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Welminster scrutiny,

View of the proposal for a final ad. Tim Twilling to Dick Twining, 154

jutinent of the commercial likom Time, ticar se on,


between Great Britain and Ircland, To guard against misiepresentation, &c. 469 Virtue, the eforts of,

395 Tobacco, medical reports of the effet's Vocabulary (a new) of the English lan


320 Tott, memoirs of the baron de, 353,


360 Walker's (George) thanksgiving ferTatvers' (Dr.) obfervations on the

75 rights and duty of juries,

45 (John) rhetorical grammar, 145 Tract on ind gettion,


li zil-tri: pruner, the compitte, 320 Trade with Ireland (the proposed tyí- Walter': (major) dog's monitor, 315 tem of), explained, 218. Repiy to), Bandzrer, the,

389 299 \Hoortor's edition of Milton's poeins, Transactions, philosophical, vol.LXXIV.

with potes,

321, 421 part I. 101. Part II. 249, 410 Wathen's differtation on the theory and Treasury pamphlet, reply to the, 299-- cu' e of the cataract,

477 Anfwer to the reply,

379 tarjon's (Dr.) treatise on time, 265 Treatise on cancers, 156-On time, 205 Butt's (Mirs.) Chinefe maxims,

393 -On the principles of hair-dreling, }fe have been all in the wrong, '469 337-On the art of music, 449 Weljo he'refs, memoirs of a, Trimmer's (Mrs.) facred history, vol. Westminfer forntiny, thoughts on the V.and VI. 157 werits of the,

472 Trinity (two schemes of a, considered, Wburimi's letter to the Roman catholics


of Worcetter, Trimmpbe (la) de la raison, 399 W'binjkal i haplody on taxes and ba;Ticker's (dean) reflections on the pre- lootis,

315 fent dispute between Great Britain White's fermons at Bampton's lecture, and Ireland,

2d Edit.

382 Tuition, female,

418 W bitechurch's Path lovers, 474 Purner's effay on draining and improv. M'idrzv, the young,

67 ing peat hogs, 16 Willet's letters t" Mrs. Bellamy,

478 Twining's observations on the tea and Williamas's jovle thoughts on the very

window cax, &c. 37 - Remarks on important fituation of Ireland, 388 the report of the East India directors Windozo-i1x, a fermon on the, 154 respecting the sale and prices of tea, Wolf (John Christopher), life and ad41-Antwer to the second report of venutres est,

197 ene Eait India d rectors, 234 M’olfram, a chemical analyfis of, 143 Izeifling (Tim) to Dick I'wining, 154 I'vretler, a letter to the Roman cathus Two schemes of a Trinity contidered,

lics of,

159 113 Words of the songs in the Nunnery, U.

474 Uterine hæmorrhage, essay on the, 156 Works (select) of the emperor Julian, Uterus (ruptured) observations of an 49–Poetical, of Dr. Johnson, 258 extraordinary cafe of a, 306

Of Davi e Garri k, efq. Limpia, a plan of reformation in the Wrara!! s hitory of France, 443 igitlative delegation of, 153 Wribi's Dr.) address on the late tax v. laid on lustian, &c.

153 Vibe (the) nf Glendor,


(Johan.) carmen in honorem l'anity of all human knowledge, 78 Geo. Savilie, barogetti, 314 Parni (tar and coal) accoune of the

7. quulities and uses of,

375 York, charge to the clergy of, Terrainm genera,

169 luung widow, the, 67 Nobleman, Varjes addressed to sir Geo. O. Paul,

letters to a, bart.


Z Veteran, the, a pocm, 315 Zoology (arctic),


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Annals of Literature.




Nothing extenuate,
Nor fet down aught in malice. SHAKSPEARE.
Ploravere fuis non refpondere favorem
Speratum meritis.


LONDON, Printed for A. HAMILTON, in Falcon-Court, Fleet-street.


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61 64


Ulivan's Philofophical Rhapsodies,

1 Robertson's Enquiry into the fine Arts,

jo Philofophical Transactions, Vol. LXXIV. Part II.

