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If we put our trust in God, he will keep us from all harm.

God knows what is best for us, and to him we must look for help.

The Lord does not forget us, and we should not forget him.

The Lord sees us at all times, and we cannot hide from him.


Trust in the Lord, and he will guide thee in the way of good men.

If we pray God with a pure heart, he will hear, and help us.

If God be on our side, we need not fear what man can do to us.

All things work together for good, to them that love God,


Youth is the best time to serve the Lord; we may not live to be old.

We are God's and he careth for us: why should we fear any evil?

It should be our first and greatest care, to serve, and obey God.

Ifwe love him, we shall be carefu tcplease him in all things.


There is but one God, the maker of all things, in heaven, and in earth.

He is holy, just,and good; he fills heave and earth, with his wisdom,mercy and truth. God will bless all good children, who love, and serve him ; and who honour, and obey their parents.



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A short description of a good boy. A good boy will do as he is bid; he will mind his book, and try to learn.

He will always mind his parents, and love his brothers, and sisters.

A good boy will always learn his lesson before he goes to play.

He chooses the best boys when he goes to play, for he will not go with bad boys.

When he goes to bed he will pray to God, and do the same when he gets up.

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When he gets up he will wash his hands and face clean, and comb his hair.

If he has done wrong, he will own it, and take care to do so no more.

He will not play in the dirt, but keep clean and neat.

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A good boy will do to others, as he would have others do to him.

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ad mi ral

- We must be kind to the poor, and give them what they need, if we can.

If you wish to be great, wise, and good, read with care such books as have been made by wise and good men.

A good book is like a good friend, it will teach you good things.

Bad books are like bad men, they will teach you wrong things, and lead you on to sin and death.

None can be happy, unless they are good





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George is a good boy; he likes to read,as. well as some boys like to play.

I think he will make a great, and good man. Some boys think more of a top,than they do of their books.

I am sure they will not be at the head of

their class.

Ann is not one of those girls that play in school, and slight their books.

She speaks plain and reads well, and is so mild and kind, that she gains the good will of all that know her.

Jane too is a good girl; all her friends love her.

She is now but six years old, and she reads, and spells, as well as most girls at the age of ten.


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nul li fy

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sal i vate rar i fy sol i tude vit ri fy

con se crate

pe rate

el e vate
ex e crate
ex pe dite

ex e cute

em u late im pre cate mac u late

pros e cute

per se cute

pen e trate ob du rate

rec re ate

reg u late

If you strive to learn, all your friends will love you, and speak well of you.

Some boys speak bad words, swear, and tell lies; do you think they know that God hears them?

He sees us at all times, and hears all that we say.

We must do those things that please him, for they are right.


It is his will that we should strive to learn grow wise.

A parent knows what is fit for a child, better than the child does;

God knows what is good for us, better than we do.

Do not, if you can help it, go with them

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