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phá lang

peev ish

po rous

tri umph

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poul tice

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o dour

gno mon ni

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1 clàim ant hú mour,

só journ * cease less bow sprit plain ness sea man e chief tain hy phen plain tive eve ning chorus knav ish

neatness e fa mous hoarse ness pi rate ty rant

fa vour blue ness fla vour la bour post script tre mour fra grance la rynx

thiev ish fore man

pay ment taste less fore top main mast pave ment climate

fre quent neat ness rai ment li cense fi griev ance light ning ro guish se quel h gui dance nuis ance sa chem

ya pour ni trous squeam ish yeo man Et gold finch oak um Science year ling

Behold the shepherd of the flock; he taketh care for the sheep ; he leadeth them among clear brooks ; he guideth them to fresh pastures.

If the young lambs are weary he carries them in his arms ; if they wander, he bringeth them back :

But who is the shepherd's shepherd? who taketh care of him ? who guideth him in thę path he should walk? and if he wander who will bring him back ?

God is the sheperd's shepherd; he is the Shepherd over all; he taketh care for all; the whole earth is his fold, and we are his flock.

The mother loveth her little child ; she bringeth it up on her knees.

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hou ry

gro Cer

beaù ty

must ly brók er mà jor briefly

mere ly by word mea ger lệ ly on ly

cham ber ma tron chaste sy poul try ci pher may or cirly

port ly coul ter moul der dai ly rain y

bea ver nei ther dacty spleen y clo ver

neu ter drear y spright ly bol ster paint er ed sy

sure ly dan ger priest hood frail ty treaty ed ger

sci on fri lay st: te ly

eas tern qua ver gai ly que rý eus ter l'an ger highly wa ry

east ward own er ved ry

ei ther sail or nearly week ly

stran ger She nourisheth its body with food ; she feedeth its mind with knowledge.

When it is sick, she nurseth it with tender love ; she watches over it when it is asleep.

But who is the parent of the mother? who nourishes her with good things ?

Whose arms are about her, to keep her from harm ? and if she be sick, who shall heal her ?

God is the parent of the mother; he is the parent of all; for he created all.

All the men, and all the women in the world, are his children ; he loves them all, he is good to all.

God is our shepherd, and we will follow hiin ; he is our father ; we will love and obey him.







pur chase

seg ment

2 àb sence crès cent diph thong nùrs ling ad junct Christ mas dis trict

on yx an guish crys tal drug gist pamph let an nals col umn ear nest phan tom asth ma commerce fer vour

phthis ick an them cur tain friend ship peas ant bank ruptcoup let ful gent pleas ant break fastcun ning jealous pheas ant brick kiln dac tyle learn ing pres ence bur nish em press leav en pit tance car riage for eign lep rous chal lenge grand eur mer chant ran cour chap lain head long mar riage splen dour cyn ick hog's head mur rain sack cloth clam our in stinct mis chief sab bath cer tain knowledge nour ish ches nut mon strous ner yous sen tence

The rose is sweet; but it is surrounded with thorns; the lily of the valley is fair, but it springeth up among brambles.

The spring is pleasant; but it is soon past: the summer is bright; but winter destroys the beauty thereof.

The rainbow is very glorious; but it soon vanishes away : life is good ; but it is quickly swallowed up in death.

There is a land where the roses are without thorns; where the flowers are not mixed with brambles.

That country is heaven; it is the country of them that are good,

This earth is pleasant, for it is God's; and it is filled with many delightful things.

But that country is far better; there we

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dèl uge

sur feit

2 spend thriftbed stead år row stead fast bis cuit bar row earthquake ster ling blan dish bor row edge wise ship wreck judge mentcapt ure flex ure sub stance frag ment Cens ure gen tile sul phur isth mus

chim ney gest ure mis tress cof fee

har row tres pass phys ick con strue jour ney tran script soph ist

cult ure junct ure tac ticks

song stress en sign past ure trip thong vest ment frustrate struct ure ur gent wind lass fur lough tříb ute ven geance wind mill fig ure

trans port ver dant

wed ding far row vent ure van quish wrist band fract ure widow in quest zeal ous

gangrenewin dow in stance zeph yr galley tur key shall not grieve any more, nor be sick any more, nor do wrong any more,

There the cold of winter will not wither us, nor the heat of summer scorch us.

There we shall meet, with all that are good ; with all that have served the Lord on the earth.

There we shall see Jesus, who is gone before us to that happy place; and there we shall behold the glory of the high God.

We cannot see him here, but we will love him ; we must now be in this world, but we will often think of heaven;

That happy land is our home ; we are to be here but a little while ; but there we shall be forever ; even for ages of eternal years.





kid ney

pas time per jure

fin ger

ů èm pire

píct ure án swer hús band

post ure an chor king dom land scape punct ure bel lows leop ard lect ure

quag nire blos som lim ner mar row rapt ure bludgeon lunch eon mead ow

res cue buck ram mir ror meas ure rupt ure bux om

mod ern mem brane shad 010 cis teen phan tom men ace stat ure debt or

pin cers mixt ure script ure dun geon print er nurt ure sor row

earl dom pur pose nar rate trib une

feath er salm on pass port vol ley fur ther wea vol ume gin Ger

wel come vult ure

west ward pleasure trans port heif er

whith er press ure vent ure hys sop yon der

Awake ; all ye that sleep : arise and praise the Lord.

Ye who sail on the watery deep, praise him ; for he hath preserved you in the dark night.

Praise him, ye travellers; for he enlighteneth your path.

Praise him ye village youths; and forget him not, ye children of the city.

You, whose table he hath spread with good things every morning, lift up your hearts in othankfulness to him who daily feedeth you with bread.

Ye soaring larks, ye warbling linnets sing ; ye cooing doves awake, and all ye songsters of the grove,chaunt forth in sweetest melody the praises of your maker.

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