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be permitted to make presents of entire countries. No The Canadians bonght land, cat canals, borrowed mischief-mongers, however “feelosofical,” should be money, and made vast improvements; thousands of tolerated in a wholesale incendiarism, merely that people from this country settled there, on the faith of they may be amused by the devastations of revolt. that country remaining British. Our Government have

Efforts must be made to keep on friendly terms broken faith with them; they are enclosed by a comwith our colonies. The working men of England and mercially hostile country; Britain has abandoned her of Scotland have only to WILL IT, and the colonies children; they purchased our goods; their returns to may yet be saved as outlets for their labour-as fields us are in grain. Suddenly we treat them as foreigners for new enterprise, and openings for an increasing and aliens, and allow them no preference, no advantage population in seasons of distress.

over the foreigners, whom we must pay in gold, and The people of other lauds are competing closely disturb the whole fabric of their trade in doing so. This and severely with us in every branch of industry. We plan of treating our friends as aliens will, if persisted cannot afford to destroy our present markets, or gistin, very soon make them both aliens and enemies. them away to our rivals. We are engaged in a war The colonies must be retained, India must be reof tariffs, and cannot afford to be continually defeated. | tained, that we may be emancipated from our degrad.

The nation that of all others owes most to England, ing and perilous dependence on America for cotton. shows no desire to follow our liberal example. English | We ought to give bounties for its re-introduction in capital has made the United States a great commer

the West Indies, and specially encourage it on the cial power; the only check we hold upon her exorbitant | fertile mainland of Guiana. tariff is our trade in the St. Lawrence, and the ad The absurd and tyrannical restrictions on the im. mission of British goods into Canada at moderate portation of labour into the British West Indies duties. Allow Canada to be annexed, and the duties should be removed; if not, these islands will follow are equalised and augmented; for the low duties of Cuba, and slavery will be restored with all its Canada annoy the New Yorkers.

horrors. Annexation will be followed by a rise of the United Why has it not occurred to us earlier, to supersede States' tariff to 40 per cent., or higher, if need be. Not the slave trade on the African coast by planting only protection, but ultimate prohibition on the United Africau colonies, and spoiling the slave-market by setStates' principle. A committee of congress has already | ting thousands of negroes to raise cotton under the settled this question.

protection of the British flag


The half-yearly meetings of these companies have now nearly 1, used to believe in the permanency of high dividends and premiclosed, and their results have seriously affected the market priceums, in connection with railway speculations, and the result is seen of all shares. The dividends liave been generally lower than they on the Stock Exchange, where none but a few favourite undertakever were before; and this, added to the fresh exposé of Mr. Hud- || ings reach par, or command a dividend of or abore fire per cent. son in the second report of the York and North Midland Inves. And there are many indications that matters will be even worse tigation Committee, and the continued want of confidence felt by than they now are ere the year closes. Altogether, this has been the public in railway management as at present conducted, has the most disastrous year for the holders of railway property since occasioned a partial panic. Out of eleven principal companies the commencement of these undertakings, and it would be well which have made returns of their traffic, as compared with the if they could see any immediate prospect of improvement. This, corresponding period of last year, though their mileage has been however, is distant and obscure. increased, but three show any increase of receipts. Two causes The principal meetings of the past month have been the York have been assigned forthe falling-off-the cholera and the weather; and North Midland, the Midland, and the Lancashire and Yorš. but these can only be accepted as a partial explanation. The shire. The first was peculiarly interesting, from its connection recent opening up of so many competing lines has also consider- with Mr. Hudson-the report of the Committee of Investigatioa ably to do with the falling off. The following table will present | --and the non-declaration of a dividend. The particulars of the actual facts in relation to these lines :

these, with the other events of the month, will be found in the

Increased Decreased following summary:
Mileage. Receipts.

Leeds and Thirsk Railway.—The half-yearly meeting of this

company was held at Leeds, August 25. The directors congraBlackwall

350 tulated the proprietors on the completion of the original line Eastern Counties

27 1,309

from Leeds to Thirsk, and its opening for public traffic on the Great Western


10th of July last. The gross receipts from traffic for the halfLondon and North-Western

43) 1,437 year ending June 30th were £6,846 9s. 3d., and the balance reLondon and South-Western


209 maining, after payment of working expenses, £2,812 12. Od. York, Newcastle, and Berwick



The receipts, to the 30th of June last, were, on account of calls, York and North Midland

1,000 £1,386,834 8s. 3d.; loans, £377,741 23. 5d.; miscellaneous re Midland


770 ceipts, £8,465 lls. Ild. Of this total sum of £1,773,041 2s. 74. Increased

received, only £6,720 lls. Ild. remains in hand. The report Receipts.

was adopted, after which the meeting was made special, when it

was agreed to raise £450,000, by an issue of £10 preference Lancashire and Yorkshire



shares, at 6 per cent., for three years, and 5 per cent, in Dover ...



Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe, and West Yorkshire RailwayBrighton

The half-yearly meeting of this company was held at Biaettura

, Erery day is rapidly dispelling the hallucination of those who l) Angust 27th-Mr.W. H. Hornbey in the chair, After dedneting


all the working expenses, and paying the interest on the borrowed || and £17,697 expended, leaving a balance of £3,162. No divimoney, the balance to the credit of revenue is £3,099 11s. 11d.dend was declared, and the balance was carried to the next halfup to the 30th of June last. The receipts, in calls and in loans, I year. had been £857,319 18s. 8d.; added to which are the acceptances Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.---The halfand debts owing to the company, amounting to £78,463 11s. 3d., || yearly meeting of this company was held at Manchester, August making an aggregate capital of £935,783 9s. 11d. The disburse- || 29—the Earl of Yarborough in the chair. It was stated that ments amounted to £914,521 16s. 8d., leaving a balance on capi-| there had been £5,800,000 expended on the scheme, of which tal account of £21,261 13s. 3d. The receipts for the half-year but £1,224,000 was borrowed. During the last half-year, the on that portion of the line opened (13 miles) amounted to receipts were £64,720, and the expenditure £36,055. The in£10,278 19s. 8d., and the disbursements to £5,633 10s. 6d., crease of receipts was £7,789, and the diminution of expenditure leaving a balance of £4,625 9s. 22. The report, after a short £1,127. The working expenses in 1848 were £65 6s. per cent., discussion, was agreed to.

and in 1849, £55 10s. 11d. The report was adopted, and a diFleetwood, Preston, and West Riding Junction Railway.—The vidend of £7 10s. per cent. per annum declared on the Sheffield half-yearly meeting of this company was held at Preston, August and Manchester No. 1 shares. 27th. The receipts for the half-year ending June 30 had been Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway.—The half-yearly meeting —for calls and arrears, £125,4-48; interest, &c., £2,197 4s. 9d.; of this company was held at Chester, August 29. The total Preston and Longridge Railway, £3,295 12s. lld. ; total receipts from the commencement to 30th of June last, amounted £130,940 17s. 8d. The expenditure in parliamentary expenses, to .£61,836 14s. 5d., and the total expenditure, including £25,854 engineering, &c., were £120,161, Is. ld.; balance, £327 14s.; | 6s. 7d. costs in obtaining the Act of Parliament, to £29,008 leaving a balance of £2,588 ls. 6d. due to the bank. The whole 3s. 5d., leaving a balance of £6,874 4s. 5d. The report was of the line, it was expected, would be completed by November. I agreed to, nem. con. The report and statement of the accounts were unanimously Maryport and Carlisle Railway. The half-yearly meeting was agreed to.

held at Maryport, August 29. As the main business to be tranSouth Devon Railway.—The half-yearly meeting of the share-sacted was to consider the leasing of the line by Mr. Hudson on holders was held at Plymouth, on August 28—Mr. T. Woolcombe behalf of the York, Newcastle, and Berwick Railway, it was agreed in the chair. The capital account, to the 30th June, showed tha to adjourn the meeting till after the reconstruction of the Board .£1,957,843 16s. 10d. had been received, and £1,927,685 14s. 64.1 of that company. expended, leaving a balance of £30,158 2s. 4d. The revenue South Wales Railway.--The half-yearly meeting of this comaccount for the half-year showed that £41,253 had been re- pany took place in London on August 30. The total cost of the ceived, and £26,785 expended, leaving a balance of £14,470, portion of the line between Chepstow and Swansea, a distance of from which £10,831 was deducted for payment of interest on 75 miles, is estimated at £1,560,000. To this sum are to be added debentures, leaving a profit of £3,638 for the shareholders. The the amounts which may have to be expended upon other portions report was unanimously adopted. No dividend was declared, of the line up to the period of this opening, &c., £900,000, subthough a hope was expressed that next half-year would show a scriptions to other lines, at about £140,000, making a total better result. The atmospheric system has been entirely aban- of £2,660,000. The company may calculate upon receiving doned on this line; connected with the attempted application of | £2,260,000 upon shares, after all due allowance for arrears and which there has been a great loss.

