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When he hears childrentell lies, or speak bad words, he tells them how wicked it is, and requests them to do so no more.

Whenschoolis out, he goes directly home, and does not play by the way,as bad boys do.

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Come ; let us go into the thick shade,for it is noon, and the summer sun beats hot

upon our heads.

The shade is pleasant, and cool ; and the branches, like a curtain, meet over our heads, and shut out the sun.

The grass is soft to our feet; and a clear brook washes the roots of the trees.

The cattle lie down to sleep in the shade; but we can do what is better; we can praise the God who made us,





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ketch nurse He made the warm sun, and the cool shade ; the trees that grow upward, and the brooks that run murmuring along.

Can we raise our voices up to the high heavens? Can we make him hear, who is above the stars ?

Yes; for he heareth us when we only whisper, and breathe out words with a very low voice. He that filleth the heavens is here also,

May we that are so young, speak to Him that always was? may we that can hardly speak plain, speak to God. ?

We are but young and lately made alive; and we should not forget the framing band, of him that gave us life,

We that cannot speak plain, should lisn





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When we could not think of him, he thought of us; before we could ask him to bless us, he had already given us many blessings.

He fashioneth our tender limbs, and causeth them to grow; he maketh us strong, and nimble.

The buds spring into leaves, and the blossoms swell to fruit ; but they know not how they grow, nor who causeth them to spring up.

Ask them if they will tell thee; bid them break forth into singing, and fill the air with pleasant sounds.

They smell sweet; they look beautiful ; but they cannot speak; and there is no voice among



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The plants and trees are made to give fruit to man ; but man is made to give praise to God that made him.

We love to praise God; and he loveth to bless us ; ve thank him for our life ; for it is a pleasant thing to be alive.

We cannot do good to all persons, every where, as God can ; but we rejoice that God is every where, to do them good,

Come ; let us go forth into the fields ; let us see how the flowers spring ; let us listen to the singing of the birds ; and sport upon the green grass.

The winter is past; the buds come out upon the trees'; the crimson blossoms of the peach are seen; and the green leaves sprout.

The hedges are bordered with tufts of primrose, and yellow cowslips, that hang




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snarl whom down their heads; and the blue violet lies hid in the shade,

The young goslins are running about on the green; their bodies are covered with yellow down; and the old geese hiss if any one comes hear,

The young lambs are in the fields; they totter by the sides of their dams; their feeble limbs can hardly support them.

If you fall, little lambs, you will not be hurt, there is spread under you a carpet of

soft grass.

The butterflies flutter from flower to flower, and open their wings in the warm sun.

The young animals of every kind are sporting about ; they are brisk, and joyful, they seem glad to be alive.

The birds can sing; and the young lambs cau bleat; but we can open our lips in praise

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