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“ which have been signed and sealed in England by « to the Proprietors of that Colony, as being not “the greater Part of the Proprietors of the said Culony; “ consonant to Reason, repugnant to the Laws

we thought ourselves obliged to cause the said Ads do of this Realm, and destructive to the Consti“ to be brought before us ; and, having, at the Request ** tution of the Church of England. “ of the Lord Granville Palatine of the Province, and 6 of the Lord Craven One of the Proprietors, heard " Secondly; That it is the Opinion of this House; “ Counsel in Defence of the said Aets, and examined “ That the act of the Assembly in Carolina, “ Witnesses in relation to that Matter : The House pro do intituled, " An A&t for the more effectual Pres “ceeded to enter upon a particular Confideration of the "servation of the Government of this Province, “ Two Acts; and it appeared to us, that, by the First of

by requiring all Persons, that shall hereafter “ the Acts complained of, a Commission, consisting of “ be chosen Members of the Commons House J. Twenty Lay-men, was erected; with Power, in an arbi

of Assembly, and fit in the same, to take the trary Manner, to remove and turn out any Rectors or “ Baths, and subscribe the Declaration, appointed 6. Ministers of the Church of England from their Bene “ by this Act, and to conform to the Religious “fices, for any Immorality or Imprudence, or for incu: * Worship in this Province according to the

rable Prejudices, or Dissentions between such Rectors “ Church of England, to receive the Sacrament # or Ministers and their People; only by delivering a of the Lord's Supper according to the Rites “ Writing to them, or leaving it at their Houses, or * and Usage of the said Church,” lately passed “ fixing it upon the Church Doors, whereby it should be " there, and signed and sealed by John Lord “declared, "That they ceased to be Rectors or Ministers * Granville Palatine, for himself and the Lord « of tech Parishes :" The other Act directly asserts, that, " Craven and also for the Lord Carteret, and

by the Law of England, all Members of Parliament " by Sir John Colleton, Four of the Proprietors "are obliged to receive the Sacrament according to the " of that Province, in order to the ratifying of “Rites of the Church of England; and does therefore “it, is founded upon Falsity in Matter of fact, ofenact, “. That no. Man, who Thall be chosen a Member “ is repugnant to the Laws of England, contrary " of the Crimmons House of Assembly in Carolina; shall be it to the Charter granted to the Proprietors of

permitted to fit there, who has not received the Sa: " that Colony, is an Encouragement to Atheism crament in such Manner within a Year before his Elec

"and. Irreligion, is destructive to Trade, and “ tion, unless he will swear he is of the Profession of " tends to the depopulating and ruining the said “ the Church of England, and did not abstain from the

" Province. " Sacrament out of Dislike to the Manner aod Form of " the Administration used in the Church of England, May, it please Your Majesty, " and has not for a Year past been in Communion with

< We; Your Majesty's most dutiful Subjects; having any Church that does not conform to the Church of

“ thus humbly presented our Opinion of these Acts; « England; but, upon such Oath, he shall be qualified to 6 lit as if he had received the Sacrament as prescribed « Methods to deliver the fáid Province from the arbi.

" we beseech Your Majesty to use the most effectual by the A&t.” The Act does further provide, “ That if

"trary Oppressions under which it now lies, and to any Member should refuse to qualify himself as is « order the Authors thereof to be prosecuted according thereby directed, there should not be a new Election

si to Law. “ but hé, who had the next Number of Voices to such “ur.qualified Person upon the former Poll, should be

“ At the same Time we represeñit to Your Mas " the Member in his Plače.'

" jesty how much the Powers given by the Crown

" have been abused by some of Your Subjects; Justice “ The House, having fully and maturely weighed the “ requires us to acquaint Your Majesty, that it ap“ Nature of these Two Acts, found themselves obliged « peared to the House, that some of the Proprietors “ in Dury, to Your Majesty, and in Justice to Your

"absolutely refused to join in the Ratification of these “ Subjects in Carolina (who, by the express Words of « Acts: “ the Charter of Your Royal Uncle King Charles the “ Second grantet to the Proprietors, are declared to be « We humbly beg Permission to inform Your Ma“ the Liege People of the Crown of England ; and to jesty, that other great Injustices and Oppressions are “ have right to all the Liberties, Franchises, and Pri “complained of in the Petition; but the Nature of the “ vileges of Englishmen, as if they were born within “ Facts requiring a long Examination, it was not pollible “ this Kingdom; and, who by the Words of the same “ for the House to find Time for it so near the Con“ Charter, are to be subject to no Laws but such as are o clusion of the Session : And therefore we presume, " confonant to Reason, and, as near as may be, agreeable “ with all Duty, to lay the Petition itself before Your " to the Laws and Customs of England) to come to the Majesty, at the same Time we present this our Adfollowing Resolutions :

u dress. “ First, That it is the Opinion of this House, That « We cannot doubt but Your Majesty, who, from

