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to the Bahawa Idinds.

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Then the House was adjourned during Pleasure, and The Lord Chamberlain reported Her Majesty's An-Queen's Anthe Lords went to the Conference.

fiver to the Address, relating to The Bahama Islands ; dress relating

(videlicet,) Which being ended, the House was resumed.

“ That Her Majesty will give such Directions in it Bill for

And the Lord Steward reported, " That they had Amendment

as shall be necessary." of the Law,

« attended the Conference; and received the Bill and
“ Amendments from the Commons.”

The Lord Steward reported, " That he had waited
Which Amendments were read, and agreed to. on Her Majesty, to know when Her Majesty would

please to be attended, with the Address of this
Message to
Then, a Message was sent to the House of Commons, « jesty hath appointed presently, in the Prince's

“ Houfe agreed to this Day; and that Her MaLords agree to by Sir John Francklyn and Sir Richard Holford :

To acquaint them, that the Lords have agreed to the
Amendments disagreed to by them; and also to the Then the House was adjourned during Pleasure.
other Amendments made by the Commons to the said
Bill, and delivered at the last Conference.

The House was resumed.

H. C. that the


to it.

Twer to Ad. dress about

Fleet :

Manning the

The Earl of Orford reported from the Committee, The Lord Keeper reported Her Majesty's Answer to Queen's An, Fleet, Address to the Queen, the Address drawn by them, for the Increase and En, the Address; (videlicet,) to appoint Per

manning the fons to confie couragement of Seamen. der of Me

“ I thank your Lordships, for this Instance of your thods for it.

Which was read, and agreed to, as followeth ; (vide- Care of the Fleet.

“I shall give the Orders necessary for the com-
“ We, Your Majesty's most dutiful and obedient "plying with every Thing desired in your Ad-
“ Subjeéts, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Par- “ dress."
“ liament assembled, duly confidering how much the
“ Honour and Safety of Your Kingdom depends upon
“ Your Naval Strength, and of what infinite Confe-

· It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo- Address and

Answer to be “ quence it is that the English Seamen, *who, in all Times, ral in Parliament affembled, That the Lord Keeper of

printed. " have distinguished themselves by their Courage and the Great Seal of England do give Order, that the Ad“ Love to their Country, should find all posible En- dress of this House, presented to Her Majesty this “ couragement and kind Usage in Your Majesty's Ser- Day, and Her Majesty's most Gracious Antiver there“ vice, cannot without much Trouble observe, that it unto, shall be forthwith printed and published. “ is become so difficult to furnith Your Royal Navy

with sufficient Numbers of Seamen; as even, fo late
“ in the Year, there fhould be a Necessity of having Her Majesty, being feated on Her Royal Throne, Queen present
“ Resort to the extraordinary Assistance of Parliament adorned with Her Crown and Regal Ornaments, ats
“ for that Purpose. We are sensible, that, since this tended with Her Officers of State (the Peers being

great Want was first taken Notice of, there has not in their Robes); commanded the Deputy Gentleman
“ been a sufficient Time for confidering the true Causes Usher of the Black Rod to let the Coinmcns know,
« from whence it has arisen, or what Remedies may “ It is Her Majesty's Pleasure, that they attend Her
“ be best, or most effectual: Nevertheless, out of true presently, in the House of Peers.”
“ Zeal, that nothing may be wanting on our Part,
“ which, it may be hoped, will in any Sort contribute
“ to the more vigorous carrying on the War this Year, short Speech' to Her Majesty, relating to the Money

Who being come, with their Speaker ; he made à
“ we have given our Consent to the Bill, intituled, “ An Bill to be passed.
“ Act for the Encouragement and Increase of Seamen,
« and for the better and speedier manning of Your
Majesty's Fleet."