unproductive shares ; leaving a balance to be raised upon debenEast Indian Railway. The half-yearly meeting of this com- tures, of which about £100,000 are already issued. The total pany took place in London on Angust 28. The proprietors have receipts up to the 30th June was £1,816,302 0s. Cd., and the concluded a contract with the East India Company. This con- expenditure £76,658 14s. 32. An amendment was proposed on tract has been printed. The interest of 5 per cent. per annum, the directors' report to the effect that a committee of investigaguaranteed by the East India Company, will, on and from the tion be appointed, which, after a somewhat hot discussion, was 17th of Angust ult., include the preliminary deposit of 5s. paid passed. The report of the directors was subsequently adopted. on the existing shares in the company, and upon which, hitherto, || The meeting was then adjourned till the first Thursday in October. no interest has been paid. The board of directors have, in ac- East and West Yorkshire Junction Railway.—The usual halfcordance with the pledge given to the proprietary, reduced the yearly meeting was held at Knaresboro' on August 30th. The shares in the company from £50 to £20, and have made a re- works are fast approaching completion, and on the portion opened distribution of the capitnl into £50,000 shares of £20 each. ( cight months ago, the gross earnings had been £2,743 17s. Od. The report was unanimously adopted.

The charge for working the line, by the York, Newcastle, and Taw Vale Railway.-- The half-yearly meeting of this company Berwick Company, during that period, was £2,133 16s. 34. The was held in London, on Monday, August 28-Jr. J. Sharland total outlay had been £222,287 Os. 9d.; the receipts, £222,291 in the chair. The report stated that, up to the date of the ac- 12s. 8d. The report was agreed to. count presented, there had been £157,000 expended in the works, Bristol and Exeter Railway. The half-yearly meeting was and that £255,000 more would be required to complete the un- held at Bristol, August 30th. The clear profit on the half-year dertaking; this would make a total expenditure of £147,821, or was £:24,633 193. 10d., out of which it was proposed to declare an average cost per mile of £12,795. After some discussion, the a dividend of £l lls. 6d. per whole share, or at the rate of report was agreed to.

35 per cent. per annum on the £90 paid up. This left a balance London and Blackwall Railway.— The half-yearly meeting of of £1,008 19s. 10d. to be carried to next account. The report this company was held in London, August 28—Mr. J. N. Daniel

was unanimously adopted, and the dividend, in accordance with in the chair. The report presented the following sketch of the its recommendation, declared. traffic for the last six mouths, compared with the corresponding Sheffield, Rotheram, Barnsley, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and period of the previous year :

Goole Railway. The half-yearly meeting of the shareholders was

held at Wakefield, August 30. The report generally stated that Passengers. Amount. Passengers. Amount.

the works were in satisfactory progress, and would in all proba January 190,958 £3,272 10 119,479 £2,650 15 6 February 148, 490 2,5:7 5 1 111,011 1,944 60

bility be completed by December 31st. Marsh 166,834


1,788 10 6 Dundee, Perth, and Aberdeen Railway.---The half-yearly meetApril.ww189,058

ing was held at Dundee, August 31st. There had been a falling MRY --- 314,222 5,196 2 2



2,822 07
3,29 7 7

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201.915 3,553 17


3,530 10 8 Junem...264,207

233, 132 4,140 12 10

off in the passenger traflic in the past six months, amounting to

£674, arising from the prevalence of cholera in Dundee. "The 1,273,969 £22,022 17 10 995,137 £17,451 126 goods traffic showed an increase of £4,560 over the correspond—The sum of £1,150,465 had been received on capital for the ing period of last year. The directors recomend a dividend main line, and £1,080,878 expended, leaving a balance of £69,587 || the rate of 3 per cent. per annum for the past half-year, under in favour of the company. The receipts on the extension line reservation of a right to the guaranteed dividend. The report account amounted to £214,305, and the expenditure to £236,586, and dividend recommended were adopted unanimously. leaving a balance against the company of £22,281. The liabili- Sco'tish Central Railway.--The half-yearly meeting of this ties of the company are stated to be £263,567, and the assets | company was held at Perth, August 31st. On account of the £201,621, leaving a balance to be provided of £61,946. The arrangement entered into with the Southern Companies, the meetcost of relaying the line, &c., amounted to £43,784. The revenue ing was adjourned till October 10, when the actual business will account for the half year showed that £20,860 had been received, be transacted.