16 Planting and Ornamental Gardening, a practical Treatise, 22 Paley's Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 29, 202 Gregory's Essays, Historical and Maral,

37 Routh's Platonis Eutbydemus & Gorgias,

45 Williamson's Elements of Euclid, with Differtations, 52 The Progress of Romance,

54 Effay on the Life and Character of Petrarch,

59 Ifaiah versified. By George Butt, A. M. Abelard to Eloisa, An Invocation to Melancholy,

66 The War of the Wigs, a Poem,

67 Epistle from the Rev. Wm. Mi to the Rt. Hon. W. Pitt, ibid. Epistle from John Lord Ashburton to the Rt. Hon. W. Pitt, ibid. The Stone Coffin ; or, a new Way of making Love, ibid. Pilgrim's Poetical Trifles, Memoirs of Sir Simon Supple,

ibid. Elegies and Sonnets,

69 Verses on the Death of Dr. Samuel Johnson,

ibid. Piercy's Death improved, an Elegiac Poem,

70 Elegy on the Death of W. Shepherd, efq. of Plymouth,

71 Elegiac Poem on the Death of W. Shepherd, of Plymouth, ibid. Macey's Elegy on Wm. Shepherd, of Plymouth, esq. ibid. The Nosegay, or May-morning Free-wijl Offering,

72 Ivar, a Tragedy,

ibid: The False Friends, a Novel,

73 The Adventures of Alonzo,

74 Candid Review of Mr. Pitt's Twenty Resolutions, ibid. Address to the King and People of Ireland,

76 Original Papers,

ibid. Observations on the jurisprudence of the Court of Session in Scotland,

77 Speech of the Right Hon. C. J. Fox on the Irish Resolutions, 78 Mr. Fox's Reply to Mr. Pitt, upon reporting the Fourth Proposition of the Irish Syftem,

ibid. Debate in the House of Commons on Mr. Piti's Motion for

bringing in a Bill to amend the Reprefentation of the People in Parliament,

ibid.' A Political Pfalm, for the Service of the Year 1785, ibid, The Case of our Fellow.creatures the oppretsed Africans, ibid. Heraldry of Nature ; or, Instruction for the King at Arms, ib. Edmontone's Reviewers corrected,

79 Adventures of a Pincushion,

ibid. Effay to prove the insufficiency of Subalterns Pay in the Army, ib. Practical Benevolence,

ibid. Elements of Nature ; or, Free Opinions (ported in the interior Cabinet of Venus,

ibid. Mrs. Vizor's Eleven additional Letters from Ruffia,

80 A 2


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Adains's Lectiones selectæ,
The Tea Purchaser's Guide,
Swinburne's Travels into the Two Sicilies, Vol. It.

Reeves's History of the English Law, Vol. II. concluded, ganga
Sketch of a Tour into Derby dhire and Yorkfhire, 2d Edit. 592
Wallbeck's Life of Cervantes,
Efray on the Theory of the Production of Animal Heat, 97
Schomberg's Historical View of Roman Law,
Rousseau's Letters on the Elements of Botany, w 109
Bishop Newcome's Attempt towards an improved Version, &c. of
the Twelve Minor Prophets,

T13 Dr. Price's Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution,

119 Mirabeau's Considérations sur l'Ordre de Cincinnatus, in 122 Considerations on the Order of Cincinnatus,

126 The Book of Seven Chapters,

127 Gilpin's Life of Archbishop Crammer, The Mystery hid from Ages and Generations, made manifest by the Gospel Revelation,

133 Nares's Elements of Orthoepy,

136 Eleanora : from the Sorrows of Werter. A Tale,

141 The Disbanded Subaltern, Second Edit,

342 Rational Amusements,

11:0 The Paphiad ; or, Kensington Gardena


TED Teasdale's Picturesque Poetry,

145 Johnson's Laurel, or Context of the Poets, The Pious Incendiaries,

? Adventures of Telemachus. In Englifh Verle, fins ibid. Yearsley's Poems,


148 More Lyric Odes to the Royal Academicians,


Peter Pindar's Lyric Odes, for the Year 1785,

150 Wyvill's summary Explanation of the Principles of Mr. Pitt's in

tended Bill for amending the Representation in Parliament, 152 Thoughts on Taxation and a new System of Funding, jbid. Enquiry into the Consequences of inclosing Waste Lands, ibid. Commentaries and Essays, No. II.

154 Dr. Barford's Conscio ad Clerunt,

195 Bishop of Bristol's Sermon before the Lords, Jan-31, 1785 156 ** Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury,

ibid. Middleton's Rest for the Weary, a Sermon,

Cottingham's New Year's Counsel,
Dr. Moseley's Observations on Coffee,
Dr. Moseley's Treatise on Coffee, Second Edit. 1 157
Dr. Cockeli's Essay on the Retroverfion of the Uterus, ibido

Dr. Fisher's Practice of Medicine made eafy, 18: Myaors's History of the Practice of trepanning the Skulls. 158 Low's Chiropodologias

159 Letter to the Rev. Mr. T. Warton, on his late Edition of Milston's Juvenile Poems,

ibid. Letter to the Author of Thoughts on Executire Justice, 160 Lucubrations by a Lady,

ibid. 'Travis's Letters to Edward Gibbon, efq.

161 A Letter

In otasi 146


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10 ibid.

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