Then the Clerk of the Parliaments took the said Bill

from the Hands of the Speaker, and brought it to
“ But we humbly beseech Your Majesty, That You the Table; where the Clerk of the Crown read the
“ would please to appoint such Persons, as Your Ma. Title of that and the other Bills to be passed, as fol-

jesty shall think most proper for that Purpose, to loweth ; (videlicet,)
« consider of the most effectual Means for manning
“ the Fleet, for the Encouragement and Increase of
is the Number of Seamen, and for the restoring and

“ 1. An Act for laying further Duties on Low Bills pased.
“ preserving the Discipline of the Navy, in order that Wines; and for preventing the Damage to Her Ma-
" the same may be laid before the Parliament the Be-

jesty's Revenue by Importation of Foreign Cut
“ ginning of the next Seslion.”

" Whalebone; and for making fome Provisions as to
" the Stamp Duties, and the Duties on Births, Bu-

" rials, and Marriages, and the Salt Duties, and
It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempor Her Majesty to dispose the Effe&s of William Kidă,

“ touching Million Lottery Tickets; and for enabling
ral in Parliament assembled, That the Lords with White
Staves do wait on Her Majesty, humbly to know

“ a notorious Pirate, to the Use of Greenwich Hofpital;
when Her Majesty will please to be attended, with the “ and for appropriating the Publiç Monies granted in
Address of this House agreed to this Day,

" this Session of Parliamenc.".

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To which said Bill the Clerk of the Parliaments " 17. An A&t for the Encouragement and Increase of

pronounced the Royal Assent, in these Words ; “ Seamen, and for the better and speedier männing (videlicet,)

Her Majesty's Fleet.” « La Rayne remercie Se's bons Subjects, accepte leur “ 18. An A&t for the paying and clearing the seBenevolence, et ainsi le veult.

“ veral Regiments commanded by Lieutenant General

Stewart, Colonel Hill, and Brigadier Holt; and for 2. An Act for the better Security of Her Ma “ supplying the Defect of the Muster Rolls of those

“ and several other Regiments.” " jesty's Person and

Government, and of the Succession to the Crown of England in the Protestant Line.”

To these Bills the Clerk of the Parliaments pro

nounced the Royal Affent, severally, in these zi Ari A&t for the better recruiting Her Majesty's

Words ; (videlicet,) Army and Marines.”

La Reyne le veult.4. An A&t for the better collecting Charity-money on Briefs by Letters Patents, and preventing Abuses

19. An Act for enabling James Duke of Ormondè is in relation to such Charities.”

" and Charles Earl of Arran to settle Fee-farin Rents,

“ in the County of Tipperary, in the Kingdom of Ire5. Ad Ad for the better ordering and governing

land, pursuant to an Agreement upon the Marriage if the Watermen and Lightermen upon the River of “ of the said Earl of Arran; and for making good oi Thames."

“ several Grants made by the faid Earl in Fee

« farm.” ? 6. An A&t for the Amendment of the Law, and " the better Advancement of Justice.”

20. An Act for vesting the Inheritance of a Mer

“ suage and Gardens, in Acton, in the County of Middlx, 7. An Act to prevent Frauds frequently committed

“ purchased by the Right Honourable Evelyn Earl of " by Bankrupts."

« Kingston upon Hull, in Trustees, for the said Earl and

“ his Heirs." “ 8. An Act for making effectual a Grant of Their “ late Majesties King Willian and Queen Mary, of the 21. An A& for making the Exemplification of the “ Town and Lands of Sea-Town, to the Archbishopric “ Will of Edward late Earl of Conway, under the Seal of Dublin ; and for restoring the same to the said “ of the Court of Chancery in the Kingdom of “ See.”

Ireland, and the Depositions relating to the samé,

“ Evidence on Hearings in Equity and Trials at 9. An Act to enlarge the Time for registering « Law.” co unsatisfied Debentures upon the forfeited Estates in Ireland; and for renewing of other Debentures, 22. An Act to enable Scrope Lord Viscount Howe " which have been lost, burnt, or destroyed.”

