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for enquiring into the history, anti- 230. Answer tn, 231. Reply to,

quities, arts, &c. of Aliu, 19 310-II. on the narure and princiDifcurfury thoughts on the late acts of ples of public credit, 263-On the parliament,


polity of England, 290-On punc-. Discujions of the law of libels,


tuation, 453-0, the actual reDispute (present matters in) between suurces for re-establishing the fiGreac Britain and Ireland, relec- nances of Great Britain, 467

362 Efuys, moral and sentimental, Differtation on milk, 417-On the theo- Evry mar his own law-maker, 232

ry and cure of the catatad, 477 Executive justice, thoughts on, 3194 Doctrine (the) of a providence illustrat- Appendix to,

478 ed and applied,

75 Experiments and observations on a new Dog's 's monitor, the,

315 fpecies of bark, 15-On the red and Domestic physician, the,

quill Peruvian bark,

238 Double dilcovery, the,

66 Explunatory appeal to the society in Douglas's (Dr.) oblirvations on a case general,

159 of ruptured uterus, ,

F. Downes's fermons, 62 Facts, plain,

312 Drill husbandry perfected, 480 Fumily anecdotes,

475 Duncombe's select works of the em- Fashionable levities, peror Julian, 49 Furmer's magazine,

430 Dundonald's (earl of) present state of Fatal marriage,

475 the manufacture of fait explained, Fearon's treatise on cancers, 370-Account of the qualities and female cnition,

uses of coal-tar and coal-varnish, 375 Ferris’s (Dr.) differtation on milk, 417 Dunfier's tranflation of the frogs, of Fever, enquiry into the nature and Aristophanes,

causes of,

237 E.

Figaro, the marriage of, Edvard to Eleonora,

389 Finance, confiderations on the advana Ejects (the) of love,

66 tages of an improved system of, 471 Eirumoc'afes,

312 Finances of Great Britain, essay on the Election, on the freedom of, 469 aci ual resources for re-establishing Eligy to the memory of captain James the,

467 King, 155-Of Dr. Johnson, 234 Fikeries (British), general remarks on Elementary lectures in chemistry and the,

313 natural hiftory, 173 Fiformun, the,

160 Elements of modern gardening, 160 Follies (the) of Oxford, 307–Of a day; Elliot's translation of Fourcroy's ele

mentary lectures in chemistry and Fontainbleau, fongs iri, natural history,

173 Fordyce's (Dr.) fragmenta. chirurgica Eloquence, the art of,

& medica, Emigrant (the), a poem, 236 Fourcroy's elementary lectures in cheEmperor's claims, the,

234 mistry and natural history, 173 England's alarm, 151-- Remarks on Fowler's (Dr ) medical reports of the the landed and commercial policy effects of tobacco,

396 of, 283–Eliay on the polity of, 290 Fragmenta chirurgica & medica, 336 Englifo fruit-gardener, the moderni, France, history of,

443 400--Law, history of, vol. II. 435 Franklin's (Dr.) report on the examiEnquiry into the various theories and nation of arimai naynetism, 81

methods of cure in apoplexies, &c Free enquiry into the enormous in112-Into the enormous increase of

crease of attorneys,

232 attorneys,

233 Ireedom of election, thoughts on, 409 Epifle (heroic) to major Scott, 474 Friars, the knight and, isprit de meilleurs ecrivains Francois, Frogs (the), a comedy,

76 Truit-gardener, the modern English, Filais sur la paix de 1783, 154

400 Efry on draining and improving peat- Fry's vocabulary,

320 bogs, 16-On the medical charac Fugitive pieces, afylum for, 397 ter, 74- On the uterine hæmor- Fuller's hints relative to the recovery Thage, 156-On the modes of de- of perfons drowned,

156 fence best adapted to the fituation Fiftian, addrcfs on the late tax laid on, and circumstances of this illaud,

153 Ii2


458 236




2 L I


Horllev (Dr.) letters to, part 11.

