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în sult

oc tant

ol ive

kin dred king man lin en

mal ice

mas sive

mas tiff maxim



còng ress con stant den tal

dam sel

em press

ex tant

fam ine

fer vent

fes tive

flan nel

frol ick

flor id

fur bish

2 2

gràn ite hap less hec tick

hick up

hon est

hon our

hos tile

her ald

in fant

in jure in dex

in land

in let

in quest
in sect

fur nish
fur long
gim let
gram mar in stant


See the snow fall;
How cold it is!
Do bring some wood,
And make a fire.

The spring is come,
The snow is gone.
The grass is green.
The sky is clear.


The sun is up;
See how it shines;
Now it is day:
The night is gone.

mim ick

mis sile

mod el

nap kin

non sense nov ice

nut meg ob ject ob long

op tick pal lid

pan ick

pas sive

pat ent

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pen ance

per ish

per tect

pig ment pin nace pip pin pref ace pres ent prob lem

prog ress

How the birds sing;
Do see them fly.
Do not kill them;
They do no harm.

The birds make nests,
And they lay eggs.
Do not rob them,
Nor kill their young.


See this young bird,
It cannot fly;
Give it some food,
Or it will die.

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2 2

in cùr

as sent

at tend

col lect

com pel

con cur

con fer

con tent dis band

dis sent

dis pel

en rich


Come let us go
And take a walk
In the wide field,
To see the lambs.

en act

ex pand in feet

ex act

in fest

Look! what is there A herd of cows; They feed on grass. Do see them eat. XXI.


ex ért

ex ist

ex pend
ex pel

ex tend

ex ult

ex tent

ex press im mit in stil

in tend

in vent

See that red cow!
How fast she runs ;
She has a calf,
See how it plays.

in vert

im pel

im pend

ob test

ob vert

oc cur

of fend

per mit

pos sess

per vert

sub sist

sub mit

suc cess

sus pend

un apt

un bend

un fit un hurt

up on


Where are the lambs?
They are not here,
We shall find them,
If we walk on.

There are the lambs,
In the next lot:
How brisk they are,
O, see them skip,

The sheep bear wool; It keeps them warm, But we have clothes, To keep us warm.

2 2

ac cept

ab jèct ad ept ad mit ap pend

ac cess

ac cost

per pend com mand ac quit

ad dict

com mit
con duct ad dress

2 2 in sist

in tent

im plant ob ject

per sist

sub tend

con fess

sub vert
sus pense ad mix
sus pect con sult

un dress

con sist

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This rose is white;
But some are red.


There is a tree;
It is in bloom;
How gay it looks!
It will bear plums.

2 2

ab súrd

There is a nest,
On that tall tree;
See the old bird,
How she flies round.

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2 2

as sèss at tach

at tempt

at tract

bis sect


Here is a rose;
How sweet it smells: It is an oak ;

ca nal

com mend

com press

con sent

con Cert con dense

con struct

con tract

con verge con vince dis perse dis pense


What tree is that?

Do see the calves,
Lie in its shade.

What man is that?
He has a gun;
He shot a hawk,
It fell down dead.


What time is it?
"Tis five o'clock.
We must walk back,
'Tis time for tea.

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