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ac còm mo date in òc u late
a cid u late

in sin u ate


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bru tál i ty lo quac i ty fi del i ty

an tip o des

hy poc ri cy a pol o gize

at ten u ate

ca pit u late
a pos tro phe
ca tas tro phe ex ten u ate
commemorate per pet u ate

hi lar i ty
i den ti ty
te nac i ty
be nig ni ty
cu pidi ty
sa gac i ty
fu til i ty
hu midity
re gal i ty
vi vac i ty
e dac i ty
fru gal i ty
wings of the hen, and are at
herself is at rest also.

in ter ro gate in vig o rate in ad e quate

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con grat u late co óp er ate
cor rob o rate de gen er ate
dis con so late de lib e rate
ex ten u ate
ex ulcer ate
ex post u late
ex tem po re
im mac u late

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pre pon der ate
pro cras tin ate
re gen er ate
re it er ate
re ver ber ate
rest; the hen

The little birds have ceased their warbling; they are at rest on the boughs of the trees. There is no hum of bees around the hive, or among the sweet flowers.

They have done their work, and lie close in their waxen cells.

The sheep rest upon their soft fleeces; and their loud bleating, is no more heard among the hills.

There is no sound of voices, or of children at play; no trampling of busy feet, of people running to and fro.

The noise of the smith's hammer is not heard; nor the harsh sound of the carpen

ter's saw.





co mè di an a e ri al de moni ack fe lo ni ous

he ro ic al

libra ri an me lo di ous me mo ri al ne fa ri ous

no to ri ous
o be di ent
pe nu ri ous
pre ca ri ous
e gre gi ous
re ga li a
vi ca ri ous

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hu man i ty
mo bili ty
ne ces sity
no bil ity
pri or i ty
so lid i ty

vo lu min ous

su per flu ous te mer i ty People now rest in quiet on their beds; and the your child sleeps, in the arms of its mother.

Night is spread over the sky, and darkness covers the ground; every eye is shut, and every hand is still.

Who taketh care of people when they sleep? when they cannot defend themselves, or see if danger come.

There is an eye that never sleeps; there is an eye that seeth, as well in the dark night, as in the day.

The eye that sleepeth not is God's; he watcheth over all the families of the earth.

When there is no light of the sun, nor of the moon; when there is no lamp in the house, his eye seeth every where.



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stu pid i ty se ver ity

de cliv i ty e ter ni ty le gali ty lo cal i ty morality opac i ty pro fund i ty plu rali ty pro pen si ty pro lixity re ali ty ro tun dity so lem ni ty se verity so lid i ty ve loc i ty vo rac i ty

se ren ity
ve rac i ty
ve nal i ty

1 2 é 2

bien ni al
be nef i cent
co in ci dent
de fin i tive

e lec tri cal he reti cal iron i cal le vit i cal

me dic in al
mu nifi cent

1 2 e 2 me chan i cal

o rigi nal

po et i cal pre em inent pro ver bi al

pi rati cal po lit i cal pre cip i tant den ti cal re publi can re cip i ent me rid i an


the at ri cal
tri um vi rate

ty rani cal
unani mous

me thod ic al pre dom in ant He made sleep to refresh us when we are weary; he made the night that we might sleep in quiet.

The mother stilleth every little noise, and draweth the curtains round the bed of her infant, and shutteth out the light from its tender eyes.

So God draweth the curtain of darkness around us; he maketh all things to be hushed and still, that his large family may sleep in peace.


Labourers spent with toil, and young children, and every little humming insect; you may sleep, for God watches over you.

You may sleep, for he never sleeps; you may close your eyes in safety, for his eye is always open to protect you.


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an núity phi lól o gy com mu ni ty so lil o quy con gru i ty the ol o gy immunity pe riph e ry

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e quiv a lent de riv a tive

i tin er ant
nu mer i cal
pre ser va tive im pu ri ty
pre rog a tive im pu ni ty
pre pós ter ous gra tu i ty
pre par a tive ma tu ri ty
pre pon der ant ob scu ri ty

so lic it ous
su per la tive
pre dic a ment

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de moc racy de spon den cy i dol a try

e con o my ge ol o gy ge om e try mo nop o lize ge og ra phy mo nop oly zool o gy When the darkness is passed away, and the morning beams return, we should begin the day with praising God, who hath kept us through the night.

Let his praise be in our hearts, when we lie down; let his praise be on our lips, when we awake.


di as to le

pópu late.

co ag u late
e jac u late
e pit o me
e quiv o cate

va cuity
chro nol o gy e lab o rate
chirurge ry e vap o rate
hy pot e nuse
hy per bo le

The good little Girl.

She always minds what her father and mother say to her, and takes pains to remember what they teach her.

Her parents like to have her with them, for she does not make a noise or give them any trouble.

They like to talk with her,and teach her, and she listens to all that they say.

When she is told of a fault, she tries to avoid it another time.




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ac ci den tal al i men tal


ap pre hèn sive ac a dem ick ap o plec tick a pos tol ick compre hensivedis in her it an ti feb rile ar o mat ick en er getick acquiescence dip lo mat ick ev an es cent coù ti nen tal em ble mat ick fun da men tal det ri men tal el e men tal in of fen sive o ri en tal in de pen dent in ad ver tent in ci den tal mem o ran dum in con sis tent ep i dem ick math e maticks in ter mit tent epilep tick par e gor ick met a physick oc ci den tal ped o baptist sac ra men tal rem in is cente ret ro spec tive sympathetickreg i men tal sop o rif ick par a lyt ick sem pi ter nal syl lo gis tick dis af fec ted sen ti men tal un re mit ting in at ten tive vit ri ol ick She likes to sit by her mother, and learn to sew and to knit.

She never slights her work,but takes pains to do it well.

If she does any thing wrong, or makes a mistake, she is very sorry.

She is always very careful to keep her work clean.

If her hands are dirty, she washes them before she begins her work.

She seldom loses her thread,for her necdles, or any thing she works with.

She does not stick needles in her sleeve, nor put pins in her mouth.

She puts her needles in her needle book, and she has a pincushion for her pins.

She takes care of her own clothes, and folds them up very neatly.

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