I 22 Gabriel Outcast, adventures of, 65 Hithes's creation, a poem,

305 Gale's essay II. on public credit, 263 Human knowledge, the vanity of, 70 Gardening, elements of modern, 160 Humphries' poem addi elied to the ar. Gardiner's (Dr.) observations on the mics of the united suics of America,

auimal occonomy, Garriok (Mr.) poetical works of, 430 Husbandry (drill) perfected, Genera vermium, 109 Hyper-criticism on Louila,

391 General remarks on the British fisheries,

1. J.

313 Immorialily (the) of Shakspeare, 69 Genlis's tales of the cast'e, 99 Impartid ruflections on equalizing the Genuine detail of the several engage. duties between Great Britain and ments, &c. of the Royal and anie- Ireland,

311 rican armies in 1775 and 1776, 73 Indication, tract upon,

239 Gill's thoughts on the retørmation of Inferno (the) of Dante,

401 the British reprefentation, &i. 232 Innate ideas, review of Locke's denial Gleam of comfort to this dutradics


94 empire, 152-A cloud of facts Innovations (violent) in the ftate, danagainst, 312 gers of, exemplified,

312 Glendor, the vale of,

317 Inquiry into the nature and causes of Godbold's letter on consumptions, 157 fuver,

237 Governess, the,

474 Ireland, obfervations on the manufacGovernment, sequel to sir Wm. Jones's tur::s, trade, and prefent itate of,126.

pamphlet on the principles of, 71 Part II. 211--Plan for finally fettling -of Ireland, a plan for fmally the government of, 152--The prosettling the,

152 poled syueni of trade widi, explailiGrammar, a rhetorical,

145 ed, 218. Reply to, 299--Theugles Grammatica queftionen,


on the commercial arra:gements Gwardian of health,

185 with, 232--Refl dions on the preGuide, the parliamentary,

469 sent dispute with, 362 ---- Loose

thoughts on the important situation Haemorrhage (uterine) eslay on the, of, 388---The commercial regula

tions with, confidered and explainHair-drifing, treatise on, 317

ed, 469-Short view of the propea Hale (lieut. general), speech of, 472 fals for a final adjustment of the Handel, cummenioration of,


commercial lytiem between Great Harmonies, theory of,


Britain and, 470-The arrangeHarpley and Sancroft's poems,

68 ments with, confidered, ibid. Harwood's (Dr) letter to che rev. S. Irbird's (J.) emigrant, a poem, 236 Badeck,

360 Irving's experinıents on ibc red and Haffiniad, the, 314 quul Peruvian bark,

238 Heart, the conquests of the, 316 Tinerary, the Pritish,

397 Henry's (Dr.) history of Great Britain, Judoeli s ko gint and friars, 236 voi. V.

188 Fol:nfon (Dr. S.) the life of, 141, 239Heroic epistle to major Scott, 4-4 Elegy to the riemory of, 231- loetHervey's letters from Portugal, &c. 440 ical works of, 258--Ard Dr. GoldHints relative to the recovery of per- finith, dialogue between, 3-4-0de suns drowned, 156 on the death oi,

394 Hiftory of Mrs. Ledwich, 67–Sacred, funes's fir Wm ) discuurfe on the in

vols V. and VI. 157 -- Of Great stitution of a fociety fur enquiring Britain, vol. V. 188-Of the public into the history, antiquity, &c. of tevenue, 203, 273-Of the landed Alid, 19-Pamphlet on the princiand commiercial policy of England, ples of government, sequel to, 73 remarks on the, 283-0f fir Henry (Nir.) trcatife on the art of muClintou, 316-And practice of acro- fic,

449 ftation, 339-0F the English law, Journal kept on a journey from Bula vol li. 435-of France, 443

fura to Bagdad,

30 Hohhouse's cicey to the memory of Dr. Judgment in the case of the king against S. Johnson,


the duan of St. Afaph, 389 Holcruji's tranfiation of the tales of the Juliun, select works of the emperor, 49

castle, 99- Follies of a day, 458 Juries, observations on the rights and Hurze's (Dr.) furmon on church mufic, duties of, 46-The rights of, vimui258 cated,