" the Act of the Assembly of Carolina, lately “the Beginning of Your Reign, has hewn fo great " passed there, and fince ligned and sealed by “ Concern and Tenderness for all Your Subjects, will John Lord Granville Palatine, for himself and “ extend Your Compassion to these distreffed People, “ for the Lord Carteret and the Lord Craven, and “ who have the Misfortune to be at so great a Distance

by Sir John Colleton, Four of the Proprietors “ from Your Royal Person, and not to immediately “ of that Province, in order to the ratifying of “under Your gentle Administration. “ it, intituled, “ An Act for the Establishment “ of Religious Worship in this Province, accor " Your Majesty is fully sensible of what great Con

ding to the Church of England, and for the “ sequence the Plantations are to the Crown of erečting of Churches for the Public Worship

England, and to the Trade of Your Subjects : “ of God, and also for the Maintenance of " And therefore we rest assured, that, as Your Ministers, and the building convenient Houses

Majesty will have them all under Your Royal " for them;" so far forth as the same relates * Care ; so, in particular, You will be graciously to the establishing a Commission for the displa

pleased to find out and prosecute the most cing the Rectors or Ministers of the Churches " effectual Means for the Relief of this Pro. “ there, is not warranted by the Charter granted “ vince of Carolina."




After Debate;

I E Mercurii, 13" Martii.

The Question was put, " Whether this House shall
“ agree with the Committee in this Address?”

It was Refolved in the Affirmative.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes


It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tem- Epus. Wigorn.
poral in Parliament 'assembled, That the Lords with Epus. Exon.
White Staves do humbly attend Her Majesty, with the Epus. Sarun.
Address of this House agreed to this Day.

Epus. Cestr.
Epus. Norwic.

Epus. Petriburg
Graves' Peti.

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tem. Epus. Cicestr.
tion, concern-
ing The Ba. poral in Parliament assembled, That the Petition of Epus. Bangor.
hama Illands. John Graves, relating to The Bahama Ipands, and the

Memorial this Day read relating thereunto, shall be
referred to the Lords Committees that drew the Ad-
dress reported this Day relating to Carolina; who are to
meet To-morrow, at Ten a Clock, to draw an Address, to
be presented to Her Majesty, upon the Debate in the
House this Day ; who are to report to the House, and
adjourn as they please.

Ds. Custos Magni

Ds. Berkeley B.
Comes Pembroke, Ds. Fitzwalter.

Ds. Howard Eff.

Ds. North & Grey.
Dux Somerset.

Ds. Grey W.
Dux Richmond,

Ds. Lovelace.
Dux Shrewsbury:

Ds. Howard Esc.
Dux Marlborough.

Ds. Vaughan.
Dux Buckingham.

Ds. Colepeper.
Comes Derby. Ds. Rockingham.
Comes Westmorland. Ds. Cornwallis.
Comes Rivers..: : Ds. Dartmouth.
Comes Stamford. Ds. Stawell.
Comes Winchilfea. Ds. Guilford.
Comes Thanet.

Ds. Cholmondeley
Comes Sunderland. Ds. Herbert:
Comes Scarsdale.

Ds. Granville
Comes Efex.

Ds. Gernsey
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Carlisle.
Comes Nottinghamı:
Comes Plimouth.
Comes Jerseys
Viscount Townsend,
Viscount Weymouth.

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“ pass?"

Liilh forfeited

Bill :

swer to Ad


Letter to E.

" and to apply the Residue of the Monies arising by Then the House was adjournied during Pleasure ;
“ such Sale in Payment of the said William Gomeldon's and the Lords went tơ the Conference.
« Debts.”

Which being ended, the House was resumed." "
The Question was put, " Whether this Bill Thall

And the Duke of Shrewbury reported, “ That the
It was Resolved in the Affirmative.

