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Bytwene hevin, and yerthe, and se,
That what so er in al these thre
Is spoken' in prive or apperte,
The way therto is so overte,
And ftante eke in so juste a place,
That every sowne mote to it pace,
Or what so cometh from anie tongue,
Whethre' it be rownid, redde, or songe,
Or spokin in suertè or drede,
Certaine it motin thidir nede.

Nowe herkin wel; for why? I wil
Ytellin the a propir skil,
And worthy demonstracion
In mine inaginacion.

Geffray, thou woteist full wel this,
That every kindely thinge that is
Yhath a kyndely stede, there he
May best in it conservid be,
Unto whiche place every thinge,
Thorough his kyndely enclininge
Ymevith for to comin to
Whan that it is away

As thus, lo! thou maiste al day se,
Take any thinge that hevy be,
As stone or ted, or thinge of weight,
And bere it ner lo hice on height,
Let go

thine hande it fallith downe; Right so say I by fire or fowne,

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Or snoke, or othir thingis light,
Alway they feke upwarde on height,
Light thinges up and hevie down charge
While everiche of 'hem bę at large;
And for this cause chou maist wel se

rivir to the se
Enclinid is to go by kynde,
And by these skillis as I finde
Have fishes dwellinge in flode and se,
And treis eke on the erthe be:

every thinge by his reson
Hath his owne propir mancion,
To whiche he sekith to repaire
There as it shuldin nat appaire.

Lo! this sentence is knowin couthe
Of every philofophir’s mouthe,
As Aristotle' and Dan Platone,
And othir clerkis many one;
And to confirmin my resoune
Thou wotist wel that speche is sowne,
Or ellis no man might it here;
Nowe herkin what I wol the lere,

Sowne is not but eyre ybrokin,
And every speche that is spokin,
Where loude or prive, foule or faire,
In his substaunce ne is but

eyre; For as flame is but lightid smoke, Right so is sowne but eyre ybroke:





And rent;



But this may be in many wise,
Of the whiche I will the devise,
Assowne comith of pype or harpe,
For whan a pype is blowin sharpe
The eyre is twist with violence

lo! this is my sentence:
Eke whan that men harpeftringis smyte,
Whedir that it be moche or lyte,
Lo! with the stroke the eyre it breketh,
And right so breketh it whan men speketh;
Thus wost thou wel what thing is speche :
Nowè hennisforthe I wil the teche
Howe everiche fpeche, voice, or sowne,
Throughe his multiplicaciowne,
Thoughe it were pipid of a mouse,
Mote nedis come to Fam'is House:
I prove it thus; takith hede nowe
By experience, for if that thou
Threwe in a watir nowe a stone,
Wel woste thou it wil make anone
A lityl roundil as a circle,
Para'venture as brode as a covircle,
And right anone thou shalte se wele
That circle cause anothir whele,
And that the thirde, and so forthe, brother,
Every circle causinge other
Moch brodir than himselfin was,
And thus from roundil to compas






Eche aboutin othir goinge
Y caufith of othirs fteringe
And multiplying evirmo,
Tyl that it be so far ygo
That it at bothè brinkis be,
Although thou mayist it not se
Above, yet gothe it alwaye under,
Although thou thinke it a grete wonder,
And whoso faithe of trouthe I vary,
Bydde him provin the contrary:
And right thus every worde ywis,
That loude or pryve' yfpokin is,
Ymovith firste an eyre aboute,
And of his movinge out of doute
Anothir eyre anone is moved,
As I have of the watir proved,
That every circle caufith other;
Right so of eyre, my levè brother,


anothir fterith
More and more, and speche up berith,
Or voise or noyse, or worde or fowne,
Aye through multiplicaciowne,
Tyl it be at The House of Fame,
Take it in ernest or in game.
Nowe have I tolde, if thou have mind,
Howe fpeche or fowne of purè kinde
Enclinid is upward to move,
This mayilt thou fele wel by preve,







And that same kindly stede ywis,
That every thinge enclined to is,
Yhath also his kyndelyche stede,
That shewith it withoutin drede,
That kindèly the mancioun
Of everyche fpeche, of every foune,
All be it either foule or faire,
Yhath his kindely place in eyre;
And fith that every thinge ywis
Out of his kindely place ywis
Ay movith thidir for to go,
Yf that it awaye be therfro,
As I have before provid the,
It shewith every foune perde
Ymovith kindèly to pace
As up into his kindely place;
And this place of whiche I the tel,
There as Fame doth yliste to dwell,
Is ferte amiddis of these thre,
Hevin, and erthe, and eke the se,
As moste conservatife of foun;
Than is this the conclusion
That every speche of every manne,
As I the tellin firste beganne,
Ymovith up on height to pace
Kindèly unto Fam’is place.

Tellith me this nowe faithfully,
Have I not provid thus fimply,




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