

At Monstown-castle, Benjaof inflexible integrity, honour, and inde min Kearney, esq. of Dublin. pendence of mind.

May 9. In Seymour-place, Upper April 30. In his 69th year, Rev. Ser- George-street, aged 70, Edward logram vington Sarery, rector of South Hykeham, Clapton, esq. co. Lincoln, vicar of Sutton Benger, Wilts, In his 74th year, F. Van Hemert, esq. and chaplain to St. Thomas's Hospital. only son of the late J. Van Hemert, esq. He obtained the living of Sutton Benger of Old Broad-street. ju exchange with Rev. Mr. Kett, for the At Walworth, in a fit of apoplexy, Thos. perpetual curacy of North Higham, co. Pish, esq. many years a magistrate for Lincoln. He published two Sermons the county of Surrey. He is supposed to preached in 1785 avd 1786, the oue iq be have left property to the amount of one half of the Magdalen Charity, the other of million sterling. the Humane Society.

At Chester, aged 58, Charles Hamilton, May 1. At Bath, Mrs. Lawtie, widow esq. Lieut.-colonel in the Chester Local of G. II. Lawtie, esq. of Calcutta.

Militia. At St. Petersburgh, Lieut. T. Simpson, May 10. In Upper Guildford-street, in R. N. son of Dr. Simpson, of that city. his 84th year, Daniel Stephenson, esq. for

May 2. Of a rapid decline, aged 31, merly of Blandensburg in America, and Mr. David Lee Steel, eldest son of the late afterwards for many years a most respectDavid Steel, esq. barrister-at-law. This able merchant in Tower-street, London. unfortunate gentleman was gifted with a William, son of Rev. W. Wright Wile surprizing memory and capacity. Deeply cocks, and nephew of Col. Sir B. D'Urimbued with the spirit of Attic literature, ban, K.C. B. Dep. Quarter-master-general and a critick in the learned languages, be At St. Cross, near Winchester, aged 72, was an elegant and profound scholar; but, Mrs. Arabella Shepard, relict of Mr. Thoan infant in the selfish commerce of the mas Shepard, of Lymington, and many world, was usually duped by the design- years post-mistress of that place. She was ing and the base. Driven from home by cousin to General Wolfe, the hero of Que. a dispute concerning his patrimonial rights, bec;-but it is rather to her distinguished he honourably made his talents the means virtues than her illustrious connexion, of subsistence; but the legal vexations that the writer of this (one who kuew her he encountered in maintaining those well, and knowing loved her)desires to bear rights, and the injurious ardour of a se his feeble testimony. She was a child of cluded life of study, gradually obscured sorrow; but through all the heavy pres. his mental perceptions, and produced the sure of her afflictions and trials, she was disorder, which, defying all means of cure, admirably supported by a firm reliance soon terminated bis guileless, but melan on the mercies of her God; and by her choly existence. Of Mr. Steel's bigher cheerful submission to his dispensations, compositions, many have appeared; but she drew the affection of the kindest symhis unaffected modesty invariably withheld pathy from every class of persuns around the name of their author. During the her. She was constantly in the active exlatter years of his life his talents were em ercise every Christian virtue ; and her ployed in the printing-office of Mr. Valpy.' goodness of heart and excellent disposition

May 6. At Allexton-hall, co. Leicester, will be long fondly and gratefully rememCol. George Crump.

bered..-W.S. At Liverpool, Edward Murphy, esq. At Bristol, aged 48, Miss E. Day, sister formerly of Eton and Cambridge.

to Rev. Mr. Day. At Withington, co. Lancaster, aged 67, At Hereford, in her 79th year, Mrs. John Parker, esq.

Cam, wife of T. Cam, esq. of that city, and May 7. At Sheerness, at an advanced mother of Mr. T. C. Cam, surgeon of Bath. age, Mr.Wyatt, shipbuilder. His death was Aged 33, Anne, wife of Rev. John Green, occasioned by an anchor weighing 46 cwt. rector of South Kilvington, near Thirsk.


