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t'ave, pa. t. of yeve, gave, 304, 602. r-be, part. pa. been, 10275. F-beried, part. pa. buried, 948. F-bete, 981. See the note, and R. 837. Y-blent, part. pa, of blend, R. 1610, blinded. 7-blent, part. pa. of blencbe, 3751, Ihrunk, Itarted aside.

See the note on ver. 1080. r-blint, part. pa. 3806, blinded. 7-bore, part. pa. of bere, 380, born, carried. 7-bourded, part. pa. jefted, A. F. 589. r-brent, part. pa. of brenne, 948, burned. 7-chaped, part. på. 368, furnished with chapes, from

chappe, Fr. 7-clouted, part. pa. R. 223, wrapped in clouts or rags. Y-corven, part. pa. 2015, cut. See Corven. Y-coupled, part. pa. 9095. 7-crased, part. pa. Du. 324, broken. Y-deled, part. pa. 7831, distributed. 7-digbt, part. pa. T. v. 541, adorned. r-do, part. pa. 2536, done, finished. 7-drawe, part. pa. 946, drawn. Te, adv. Sax. as Ya, 9212; ye wis, T. ii. 887, yea cer

tainly. Yeddinges, 237. See the note. The Prompt. Parv. makes

yedding to be the same asgéste, which it explains thus; geeft or romawnce, geftio. So that of yeddinges may

perhaps mean of story-telling. rede, part. pa. of yede, v. Sax. went, 13249, 16609. Yefte, n. Sax. a gift, 9185.; yeftes, pl. 2200, 9186. Pelde, v. Sax. to yield, to give, 6494, 8719-to pay,

5712; God yelde you! 7759, God reward you!
Yelleden, pa. t. pl. of yelle, v. Sax. 15395.
Yelpe, v. Sax. to prate, to boqft, 2240; T. iii. 308.
Pelte, for yeldeth, T. 1. 386.

Teman, n. Sax. a servant of middling rank; a bailif;

6962, 6977—the Knightes reman. See his character, ver. 101-17—the Chanones Yeman, See his Prologue, ver. 16022_16187Yemen, pl. 2511,

2730. See the n. on ver. 101. Yemanrie,n.the rank of yeoman. See the n. on ver.101. Terde, n. Sax. a rod or staff, 149; T. ii. 154; under the

yerde, 13027. See the note. Yere, for yeres, n. pl. Sax. years, 4919, 11125. Yerne, adj. Sax. brisk, eager, 3257. Verne, adv. briskly, eagerly, 6575,12332 ; early,T.ïïi.

337; as Yerne, T. iii. 151, T. iv. 112, foon, imme

diately. Yerne, v. to desire, to feek eagerly, T. ii. 152, T. ir.

198. Yerning, n. activity, diligence, R. 5951; efveil, orig. reten, part. pa. R. 5702, gotten. reve, v. Sax. to give, 507,613. Yeven, yeve, part. pa. given, 1088, 1091, 7135. Y-falle, part. pa. 25, fallen. 7-.feined, part. pa. 8405; lordes hestes may not ben

y-feined, the commands of sovereigns may not be executed with a feigned pretended zeal, they must

be executed strictly and fully. X-feite, part. pa. 10488, fetched. r.fonden, part. pa. 10154, found. r-foftered, part. pa. 3944, educated. 7-freten, part. pa. L.W. 1949, devoured. Y-geten, part. pa. 3564, gotten. 7-8/0fed, part. pa. 16983, Aattered. r-gluell

, part. pa. 10496, glewed, fastened with glew. 7-go, part. pa. 288, gone. 7-grave, part. pa. 6078, buried. r-halowed, part. pa. L. W. 1869, kept holy. Y-berd, part. pa. 3736, covered with hair,

r-hold, part: pa. I-309, L. W. 1952, beholden. Y-japed, part. pa. 17094, tricked, deceived. Y-lefjed, part. pa. T. i. 1090, relieved. See Liffed. r-liche, -like, adj. Sax. resembling, 594, 1541; equal,

2736. Y-liche, y-like, adv. Sax. equally, alike, 2528,7796. 2-limed, part. pa.6516, limed, caught as with birdlime. Y-logged, part. pa. 14997, lodged. ?-masked, part. pa. T. ii. 1740, mashed or meshed;

masche, Belg. macula retis, Kilian. Y-meint, part. pa. 2172, mingled. r-mell, prep. Sax. among, 4169. Ymereuș, pr. 7. Hymenaus, 9604. Prough, gror, adv. Sax. enough, 11020, 13988. Yolder, part. pa. of yelde, given, 3054-yielded, T. Ü.

1217-repaid, R. 4556. Fonghede, n. Sax. youth, R. 351. Yore, adv. Sax. of a long time, 4692, 7944- a little

before, 9990-yore agon, 13639, long ago; in olde

times yore, 9016; of time yore, 11275. Yove, pa. t. of yeve, C. L. 688, gave. Youre, pron, post. Sax. is used for youres, 167,16; T. ii.

587; L. W. 683; C. L. 855. Youres, pron, poff. Sax. used generally when the noun

to which it belongs is understood or placed before it, 7495,8379, 10911; he was an ofd felaw of youres, 1 2606, he was an old companion of yours, i. e. of or among your companions. See the Eluy, &c. n. 29. Youthhede, n. Sax. youth, R. 4931. Yoxe, v. Sax. to hiccough, 4149, yyxyn; Jangultio,

Prompt. Parv. 1-piked, part. pa. 367, picked, spruce. Y-queirt, part. pa. 3752, quenched. 7-reight, pa. t. F. iii. 284, reached.

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