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Appendix. B.



Reikevig, June 26, 1809.

1. All Danish authority ceases in Iceland.

2. All Danes, or factors, connected with Danish mercantile houses, shall remain within doors, and are not to be seen in the streets, nor to converse with each other, nor to send written or verbal messages from one to the other, without having permission so to do.

3. All officers under Danish government shall not leave their respective houses, and are under the same restrictions as those mentioned in the foregoing paragraph.

4. All sorts of arms, without exception, such as muskets, pistols, cutlasses, daggers, or ammunition, shall instantly be delivered up.

5. In case any of the inhabitants, either women or children, shall bring messages to or from a Dane, without permission, they shall be punished as enemies to the state. Nevertheless, should the child be ignorant of its crime, the person sending it shall be punished instead of the child.

6. All keys to public and private storehouses shall be delivered up. All money or bank notes, belonging to the king or factors connected with Danish commercial houses, shall be laid under lock and key. All books of accounts or papers belonging to the king or factors shall be surrendered.

7. Two hours and a half are allowed in Reikevig, and twelve hours in Havnfiord to execute these orders. Respecting other places, proper arrangements will take place hereafter.

8. All natives, women or children of whatever description, all Icelanders in office have nothing to fear; for they will be treated in the best manner, provided they do not violate the articles contained in the proclamation.

9. Should these orders be speedily executed, it will save a great deal of unnecessary trouble and the effusion of blood. But, on the contrary, should any person act in opposition to what is here directed, he shall immediately be arrested, brought before a military tribunal, and shot within two hours after the offence is committed.

10. Whenever the above articles are known to be carried into effect, a proclamation will be issued, by which the Icelanders will find that nothing but the true welfare of their country is in view, and that our proceedings are solely calculated to insure a peace and happiness little known to the inhabitants in later years.

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