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Printed for Mey Payne,

Rivington, Davis, Longman, Dodsley, White, Law,Robson, Chowder, Johnson, Michols, Dilly

, Robinson, tadell, Stuart, Bowles, Sewell, Murray, Flexney Baldwin, Goldsmith, Lowndes, Knar, Oridge,

Hayes, Piquinet, Macqueen, & Newbury.




B O Y L E *



[1712.) S the profeffed design of this work is to enter

tain its readers in general, without giving offence to any particular person, it would be difficult to find out to proper à patron for it as yourself, there being none whose merit is more universally acknowledyed by all parties, and who has made himself more friends, and fewer enemies. Your great abilities, and unquestioned integrity, in those high employments which you have passed through, would not have been able to have raised you this general approbation, had they not been accompanied with that moderation in an high fortune, and that affability of manners, which are so conspicuous through all parts of your life. Your aversion

* Youngest son of CHARLES Lord CLIFFORD. He was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer to King William in March 1701 ; was much esteemed by that prince; and continued in that post till Feb. 12, 1707-8, when he was made one of the principal Secretaries of State, in which station he remained till Sept. 20, 1710. On the accession of George I. Mr. BOYLE was created Lord Carleton, and soon after made President of the Council. He died unmarried, March 14, 1724-5. To the kindness of Mr. Boyle, and the friendship of Lord HALIFAX, Mr. AD ILISON was indebted for his fort introduction to Lord Godolphin. Sec Budgell's Memoirs

of the Boyles, p. 153


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