The Journal [afterw.] The Madras journal of literature and science, ed. by J.C. Morris, Volumes 7-8

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Page 292 - Tis the fire-shower of ruin, all dreadfully driven From his eyrie, that beacons the darkness of heaven. Oh, crested Lochiel! the peerless in might, Whose banners arise on the battlements' height, Heaven's fire is around thee, to blast and to burn ; Return to thy dwelling ! all lonely return! For the blackness of ashes shall mark where it stood, And a wild mother scream o'er her famishing brood.
Page 292 - Ah ! home let him speed, for the spoiler is nigh. Why flames the far summit ? Why shoot to the blast Those embers, like stars from the firmament cast ? 'Tis the fire-shower of ruin, all dreadfully driven From his eyrie, that beacons the darkness of heaven. Oh ! crested Lochiel ! the peerless in might, Whose banners arise on the battlements...
Page 387 - GALLOWAY moved a vote of thanks to the Council for their services during the past year. He regretted that he was but little able to do justice to the resolution, but whoever looked at the ability and zeal requisite to effect the objects which had this day been brought before the Meeting, must admit that the Council not only deserved the thanks of the Society, but of all mankind. MAJOR CHASK seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.
Page 183 - That the meteors of November 13th consisted of portions of the extreme parts of a nebulous body, which revolves around the sun in an orbit interior to that of the earth, but little inclined to the plane of the ecliptic, having its aphelion near to the earth's path, and having a periodic time of 182 days nearly.
Page 158 - The globule of the human blood, considered at ,55, is not much smaller. The blood globules of a frog are twice as large as one of these animalcules. As the Polirschiefer of Bilin is slaty, but without cavities, these animalcules lie closely compressed. In round numbers, about twenty-three millions of animals would make up a cubic line, and would in fact be contained in it.
Page 188 - Science has thus, most unexpectedly, placed in our hands a new power of great but unknown energy. It does not evoke the winds from their caverns ; nor give wings to water by the urgency of heat ; nor drive to exhaustion the muscular power of animals ; nor operate by complicated mechanism ; nor accumulate hydraulic force by damming the vexed torrents; nor summon any other form of gravitating force ; but, by the simplest means...
Page 187 - Ibis was done, the machine still performed its revolutions with great, although diminished energy; in practice this might be important; as it would give time to make changes in the apparatus, without stopping the movement of the machine.
Page 191 - Europe ; the sloping contracted forehead, small eyes, depressed nose, thick lips, and projecting jaws, with which the African is usually caricatured, are by no means constant traits ; on the contrary, almost every gradation of countenance may be met with, from the disgusting picture too commonly drawn of them, to the finest set of European features.
Page 261 - ... interesting on account of the phenomena which accompanied the earthquake that devastated it in 1819*, is situated near the eastern branch of the Indus, between 22 and 24 degrees of north latitude, and 68 and 72 degrees of east longitude. On the north, it is bounded by the Grand Runn, and the Thur or Little Desert, on the south by the Gulf of Cutch and the Indian Ocean, on the east by the province of Guzerat, and on the west by the easternbranch of the Indus and the territory of Sinde.
Page 58 - Dr. Ward says of the Malacca laterite : "In all its properties it agrees exactly with the rock common on the Malabar coast, and described by Dr. Buchanan under the name of laterite." I was now therefore, for the first time, in a position to bring my theory to the strongest test, for I had not seen any specimen of Indian laterite, and could only compare some of the apparently analogous Singapore rocks with it from descriptions. Captain Newbold, in one of the latest of his numerous...

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