At Hatfield, co. York, aged 75, George ance of every social and religious duty, Kitson, esq. He served the office of She Mrs. M. Biles, aged 94 ; and on the 3d, riff of York in 1789.

Mrs. Webster, aged 81. There have died The lady of Sir Gilbert King, bart of lately at the same place, Mrs. Warder, Charlestown, co. Roscommon.

aged 72;. George Heath, 76; aud John May 11. At Clifton, Rev. William Hawkins, 74. Deane, of Great Torrington, Devon.

June 2. At Windsor, in his. 64th year, Aged 54, Mr. John Brown, parish clerk Jas. Cobb, esq. secretary of the East India of Griston, near Watton, Norfolk. He House. A more amiable and respectable discharged the various duties of his office character never existed in society. He with great fidelity.

possessed every quality that could endear At Edinburgh, the wife of Lieut..col. him to the private circle of his numerous David Rattray.

friends, and render him a valuable servant May 12, In Lower Cadogan-place, Mrs. to the publick. As a man of business, he D'Oyley, relict of the late Charles D'Oyley, was expert, diligent, and correct. In the esq. of Southrop, co. Gloucester.

performance of his public duty, oo persons The wife of Rev. F. A. Cox, of Hackney. were ever kept in suspense, or waiting be

At Putney, in his 55th year, John Pooley yond the period when a decisive answer Kensington, esq. formerly banker in Lon could be given to their applications. The don, and Colonel-commandaut of the Third East India Company displayed great judgRegiment of Loyal London Volunteers. ment in the appointment of this gentle

May 26. At her house on Heath-green, man. He possessed literary powers and near Wakefield, Yorkshire, deeply and dramatic talents, which have beeu disuniversally regretted, aged 59, Mary, the played in productions that will always reeldest and last surviving daughter of the tain their rank on the stage. He had conlate Peter Ormerod, of Ormerod, Lanca siderable knowledge and a cultivated taste shire, esq.

She was endowed with every in musick, and sung with judgment and amiable quality, and uniformly displayed effect. A more even, affable, and benevothe most genuine and unaffected piety, with lent temper, no mortal ever possessed. the mildest benigaity of disposition; cheer His conversation was lively and intelligent, fully acquiescing in all the dispensations always marked by good humour, and a of Providence; soothing and alleviating most respectful attention to others in the sufferings of the afflicted; relieving company. The courtesy of his manners, the wants of the indigent, and zealously 'the pure effect of a heart truly benevolent, inculcating the purest principles of Chris- excited an interest in his favour in those tianity with every moral virtue in youth, who were only casual witnesses of his conwhose innocent amusements she was duct. Conscious of the high station which ever ready to indulge. Her last paiu. he held by his counexion with the greatest ful and protracted illness she bore with commercial body on earth, he lived up to the most exemplary fortitude and resig. the dignity of that station; and being of a nation; and for a considerable time be- hospitable turn, it is hardly possible that fore her demise, when the paroxysms of he can have left a suitable provision for an ber malady permitted, or when not occu amiable widow; but the East India Compied in those devout exercises preparative pany will, doubtless, mark their respect to the awful change she was about to un for his memory by some act of liberality dergo, the intervals were employed in for on the occasion. warding mementos to her numerous and June 3. Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Ridout, respectable friends. She left every direc- of the Crescent, New Bridge-street. tion relative to her funeral; and, agreeably June 5. At Exmouth, in his 76th year, to her own desire, her remains were de Rt. Hon. John Leslie, Baron Lord Newark, posited in a small vault in the Church- of North Britain, many years Lieut.-colonel yard of Kirkthorpe, at the spot previously of the Old Buffs or 3d foot, and an aide-defixed on by herself—The death of bercamp to the King. He was a friend to sister Mrs. Monsell is noticed in our yol. the distressed, and the poor always found LXXXVI. i. p. 72.

