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chill y chalk y

storm y

earth en flax en lead en

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Adjectives derived from nouns formed by adding y. grass grass y

I chill frost frost у

chalk snow snow y


icy storm

worth wor thy health health y wealth wealth

у By adding en denoting the matter of which any thing is made, earth


oak en flax


wood en lead

wool woollen By adding ful denoting abundance. de ceit deceit ful fruit fruit ful disgrace disgraceful mer cymer ci ful de light de light ful re spect re spect ful dis trust dis trust ful re venge re venge

ful By adding some denoting fulness. glad glad some de light de light some loath loath some frol ick frol ick some toil

toil some troub le troub le some

By adding ly denoting likeness,

great ly ex act ex act ly week

weekly se date se date ly man man ly fath er fath er ly brave brave ly friend friend ly By adding al denoting quality.

frac tion fraction al per son per son al doctrine doc trin al na tion nation al crime crim in al

By adding less denoting want. art art less worth worth less care care less

measure meas ureless need need less num ber number less grace grace less mo tion mo tion legs


pa rent

pa ren tal

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sour ish

gra cious
spa cious

Ish added to adjectives, denotes a slight quality : ad

ded to nouns, it denotes similarity. black black ish child child ish white whit ish thief thiev ish sour

fool fool ish sweet sweet ish clown clown ish good good ly

good ness great great ly great ness self ish selfish ly

self ish ness fa vour a ble fa vour a bly fa vour a ble ness coarse coarse ly coarse ness grace

glory glo ri ous space

beau ty beau te ous vice vi cious' va ry

va rý vati ous price

boun ty boun te ous move mo tive

a buse

a bu sive sport

de cide de ci sive feast fes tive in trude in tru sive plaint plaint ive

in vade in va sive pa rent pa rent age re mit re mit tance per son per son age perform performance pat ron pat ron age re pent re pen tance

a base ment a gree

a greement com mit

com mit ment
a bridge a bridg ment
ac quire

ac quire ment
dis par age ment

dis cour age ment
em bar rass em bar rass ment
em bel lish em bel lish ment

pre cious

spor tive

a base

dis par age
dis cour age

le gal

mor al

a ble
a bility

pos si ble possibility mor al

mo ral i ty sin gu lar singularity

le gal i ty fru gal fru gal i ty mor tal mortality | ab surd ab surd i ty civ il civil ize

ca non can non ize au thor au thor ize

mor al ize meth od method ize sol ema solem nize sys tem sys tem ize jour nal jour nal ize mu sick mu si cian \de vote de vo tion ma gick ma gi cian consume consumption physick phy sician as cend

as cen sion log ick lo gi cian lcollect col lec tion

au da cious au da ci ty
ca pa cious

ca pa ci ty
lo qua cious

lo qua ci ty
vo ra cious vo ra ci ty
per spic u ous per spi cu i ty

per ti na cious per ti na ci ty long length deep depth strong strength wide

width laigh height dry drought al low dis al low op e rate co ope rate o blige dis o blige en gage pre en gage o bey


o ver take be have mis be bave throw over throw in form mis in form plant trans plant de ceive un de ceive as sume re as sume run out run

em bark re em bark walk out walk com pose de compose act counter act weave

inter weave see

len force re in force

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dis o bey

fore see


pay ee

Derivatives in or and er, denoting the actor. act act or

command commander ad vice ad vi ser dis sent dis senter i dea] deal er

op press op press or lead lead er cor rect cor rect or ze gain gain er in struct in struct er


help er “Derivatives in or or er denoting the actor ; and in ee 2

denoting the person to whom the act is done. as sign as sign or as sign ee bail bail or

bail ée in dorse in dors er

in dors ee lease les sor

les see mort gage mort ga ger

mort ga gee o blige obliger

o bli gee pay

pay er Masculines and feminines distinguished by different

act or act ress gov ern or gov ern ess
dach es
em pe ror

em press
heir ess

ex ec u tor ex ec u trix
her o ine
bar on

bar on ess po et po et ess mas ter

mis tress prince prin cess niar quis mar chi o ness pat ron pat ron ess

song stress count count ess

trait ress tu tor tu tress tes ta tor tes ta trix

Ma:culines and femin nes expressed by different words. boy girl

fath er

moth er broth er sis ter fri ar

nup hus band wife


queen neph ew niece

son daughter lord la dy

aunt slov en

slut; man

Wo man

he ro

sorg ster

trait or

gan der

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un cle

Aa ron

Ad am

Names of Men:

Ben net E sek A bel

Ber tram E ze ki el A bram

E than
A bra ham Ca leb
A bi jah

Cal vin


Charles Felix
A do ni jah Chris to pher Francis
A dol phus

Cor ne li us Frod er ick Ad rian

Cyp ri an

Free man Ala rick

Cy rus

Frank lin Al bert

Clau di us Alex an der

Ga briel Al fred


Geffrey Allen

Da vid George Am a sa

Den nisl

Gideon Am brose


Eb e ne zer Giles
An son

Ed mund Good win An tho ny

Ed ward Greg o ry Arch i bald Ed win Guy Ar nold

Eg bert Ar thur

El dad Har ris Au gus tus

El e à zar

Hector Aus tin

E li as

Hen ry A lon zo

E li

Her bert
Al vin
E li zur

Ko ra tio Asa

E li jah

Hor ace
Elisha Hugh

Hlum phrey
Bar thol o mew Eu se bi us
Bar na bas E noch Ich a bod
Ben e dict

E phraim

Is ra el Ben ja min E ras tus I saac

Ed gar

God frey



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