233, 368



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Furors of Great Britain, letter to the, Manual, the Spartan,

72 Manufactures not proper subjects of
Fuflice (executive), thoughts on, 319. taxütion,

Appendix to,

478 Marriage of Figaro,

Mafun's comments on the last edition
Keeble's theory of harmonics,

of Shakspeare's

Kentisb's (Dr.) experiments and obser- Matilda, or the efforts of virtue, 395

vations on a new species of bark, 15 Matthew's explanatory appeal to the
Key to the parliamentary debates, 469 fociety iu general,

King (capt. James), elegy to the me- Mavor's clegy to the memory of capr.
mory of,

James King,

Knight and friars,
236 Maxims, Chinese,

Knowledore (human), the vanity of, 70 Medical cafus, 6-Comniunications, 8,

82-Character, cisay on the, 74–
Ladies, dialogues coneerning the, 294 Reports of the cficsts of tobacco,
Landed and commercial policy of Eng- 396---- Dictionary,
land, reniarks on the,

283 Memoirs of Emily Westbroek, 317–
Law of libels, discuslions of the, 223 Of the baron de Tott, 353, 360-
Law-maker, every man his own, 232 Of a Weish heiress,

Lectures (poetic), adopted to the pre- Metbed of preventing and diminishing
fent crisis, 155- Elementary, in pain

chemistry and natural history, 173 Mitwifery, system of,
Lelrich (Mrs.) history of, 67 Milk, dulcrtation on,

Letter to the jurors of Great Britain, viuliun's pueris, Warton's edition of,
72--Ou coriumptions, 157-To the

321, 421
Roman catholics of Worcester, 159 Mine (the), a dramatic poen, 261
To the rev. S. Badcucli, 160---To Miscellanies upon various subjects, 309
the people of Scotrand, 466 Misfortunes of love, the,

Letters, political, 71– From M. Racine Misreprehitetion, to guard against, 469

to his frin, 116-From Dr. Priestley Nicarnitimes, 66--Gardining, elea
to Dr. Forsley, 122- To a young ments of, 16c--Engl fruit-gar-
nobleman, 348-irom Portugai,


&c. 449 - To Mrs. Bellamy, 478 Moles of defence best adapted to the
Levities (fashionabic) a coniedy, 401 Leuation and circunstances of this
Lexicon (the scripture), appendix 10,

ifland, a fhort cliuy on the, 230-
Anwch to,

Litels, disculions of the law of, 233 Mionitor, the dog's,

--Defornuty of the docirine vi, 472 Ilvure's method of preventing and di-
Liberty-hull, a cumic opera, 236 minifuing pain,
life of Dr. S. Johnton, 141, 230 Kloral and lentimental cirays,

And adventures of John Chriio. iviorgan's gramnat:cæ queilioncs, 240
pher Wolf, 197-08 George Ame Meikeréy's (Dr.) medical diâionary,

Bellamy, apology for the,
Lirscomb's premis
67 Mother's address to,

Liverfut, narrative of the differences Muurimorres' (lord) reflections on the
now subliiting in the R-

equalizing the duties between Great
congregation at,

Britain and Ireland,

Loofe thoughts ou the very iniportalit Muleum, the angler's,

Situation of Ireund.
383 Mrjii, trtatiit vir the art of,

Lord North condemned, and lord wiyrile, the,
Sie vindicared,

Love, the eficcis of, 06--The mistura Naveb (the), a novel,

tunes of,

of Arcut, papers relating to tac
Lovers, the Bith,

474 rights and pretentions of the, 471
Louija, hyper-criticism on, 391 Varrative of the conduct of the tra-
Luzuri's analysis of wolfram, dealers, 27--Cf the differences now


sul fisting in the R--

congregation at Livci pool, 159-
Macnally's fashionable levities, 451 Of the treatment of the English by
Magazine, the farmers,
430 Tippon Saib,

Magjlraic's (the) alliant, 479 Naturul lon (the), a comedy, 139
Marvicid's (lord) judgment in the cafe Vaiure, pictures from,

of the deal of St. Alaph, 339 Naval departments, itr.dures upon, -31

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part II.