“ of the Kingdom of Ireland to make a certain Pro

« vision for his Daughters by his First Wife; that which 10. An Act to empower

the Lord High Treasurer, “ was intended being, as expreffed in the Marriage or Commissioners of the Treasury, to issue, out of “Settlement, uncertain and contingent." " the Monies arising by the Coinage Duty, any Sum

not exceeding Five Hundred Pounds, over and above “ 23. An Act to enlarge the Power of Richard Lord “ the Sur of Three Thousand Pounds Yearly, for the “ Bulkley, Viscount Cashells in the Kingdom of Ireis Uses of the Mint."

land, of leasing his Estate in Cheshire, for Per

“ formance and Satisfaction of the Trufts upon the “ 11. An Act for repairing the Highways be " said Estate.” “ tween Barnehill and Hatton Heatb, in the County of « Chefter."


An Act for Sale of Part of the Estate of

Henry Lord Coleraine, Baron of Coleraine in the “ 12. An Act for the better enabling the Master, “ Kingdom of Ireland; and supplying the Want of En

Wardens, and Asistants, of Trinity House, to re rolment of a Deed concerning other Part of his “ build the Light-house on The Edystone Rock.

« Estate.”

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13. An A&t for enlarging the Pier and Har 25.. An Act for the supplying the Defect, of a “ bour of Partón, in the County of Cumberland.“ Common Recovery suffered by Philip Smith Esquire,

“ Viscount Strangford of the Kingdom of Ireland, 14. An Act for raising the Militia for the Year

“ and George Smith Esquire, his Eldest Son, and of " One Thousand Seven Hundred and Six, notwith

“ the Deed which declared the Uses of the said Re“ standing the Month's Pay formerly advanced be not

covery." “ re-paid; and for an Accompt to be made of Trophyri monies.”

is 26. Ari Ad for the Sale of the Manor of Temple

Dionisley, alias Dinsley, and other Lands, in the no 15. An Act for continuing an A&t made in the

“ County of Hertford, for the Payment of the Debts

“ of Sir Edwin Sadleir Baronet, and other Pur- Session held in the Third and Fourth Years of Her

Majesty's Reign, intituled, An Act for punishing “ Mutiny and Defertion, and false. Musters; and

27. An Act to enable Sir Fohn Humble Baronet, " for the better Payment of the Army and Quar " and his Trustees, to settle several Messuages, Lands,

“ and Hereditaments, lying in the Counties of Lincolne,

Surrey, and Kent, pursuant to the Articles ará “ 16. An A&t for the Increase and better Preser- « Agreements made upon his Marriage with Dame “ vation of Salmon, and other Fish, in the Rivers within “ Sarah, his now Wife.” “ the Counties of Southampton and Wilts.


28. An

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is ters."

“ 28. An A& for vesting the Estate late of Richard " Bold Esquire in Trustees, i to be leased, fold, or “ mortgaged, for raising the Portions, Debts, and Mo“ nies, to which the same is liable.

40. An Act for vesting in Trustees tlie Estate of " Maurice Goulstone Esquire, for the raising his Şifters “ Portions, and Payment of Debts; and other Purposes " therein mentioned."

29. An Act for vesting certain Terms for Forty

41. An Act for vesting certain Messuages and 1 Years in Trustees, which were granted by John

“ Lands, in the Counties of Devon and Cornwal, of “ Abington Esquire, deceased; and to empower them to

Nicholas Row Esquire, in Trustees, to be. sold; and grant, renew, and fill up Leafes, according to the

" applying the greatest Part of the Purchase-money to Usage of the Manor therein mentioned ; and for

" the Uses of his Marriage Settlement, and the Refidue “ raising Portions for the Younger Children of the said

for Payment of Debts. John Abington."

42. An Ad for the Relief of Colonel John

« Rice." 30. An A&t for vesting the Equity of Redemption of the Lands and Tenements, lying in the County " of Leicester, late the Estate of John Digby Esquire,

43. An Act for the removing all Doubts touching “ deceased, in Trustees, to the Intent that the same

“ the Saving Clause of One Act of Parliament, intituled,

“ An Act for vesting divers - Manors and Lands of may be fold, for the discharging of the Mortgages " and other Incumbrances thereon."

