Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Defender Pub Llc, Nov 15, 2014 - Health & Fitness - 131 pages
Death rides upon an evil wind, and Hell follows with him; that is the grim scenario facing the world today. Biblical Prophecy is playing out in our daily headlines—headlines which change minute by minute, hour by deadly hour, and it is growing clearer with each passing day that the world is simply not ready.Sharon K. Gilbert calls this event the 'Blood Snake Plague', because Ebola, when gazed upon through the clarifying lens of an Electron Microscope has a peculiar, linear, curving, reptilian appearance. This infinitesimally small virus, just 1/100 the thickness of a human hair, has but one plan: Hijack every human cell and force them to produce more Ebola virions—more blood snakes, which in turn infect more humans—until there is not one human left alive.That is the enemy's plan. That is why the Rider is given authority over the Earth, but God Himself restricts the enemy's plans and grants him the power to slay only one quarter of all mankind.Are you ready for the Rider and his Hellish Companion? The Blood Snake is his weapon, and it is a thirsty weapon—thirsty for human blood. The enemy wants a bloodbath. Jesus Christ has given us prophecy so that we can warn others, and He wants us to be prepared. Are you?

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About the author (2014)

Born in the rolling hills of southern Indiana to Appalachian parents, Sharon brings a rich heritage to her writing. A childhood spent wandering along crooked streams and dancing in meadows, coupled with a degree in molecular biology and a short career in opera, have created a patchwork personality that feels at home with many genres. Sharon has lived here, there, and everywhere, preferring her native Indiana to all other lands. While living in Indianapolis, Sharon, whose name was then Sharon Ferguson, sang jingles with the likes of Sandi Patty and Steve Greene, through whom she met David Clydesdale, then of Singspiration Music. As a born-again Christian, Sharon happily said yes to a one-year commitment as a featured vocalist with Clydesdale's CCM group, Life Unlimited, touring the continental U.S., Canada, and the U.K.Later, as an older student at both the University of Nebraska and Indiana University, Sharon studied human genetics, music, literature, and history, giving her a well-rounded approach to learning and a full quiver for writing.A lifelong interest in the supernatural and how it might be portrayed in fiction and on film has led Sharon to her current career as a writer of supernatural thrillers. Married to fellow writer and cocreator of the MythArc series of books Derek P. Gilbert, Sharon is stepmother to a precocious and very gifted teen named Nicole, in addition to acting as assistant keeper to the Gilbert Zoo (three rag-tag rescue dogs named Murphy, Belle, and Gretel). The Gilberts live in Manchester, Missouri.

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