Encyclopaedia of Muslim World: Iran

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Anmol Publications, 2003 - Islam - 3926 pages
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The Muslim School Embraces All Branches Of Human Knowledge And Research Theology, Medicine, History, Astronomy, Grammar, Economics, Physics, Racial Philosophy And Racial Psychology And Ethics. It Is An Important Educator On All Systems Of Purely Human Origin, And Its Creed Adores, Worships And Acknowledges The Creator Of The Universe, In The Most Sublime And Loftiest Expression, Never To Be Found In The Liturgy Of Other Religions. The Islamic Conception Of God Is That He Is Allah And There Is No Deity Beside Him; He Along Is To Be Worshipped. He Begets Not And He Is Not Begotten. He Was Before Time Began Its Race. He Is Allah Who Hath Raised Different Prophets Of Men Throughout The Ages. His Greatness Is Immeasurable. Allah Is He That Abide From Eternity To Eternity. This But A Fractional Part Of The Muslim Creed A Creed Which Strictly, Forbids The Worship Of Images And The Artistic Representation Of Anything That Resembles The Human Form. Yet In Christian Literature, Periodicals And Other Publications Muslims Have Been Alluded To, And Spoken Of, As Pagans, Idolaters, Polygamists, Sun Worshippers And What Not. Muslims, The Ardent Followers Of Islam Have Made Great Strides The World Over And Made Remarkable Success In Bringing Many Countries Under Their Hegemony From Europe To Asia, And Africa.This Work, Encyclopaedic In Nature, Is Designed To Cover All Major Muslim Nation-States Depicting Their Overall Socio-Cultural, Geographical, Economic, Political And Educational Developments In Modern Perspective. Thus Each Country Is Treated Competently And Exhaustively. The Information Is Supported By Authentic Facts And Figures. This Work Will Prove A Reliable Reference Tool To Academics, Social Scientists And General Readers Alike.Efforts Are Made To Furnish Up-To-Date Data And Latest Developments Pertaining To The Country Concerned. As Seen The Information Is Borrowed From Various Authoritative Sources. We Are Deeply Beholden To All Those Men Of Letters Whose Works Are Consulted Or Substantially Made Use Of. We Are Thankful To Our Friends And Well-Wishers Who Have Helped Us While Working On This Project.

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