" Commons do not agree to the Amendment made by ORDERED, The Commons have Notice, that the

“ this House to the Bill, intituled, “ An Act for raising

" the Militia for the Year One Thousand Seven HunLords have agreed to the faid Bill, without any Amend

“dred and Six, notwithstanding the Month's Pay forment.

merly advanced be not re-paid ; and for an Accompt

“ to be made of the Trophy-monies ;” and gave their Dcbentures on

Hodie 14 vice leela ef Billa, intituled, “ An Ad to 6 Reasons for it.”.
Eltates, Bill.

" enlarge the Time for registering unsatisfied Deben-
“ tures upon the forfeited Estates in Ireland; and
“ for renewing of other Debentures, which have been

The House was adjourned during Pleasure, and put Bankrupts " loft, burns, or destroyed.”

into a Committee again to proceed further on the Bill,
intituled, “ An Act to prevent Frauds frequently com-

“ mitted by Bankrupts. Qireen's An.

The Lord Keeper reported Her Majesty's Answer to drets upon Sir the Address of both Houses, presented to Her Majesty

After fome Time, the House was resumed. R. Gwyn's Yesterday, as followeth ; (videlicet,),

And the Lord Herbert reported, “ That the Com-
“ My Lords, and Gentlemen,

“ mittee had gone through the said Bill; and think it
« Nothing can be more acceptable to Me, than so fit to pass, with some Amendments and Clauses.”
“ seasonable an Instance of your concern to preserve

a good Understanding between Me and the Princess Which were read Twice, and agreed to; and OR-
Supbia, and of your Care to defeat the Artifices of DERED, That the said Clauses be engrossed.
" deligning and malicious Men.
“. I am fully sensible of the very ill Designs of the

Hodie za vice lecta est Billa, intituled, “ An Act
“ Paper, which you have so justly censured, and I will to prevent Frauds frequently committed by Bank-
not fail to give the necessary Directions for comply-
“ing, in the most effectual Manner, with all you desire

" Whether the said last

The Question was put " in your Address."

“ mentioned Bill, with the Amendments and Address and It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo

“ Clauses, shall pass?” printed. ral in Parliament assembled, That the Lord Keeper

It was Resolved in the Affirmative. of the Great Seal of England do give Order, that the Address of both Houles of Parliament, by them presented to Her Majesty Yesterday, and Her Majesty's A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Message to most Gracious Answer thereunto, be forthwith printed Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hiccocks :

H. C. with

Amendments and published.

to it.

To return the said Bill, and delire their Concurrence
Queen's Ano
The Earl of Bradford reported Her Majesty's An- thereto.

to their Lord!hips Amendments, and Clauses made
Jwer to Ad-
dress, in rela- swer to the Address of this House, presented to Her
tion to Caro- Majesty by the Lords with White Staves, in relation
io Carolina, as follows ; (videlicet,)

Dominus Cuftos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Adjourn.

Parliamentum continuandum effe usque ad er in diem
“ I thank the House, for laying these Måtters so Jovis, decimum quartum diem instantis Martii, hora un-
« plainly before Me. I am very sensible of what great decima Aurora, Dominis fic decernentibus.
“ Consequence the Plantations are to England; and will
“ do all that is in My Power to relieve My Subjects
« in Carolina, and to protect them in their just Rights."

“ rupts.”

Answer to be

Addrefs and

It is ORDERED, by the 'Lords Spiritual and Tem-
Petition, with
the Queen's poral in Parliament afsembled, Thar the Lord Keeper of
Answer, to be the Great Seal of England do give Order, that the

Address of this House presented to Her Majesty, re-
lating to the Province of Carolina, and the Petition
therein mentioned, with Her Majesty's most Gracious
Answer to the faid Address, be forthwith printed and

published. Conference

The Commons being come to the Conference ; the on the Lords Ameadment Lords following were appointed Managers ; (vito the Militia

delicet,). -
1. D. Shrewsbury.

Ds. Grey W.
Comes Stanford.

Ds. Rockingham.

Ds. Dartmouth.
Comés Sunderland,

Ds. Sommers.
Comes Bradford.

in Ds. Halifax.
.. Vol. XVIII.

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Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes “ Such open Infolence, shewn by People so obfuerunt :

“ noxious to the Laws, in the Midst of a War, in . “ which Your Majesty is engaged against the French

King, the declared Protector of One of the Popish Epus. Dunel. Ds. Custos Magni

Religion, who openly pretends a Title to Your Ma. & Crewe,

Ds. Lovelace.

jesty's Crown, does not only raise in us a just InEpus. Sarum. Comes Pembroke, Ds. Poulet.