4,676 0 8

Eastern Counties Railway.—The twenty-sixth half-yearly || 244. per share on the Manchester, Bolton, and Bary £100 shares meeting of the proprietors of this company took place in Lon--of £1 14s. 61d. per share on the Manchester and Leeds £10 don on August 31st. The report contained the following state shares-of 175. 740. per share on the £50 shares—of 78. 0fd. ment of the monetary affairs of this company:

per share on the £25 shares-of 3s. per share on the £20 shares Earnings of the half-year,

£173,980 3 0 or fifths--of 2s. 94d. per share on the £32 shares or extensions Interest chargeable to revenue..

148,498 3 10 -of 13. 24d. per share on the West Riding Union £20 shares

---and of 7s. 6d. per share on the Liverpool and Bury £50 Leaving net

£25,481 19 2 shares, deducting the income tax, and to be payable on the 25th The surplus remaining after payment of the divi

September instant.” It was further resolved to raise £500,00) dend for the half-year ending 4th July, 1848,

additional capital by way of mortgage. And we would respectnamely

3,589 9 5 fully recommend the directors to put their affairs into one stock Balance remaining at the credit of revenue ac

at once. The preceding resolution implies a most unbusinesscount for the half-year ending 4th Jan., 1849, 6,323 13 01 looking batch.

West London Railway.--The half-yearly meeting was held in

£35,395 17 London on September 6. The receipts to S0th Jane shok Out of the clear balance, a dividend of 2s. per share on each | £288,811 lls. 4d.; the expenditure, £287,547 75. 01d.; tie £20 consolidated stock of the Eastern Counties and Norfolk | balance, £1,264 45. 4d. The assets of the coinpany amounted Companies was proposed. The report went at considerable length to £5,088, and the liabilities to £3,994, leaving a balance in into the history of the recent proceedings of the directors, and

favour of the company of £1,864. The report was adopted. intimated that, though the House of Lords had rejected the

The York and North Midland Railway.-The half-searly Norfolk Amalgamation Bill, they would be prepared to renew meeting of this company took place at York, September 6. The the application next Session. A long and stormy discussion en- meeting was also special to receive the second report of the sued on this portion of the report, which ended in an amendment committee of investigation. The committee's report, which was to strike out that portion. This, on being put, was declared to

& most voluminous document, seriously inculpated Mr. Hudson; be lost, and the original resolution, that the report be received

but as the committee threaten legal proceedings, we shal heat and adopted, carried by a majority. A poll was demanded,

the whole story together. Like every other piece of scandal, which was ordered to be taken on the Monday following. The it must have two sides. People who do not choose to look after meeting was resumed on the 3d; 4,230 votes were in favour of their business are sure to be cheated in the long run; and this adopting the whole of the directors' report, and 826 votes in

seems to have been the case with the now angry shareholders of favour of the amendment. Majority against the amendment, the York and North Midland. For the half-year the receipts 3,404 votes.

amount to £182,653 7s. ld. ; the expenditure was £75,850 for Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway.--The half-working the line, &c.; £35,604 8s. 8d. interest on mortgage yearly meeting of this company was held in London, Aug. 31. bonds ; £33,000 Hull and Selby rent ; £19,435 interest on Hall The report of the committee of investigation, previously ap

and Selby preference shares, leaving a balance of £17,874 198. 6d. pointed, which was read to the meeting, stated the probable cost

After a very stormy discussion, the report, which proposed na of the line at £3,250,000 ; but suggested a saving of £250,000. dividend, was agreed to. The sum of £1,500,000 would still be required, in addition to a Midland Railway.--The half-yearly meeting of the sharesum for the use of the Stour Valley line; and these are the sad re

holders of this company was held at Derby on September 7. sults of the connexion of this company with the Great Western

From the report submitted, we learn that the total traffic reCompany, and of the want of foresight and policy on the part ceipts for the past six months have been £546,087 is. 1d. This, of the directors. The report further seriously attacked the added to the balance brought forward from the previous halfgeneral management of the directors throughout the whole year, made £573,390 18s. 22. After working expenses, and course of their transactions. The chairman intimated that the guaranteed rentals, or dividends, there remained a balanée of directors would reply at length to the allegations of the commit.

£]14,682 2s. 10d. It was proposed out of this to pay a divitee of investigation; and to enable the whole affairs to be fully | dend at the following rate :entered into, the meeting was adjourned till October first.

£0,554,529 0s. 7d. consolidated stock, at £3 per Cockermouth and Workington Railway.---A special meeting of

cent. per annum

£98,317 18 19 this company was held at Cockermonth on Sept. 5th, at which | £978,533 Is. Birmingham and Derby stock, at it was decided to raise £25,000 more capital, in preference shares

£1 12s. 6d. per cent. per annum...