Mathew Holworthy Esquire. in Trustees, to be sold;

“ and purchasing other Manors or Lands, of equal 31. An A& to empower Thomas Carey and George s chated to the Tame Ures as the Lands to be fold are Hatley, of London, Merchants, to import the Re

« limited.” “ mainder of a Quantity of French Wines from Copen. hagen, contracted for before the First Day of Janua

44. An Act for Sale of the Manor of Barwickry One Thousand Seven Hundred and Four.”

Hall, and other Lands, in the County of Elsex, the

“ Estate of William Forbes Esquire; and for purchasing 32. An Act to enable Trustees to make Provi

“ other Lands, to be settled to the same Uses.” “ fion for Payınent of Debts of William Hugesen Esquire; " and for raising Portions for his Younger Sons; and « for making good the intended Settlement upon the

• 45. An A&t to vest certain Lands and Tenements,

“ in the County of Kent, the Estate of Richard Thorn“ Marriage of William Hugesen the Younger, Gentle

hill Esquire, in Trustees, to be fold, for the Pays man.”

“ment of Debts, and his Sisters Portions charged 33. An Act for Sale of Lands, in the Counties of « chase-money to the Uses of his Marriage Settle

thereupon; and for securing the Residue of the Pur“ Southampton and Dorset, late the Estate of Thomas

ment." Deane Esquire, deceased, for Payment of the Debts " and Legacies charged thereupon; and for other Pur

46. An Act to enable John Brett Fisher Esquire .“ poses therein mentioned.”

“ and Judith his Wife to sell Lands, for the Payment

" of his Debts, and making Provision for his wife and 34. An Act for settling the Impropriate Tithes “ Children, in case they shall have any." “ of the Parilh of St. Bridget, alias Bride's, London.

47. An Act to enable John Williams, an Infant,

notwithstanding his Infancy, to renew a Lease of the 35. An A&t for augmenting the Number of Canons Parsonage of Bugden, held under One of the Preo Residentiary in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, “ bendaries of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln; and “ and for improving the Deanry and Prebends of the “ also for settling the Prebend of Bugden as an Aug" said Cathedral."

“ mentation for the Vicar of Bugden; and vesting the so

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Parilh of Bugden in “ 36. - An Act for the Relief of Non-commission Of- the Bilhop of Lincoln." “ ficers and Private Soldiers of the Lord Drogheda's 6 and Colonel Coot's Regiments.”

48. An Act for the Sale of Lands, in the County,

of Lincoln, late the Estate of John Stanhope Esquire, 37.

An Á& for Sale of the Manor and Estate of « deceased, for Payment of his Debts.” " and in Hetbersedge and Dore, in the County of Derby, “ the Estate of Christopher Pegg Esquire; and mort

49. An Act for taking the Estate in Law of a gaging Part of his Manor and Estate, of and in * Beau- " Mortgage made by Jębn, Sands Esquire, which is cliff and Strawberry Lee, in the same County, for “ descended to Daughters and Coheirs of John Pargi" raising Money, for Payment of Debts, and Incum “ ter deceased (who are Infants), * they being only • brances thereon, and for making Provision for his

“ Trustees for Henry Raper Merchant.” Family."

50. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer 38. An Aż to enable William Gomeldon Esquire to

“ of England, or Commissioners of the Treasury, for sell a Farm in Kent, to discharge an Incumbrance ( the Time being, to compound with Thomas Tomkins upon the same; and to apply the Residue of the MQ

ç and John Chagneau, and their Securities, for the ! nies arising by such Sale in Payment of the said Wil- “ Debts owing by them respectively to Her Majesty.” « liam Gomeldon's Debts."

