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pri vate

pe nal

pan ther

ran dom

pu pil que rist qui et

pot ter

riv er

sa cred

pis tol

mo tive na tive na val

pa pal

pon der

prof fer

sil ver

po tent

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2 ů an gel

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quív er da tive

of fer

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pat tern

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rud der sport ive piv ot sector

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shat ter pi ous tri al prim er

shelter pi rate tu mid vi tal

pros per sin ner po pish vo cal

prop er

sis ter ve nal

slan der Lessons in Reading. I.

IV. What is this? Tell no tales; It is a book.

Call no ill names ; Let me take it?

Shum all bad boys ; Can you

read ? Use no ill words.

II. Take it and try ;

Strive to do good. Do not tear it ; Be kind to all. Keep it clean; Treat no one ill. You may read now. Love all good boys. III,

VI. Be a good child.

Spend your time well Mind your book.

Live in peace. Love your school; Shun all strife. And try to learn. Do good to all.

ru in

pil lar


hick up

lin en

op tick pal lid pan ick pils sive pat ent pen ance per ish per tect pig ment

in jure

nap kin

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2 còng ress gràn ite în sult òc tant con stant hap less hap less kịn dred

kin dred olive den tal hec tick king man dam sel em press hon est · mal ice ex tant hon our

mas sive fam ine hos tile

mas tiff fer vent hun dred max im fes tive her ald mim ick flan nel in fant mis sile frol ick

mod el flor id in dex

pin nace fur bish in land non sense pip pin fur nish in let


pref ace fur long in quest nut meg prey ent in sect

object" prob lem gram mar in stant

ob long

prog ress VII. See the snow fall ; How the birds sing ; How cold it is! Do see them fly. Do bring some wood, Do not kill them; And make a fire. They do no harm. VIII.

XI. The spring is come,

The birds make nests, The snow is gone.

And they lay eggs. The grass is green.

Do not rob them, The sky is clear.

Nor kill their young. IX.

XII, The sun is up;

See this young bird, See how it shines; It cannot fly; Now it is day :

Give it some food, The night is gone.

Or it will die.

gim lei



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là ver

an gry

per il prom ise prov erb

spat ter


ma ker

en vy

mi nor mi ser

fan cy fer ry

rep tile

pa tron

hur ry

mer cy
mer ry

2 ů

ů 2 é
slèn der
slum ber li ar

car ry

li on pros pect stam mer man ger cler gy province suf fer

empty pub lick

sum mer ma jor en try pub lish sup per rem nant sel dom spig ot

pa per res pite tal on

hap ру rub bish tan ner pi lot rad ish tav ern

ra zor rel ish ten der ri ot vel vet

thun der roll er sen try ver nal -tim ber ro ver sun dry victim ter ror

ri der vis it with er

thrif ty XIII.

XVI. The day is past.

The soft dew falls; The sun is set. The


is wet, The moon is up;

Let us walk fast; How large it is. The wind blows cool. XIV.

XVII. Look at the moon ;

See that black cloud ;
Now it is full; It will bring rain.
How fair it looks. If we make haste,
It rises fast.

We shall shun it.

The stars are bright; Hear how it rains ;
See how they shine: The drops fall fast:
But it is late,

Where are the lambs ? And we must go.

They will be wet.

tar ry

vi per




ex ist

ex tend

mus ket

per mit

con fer

dis pel

im pel

en rich
en act


2 2
làn cet
al lòt
ex ert

in cur mal let an nul

ob test man age as sent

ex pend ob vert mes sage at tend ex pel OC cur mod est collect

of fend com pel ex ult or ange con cur ex tent

possess pack age

ex press per vert pack et content

im mit sub sist pas sage dis hand in stil sub mit pil lage dis sent in tend suc cess plum met dis til in vent sus pend pock et

iri vert un apt ravage

un bend ren net

im pend un fit ex pand in feet un hurt

ex act in fest XIX.

XXII. Come let us go Where are the lambs? And take a walk They are not here, In the wide field, We shall find them, To see the lambs. If we walk on. XX.

XXIII. Look! what is there? There are the lambs, A herd of cows ;

in the next lot: They feed on grass. How brisk they are, Do see them eat. 0, see them skip, XXI.

XXIV. See that red cow ! The sheep bear wool; Flow fast she runs ; it keeps them warm, She has a calf, But we have clothes, See how it plays. To keep us warm.

riv et rich es

up on






ab jèct ad ept

ob ject

per sist

ca nal

ad just



2 in sist

ab súrd

as sèss in tent

ac cept

at tach im plant ad mit ac cess at tempt ap pend ac cost

at tract per pend command ac quit

bis sect com mit ad dict sub tend con duct ad dress com mend sub vert con fess ad apt

com press sus pense ad mix

con sent sus pectcon sult ad opt con Cert un dress con sist ad vance con dense un trod con vert ad ult

con struct un just dis turb af fect

con tract un less ef fect af flict

con verse un lock ex press ag gress

con vince un til ex cept

ar rest with in ex cess

as cend XXV.

XXVIII. Here is a rose ;

What tree is that? How sweet it smells : It is an oak; This rose is white; Do see the calves, But some are red. Lie in its shade, XXVI.

XXIX. There is a tree; What man is that? It is in bloom; How gay it looks ! He shot a hawk, It will bear plums. It fell down dead. XXVII.

XXX. There is a nest,

What time is it? On that tall tree;

'Tis five o'clock. See the old bird, We must walk back, How she flies round. 'Tis time for tea.

dis perse dis pense

He has a gun ;

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