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I never give five stars, so here goes for my four.
At first I was on my guard expecting a boing and boarish tale of gung-ho, of a couple of wealthyish, carefree young men going out adventuring - and
on a relatively pointless adventure as it happens.
My hackles rose as my aged mother gave me a brief outline and handed me the book, indeed the scene setting and characters annoyed me for a few pages, but soon it was just so daft but so well written that I laughed and laughed and marvelled increasingly at the insouciant hardiness and naivety of these young men.
A journey that should not to be undertaken again by anyone I would say.
The descriptions are still lively in my mind's eye, the distant lands, the valleys from paradise, the isolated people of the mountains, even the chronic cholitis and vomiting was amusing.
I want to follow Newby and Carless (so apt) again, but I want the book in a Kindle or ebook version, it's best to travel light and unencumbered...

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