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de ny de pose

re take re tire re vile re vise re vive re voke

de pute

po lite

be fore de fy'

re bate

re spire be hind de lay re buke

re store be hold de lude re cite be have de note

re duce be side

re fine be take

re fuse be time

re fute be ware

de rive re gale be tide de ride re pute re vere co here ju ly

re late

se clude cre ate

re mind

se date de base pro mote re mote

se duce de cide

pro pose re pine su pine de duce pro vide re ply

su preme de file pro voke re port se rene de fine pro duce re pose se vere de sire re side

re sume se cure
Sentences of greater length.
He that made all things is God :
He made the sun, and the moon ;
And the stars are the work of his hands ;
He made us too, and we are his.

The sun gives us light by day ;
The moon and stars give light by night.
The day is made for work :
And the night is made for rest.

If we sleep when it is day we waste our time
And if we waste our time, we are not wise ;
They that are wise, will try to learn ;
They will do that which is right.

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be gin

ca det

pro pel pro test mo lest

con jure

re mit

e mit

pre vent ad duce

con fide be set pro fess ac cuse

con fine ad here

con fuse de fend

ad mire

com pute de fer

ad vise de pead re fit al lude

con nive de press re gret

al lure

con sole de sist re lax ar rive

con spire de test

as pire con sume de ter re past

at tire

con trive re pel at tune con vene e vince

re plant com mune con voke e vent

re print com pute dis pose mo lest

re turn con clude dis play re vert

con dite dis pute re pent

con dole pre tend reject con duce en force

If we are good we shall do no harm,
For they that do harm are not good:
The Lord loves them that do good;
And he will keep them from all ill.

If we are good while we live,
The Lord will take us when we die;
That where he is we may be too.
The Lord loves them that love him

Good boys and girls will not tell lies ;
They will speak the truth at all times;
They will not speak bad words;
Nor walk in the ways of sin,

pre fer pre fix

en dure





ab júre

un bind un bolt

par ole par ade per fume per fuse

per vade

up hold

2 en gåge in cline en rage in clude

of pose en rol in duce

un kind en tice in fuse

un lace en tire in hale

un like ex cuse in here

un ripe ex hale in nate

per spire un safe ex pire in sane

un seen ex port in spire sub lime

un sold ex pose in vade sup port un true il lude in voke

sup piy il lume mis place sup pose

un wise im brue mis take sur mise

ver bose im port mis rule sur vive pol lute im pose ob late trans late com plete im pure sub due trans pire block ade im pute ob tuse trans pose cor rode

The Lord sees all that we do,
And knows all that we think.
The Lord loves them that do right:
If we do right, we shall love the Lord.

Great peace have they that love God's law,
He will keep them that trust in him.
We will lore the Lord for he is good ;
For he has kept us all our lives,

IX. All that we have comes from God; He takes care of us by day, and by night; And without him we could not live; We must love him with all our soul.








af fray

in spect

in ure

oc cult

dis use

2 af ford

en gráve dis plànt in sèrt

en gross dis sent in flect ap prize en slave dis solve in graft ar range en sue

dis tract in ject as sume ex plode dis tress chastise ex treme dis trust in struct com prise ex cite dis perse in tense con crete im pede en camp in ter com mute im plore ex empt in verse con trol in snare

ex pand in volve dif fuse

ex pert

im pinge dis close mis name ex punge im press dis place mis use ex panse ob serve dis taste

sur prise ex tol

trans port ex tract of fence em brace ob trude fer ment

op press en close ter rene im print

ob struct

It is God that makes the sun to saine

He sends the rain upon the earth;
He made the sea and the dry land:
The Lord is great, and he can do all things.

We will not play with bad boys;
For they will learn us to be bad;
And then good boys will not love us,
For they do not love bad boys.

Wemust not hurt those with whom we play,
For we do not want them to hurt us,
And we must do as we fike to be done to;
We must not spend too much time in play.

We shall not live long in this world,
But while we live we must do good,
That when we die we may go to rest :
For all that are on the earth shall die.

The day will come when allthe dead shall rise
And stand before the God of all the earth.
And he will part the wicked from the good';
And he will drive the wicked from before his

But God will take the good to live with him i
And they shall live in joy,and die no more :
For they shall not be sick any more,
And they shall have no more pain.

We must think of God at all times,
Both when we work, and when we play ;
When we go out, and when we come in.
We will praise the Lord,for he is very

The days that are past, will return no more;
Those to come, may not come to us ;
The present time alone, we can call ours ;
We must improve it as well as we can.

He must live well, that will die well.
Be kind, and just, and true to all men.
He that doth what good he can,
Will gai the love of God and inan.

If we would be happy, we must be good ;
If we try to be good, we shall surely be so.
None, who are able to work,should be idle.
A die well spent, makes old age pleasant.

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