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Aahver, a remarkable boiling fountain, i. 369.
Acerbi, Mr., his account of a vapor-bath in Finland,
i. 317. note.

Adam, Dr., his incorrect account of Iceland and of Hecla, i. 148. note.
JEtna, dates of the eruptions of, it. 107. note.
Agreement, copy of the, between the English and Ice-

,', landers, n. 99.
Afretur, Ii. 136.

Akaroe, visit to the island of, i. 41—birds of, i. 42, 43. Akra-fiel, a remarkable mountain, i. 276, 291. Alca arctica, abundance of, i. 43—its uses among the Icelanders, i. 44.
Almannegiaa, a remarkable chasm, entrance of, i.192

103—particular description of, i. 207—plants of, i. 116, 209. Althing, the court of civil and criminal judicature,

i. xxii, 105. note.
Anas histrionica, i. 268. Anderson, an historian of Iceland, his absurd stories
respecting the natives of that country, i. 135. Andromeda hypnoides, singular beauty of the flowers
of, i. 85. Angelica Archangelica, i.191—used as food, i. 192.
Animals, effect of the volcanic eruption of 1783 upon,
n. 228.

Anthoceros punctatus, i. 315, note.
Antiquities, few remains of, i. lxxxiii.

Apn-vatn, i. 126—cold experienced in the vicinity of,
i. 204. Ashes, volcanic, effect of, upon vegetation, it. 225.
Aurora borealis, fine appearance of, i. 349.

Banks, Sir Joseph, i. iii. 61, 70, 159, 210. note—281,

356—n. 9, 58, 109, 116. note.
Barrow, Mr. his account of hot-springs in the island of

Amsterdam, i. 161. note.
Basalt, i. 35, 93, 267. Bath, remarkable one at Reykholt, i. 311—vapor-bath,
U 316.

Bears, Arctic, their visits to the coast of Iceland, and

the value of their skins, i. 53.
Beggars, Icelandic, singular law respecting, i. xviii. note.
Bergman, Professor, i. 142. *
Bessestedr, i. 351—miserable state of the school of,

i. 351. Betula nana, i. 241. , •Birds of Iceland, i. 37, 42, 43, 334. Bishops, residences of, i. 38—present bishop of Iceland,

i. 27, 37, 38.
Blinde Fugle-Skier, Ii. 262. note.
Bolus, about the hot-springs of Kreisevig, i. 238, 243.
Borgafiord, journey to, i. 252.
Borrer, Mr., I. 225.
Bory de St. Vincent, i. 101. note.
Botany of Iceland, i. 327.

Boula, a remarkable mountain, particulars respecting the interior of, i. 299.
Bright, Mr., i. 72.

Brueraa, passage of the river of, i. 137. • ,
Brydone, Mr., I. 249.


Caithness, view of the coasts of, t, 4.

Canis lagopus, particulars respecting, i. 50.

Carex, supposed new species of, an important article in

husbandry, i. 304.
Catharinea glabrata, i. 24.-

Chasms, remarkable ones, near Thingevalle, i. 112.
Christianity, first introduction of, into Iceland,_i. lx.
Churches, I. 114.
Clausen, Mr., n. 47.

Clergy, their wretched salaries and poverty, i. 96, 130.

Cod-fish, 'mode of curing of, i. lxxxvi. note. Cold, severity of in 1784. n. 226.

Confervce, found in heated water, i. 49. Corn, particulars respecting the cultivation of, in former

times, i.291. note.
Cows, i.345.

Crater of a volcano, described, i. 122, 125.
Cyclopterus lumpus, i. 351.

Danes, their property in Iceland confiscated, II. 41.
Darwin, Dr., his mistaken account of the Geyser,

i.147. note.
Diseases, of the Icelanders, i. xcix.
Dogs, i. 339. Drift-timber, encouragement for the collecting and

using of, n. 366.
Dyticus, a species of, seen in the heated waters, i. 49.

Edda, i. lxxv.

Eels, found in hot water, I. 49.
Egclosen, the priest, i. 94, 217.

Eider-dueks, i. 42, 43—ordinance respecting the pre-
servation of, ii. 361.

Einersen, Mr. Assessor, his seizure and imprisonment, i. 89. and u. 35.
lipilobium frigidum, i. 318.

Etatsroed, visit to the, i. 276—description of his resi-
dence at Inderholme, i. 277, 278—his literary
acquirements, i. 280—his botanical knowledge, i. 290—his political address to the Icelanders, Ii. 19. note—his account of the volcanic eruption
of Skaptar-Jokul, u. 121.


Falcon, Icelandic *• 335. , , . •'

Faxafiord, entrance of the bay of, i. 9.

Fisheries in Iceland, how affected by the volcanic erup-
tion in 1783, ii. 219—Danish ordinances respecting-,
Ii. 353, 348.

Fishes of Iceland, i. 334.

Flax and Hemp, bad success attending the cultivation
of, I. 30.

Floco, the Norwegian, visits Iceland, i. xi.
Flora, of Iceland, n. 312.
Flora, the ship, arrival of, i. 224.
Fog, very dense one experienced, i. 216.
Forelles, a species of trout, I. 96.
Foxes, some particulars respecting, i. 50—their im-
portance as an article of commerce, i. 51.
Frydensberg, Mr., his seizure, ii. 35.
Fucus, esculent species of, i. 46.

Fucus pa I mat us, its use as an article of food in Scotland
and Iceland, i. 44—mode of preparing, among the
Icelanders, i. 45. Fucus saccharinus, not the Alga saccharifera of Biarne
Povelsen, i. 45—described byGmelin, i. 45—re-
markable variety of, i. 79.

PugU-skieren, dangerous passage near, i. 8.

Gardens in Iceland, i. 29—account of, by Horrebow, i. 31, note. ,
Geitland-Jbkul, i. 299, 300, note.
Georgics of Iceland, i. 39.

Geysers, journey to the, i. 90—first view of, i. 139—
account of the great Geyser, i. 141—fine eruption
of, i. 144, 146—crater of, i. 142, 149—the roaring
Geyser, i. 151—the new Geyser, magnificent erup-
tion of, i. 163. 179—crater of, i.167—plants found
in the vicinity of the Geysers, i. 152,153,154,160,
161, 162, 178—departure from the, i. 182.

Gilpin, Captain, his attack upon Iceland, n. 10.

Goats, i. 348.

Godar, i. xx.

Gravesend, departure from, i. 1.
Grimsaa, account of the, i. 301, note.
Groenavatn, a remarkable lake, i. 240.
Guldbringue Syssel, passage along the coast of, i. 9.

HamiWn, Sir William, n. 101, note, 113, note.
Haukardal, farm of, i. 171—church of, i. 173, 175—

plants found near, i. 178.
Havnfiord, i. 230. Hecla, opinion of the common people respecting, i. 195,

ii. 110—account of, n. 105.
Heiderbag, i. 94.

Helgafel, mountains, i. 83, 234. note.
Hemp and Flax, bad success in the cultivation of, i. 30.
Hirundo urbica, domestica, and Apus, seen at sea, 1. 3.
Holland, Dr., i. 40. note, i. xxix. lxxix.
Holme, Captain, seizure of his vessel, n. 43.
Holme, Mr. S. M., n. 169—his account of a fall of ashes
and sulphur, n, 211. note.

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