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HIS noble family is descend- could never think himself undera

ed from Sir Richard Capel, valued, when he should hear, that lord-justice of Ireland, in the reign his courage, virtue, and fidelity, of Henry III. in 126!, whose an- were laid in the balance with, cestors were lords of the manor of and compared to, that of the lord Capel, in the county of Suffolk, for Capel.” many ages.

But the greatest hero His son Arthur, who succeeded of this family was Arthur earl him, was, soon after the restoration, Effex, who was advanced to that created viscount Malden, and earl dignity on the 6th of August 1941. of the county of Essex. In the And on the breaking out of the year 1670, he was sent ambassador unhappy civil war, he raised, ar his to the king of Denmark, and at his own expence, some troops of horse return, sworn of the privy-council, in defence of the king and his coun- and made lord-lieutenant of Iretry, at the head of whom he march- land. But, notwithstanding all his ed in person, and fought valiantly loyalty, he was accused with lord in many battles and skirmishes, and Russel, of being concerned in the continued to adhere faithfully to his fanatick plot, and sent prisoner to majesty, till his armies were totally the Tower, where he was found on difperfid, bis garrisons loft, and his the i3th of July 1683, with his royal person imprisoned, when he throat cut. Soon after the revomade his compofition with the vic. lution, a committee of noblemen torious party, and retired to his were appointed by the House of manor of Hadham in Hertfordshire. Peers to enquire into his death ; But perceiving the cruel usage of but made no report to the house, the king, and foreseeing the mise. it being said, that on the examinaries that afterwards befel his royaltion, it appeared fo black on king perfon, he could not rest there; he James, that queen Mary requefted, ventured again with all the force that the whole might be buried in he could raise, to rescue his majesty oblivion. His wife was Elizabeth, from his enemies; and joining his daughter of Algernon Piercy, earl forces with those of Lucas, and of Northumberland, by whom he having undergone the greatest hard. had fix fons and two daughters. tips in the lege of Colchester, they He was succeeded in his honours furrendered the town upon articles; and eltates by his son Algernon, yet he was condemned by the Rebels, who married the lady Mary Benand beheaded on the gih of March tinck, eldest daughter of Willianz 1648. Lord Clarendon, who knew carl of Portland, by whom he had him well, declares, “ He was a man, one son and two daughters, and that, whoever after hin Thould de- died on the gih of January 1710. serve best of the Engli nation, William, his son, fucceeded him

Dec. 1763.

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in his titles and estates, and on the daughter of Sir Hanbury Williams, 27th of November 1718, married knight of the Bath ; by whom he the lady jane Hyde, daughter of has a daughter named Elizabeth, Henry earl of Clarendon, and born Aug. 10, 1755, a fon born Rochester, and by that lady, who Nov. 13, 1757, and a daughter died on the 3d of January 1724, born July 14, 1759. The countess he had issue four daughters. On their mother died on the 19th of the ad of February 1726, his lord. July 1759. Thip married to his second wife the Armorial Bearings.] Gules, a Jady Elizabeth Ruffel, youngest liun rampant between three crofs daughter of Wriothesly, father of croflets, fitchy, or. the late and present dukes of Bed- Creß.] On a wreath, a demiford, by whom he had two sons lion rampant, ouped, or, holding ia and three daughters; and died on his paws a crofiler, fitchy, gules. the 8th of January 1743.

Supporters.] Two lions, or, doHe was succeeded in his titles and cally crowned, gules. eftates by his son John-William- Motto.] Fide et fortitudine. Anne-Hollis Capel, the present earl, By fidelity and courage. born on the 7th of Oktober 1732. Chief Seats.) At Cafhioberry in This nobleman, on the ist of Aug. Hertfordshire ; and Grosvenor1742, married Miss Charlotte, square, London.

The following Papers contain an authentic Account of a late Aitempt on Mr.

Wilkes's Life in his own House.

In the King's} JOAY

HN Wilkes, of deponent further faith, That about Bench. Aylesbury, in the nine of the clock this morning he county of Bucks, Esg; Matthew received the letter hereunto aonexBrown, fervant to the said Mr. ed, marked (A) which this de ponent Wilkes; and Matthias Darly, of the is informed, and verily believes, is parish of St. Ann, Soho, in the li- of the hand-writing of the said berty of Weftminiter, engraver, fe- Alexander Dun. And this deponent, Yerally make oath ; and first, the Matthew Brown, for himself faith, faid John Wilkes for himself faith, That he faw a person at the time That he, this deponent, verily be first above-mentioned make several Jieves that he is in danger of his very rude and violent endeavours life, from the wicked, malicious, re. to come into the house of the said vengeful, and unprovoked menaces Mr. Wilkes; and upon his being of one Alexander Dun, who (this refused hy this deponent, threatened deponent is informed) is a Scotch revenge to Mr. Wilkes, and alfo to oficer, and between eleven and this deponent; and by the best detwelve of the clock last Tuesday fcription and information which this evening demanded entrance into this deponent has been able to collect, deponent's house in Great George- he believes the said person's name street, Westminster, and threatened is Alexander Dun. And this de. violence to his pesson ; and this ponent, Matthias Darly, for himself faith, That he, this deponent, did Dragoons, who is now in Scotland, yesterday write to Mr. Wilkes the deGres his compliments to you for letter thereunto anoexed (B) the the many civilities shewn him when contents of which are true, and he was quartered near your country. that the Scotch officer therein allud- seat; you may be assured that many ed to is the said Alexander Dun; of the Scots have fill a regard for. and this deponent further saith, you, and none of them more so. That he is not moved by any ma- than your bumble and obedient ferlice or resentment against the said vant, Alexander Dun, but thought it his

Alex. Dus.. duty, as a member of society, to make the above intimations to Mr. Direct to me at Mr. Whyte's, Wilkes, in order that he might con- peruke-maker, lieutenant of Ma-, cert the necessary measures for his rines. personal safety. And therefore the To John Wilkes, Esq. said John Wilkes craves fureties of

(A) the Peace against the said Alexander Dun, not out of hatred or ma- Sir, London, Dec. 7, 1763., lice, but merely for the preserva- I Should not do my duty if I did tion of his life and person from not acquaint you that the young danger.

Scotch officer, that wanted entrance John Wilkes, at your house, is a villain, and his Matthew Brown, intentions are of blackish dye. I have

Matthias Darly. been in his company for near four The deponent, John Wilkes, sworn hours. That part of our conver

at his house in Great George. fation that relates to you, consisted ftreet, Westminster, he being in- chiefly of his intentions of massacredisposed, the 8th day of Decem- ing you the first oppor'unity, and ber, 1763, before me,

that there was thirteen more gentleW.MApelsder, by Commision. lution, and confederates of his,

men of Scotland of the same resoMatthew Brown and Mathias Darly, who were resolved to do it, or die in

sworn in Great Ormond-street, the attempt. Last night, when the 8th day of December, 1763, your trial was over, the gentlemen before

at the coffee-house quitted the room E. WILMOT. that I was in (on account of the

fhouts in the hall) and left the London, Dec. 8, 1763. Scotch hero and I together, but I AS s I have something of conse- abruptly left the room, and went

quence to communicate to you, after the people to Great George I should be glad to know what time street, and on hearing a noise at would be most convenient for me your door, I went up, and, to my to call upon you this day. I cal. great surprize, saw the Scotchman led once before, and was refused a-trying for entrance ; I knocked adinittance. Be so good as send ine and had admittance, which enraged an answer by my servant, who will the hero lo much, that he swore wait for it. Lieutenant Orchat of revenge against the servant, and was


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