“ dignation ; but makes us think it absolutely necessary, Epus. Norwie.

Ds. Mohun.

“ for the Safety of Your Majesty's Royal Person and Epus. Ciceftr.

Ds. Byron.
Dux Richmond.

Government, that a more watchful Eye should be Epus. Bangor.

Ds. Vaughan.
Dux Bolton,

“ had over them for the future ; and, for that Purpose, Ds. Colepeper.

" that a distinct and particular Account should be taken Comes Kent, Came- Ds. Cornwallis.

of all Papists, and reputed Papists, in the Kingdom, rarius. Ds. Guilford.

“ with their respective Qualities, Estates, and Places Ds. Herbert.

w of Abode.
Comes Derby.

Ds. Sommers.
Comes Rivers.

Ds. Halifax.
Comes Stamford.

" We do therefore most humbly beseech Your Ma-
Ds. Granville.
Comes Winchilsca.

jesty, that you would be graciously pleased to send Comes Thanet.

“ Directions to the several Lords Lieutenants and Comes Sunderland.

“ Custodes Rotulorum of the several Counties and Comes Scarsdale.

“ Places, to cause all the Deputy Lieutenants and Jul, Comes Esex.

“ tices of the Peace of the respective Counties and Comes Anglesey:

“ Places to assemble together, and, being so assembled, Comes Nottingham.

“ there to agree of the most proper Manner to subComes Scarbrough.

“ divide themtelves into several Divisions, for the more Comes Bradford.

“ effectual performing the said Service within such Comes Orford.

“ Sub-divisions; and that, at such General Meeting, an Comes fersey.

Account be taken distinctly 'of the Names of the Comes Greenwich.

several Justices and Deputy Lieutenants deligned for

" the said several Sub-divisions; and that the several Viscount Townshend.

Justices of leace and Deputy Lieutenants should, Viscount Weymouth.

“ under their several Hands, return a particular Account, in Writing, of what they shall perform in the

“ faid several Sub-divisions, which the said Lords LieuPRAYERS.

tenants and Custodes Rotulorum fhall return to Your

" Majesty in Council, together with the Names of every Address The Lord Viscount Townshend reported from the

“ One of the Deputy Lieutenants and Justices of Peace againt Papifts. Lords Committees, the Address drawn by them, upon

“ who did neglect or refuse to perform their Duties in the Petition of the Inhabitants of the South Parts of

"relation to that Sergice.
Lancashire, and the Resolution of the House, and De-
bate thereupon :

And, to the End the said Account may be the

more exact and useful, we most humbly beleech Your • Which was read, and agreed to, as follows ; (vi Majesty to fend Your Royal Commands to the Archdelicet,)

“ bishops, requiring them to issue Orders to all the

Bishops in their respective Provinces, directing them We, Your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Sub

to require the Clergy in their several Dioceses to jects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament

“ take an exact and particular Account of the Nuin“ assembled, do humbly beg. Leave to acquaint Your « Parish, with their Qualities, Estates, and Places of

“bers of the Papists, and reputed Papists, in every Majesty, That the Lord Bishop of Chester has presented to the House a Petition, for himself and the

“ Abode, and to return the same to their respective “ Gentry and Clergy of the South Parts of Lancashire; « veral Archbishops, in order to be laid before Your

Diocesans, who shall return the same to their se. complaining of the intolerable Boldness and Presump: “ Majesty. « tion of the Romi/h Priests and Papists, in employing " all their inveigling Arts and Devices, in perverting " and seducing the Gentry and Cominonalty, and that

• And we do also desire Your Majesty will be pleased not only secretly, but openly and publicly, in Defiance

“ito direct, that the Archbishops do require the Bishops, " of the Laws ; that their Prieits are numerous, their

" in their several Dioceses, to proceed against such of • Maffes frequent; their People go affectedly in Troops;

" the Clergy as shall refuse or neglect to do their they marry without License, or Publication; they

“ Duty in respect to the said Service, according to the • visit Proteftants, when fick or dying, in order to per

" utmost Severity of Law; and also to return the “ vert them; they throw out ill Language against the

“ Names of the Clergy, who shall be defective in per“ Church and Government, and spread faile Reports

forming the faid Service, in order that the same may 6 and scandalous Reflections upon the Orthodox Clergy;

