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Ther was per tresour' of terreftial richeife,
Nor precious stones rekened innumerabell,
To be of comparison to your high godenes,
Above al cretures to' me most amiable;
Truft not the contrary', I was ner discevabell;
Kepe wel true love, forge no diffembèlaunce,
And graciously take me to’your remembraunce. 147

Me semeth by feiture of manly properte
Ye fhuld be trusty' and trewe of comprimis,
I finde in you no falfe duplicite,
Wherfore, True Love, ye have my hert I wis,
And ermore shal endure, so have I blis,
The fede'rasy made with gode avisement,
God graunt grace that nothir of us be fhent!

Whan Phæbus freshe was in his chare splendente,
In the moneth of Maye, erly in a morninge,
I herd two lovirs profir this argu’mente,
In the yere of our Lorde a M. by rekening,
CCCXL. and VII. yere folowing,
O potent princesse ! conserve true lovirs al,
Graunt them thy region and bliffe celestial. 161

Explicit The Craft of Lovers,

A balade.
Or ther nature they gretly them delite,
With holy face yfeinid for the nones,
In saintwarie ther frendis to visite,

More for reliquis than for saintis bones,
Though they be clofid undir precious stones,
To gete them pardon, lyke ther olde usages,
To kisse no shrines but lufty quike images. 7

Whan maidens ar wedded and houshold have take
Alther humility'is exiled awaye,
And the' cruil hertes beginnith to awake,
They do'al the befy cure they can or maye
To vex ther housholdes-maistirs, soth to faye,
Wherfore, ye yong men,

I rede

you forthy Beware alwaye, The blinde eteth many flye. 14

Of this matir I dare make no relation, In defaute of slepe my spirites wex fainte, In my studie l' have had long habitacion, My body’and goft are grevously attaint, And therfore I make no lengir complaint ; But whethir that the blind ete flesh or fish I pray God kepe the fly out of my dishe!

Now'I make an ende, and laie nie doune to rest, For I knowe by experience veramente Jf maidinis and wivis knewe and wift Who made the mattir he should sone be shent, Wherefore I praie that God omnipotente Hym save and kepin bothè night and daie. Writtin in the luftie fefon of Maie,




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The X. Commaundementes of Love.
Certis ferre extendith yet my refon
This matir as it should be to discrive,
But I truste your grace will in this feson
Ccnfidir howe with conyng that I strive,
For in his favour coud I ner arrive,
Elo’quence this halade hath in grete dispite,
The makir lackith manir to endite.

Of Love's commaundèmentes x. is the nomber,
As aftirward shall rudely be rehersed,
And lovirs, in no wise departe afunder
Where as thei be observid and redressed,
Daungir and unkindnes yben oppreffed,
And he that is commaundid this to make
Is your owne, all othir for to forsake.

Faithe is the first and principally to tell,
And verie love requirith soche credence,
That eche beleve othir true as the gospel,
Without adulacion or flatteryng audience,
In true menyng and trustie confidence;
Paint not your connyng with colour ne fable,
For then your love must nedis be unstable.

In the seconde to trete of entencion,
Your lovir to plefe doe your
For as myn aucthor Romance maketh mencion,


busie cure,

Without entent your love mai not endure,
As women will thereof, I am right sure,
Endevour with ther hertè, will, and thought,
To plese hym onely that ther love hath sought. 28

In your delyng evir ybe discrete,
Set not your love there as it shall be losed,
Advertise in your minde whether he be mete,
That unto hym your herte maie be disclosed,
And aftir as you finde hym then disposed
Poinct by discrefion your hour, time, and place,
Conveniently metyng with armes to embrace. 35

Of these Commaundementes the iii. is pacience:
Though by’irous corage your lovir be meved,
With soft wordis and humble obedience
His wrathe maie fone be swagid and relevcd,
And thus his love obteinid and acheved
Will in you rote with gretir diligence,
Bicause of

meke womanly pacience.

Secretlie behave



your werkis,
In shewing countenance or mevyng your eye,
Though soche behavior to some folk be derke,
He that hath lovid will it sone aspie,
Thus you your self your counfaill maie descrie;
Make privy to your delyng few'as ye maie,
For iii, may depe a counsel if twain be awaie.



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Let prudence governe aye your bridil reine;
Set not your love in fo fervent a wife
But that in godely haft ye may refreine,
If that your lovirs list you to dispise ;
Romaunce min auctour wold you this advise,
Ty llacke your love, for if ye doe not so
That wanton lift will tourne you into wo.

Stablishe your love in fu stedfast a wise,
Jf that


thinke your lovir will be true,
As entirely as ere you can devise,
Love hym onely and refuse allè newe,
Then shall not your worship ychaunge his hew,
For certis, maistris, then is he to blame
But if that he will quite you with the same.

Be piteous to hym, as womanhod requireth,
That for your love endurith painis smerte,
Whom so sorely your plesaunt loke enfireth,
That printid is your beautie in his herte,
And woundid lyith without knife or darte;
There let your pitie spred without restreinte,
For lacke of it let not your servaunt feint. 70

Mesure. Take mesure in your talkyng, be n'ot outrage, For this reberfith Romance de la Rose, A man-endued with plenteous langage


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