7,950 116 of £6 13s. 4d.; which was agreed to.

£25,000 Midland preferential stock, at £6 per Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.- The half-yearly meeting

cent. per annum

750 00 of this company was held in Manchester, on Sept. 5th. The 2,900 Erewash Valley £50 shares, at L8 per cent. accounts to the 30th of June last show the following results:--- per annum, 30s. per share

4,350 00 Received on account of calls......

£6,804,551 17 3 Ditto 6 per cent. Preference Stock.. 792.477 10 0

£111,368 10 6 Loans,...

A somewhat stormy discussion took place respecting the Leeds 2,568,757 11

and Bradford lease; but ultimately the report was adopted, and

the dividend as above declared.
..£10,165,786 18 5

Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Railway. The half-yearly meetCalls in arrear..

304,733 6 9|ling of this company was held at Greenock, September 7. The Total capital which the company is author

report showed £13,791 Ss. Id. on the half-year. From this sum ised to raise......

13,854,045 00 || there falls to be deducted the interest on debenture bonds and The estimated outlay to which the directors

dividends of 6 per cent. on the preference shares, which amoants limited themselves.....

11,253,000 0 0

to the snm of £9,784 14s., leaving £4,006 14s. 1d. for dirision The actual outlay up to the 30th of June last

among the ordinary shareholders of the company. Therefore the was...

10,063,862 0 0 || directors recommended that a half-yearly dividend of 4s. per share The balance of estimated outlay yet to expend, 1,189,138 0 0 on the £25 shares, and 2s. per share on the £12 105. shares be The works represented by the above capital comprise about 200 declared. miles of railway, and 16 miles of canal. The gross receipts for Manchester, Buxton, Matlock, and Midland Junction Railcar. the half-year had been £309,115 4s. 11d., which, after providing - The lialf-yearly ineeting of this company was held at the Midfor the working expenses, and the interest on guaranteed capital, land station, Derby, on Tuesday, September 11. The capital seleft a net surplus of £22,868 75. 7d. The report was agreed to count to the 30th June showed that £349,569 9s. 9d. hnd keen and the following resolution, relating to the dividend, suluse. received, and £333,894 18$. expended, leaving a balance de quently carried :-" That a dividend be now declared for the || €15,974 11s. 9d. In another month, in was said, the arrangt half-year, ending the 30th June last, of 5s. 3d. per share on the ments for the carriage of goods and minerals would be completel

, Guaranteed or £10 shares-of £2 per £100 stock, and so in and that the line was in good repair. The report farther stated proportion on such of the Manchester and Leeds £6 5s. shares, that the receipts for passenger traffic only for eleven weeks, from and Wakefield, Pontofract; and Goole £50 and £25 shares as June 4th to August 19th, had been £1,055, or $190 n-vet. have not yet been paid up and converted into stock-of £1 178. || The report was unanimously adopted.

South Staffordshire Railway. The half-yearly meeting of this || the following particulars of this company, which has its head company was held at Walsall, July 31. The total receipts had || locale in Liverpool, as set forth in the recently published statebeen £630,603 16s. ld., of which £9,184 8s. 8d. was from ment of its position and proceedings. The augmentation of the traffic. The total expenditure had been £600,250 5s. 9d. The life business during the past six months, as contrasted with the report was adopted.

similar period of last year, exhibits an increase of 66 per cent, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway. The half-yearly meeting || £178,560 have been paid up by the proprietors. was held at Glasgow, September 18. The total revenue for the The report presented to the proprietors says :half-year had been £87,605, which, added to the canal receipts, made the whole £96,661 8s. 23. After providing for working produce in Liverpool, alluded to in the report of the Board of

"Notwithstanding the diminution in the value and amount of expenses and guaranteed dividends, there remained, in conjunc- || Directors, in August Inst, as having operated somewhat adversely tion with the balance brought forward from the previous half

on the amount of insurances effected in the months of the year yearly meeting, £80,209 14s. 10d. It was proposed to declare || 1848 which had then expired, it is satisfactory to state that in a dividend on the consolidated stock, at the rate of 4 per cent.

the whole year the amount of premium is but £2,360 less than per annum. This would leave a balance, to be carried forward to the next half-year of £38,430 15s. 9d. Resolutions adopting the the amount received for the year 1846, when the rates of pre

for the preceding year, whilst it actually exceeds by nearly £1,000 report, and authorising the dividend, were unanimously adopted. | mium were in some instances 40 per cent. above those which Notice was given, that a resolution in favour of Sunday trains || prevailed during the period under notice. It is likewise not unwould be moved at next half-yearly meeting.