Nae-surgeons, address on the situation Pitt's (Mr.) reply to Mr. Orde, 469
of the,

389 Plain facts,
New Roseiad, 149-Hints relative to Plan for finally settling the governi-
the recovery of drowned persons, ment of Ireland, 152-Of a reform

in the legillative delegation of Uto-
Nerefpaper (the), a poem, 345 pia,

Nebliman, letters to a young, 343 Plans for reducing the extraordinary
Nunnery, fongs in the,

474 expences of the nation, &c. 470

Poem addressed to the armies of the
Oakis' (capt.) narrative of the treat- united states of Anerica, 472
ment of the English by Tippoo Saib, Poet, the, a poem,

319, 400 Poetic lectures, adapted to the present
Observations on the animal oeconomy, crisis,

and on the causes and cure of dif- Portical works of Dr. Johnson, 258
eases, 1-On a new species of bark, Of David Garrick, esq. 430
15-On the tea and window act, 37 Poetry, by Rd. Crashaw, 255

On the rights and duties of jaries, Politics, a rhodomontade of, 474
46-On the manufactures, trade, Policy (landed and commercial) of
and present state of Ireland, part I. England, remarks on the, 283
126. Part II. 211-On an extraore Political letters,

dinary case of a ruptured uterus, 396 Polity of England, essay on the, 290
Obferver, p.2,

297 Present state of the manufacture of salt
Ole on the death of Dr. Johnson, 394 explained,

Opera, M. Tullii Ciceronis, 432 Prieflley's (Dr.) letters to Dr. Horsley,
Opposition (defence of the),
Orde (Mr.), reply to,

469 Principles of hair-dressing, eslay on the,
Original papers relating to the rights

and pretensions of the naboh of Proposals for a final adjustment of the
Arcut, &c.

471 commercial system between Great
Outcast (Gabriel), adventures of, 65 Britain and Ireland,
Outlines of a plan for protecting Lori- Proposed reformation in parliament

don and its environs from the de- considered,
predations of house-breakers, &c. Profpeel; or, re-union of Great Britain
234 and America,

Oxford, the follies of,

307 Providence, the doctrine of illustrato
ed and applied,

Papers relating to the rights and pre- Public revenue, history of the, 203,273
tensions of the nabob of Arcot, &c. - credit, efsay Il. on, 268-Claims
471 of the, on the minister,

Parliament, proposed reformation in, Purdluation, an efiay on,


Parliamentary guide, the, 469 — De- Queffiones grammatica,

bates, a key to the,
ibid. Quixote, the city,

Paftoral (a), in four parts,


Paterfort's Itinerary,

397 Racine's letters to his son,
Patriot (the), a tragedy, 27, 464 Raifon, la trioniphe de la, 399
Paul (fir Geo. 0.), verres addressed to), Red and quill Peruvian bark, experi-

-'s (John) complete conftable, 318 Recves's history of the English law,
Peat boys, ellay on draining, 16 vol. II.

Pegge's curialia, part ). 88. Part II. i Reficelions on the present dispute bc-
Pennant's arctic zoology,

241, 328 tween G. Britain and Ireland, 362
Peruvian bark (red and quill), expe- Reformation of the British represent-

ation, &c. thoughts on the, 232-
Pesis (the) of a day,

474 Proposed, in parliamant considered,
Philosophical transactions, vol. LXXIV.

part I. 161, 249. Part II. 410 Regulations (commercial) with Ireland,
Physician, the domestic,

185 explained and confidered, 469
Pictures from nature,

390 Remarks on the report of the East In-
Pieces morales & sentimentales de dia directors, 41--On the commu-

mad. J. W.catalie de Rg, tation tax, 153-(Hiftorical) and

176--Fugitive, asylum for, 397 anecdotes on the Baltile, 240- Upon
Pilon's Barataria, a farce, 474 the history of the landed and com-


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ments on,

riments un,






mercial policy of England, 283-On Shaispeare, the immortality of,

69 the British fisheries,

313 Shefficit's (lord) observations on the Rencontre (the coalitional) anticipated, manufactures, crade, and present

69 state of Ireiand,

126, 211 Renzvick's address to parliament on the Shirley's angler's museum, 100

situation of the navy furgeors, 398 Sinclair's hiltory of the public revenue, Reply to the treasury paniphlet, 299.

