The man of feeling: and Julia de Roubigné, a tale

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Rivington, 1820 - 114 pages

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Page 97 - Lear. The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanch, and Sweet-heart, see, they bark at me.
Page 111 - Those sentiments, answered Miss Walton, are just: but your good sense, Mr. Harley, will own, that life has its proper value. As the province of virtue, life is ennobled ; as such, it is to be desired. To virtue has the Supreme Director of all things assigned rewards enough even here to fix. its attachment.
Page 18 - ... began to prophesy happiness to others. This I found by much the better way : folks will always listen when the tale is their own ; and of many who say they do not believe in fortune-telling, I have known few on whom it had not a very sensible effect. 1 pick up the names of their acquaintance...
Page 112 - He seized her hand — a languid colour reddened his cheek — a smile brightened faintly in his eye. As he gazed on her, it grew dim, it fixed, it closed — He sighed and fell back on his seat...
Page 73 - ... his left. Harley looked on him with the most earnest attention. He was one of those figures which Salvator would have drawn; nor was the surrounding scenery unlike the wildness of that painter's back-grounds. The banks on each side were covered with fantastic shrub-wood, and at a little distance, on the top of one of them, stood a finger-post, to mark the directions of two roads which diverged from the point where it was placed.
Page 112 - I am in such a state as calls for sincerity : let that also excuse it. It is perhaps the last time we shall ever meet. I feel someL 2 thing particularly solemn in the acknowledgment ; yet my heart swells to make it, awed as it is by a sense of my presumption, by a sense of your perfections.
Page 80 - I will put an end to this matter, you have never hitherto disobeyed me ; I will not be contradicted in this ; stay at home, I charge you, and, for my sake, be kind to my children." 'Our parting, Mr. Harley, I cannot describe to you; it was the first time we ever had parted: the very press-gang could scarce keep from tears ; but the sergeant, who had seemed the softest before, was now the least moved of them all.
Page 111 - He sighed as he spoke these last words. He had scarcely finished them, when the door opened, and his aunt appeared, leading in Miss Walton. " My dear," says she, " here is Miss Walton, who has been so kind as to come and inquire for you herself.
Page 33 - Truth, continued he, the most amiable as well as the most natural of virtues, you are at pains to eradicate. Your very nurseries are seminaries of falsehood ; and what is called Fashion in manhood, completes the system of avowed insincerity. Mankind in the gross is a gaping monster, that loves to be deceived, and has seldom been disappointed...
Page 82 - what do I see ! silent, unroofed, and desolate ! Are all the gay tenants gone ? Do I hear their hum no more ? Edwards, look there, look there ! the scene of my infant joys, my earliest friendships, laid waste and ruinous...

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