worthy of remark, that in this trivial reduction the company only Sorth Eastern Railway.-The twenty-sixth half-yearly meeting shares in the results experienced by the older metropolitan comof the proprietors of this company was held in London, September | panies, whose amount of duty for the last year, according to a 20. The receipts for the half-year ending on the 31st July, 1849, recent parliamentary return, shows, for the first time during have been £220,208 Os. 9d. The working expenses have been several years, a large reduction of business, consequent on the $78,630 7s. 6d. The rent of the Greenwich Railway, and the unexampled mercantile pressure which then prevailed. Canterbury and Whitstable Railway, £22,012 10s. Od.; the rates “ The amount of claims in this department is but £9,7776s. lld., and Government duty, £22,884 9s. 108., making the expenditure which is even less than the average amount hitherto made on the on the revenue of the half-year, £123,527 75. 4.l., and the company, and far below what the more lengthened experience of balance to be carried to the account of profit and loss, £96,680 | other establishments exhibits. This amount, highly favourable 135. 5d. It was also noted that the amount of over-due calls as it undoubtedly is, cannot, therefore, in any way be considered on the 31st of July was £237,628 15s. Of this sum, £27,953 as furnishing data by which to determine the future ratio of 15s. was unpaid calls on No. 4 shares, which are now liable to losses in this department. forfeiture; £43,360 for over-due calls on No. 1 shares; £142,225 “An investigation of the state of the company's affairs for the on No. 2 shares; and £24,090 on No. 3 shares. The mortgage | six months ending with the present Midsummer quarter has, debt of the company on the 31st of July, which falls dne between | however, been made; and the result shows that an amount of the years 1850 and 1856, is £1,046,782; this has subsequently £15,397 may be considered as standing to the credit of profit been increased to £1,169,182, by the issne of bonds to the and loss in that period, and which may be added to the reamount of £122,400, at 45 per cent. per annum. A dividend assurance fund, making it in all £25,830 14s. 11d.” was declared at the following rate:-10s. 6d. per share on the

Eagle Insurance Company. The report of this company for paid-up shares, Os. 4d. per share on the No. 1 shares, and 8s. 4d.

the half-year just ended, gives a very satisfactory exposition of per share on the No. 2 shares.

the state of its affairs Glasgow, Barrhead, and Neilston Railway.--An extraordinary | The income for the year ending June 30,

5. d. meeting of this company was held at Glasgow, Sept. 20—Mr.

1849, was

125,234 18 9 Graham in the chair. The report stated that the Caledonian

Premiums on policies issued in the year

6,215 4 10 Railway Company were to lease the line at a maximum dividend

Claims on decease of lives assured

62,632 6 10 of six per cent. on their original capital of £150,000, and a fixed


5,872 18 10 dividend of five per cent, on another £150,000, to be raised under

Total number of policies in foree, 4,050, assurthe powers of their act. The present meeting was called in order


2,7 16,000 0 0 to raise the second £150,000 as proposed. The report was

paying premiums of £95,758 19s. adopted, and a resolution passed to raise £150,000 in 6,000

The number of old assurances remaining in force was, as nenr as shares of £25 each.

could be ascertained, £3,784. The premium received on poliGreat Western Railway.—A special meeting was held on Sept. cies effected in the two years since the junction with the Protec21, at Paddington, to consider the expediency of appointing two

tor, is more than double the amount arising from the same or three shareholders to meet and confer with the Directors of

source in the two years preceding it. These amounts being rethe company on the exercise of their powers with regard to the spectively £12,850 178. and £6,321 5s. The statement of acmanagement of the company's affairs. There was a very full at

counts showed an amount to the credit of profit and loss for the tendance of proprietors. After a long and animated discussion, || past year of......

..£27,804 % 0 a resolution was passed, appointing S. Baker, R. Potter, C. War

To the credit of the reserved fund

55,268 94 dell, and T. Williams, a Committee of Investigation.

To the credit of the re-assurance fund

25,641 14 11

Making, together,... £108,714 6 3 INSURANCES, BANKS, &c. The following will be found to contain the most material of this sum it has been resolved to capitalize £89,280, and a tems of information relating to this important department of dividend of 2s. per share has been declared out of the balance.