203, 273 Answer to the, 379—To u short cf. Some considerations on the different say on the modes of defence, &c. ways of removing confined and in310 Mr. Pitt's to Mr. Orde, 469

fectious air, 74 New hists relative Report on the examination of animal to the recovery of persons drowned, magnetism, 181-Second, of the

156 East India directors, antsver to, 234 Songs, &c. in Fontainbleau, 236-In ~Of the lords of the committee of the Nunnery,

474 council appointed for the confider- Sonnets and poems,

392 ation of all inatters relating to trade Spariun manual, and foreign piantations, 470-.From Speech of jicut. gen. Hale, the feled committee appointed to Spence's (Dr.) Tyitem of midwifery, 119 examine the reports of the directors Spillbury's discursory thoughts on the of the East India company's


late acts of parliament, 313 Reporter,

ibid. Stack's (Dr.) medical cases, Reports, Bannister's, 320-Of the ef- Stair's (earl of) clainis of the public ou fects of tobacco,

the minister stated,

376 Representation (British), thoughts on Striétures upon the naval departments, the reformation of, 232

231 Reviezu of Locke's denial of innate Stuckey's vanity of all human knowideas, &c. 94 ledge,

70 Rhapjody on taxes and balloons, 315 Sum of christianity,

76 Rbetorical grainmar,

145 Surgery, system of, vol. II. 167 Rbodomontade of politics, 474 Sufan and Osmund,

236 Rigby's essay on the uterine liæmor- Sympofra, or table-talk,

77 rhage, 156 Symptomatology,

73 Rights of juries vindicated, 233, 388 System of midwifery, 110_Of surgery, Rofciad, the new,

vol. IIl. 167 -- The proposed, of Ruus's letter to the jurors of Great trade with Ireland, 218. Reply to, Britain, 72

299 Ruptured uterus, observations on, 396

T.. Rymer's tract upon indigestion, 239 Tales of the castle,

99 S.

Tar and coal varnis, account of, 375 Sacred history, vols. V. and Vi. 157 Tax on fuftians, address on the 153 Saib (Tippoo), narrative of his treat- Taxation, manufactures improper subment of the English, 319, 400 jects of,

311 Sali, present state of the manufacture Taylor's proposed reformation in parof, explained,

liament considered,

468 Sancroft and Harpley's poems, 68 Tea and window act, observations on Sargent's mine, a poem,

261 the, 37-Remarks on the report of Saurin's fermons, vol. V.


the East India directors respecting Schemes (two) of a Trinity considered, the sale and prices of

41 113 Tea-dealers, narrative of the conduct Scorch society at Norwich, account of

of the,

61 the, 318 Tea-man, letter to a,

154 Scotland, letter to the people of, 466 Theory of harmonics,

97 Scott (major), an heroic epistle to, 474 Thirty-nine articles, the,

153 Scripiure lexicon, appendix to the, 157 Thoughts on the reformation of the Scrutiny, thoughts on the merits of the British representation, &c. 232-On Weltmintier,

472 the commercial arrangements with Scaman to a Teaman,


Ireland, ibid.-Discursory on the Suleet works of the emperor Juliari, 49 late acts of parliament, 313-On Sequel to fir Wm. Jones's paniphlet on several subjects, 317-On executive

the principles of government, justice, 319. Appendix to, 478 Sermon on the window tax,

Loose, on the important fituation of Seward's (miss) Louisa, hyper-criticisin Ireland, 388-On the freedom of


71 154

391 election, 409--On the nerits of the


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