in him a liberal benefactor.--His Lordship June 1, lo Queen's-square, Blooms was the fourth direct lintal descendant bury, aged 59, William Watson, esq. from Lieut.-gen, David Leslie, who comF. R. S. one of the magistrates for Middle. manded the Scotch Parliamentary forces sex, chairman of the Sessions for that at the battle of Dunbar Sept. 3, 1650, and County, and also of the city of Westmin- afterwards successfully opposed Cromwell ster, serjeant-at-arms of the House of at Stirling; accompanied his sovereign Peers, and senior common pleader of the Charles II. to England, and commanded city of Londoo. He was very generally under him the Scotch forces at the battle esteemed for his humanity and social of Worcester Sept. 1651 ; after the Restoraqualities.

tion, his Majesty, in reward of his faithful At Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, after a and meritorious services conferred on him long and useful life, spent in the perform- the title of Baron Newark, with a pension.


June 9. At her seat at Stanmore, Mrs. many virtues which shone so conspicuous Anne Heming, relict of the late George in bim, during a long life, will cause his Heming, esq.

memory to be cherished by all who had June 10. In Parliament-street, in his the happiness to be acquainted with him, 35th year, Charles Bacon, esq. architect, and having lived a strictly religious life, clerk of the works in the department of and ever prepared to die, bis death, Whitehall, Houses of Parliament, &c. sur though sudden, was deprived of its sting, veyor to the county of Middlesex, &c. by the consoling reflection that he is re

June 11. In Halkin-street, Rt. Hon. moved to a better world, and we may all Viscountess Althorp.

truly wish, that “our latter end may be At Langford Court, Somerset, of a morti- like his.” fication in his stomach, Rt. Hon. J. Hiley At Plumstead Common, Kent, in her Addington, late M. P. for Harwich. He 720 year, after a lingering and painful had been indisposed for some time, but it illness of eleven months, arising from a was not apprehended that his dissolution paralytic affection, Mrs. Hannah Brayley, would be so speedy till the day before his relict of Mr. Henry Brayley, and mother death. An express was then sent off to his to E. W. Brayley, the Historian of Westbrother Lord Sidmouth, who set off imme miaster Abbey. diately, but could not arrive before the At Rochester, at the prebendal-house fatal event had taken place.

of the Hon. and Rev, F. Hotham, Sarah, June 12. Of a rapid decline, iu his wife of Robert Clement Sconce, esq. and 51st year, Thomas Farrow, esq. of Monks the only daughter of the Rev. Dr. Vicesi. Eleigh, Suffolk.

mus Knox. On the 12th she had been At Kinsale, in Ireland, on his way from safely delivered of a son, and no alarm Berbice to London, for the recovery of his was entertained until the day preceding health, in his 19th year, James Hart Da her death, when she was seized with con. vies, esq. one of the sons of Thomas Hart vulsions, occasioned, it is supposed, by Davies, esq. of Madras.

the unusually sultry state of the weather, June 13. At Baldock, Herts, in her 20th which defied all human aid, and termi. year, alike respected and lamented by all 'nated her existence in the prime of her who knew her real worth, Anne, eldest age. Possessed of sensibility, delicacy, daughter of the Rev. J. Simpson, rector of and tenderness, an excellent understand. Baldock; pious, affectionate, and interest- ing, and most aimable manners, she ening, she terminated a useful life under a joyed the unbounded love and esteem of lingering illness, which she bore with the all around her, and her premature and most patient and Christian resignation, inelancholy end will be long and deeply leaving her disconsolate parents and fa- deplored. Three children, the eldest pot mily, and many valuable relatives and two years and a half, survive her. acquaintance, to deplore her loss.

June 20. At his house in Hatton-GarJune 17. In Grove-road, Regent's Park, den, in bis 62d year, Dr. Joseph Adams ; in his 81st year, James Elliot, esq. The' of whom a Memoir in our SUPPLEMENT.

METEOROLOGICAL Table for June, 1818. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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