Royal British Bank.--A new chartered Joint Stock Bank, joint stock business, since last notice :

conducted on the Scottish system of management, is commencing Gresham Life Assurance Company. This company has just operations in the British metropolis, and about to dispute the issued a statement of its affairs, made up to 31st July last. palm with the many leviathan establishments on “the English From this we lcarn that 419 policies have been issued up to the principle,” that have hitherto commanded a monopoly within 31st of July; the gross sum assured being £149,160; the average || the magic circle of monetary transactions. of the policies being £356; producing an income of £5,615 Ils The following banks have declared dividends within the past 8d. The society assures lives declined by other offices, and month. Bank of England at the rate of 7 per cent. per an. transacts the ordinary business of an insurance office. The The Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Bank, 7 per cent. lives seem selected with great care, for no less than 932 pro- The Stourbridge and Kidderminster, 5s. per share. The Birmingposals have been made, 229 of which were not completed at the ham and Midland Banking Company, kl 178. 6d. per share. date of the report ; 284 policies for £99,112 have been declined; | The Birmingham Town and District Banking Company 10 per and 419 have been accepted. The circular says—" The society cent. The Bank of Bombay, 6 per cent., and the Bank of Benhas been established on the advice of many of the most experi- gal, 6 per cent. All kinds of joint stock property are looking up, enced actuaries, to supply a real want in the system of Insurance. with the exception of railways; banks and insurance companies

Royal Assurance Company. -We have been furnished with || especially so.



long been a popular work. In 1829 he published " A few Words At his residence, Iping, Midhurst, Sussex, on the 14th Sep-|| in favour of our Roman Catholic Brethren," and in 1835 * Obtember, in the eighty-second year of his age, Admiral Sir Charles servations ou Religion and Education in Ireland.” On the Hamilton, Bart., K.C.B., the Senior Admiral of the Red Squa. death of Dr. Bathurst, in 1837, he was elected to the vacant See dron, and the second officer on the flag list. He was a descendant of Norwich, He was also Clerk of the Closet to the Queen, of tlic Abercorn family, and the son of a captain in the navy, vho President of the Linnæean Society, and one of the Commissioners was created a baronet for his services at the siege of Quebec. appointed in 1848 to irquire into the state of the British He was born in 1707, entered the navy in 1776, and received | Museum. Ile married, in 1810, the eldest daughter of the Rev. his lieutenant's commission in 1731. He succeeded his father Oswald Leycester, Rector of Stoke-upon-Trent, by whom he had in the baronetey in 1784. IIe commanded the Dido at the three sons and two daughters. His eldest son is a captain in reduction of Corsica, and the Melpomene at the Helder, in 1799, || the Royal Navy. The Bishop had been on a visit at Brahan and at the capture of Goree, in Africa, in 1800.

He was

Castle, and was only ill for a short time, but his malady terunicreated a Knight Commander of the Bath in 1433. His half-pay nated fatally in congestion of the brain. for thirty-six years afloat, during war, was £766 10s. per annum, which was probably not one-half the annual interest of the

DR. COOKE TAYLOR. money which the country derived as droits for the numerous

At Dublin, on the 12th September, of cholera, Dr. Ir. Cooke prizes he captured. Sir Charles was the eldest brother of Sir || Taylor, LL.D., the well-known author. He was born at loaghall, Edward Hamilton, bart., Admiral of the White, who was knighted in the County of Cork, and in early life was employed as an in 1800, and presented with a gold medal, for his gallantry iu usher at the academy of Dr. Bell, at Clonmel. His scholarship cutting out II. M. S. Hermione, then a prize of the Spaniards, || and acquirements were of a very high order; and whilst at the from under the batteries of Porto Canallo. Sir Charles married, || University of Dublin, he secured the friendship of Dr. Whatels, in 1803, the only danghter of George Drummond, Esq., of Stan- | the present Archbishop of Dublin, and other men of eminence in more, Middlesex, and is succeeded by his son, Charles James, || science and literature. He possessed great energy and industry, who became a captain and Lieutenant-Colonel of the Scots and wrote on various subjects. He was a contributor to the Fusilier Guards in 1814.

Athenæum, and several other periodicals. His earliest work was

• The Civil Wars of Ireland," and his latest, the “ History of the SIR GRAVES CIIAMNEY HAUGHTON, F.R.S.