“ 'be laid before Your Majelty.
and have built a stately Edifice, which, as the Pe-
titioners bad good Reaton to believe, is intended for a

“ And we farther beseech Your Majesty, to command Seminary ; and several Lands have been settled, for

" the Archbishops to require the Bilhops, by all proper 6. the Endowment of that and other Places; that the " Ways and Means,: to inform themselves what Ad

Popish Gentry are asistant to their Priests in their vowsons, or Rights of Presentation, or Donation of " Perventions; and, to intimuate themielves into Pro Churches, Benefices, or Schools, are in the Dispo- teítant Families, catch at all Opportunities to marry

“ fition of any Papists, or reputed Papists, or of any

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« Majesty

Hicks's Bill.

is in Truft for them; and to return what they hall Die Veneris, 15° Martii:
“ find, and , to
to the Intent, the same may be represented to Yout

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales présentes

** And lastly, we most humblý desire Your Majesty,

" that You will be graciously pleased to cause
" the several Accounts of all these Inquiries Epus. Sarum. Ds. Cuslos Magni
“ to be laid before this House, at the text Epus. Ceftr.


Ds. Berkeley Beri is Seflion of Parliament."

Epus. Bangor.

Ds. Fitxualter.
Dux Richmond.
Epus. Lincoln.

Ds. Poulett.
Dux Bolton.

Ds. Mobun.
It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tem-

Comes Kent, Came- Ds. Vaughan.

Ds. Colepcper.
poral in Parliament assembled, That the Lords with
White Staves do humbly attend Her Majesty, with the

Comes Derby.

Ds. Rockingham

Ds. Cornwallis.
Address of this House, agreed to this Day.

Comes Weftmorland.
Comes Rivers.,

Ds. Stawell.
Comes Stamford.

Ds. Guilford.

Ds. Sommers. the Lord Herbert reported from the Lords Com

Comes Winchilsea. mittees, the Bill, intituled, “ An Act to enable Trustees

Comes Essex..

Ds. Halifax. “ to sell several Houses and Lands, in and near Portf

D's. Granville:

Comes Carlisle: mouth, late the Estate of Elizabeth Hicks, for Pay

Comes Rochejter. "ment of a Debt, and Interest charged thereupon ;

Comes Scarbrough: " and for laying out the Residue of the Money in other

Comes Bradford. “ Lands, to be settled to the fame Uses;” as fit to pass,

Comes Orford. without any Amendment.

Comes Jersey.

Viscount Town hend:
Hodie za vice lecta eft Billa, intituled; “ An Act to
" enable Trustees to sell several Houses and Lands, in

“ and near Portsmouth, late the Estate of Elizabeth
Hicks, for Payment of a Debt, and Interest charged
" thereupon ; and for laying out the Residue of the

in other Lands, to be settled to the same Hodie ze vice lešta eft Billa, intituled, “ An Act to Debentures on
46 Uses."
% enlarge the Time for registering unsatisfied Deben- Irish Forfeited

Edates, tures upon the forfeited Eftaces in Ireland; and for

« renewing of other Debentures, which have been lost,
The Question was put,
" Whether this Bill shall

burnt; or destroyed."
“ pass ?"
It was Resolved in the Affirmative.

ORDERED, Thát the said Bill be committed to a Com

mittee of the whole House, on Monday next.
ORDERED, That the Commons havé Notice, the
Lords have agreed to the said Bill, without any Amend-

The Lord Halifax, from the Lords Committees ap- Cotton tie pointed to consider of the Methods of keeping Records brary, Report: and Public Papers in Offices, and how they are kept;

and to consider of Ways to remedy what shall be found
Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Pars to be amiss, having taken into Consideration ihe Cot-
liamentum continuandum effe ufque ad et in diem Ve- tonian Library, reported :
neris, decimum quintum diem instantis Mártii, hora un-,
decima Auroræ, Dominis fic decernentibus.

“ That the Committee, having received several Pro

posals from Sir John Cotton, and likewise a Report “ from the Surveyors General, ordered the same to be “ laid before the House, together with their Opinion, " That, in Consideration of the Usefulness the said “ Houfe and Gardens may be to the Public, and to " the Two Houses of Parliament, Her Majesty be “ humbly desired to order the same to be purchased, “ for the Use of the Crown, and the Advantage of " the Family that have given so great a Benefaclion to " the Public."




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