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in cùl cate

se date ly se cure ly se vere ly su preme ly re mote lý pro fane ly po lite ly pro fuse ly hu mane ly


2 ǎ

con síd er

collect or
con fes sor

a bet tor
ab scon der

a pos tate
al ter nate
con fis cate

when ev er
in cum ber

con tem plate
con centrate
com pen sate
com mit tee

con tiib ute

dis trib ute
dis clo sure
ex cul pate
il lus trate

suc ces sor
sur ren der

trans gres sor im
un fet ter

preg nate in dent ure in tes tate

con tin ue


1 &

ex treme ly
sin cere ly
un ho ly
un seem ly
un wise ly
un like ly

un time ly

When you are relating any thing, that you have seen, or heard, try to tell it exactly as it was:

Do not alter any part of it, to make, as you may think, a prettier story.

If you do not remember it all, say that you have forgotten it.

Persons who love the truth, never tell a lie, even in jest.

Think before you make a promise, whether you can perform it.

For if you say you will do any thing, and do it not, you tell a lie.

And then no one will trust you, or believe what you say.

If you have done wrong, do not deny it, even to avoid being punished.

[blocks in formation]

en gra ver dic ta tor

dis clo ser in tru der

in qui rer en clo ser

dis pu ter
dis po ser

ex por ter

im por ter

nar ra tor.

oc to ber

op po ser
per fu mer
col la tor

sur vi vor
sub scri ber


1 2

con ni vance com pli ance con tri vance con do lence

com pla cence con cise ness al le giance

ap pear ance ad he rence

in sur ance

en dur ance
im pru dence
mis guid ance
sub si dence

spec ta tor tes ta tor trans la tor tra du cer

sus tain er

sur vi ving

If you are sorry, and try to do sonomore, people will very seldom be angry with you, or punish you.

They will love you for speaking the truth; they will think they may always believe you.. When you see very old and deformed people, you must not laugh at them nor mock them.

pur su ance un kind ress

For though you are now so young and active, you may have a fall, and break your bones and be lame, and deformed.

And if you live to be old, your hair will become gray, and fall off.

You will lose your teeth, and your face. will be covered with wrinkles.

And you will be very weak, almost like little children.


2 2


cón tra dict

dis a grèe
in ter fere

dis con nect

dis con cert

dis pos sess

dis in ter

dis af fect

in cor rect

in ter dict

in ter mix

in ter cept

in ex pert. in ter sect

2 å 1

in ter rupt
in dis tinct
in ter mit

un der go
un der take

un der rate

rec om mend un der mine And perhaps you may be and lame:

dis com pose
dis en gage

gaz et teer

in ter cede
in ter pose

in ter vene

in ter line
in com mode

vol un teer



ap pre hend com pre hend cor re spond dis re spect

rep re hend

rep re sent



dis u nite
dis o blige
dis re pute
dev o tec
in tro duce

im po lite
mis be have

per se vere refugee blind and deaf,

Would you then like to have naughty boys and girls laugh at you, and play you tricks? No; you would want every body to be kind to you, and try to help you.

Now it is winter, cold winter; the ground is covered with snow, and the birds do not sing in the trees.

But the days are growing longer, and it will soon be spring.

Spring is come; it is very pleasant; there is no snow upon the ground.


The grass begins to grow and look green, and there are buds on the trees.


Now there will be daisies, and cowslips, a great many pretty flowers.

Soon there will be blossoms on the trees, and they will be covered with green leaves. Now there are young lambs, and chickens and goslings.


The birds now fill the air with their sweet musick, while they fly from tree to tree.

In the Spring the farmer ploughs his ground, and prepares it to receive the seed.

He rises early in the morning, and ch eerfully performs the labour of the day.

When the ground is prepared, he sows the seed, and covers it with soft earth.

Gentle showers cause it to spring up; the warm sun also maketh it grow.

The Spring is past; now it is Summer; it is very warm, and the days are long.

There will now be ripe fruit; cherries, and currants, and peaches, and many other kinds.

Now there will be roses that smell so sweet, and fine pinks.

Hark! what noise is that? it is the mower whetting his scythe.

It is hay time; he is going to cut down the grass, and the pretty flowers.

See, a part of

Let us go into the field. the grass is already cut down.

The men and boys, with their forks and rakes, are spreading it about

How hard they work; come, let us help them make the hay.

How sweet the hay smells; when it is quite dry, it must be made into stacks

Hay is for sheep, and cows, and horses, to eat, in the winter, when there is no green grass.

Now is the time of wheat harvest; the wheat is brown, it is quite ripe.

There are the reapers with their sharp sickles; they are come to reap down the wheat, and the rye.

When it is dry, it must be taken to the barn to be threshed.

Then it must be sent to the mill to be ground; when it is ground, it is called flour. Flour is made into bread, and bread is for us to eat.

Now the summer is over, and the days are not so long as they were.

There are few flowers in the fields; and the leaves are falling from the trees.

Autumn is come; and the weather begins to be cool.

The farmer now hastens to gather his 'crops, to secure them from the cold frost.

The spring is past; and the labours of summer and autumn are past.

Winteris again come; the weather is cold; and now the boys may go to school

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