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at tên tire

af flict ive


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ad món ish

as ton ish

ap ren dix

ath let



in hab it

ex hib it

ex ter nal

fan at ick
fan tas tick

fra ter nal

in ter nal

in fer nal

an gelick

at lan tick

as sas sin

dram at ick

ex tat ick

en rav ish

dis rel ish

im mod est

in trin sick

in sip id in her it

in sol vent

ex ces sive
ex pies sive
ex cur sive

dis cred it

If we should tell them, they would not understand us,

pa ren tal

pa ter nal
la con ick

at tract ive

ap pren tice
con cep tive
con ver sive
cor rec tive

com pul sive
con vul sive

ma ter nal

ma jes tick

pa cif ick

pa thet ick
mag net ick
un civil

con junc tive clan des tine

cor rec tive

ex pen sive

ex ten sive

Our bodies will die like the beasts, and they will be laid in the grave;

And our flesh, and our bones, will dissolve, and mingle with the earth,

But our souls are immortal they will never die.

God orders every thing,he keeps us alive, and can make us die when he will.

Ee sces us wherever we are, by night as well as by day.

He knows all that we do,or say, or think; there is nothing which he does not know.

When it is Spring, the little birds are very busy in making their rests.

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as cend ant
ap par el
ac quit al
as trin gent
ac com plish
con ver sant



in strùc tive a quat ick con tin gent im pul sive con cern ing dis hon est

in ter pret
im perfect.
in clem ent
in trep id
in dig nant
ma lig nant
prag mat ick
sur sol id
sa tir ick

um brel la

sub junc tive in Cum bent per spec tive vin dic tive Some make their nests on some on the ground.

Some make their nests in the woods; and others, in the fields, and meadows.

Some build on the rails of a fence, while others search for a hole, in the limb of a tree.

Some nests are made in thick bushes and briers; and others, in houses, barns and chimneys.

Some, with much labour, peck holes in trees that are dead, and make nests there, Others lay their eggs on the ground, without making any nest at all. Now,boys, if you find any nests, do not rob them of their eggs, nor of their young ones. You may look at the little birds, in the nests, but do not hurt them.

pos ses sive con sump tive

em bar rass em pan nel em bel lish ef ful gent noc tur nal

con tent ed

el lip sis

ex tin guish ex is tence

ex act ness

prog nos tick in vec tive

in tes tine

bis sex tile

dis junc tive in ac tive

high trees, and



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co hab it

de pend ant
de mer it

de spòt ick
di ur nal
e clip tick
elect ed



a bridg ment ad vance ment

a mend ment

de fend ant
de crep it
de molish

as sess ment

di dac tick

com mand ment di lem ma com mencement do mes tick

dis turb ance

e ter nal

e las tick

ef ful gence en camp ment en chant ment in trench ment in dul gence sub sist ance sub mis sive

at tach ment as sist ance ad mit tance

e nig ma
me tal lick
me theg lin
mo nas tick
po lem ick
hib it

e met ick

ho san na


is sant

pro lif ick pe dant ick re pub lick re plev in re plen ish re sist less re luc tance re lin quish re ver sal

qui es cent

You would not like to be taken away from your father, and mother, and home

So you must not take the little birds away from their soft, warm nests.

You cannot feed them so well as the old birds can, nor take so good care of them.

Little boys who take birds from their nests soon grow tired of them, and forget to feed them; and then the little birds die.

But the old birds do not forget to feed their young ones.

They do not leave them till they can fly away, and take care of themselves.

Good people love God, more than they do any person or any thing in the world. When they rise in the morning, and when


co è val

co e qual co he sive

Go he rent

cre a tive

de co rum de ni al be ro ick e va sive i de al


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be fore hand co èr sive

be hand hand de

co he rence

de lu sive

de po nent
de port ment

po ma tum re fu sal

pro po sal
pro ceed ing
re tire ment
re vi val

re fine ment
pre su ming
tri bu nal

cep tive de struc tive


de pos
de scrip tive
de fen sive
de fec tive

de ter mine pro duc tive pro spec tive projec pro gres pro gres sive" pre sump tive re spec tive re ten tive


pri me val re qui tal

re pri sal
de cri al

pe ru sal
vice ge rent
po lite ness

sy nop sis de fi ance pro sa ick re splen dent they lie down at night, they think of him, and of the good he has done them.

Often, in the day, they think of him, and they love to talk, and hear,and read about him.

We must pray to God, and desire him to forgive us, when we do wrong.

We must ask him to put good thoughts in our minds, and to help us to do better.

We must pray that he will bless us, and our parents, and our friends, and give us those things which we need.

We should do the things which God requires us to do.

It is his will that we should be kind to all, even to those who are unkind to us.

If we do the things that God requires of

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in struct er im prop er im pos tor

en dorse ment se ques ter us, we shall be good, and he will make us


But if we do them not, he will be displeased with us, and will punish us.

He can punish us in any way which he shall think fit.

He can take away our friends, and every thing he has given us.

And after death he can make us misera ble forever.

But if we try to do as he would have us do, he will help us to be good.

And when we die, that is, when our souls leave our bodies, he will take us into heaven, and there we shall be with him.

Then we shall know him, and love him, and praise him, better than we can in this world.

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