The adventures of Hugh Trevor, Volumes 5-6

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G.G. and J. Robinson, 1797 - 634 pages

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Page 21 - And were the judges," faid I, " acquainted with the whole of thefe proceedings ?" " How could they be ignorant of them ? Judgment had palled againft defendant A in all the Courts." " And did they afford the plaintiff no protection ?" " They protect ! Why, Mr. Trevor, you imagine yourfelf in Turkey, telling your tale to a Cady, who decides according to his notions of right and wrong ; and not pleading in the prefence of a bench of...
Page 142 - The king has been pleafed to grant the dignity of a baron of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to the rnoft hon. Charles marquis of Drogheda, of the kingdom of Ireland, KP and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten...
Page 74 - He runs for office from a pocket-borough and gives "presents" to the voters: Disinterested as these -.worthy voters were, and purchased by wholesale as they had been when the family of the Brays bought the borough, they yet had wives and daughters; who wore watches, and rings, and gowns; and who would each of them think themselves so flattered, by a genteel present from me, that there was no describing the pleasure it would give them. Beside which, one lady had a great affection for a few pounds...
Page 49 - ... parchment lords; and the constitution is tumbling about out ears. The old English spirit is dead. The nation has lost all sense and feeling. The people are so vile and selfish that they are bought and sold like swine; to which, for my part, I think they have been very properly compared. There is no such thing now as public virtue. No, no! That happy time is gone by: Every man is for all he can get; and as for the means, he cares nothing about them. There is absolutely no such thing as patriotism...
Page 21 - You do right to flop fhort, fir." " It appears to me that I am travelling in a curfed dirty as well as thorny road,
Page 38 - Ae offended person to enquire — ' What kind of being is it, that takes upon him to brave, insult, and despise me :' — ' Of all the pleasures of which the soul is capable, those of friendship for man and love for woman are the most exquisite. They may be described as — " the comprehensive principle of benevolence, which binds the whole human race to aid and love each other, individualized \ and put into its utmost state of activity.
Page 91 - ... I even thought it my duty to take an opportunity, in one of Hector's half sober moments, to remonstrate with all the arguments and energy I could collect; and endeavored to persuade him to decline the poll. But my efforts were useless. He was equally vain of his wealth and his influence. His purse perhaps was as deep as that of the proud peer; his friends as numerous; and he would carry his election though he were to mortgage every foot of land he possessed (Hugh Trevor, 455) The struggle builds...
Page 49 - However, he is a member of the opposition, and his rhetoric is, if somewhat strong, "on the right side": You know, cousin, how I hate corruption. It is undoing us all, it will undo the nation! The influence of the crown is monstrous. The aristocracy is degraded by annual batches of mundungus and parchment lords; and the constitution is tumbling about our ears. The old English spirit is dead.
Page 179 - He discovered that there is a disinterested grandeur in morality, of which he had no previous conception. He was in a new world; and a dark room, with barred...
Page 75 - ... lady had a great affection for a few pounds of the best green tea, bought in London. Another discovered that the loaf sugar in the country was abominable. A third could not but think that a few jars of India pickles ...would be a very pretty present. It would always remind her of the giver.... The men too were troubled with their longings. With one it was London porter; with another it' was Cheshire cheese and bottled beer.

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