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It's been over 50 years since that transplant and much has changed. These guys were my heroes. I operated with Lower in Richmond as an intern doing several heart transplants with him in 1977. A truly fine, and inspirational surgeon and person. He paved the legal way for our present brain death laws as well as developing the operation itself. After doing over 1200 heart and lung transplants on newborns to older age, I can truly appreciate Barnard's (and others) bravery, skill, determination, and bravado to do what they did back then. This book kept me up at night reading until I finished. I think of it often and try to get others to read it. It is accurate, compelling, cringe-worthy and well written. I have a framed copy of Time magazine cover from 12/15/1976 with Barnard's picture that he signed hanging on my office wall. When I look at it, I feel blessed to stand on his (and others') shoulders to help heart and lung patients get better and provide a positive ending to unselfish and unfortunate donor's lives... 

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