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brèv ity bod i ly cavity charity chastity des ti ny den si ty

der o gate cól lo cate dis lo cate ap pe tite dis so lute as pe rate immo late am putate pen te cost actu ate per fo rate ad e quate perpetrate dep u tise cal cu late fur be low del e gate li e age ren o vate ab so lute repro bate ad vo cate res o lute ob so lete rev e nue pat ronise op e ra spec u late stimulate para pet tel e scope sub ju gate pyr a mid veg e tate suf fo cate ped es tal en ti ty grad u ate pop u late paroxism vis i bly that tell lies, or steal, or quarrel, or use bad words.

hom i ly len i ty sub si dy

sanctity par i ty laxity

For they will try to learn you to do as they do.

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càb in et fed er al gen er al gen er al in ter val in ter est in tel lect in ter im lib er al

lit er al

min er al
nov el ist

dig ni ty dim i ty

And people who see you with them, will think that you too are naughty.

If the people with whom you live behave ill,take great care not to learn their bad ways If they see that you are good, perhaps they will learn to be like you.

Good people should not learn to do like bad people;

But bad people should learn to do like good people.

You should love your parents, for they have been very kind to you.

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àb la tive tràns i tive ám nes ty fàl la cy av a rice def i nite an ces try bot a ny al ka line den tri ficecav al ry cur ren cy ad jec tive dis ci plinebig a my con stan cy dex terous ex qui site in fa my en er gy in fa mous edifice in dus try in stant ly lib er tine fem i nine in fan cy lav ish ly nar ra tivegen i tive hon es ty pen al ty om in ous in fi nite lit ur gy ped ant ry rel a tive len i tive fer ven cy pun gen cy ex cellent med i cine min is try rev e ry spir it ous or i fice mod es ty sec ta ry rav en ouspes ti lent nov el ty sum ma ry neg a tive prim i tive leg a cy vil lan ous positive sal a ry voc a tive sen si tive tap es try vol a tile ulti mate fac ul ty

ur gen cy vil la ny

They have taken care of you, ever since you were born.

sur ge ry sol ven cy

They loved you, and took care of you when you were little, and poor, and helpless:

When you could not talk, nor walk about nor do scarcely any thing but cry.

Then you gave them a great deal of trouble, but they did not neglect you.

Who is so kind to you as your parents? or who takes so much pains to instruct you?

They provide food for you, and clothes, and warm beds to sleep in at night.

They are glad when you are pleased, and sorry when you are in trouble.

When you are sick, and in pain, they pity you, and tenderly wait upon you, and nurse



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bí na ry cu ra cy

di a ry

a gen cy flu en cy fi nal ly le gal ly lu na cy

âg gra vate càv al cade de cen cy ag ger ate civ il ize an ec dote cal a mine em an ate ex er cise ex ercise fed er ate enterprize in fan tile fer tilize in ter lude mor al ize gen er ate li bra ry operate lat in ize no ta ry po ten cy mod er ate rec og nise pri ma ry puberty par a dise pul ver ize pri va cy pi ra cy sep a rate des ig nate re cen ev pa pa cy sig nalize scan dal ize re gen cy ro sa ry sat el lite sig na ture to tal ly re al ly tol er ate ulcer ate vagrancy ri val ry vas sal age par a site va can cy ven er ate musca dine vo ta ry

u ber ty pri ma cy They pray to God to give you health, and strength, and every good thing.

co gen cy du ra bly de cent ly fru gal ly fie ry no ta bly

If your parents are sick,or in trouble,do all that you can to comfort them.

If they are poor, work, that you may be able to asist them.

How can we do too much, for those who have done so much for us?

Take pains to improve in reading, and writing, and in every thing your parents teach you, or wish you to learn.

Do not think you know better than your parents and teachers;

For they have lived a great while longer than you.

They have read, and heard, and seen

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dùl ci mer

más cu line

lex i con

bar ri er

car ri on

char i ot

cali ber

cur ri er

ed i tor

1 2


dì a dem

far ri er

fur ri er

car ri er

id i om

id i ot cham pi on sim i lar

sim i tar

of fi cer

mus cu lar

doc u ment

glob u lar
in stru ment

friv o lous

lig ne ous

mis cre ant

di a gram
di al ect

di al ing

fa vour ite

fu ner al

eu cha rist

lu na tick

mu tin ous

nu mer al

mon u ment
oc u lar
pop u lace
sin gu lar
spec u lum

tur bu lent

pa gan ism su per fice tu ber ous vo ta rist

croc o dile

vit re ous
pleth o ra

ru in ous

a great many things, which you have not. You have lived longer than little infants, and you know more.

Great boys, and great girls, know more than you do ;

And men, and women, know more than great boys and great girls do.

nu mer ous

lu cra tive

Love your brothers, and sisters; do not Vex them, nor call them names.

You should never let your little hands be raised to strike them.

If they have any thing which you would like to have, do not be angry with them, nor try to get it from them.

If you have any thing wh any thing which they have not, share it with them.

[blocks in formation]

ad ja cent


a mu sing
cor ro sive
con clu
dis po sal
dis qui et
en gra ving
ex clu sive

ef fu sive

il lu sive

in de cent


in tru sive

il lu sive

in va sive

in hu man

ob tru sive

a ma zing
pur su ant
tes ta trix

tri bu nal

com pla cent
un e qual
un feel ing
ver ba tim




a base ment

a bate ment

a maze ment

en gage ment a gree ment en tice ment con fine ment ex cite ment al lure ment

a muse ment

at one ment

in cite ment in duce ment en rol ment

en force ment en slave ment

op po nent

ar range ment

Our parents are very good to us, but God, is better than our parents.

God has done much for us; he gave us our parents, and every thing that wehave. He is not a man; he is wiser, and better, than any man ever was, or ever will be.

He made the sun, the moon,and the stars; the earth, the sky, and the waters.

He made the trees, and the flowers, the beasts, and the birds; the fishes,and the insects.

But he has made us more excellent than the beasts, for he has given us a soul. It is our souls that know God, that he is good, and wise, and powerful.

The beasts do not know God, nor think any of his ways.


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