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Six months ago Amara was kidnapped and beaten. When Riordan and his team rescue her she watches as the love of her life is killed. When she awakens in the hospital she has no memory of her abduction or anything from the moment she first met Riordan. But the nightmares and memories are just a whisper and a dream away and she instinctively knows that she is still in mortal danger.
After retreating to his family’s home in Texas, Riordan is struggling to regain his strength even as his attempts to contact Amara go unfulfilled. She refuses to speak to him. Now she’s at his front door and it’s time he returns to the house where he found this amazing woman in an effort to not only help her to find her memories, but to protect her from the ones who would kill her.
I really enjoyed this couple and their struggle to wade through Amara’s memories, dreams and reality. Lora Leigh is known for some of the sexiest, steamiest scenes and she doesn’t disappoint here. Riordan is trying to keep himself in check knowing that Amara needs to remember him and not just a dream. Along the way he’s being tormented with the desperate need to protect her from someone that only she knows.
Riordan is the perfect possessive, protective alpha hero while Amara is a bit of innocence, fragility due to her memory loss, and determination. When the end comes down, she takes the adult and responsible approach of addressing it instead of making a ridiculous decision. I appreciated that her character was mature enough to do so.
While this has a slower pace it has a lot of layers of suspense and a bit of thriller. Plenty of secondary characters to help keep you guessing who the bad guy is as well. This couple pretty much wraps up at the end but the epilogue is setting us up for the next book. Hopefully, we’ll get a future look at Riordan and Amara along the way.
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Dual POV with epiloge in a different character’s
Safe – no ow/om drama; no one during their time apart; H not a manho prior to h
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Once again, Lora Leigh has brought readers a new series, one with some very sexy, dominating and protective military men and the first book in the Brute Force series, Collision Point is a thrilling read that dominated my time until I had read every last word.
Rory and Amara are strong, vibrant characters that keep readers enthralled with their explosive relationship that has some very turbulent complications that keeps emotions high, tempers frayed and even makes silences seem packed full of tension. The attraction between the two is electrifying and readers can practical feel the sizzle and the burn as the sex scenes heat up the pages, although the “mine” aspect of Rory’s dominant alpha male personality may be a bit over the top, but then again he has good reason to be overprotective.
The plot is fast paced and full of danger and suspense that keep readers glued to the pages while the twists keep them guessing. The enemy is getting closer with several action packed moments that keep tension high as Rory and his team try to find the enemy and keep Amara alive. Amara’s emotional state and inability to remember about a year of her life adds to the suspense and thrills of the story and an unexpectedly twisted betrayal makes for an explosive conclusion.
Lora Leigh’s Tempting Seals and Elite Ops books were two of the series that I have read by her and I have been waiting for Rory’s book since I read Noah’s book and I have to say that it was worth the wait and I can’t wait to find out whose book is next in this exciting new series.

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