House of Orleans,” recently published. Of late years, he applied At St. Cloud, Paris, on the 26th August, in the sixty second his pen principally to party politics, and a number of letters and year of his age, Sir Graves Chamney Haughton, K.II., an eminent || pamphlets have been attributed to him. One of the most readoriental scholar, Fellow of the Royal Society in England, and a

ablo was “Reminiscences of Daniel O'Connell, by a Munster Farmember of the National Institute of France. The family to which


lle was a zealous writer in favour of free-trade, and he belonged is a branch of the Hoghtons, of Hoghton Tower, eqnally so against the repeal of the union between Great Britain Lancashire. He was the second son of the late Dr. II aughton, I and Ireland. “He possessed,” says the Atheneum, " a working of Dublin, by the daughter of Edward Archer, E-4., of Mount

power which deserves to be called remarkable; and, numerous as Jolu, Wicklow. He was born in 1788, and was formerly in the

are his works, and considerable as is their value, to this diffusion East India Company's military service, on the Bengal Establish- of his mind over many themes it is owing that he has not left ment, but retired from ill health. He studied the oriental | behind him something more important to literature, and more langnages in the college at Fort William, Calcutta, where he beneficial to his own fame.” obtained many honours. In 1817, he was appointed a professor in the college of llaileybury, Herts, but retired in 1827. He

LORD METHUEN. was a candidate for the Boden professorship of Sanscrit, at Oxford, in 1932, but withdrew in favour of Mr. Horace Hayman Methuen, Lord Methuen. He was the eldest son of Paul Cobb

At London, on the 14th September, the Right Hon. Paul Wilson, M.A., Exeter, who was appointed. On this occasion Sir Graves received a complimentary address from 200 graduaícs, Methuen, Esq., by the daughter of Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart., and

was born in 1779. He married, in 1810, the daughter of the late including seven heads of houses. In 1822, he was elected a foreign member of the Asiatic Society of Paris. In 1831 and Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay. He was a depaty-lien

tenant of Tiltshire, which county he represented in Parliament 1932, he acted as Honorary Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society. He was knighted in 1833 for his distinguished attain- ! from 1812 to 1819. In the latter year he vacated his seat, ments in oriental literature. In 1837, he was elected a corre

but again represented the county from 1832 to 1838. He

was raised to the dignity of a baron of the United Kingdom sponding member of the Royal Society of Berlin; and in the

in 1838. following year, a member of the Institute of France, and of the

His lordship was descended remotely from the Asiatic Society of Calcutta. He published an edition of the Methvens, of Methven, who acquired estates in Perthshire in “ Institutes of Menu,” in the original Sanscrit, with an English | the Right Ilon. Jolin Methuen, Lord Chancellor of Ireland,

the reign of Malcolm Canmore; and, more immediately, from translation, revised upon that of Sir William Jones; and was the author of a “ Bengali Grammar,” a “ Bengali Sanscrit and English with Portugal respecting port wine and woollen manufse


better known as the diplomatist who negotiated the treaty Dictionnry,” “ Prodromus, or an Inquiry into the First Principles

The deceased is succeeded by his of Reasoning,” “ A Letter on the Eneroachinents of the Courts tures, whiel bears his name. of Law,” aud other works. According to the Journal des Debatx

, son, the Tom. Frederick Henry Pau, formerly an officer in the he had been for years engaged on a work in which he proposed

Horse Guards, now Lord Methuen. to explain in detail his views on specific languages, and on language in general, an introduction to which he published in

JOIN MUSTERS, Esq. 1537, under the title of " An Inquiry on the Nature of Lauguage." At Annesley Park, Nottinghamshire, on the Sth September,

aged 72, John Musters, Esq., whose name is familiar to the TIIE BISHOP OF NORWICH.

readers of Lord Byron's life, as the husband of Miss Chaworth, At Brahan Castle, near Dingwall, Ross-shire, the seat of the the “Mary” of the noble poet, and the lady of his beautiful llon. Mrs. Stewart Mackenzie, on the oth September, the Right || poem of “ The Dream.” Nr. Musters, then known as "Gay Rev. Edward Stanley, D.D., Bishop of Norwich. He was Jack Musters,” married Miss Chaworth in 1905, and had by her the second son of Sir Thomas John Stanley, of Alderley, Che- eight children. The marriage was not a happy one, and a se shire, baronet, and brother to Lord Stanley, of Alderley, who paration took place. She was the grandniece and heiress of the was elevated to the peerage in 1839. lle was born in 1779, and Mr. Chaworth who, in 1765, was killed in a duel with the fifth educated at St. John's College, Cambridge. He was formerly ! Lord Byron, granduncle and immediate predecessor of the poet, rector of Alderley, and during his residence there, he devoted fonght at the Star and Garter, Pall Mall

, London. She died in himself to scientific pursuits. Zoology and Ornithology were 1932. Mr. Musters is succeeded in his estates by his grandsos, favourite studies, and his “Familiar History of British Birds” has !la boy 13 years of age.


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