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Dailie of light, very ground of comfort!
The Sunn'is doughoir ye hight, as I rede,
For when he weftrith farwell your disport;..
By your nature anone right for pure drede
Of the rude Night, that with his boistous wede
Of derkenesie fhadowith our hemisphere,
Then closin ye, my liv'is ladie dere ! 1.

Daunyng the daie unto his kinde resort,
And Phobus your fathir with his firemes rede
Adorneth the morowe, consuming the fort
Of mistie cloudes, that wouldin ovirlede.
True humble hertis with ther mistie hede,
Nere comfort adaies, when your eyin clere
Disclose and sprede, my liv'is ladie dere!

Je vouldray, but the grete God disposeth
And makith cafuell by his providence
Soche thing as mann'is frele wit purposeth,
All for the best, if that your conscience
Not grutche it, but in humble pacience
It receve, for God faith withoutin á fable
A faithfull herte evir is acceptable.

Cautelis whofo ufith gladlie gloseth;
To eschewe foche it is right high prudence;
What ye saied onis mine herte opposeth,
That my writyng japis in your

Plesid you moche bettir than my presence,
Yet can i moré, ye be not excusable;
A faithfull herte evir is acceptable.
Volume XIII.





Quakith my penne, my fpirite supposeth
That in my writing ye find woll offence;
Min hert welknith thus sone, anon it riseth,
Now hotte, now colde, and eft in grete fervence;
That miffe is is causid of negligence,
And not of malice, therefore beth merciable;
A faithfull herte evir is acceptable.

Forthe complaint, forthe thou lacking eloquence,
Forthe litil lettir, of enditing lame,
I have befought my ladie's fapience
Of thy behalfe for to accept in game
Thine inabilite, doe thou the fame :
Abide, have more yet; Je ferve Jovelse:
Now forth, I close the' in holy Venus name,
The shall unclose my hert'is govirnelle.


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A Thousande stories coud I mo reherce
Of olde poetis touching this matere,
How that Cupide the hertis gan so perce
Of his servauntis, settyng 'hem in fere.
Lo here the fine of th'errour and the fere,
Lo here of love the guerdone and grevaunce,
That er what wo her servauntes do avaunce!


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Wherfore now plainly I woll my stile dresse
Of one to speke at nede that woll not faile;
Alas! for dole I ne can ne maie' expresse
Her pafsyng prise, and that is no mervaile.
O winde of grace! now blowe unto my faile,
O auriate licour of Clio! to write
My penne enfpire of that I wollendite.

Alas! unworthie I am and unable
To love soche one, all women furmountyng,
But she be benigne to me and merciable,
That is of pitie the welle and the spryngs
Wherfore of her in laude and in praisyng,
So as I can, supportid by her grace,
Right thus I saie, knelyng before her face:

O stere of sterris, with thy ftremis clere,
Sterre of the se, to shipmen light and gide!
O luftie livyng, mofte plesaunt to' appere,
Whose bright bemis the cloudis maie not hide!
Owaie of life to 'hem that go or ride,
Haven aftir tempeft, furist up to rive,
On me have mercie for thy joyis five!

O rightfull rule! o botc of holinesse!
And lightsome line of pitie for to plain,
Originall of grace and all godeneffe,
And clenest conduct of vertue mofte foverain!
Mothir of mercie', our trouble to restrain,
Chambir and closit clenest of chastitie,
And namid herbrough of the deitie!



O closit, gardin, voide of wedis wicke,
Cristallin welle, of clereneffe clere configned,
Fructified olive of foiles faire and thicke,
And redo’lent cedre most dere worthy digned!
Remember on finairs that to the be' affiped
Or wickid fendis ther wrathe on 'hem wreche; ·
Lanterne of light! thou art ther livis leche.

Paradise of plesaunce, gladfome to all gode,
O benigne braunchilet of the pine tre,
Vinarie' envermailed, refreshir of bode,
Licour ayen langour that palled maie not be,
Blisful blomic blofme, bidyng in bounte!
Thy mantell of mercie on our miserie fprede,
And er we'awaie wrappe us undir thy wede.

O rodie roner, fouring without spine,
Fountain filthleffe, as birill currant clere!
Sum drop of gracefull dewe to us propine;
Light without nebule shinyng in thy sphere,
Medecine to mischeves, pucell without pere!
Planibe doun the full light of thin influence,
Remembring thy servantes for thy magnificence. s6

Of all Christin protectrice and tutele,
Retourne of exiled put in the proscripcion,
To 'hen that erren in the' pathe of cher fequele,
To werie forwandrid tent and pavilion,
To faint and to freshe the pausacion,
Tolinreslic bothe rest and remedie,
Fruefull to all tho that in her affie :



To 'hem that rendin thon art itinerarie, Oblisfull bravie to knightes of thy werre! To werie werkmen she 'is diourne denarie, Mede unto mariners that have failed ferre, Laureate coroune stremyng as a sterre, To ’hem put in palaftre for thy fake Tours of ther conquest white as any lake. 70

O mirthe of martyrs! [wetir than fitole,
Of confeffours also riche donatife,
Unto virgines eternall lauriole,
'Fore all woman havyng prerogatife,
Mothir and maide, bothe widowe and eke wife!
Of all the worlde is none but thou alone,
Now fith thou maie be succour to my mone. 77

Truftie turtle, truefaftist of all true,
Curteise columbe, replete of all mekeneffe,
O nightingale with thy notis newe!
O popinjaie ! purid with all clennesse,
O laveroke of love! fingyng with swetnesse,
Phæbus waityng till on thy brest he light,
Undir thy wing at domisdaie us dight.

O rubie! rubified in the passion
Of thy sonne, us have emongis in minde,
O stedfait diametre of duracion!
That fewe feris any time might thou finde,
For none to hym was foundin halfe so kinde;
O hardie hette! o lovyng creäture!
What was 'it but love that made the so endure? 21


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