An Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: To which is Added a Vocabulary of Greek, Latin, Scripture, Christian, and Geographical Names, with Their Pronunciation : Together with a Collection of Words and Phrases from Foreign Languages, Often Met with in the Works of English Writers, with Their Signification

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William Bolles
Bolles & Williams, 1845 - English language - 944 pages

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Page 361 - London, much inhabited by writers of small histories, dictionaries, and temporary poems; whence any mean production is called Grub-street" — , " lexicographer, a writer of dictionaries, a harmless drudge.
Page 376 - The edge of a garment doubled and sewed to keep the threads from spreading . the noise uttered by a sudden and violent expiration of the breath ; interject.
Page 340 - A kind of walk along the floor of a house, into which the doors of the apartments open ; the upper seats in a church ; the scats in a playhouse above the pit, in which the meaner people sit.
Page 301 - A kind of stool placed at the south side of the altar, at which the kings of England kneel at their coronation.
Page 38 - Parts of a number, which will never make up the number exactly ; as 3 is an aliquant of 10, thrice 3 being 9, four times 3 making 12.
Page 355 - To insert a scion or branch of one tree into the stock of another ; to propagate by insertion or inoculation ; to insert into a place or body to which it did not originally belong; to join to jo nothe one thing so as to receive support from another. [Hf Nothing can be clearer than that Graff...
Page 344 - Follett was undoubtedly a man of genius ; and genius may perhaps be taken to signify great natural powers, accidentally directed — or, a disposition of nature, by which any one is qualified for some peculiar employment.
Page 84 - Some-thing made to sleep on ; lodging ; marriage ; bank of earth raised in a garden ; the channel of a river, or any hollow...
Page 350 - A viscous body commonly made by boiling the skins of animals to a gelly, a cement.
Page 308 - FERMENTATION is a slow motion of the intestine particles of a mixed body arising, usually, from the operation of some active acid matter, which rarifies, exalts, and subtilizes the soft and sulphureous particles, as when leaven or yeast lightens and ferments bread or wort.

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