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“ 51. An Act to enable Trustees to fell several 39. An A& for- vesting a Mortgage of Humphry « Houses and Lands, in and near Portsmouth, late the Courtney Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, to be sold, “ Eftate of Elizabeth Hicks, for Payment of a Debt, " to discharge the Mortgages, Debts, and Incum

" and Interest charged thereupon ; and for laying out brances, on the said Estate.”

“ the Residue of the Money in other Lands, to be set

" tlad to the fame Uses." * It has always before occurred Beauchiit.

* Sic; vide antea 199 & 20° Februarií.

52. An

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a dren.”

år $2. An A&t for vesting the Freehold and Copy 64. An Act for the Sale of an Advowson in Suf“ hold Ettate of Thoma's Gower Gentleman, deceased," sex, late the Estate of Michael Sorocold Clerk, de" in Trustees, to be fold, for Payment of Debts; and “ ceased, for Payment of his Debts, and making Provi,

“ fion for his Widow and Child." " settling the Remainder for the Benefit of his Daughters."

.65: An Act for Sale of the Estate of John Vica 53. An Act for vesting the Estate of Valentine " cary deceased, in Rockbear, in the County of Des « Cromé, of Maiden-Early, in the County of Berks; von, for Payment of his Debts charged there, “ Gentleman, in Trustees, to be fold, for Payment of " upon, and for Maintenance of his Widow and Chil, « his Father's Debts, and making a Provilion for hima " self and Brother."

“ 66. An Act to empower the Lord High Treasurer 54. An A&t for the Sale of Lands late of John “ of Engld, or Commillioners of the Treasury, for the Ballet Gentleman, deceased, for the more speedy Pay Time being, to compound with Francis Clyes, as Sure“ ment of his Debts, and raising Portions for his Younger ty for William Penneck, late of Exon, Merchant, in “ Children.”

“ Six several Bonds for Duties on Tobacco, which the

" said William Penneck had at the Port of Falmouth, 55. An A&t for the more effectual assuring of Part“ in December One Thousand Seven Hundred and " of the Lands of Inheritance of William and Thomas

ri One.” Lambard, in the County of Kent, pursuant to a Deed " of Settlement; and for assuring (in Lieu of other 67. An Act to rectify a Mistake in, and explain, "Part thereof) other Lands of Inheritance therein an A&t paffed in the last Seslion, to empower the “ also mentioned, and for better Provision for Younger " Lord High Treasurer, or Commissioners of the Trea“ Children.”

“ sury, to compound with Richard Cobb Esquire, as One

st of the Sureries for Thomas Cobb Gentleman, Receiver " 56. An Act for vesting the Capital Messuage and General for the County of Southampton and Idle of “other Lands and Tenements of Foulke Wynne, in the Wight.“ County of Denbigh, Gentleman, and Meredith Wynne 6 his Son, in Trustees, to the Intent that Part thereof “ 68. An Act to make the Ship L’Amazone, taken

may be sold, for Payment of his Debrs, and the Re " and condemned as a Prize, and sold in the Island of “ lidae fettled pursuant to Marriage Articles.”

6 Barbadoes, free."

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“ fions of Division and Animosity. I am much pleased « Promoters of them, you will soon make the whole “ to find how entirely your Sentiments have agreed “ Kingdom sensible of the good Effects of so prudent

with Mine : Your Unanimity and Zeal, which I have " and happy a Conduct.” “ observed with great Satisfaction, throughout this “ whole Session, against every Thing that tends towards “ Sedition, doth so much discourage all such Attempts

Then the Lord Keeper, by Her Majesty's Command, for the future, and hath set such an Example to said, “ the whole Kingdom, that, when you are returned

Parliament “ into your several Countries, I doubt not but you “ My Lords and Gentlemen,

prorogued. “ will find the Effects of it every where; and, I assure “ Myself, you will make it your Business and Care to “ Her Majesty's Royal Will and Pleasure is, That “ improve and perfect that good Work you have so

“ this Parliament should be prorogued to Tuesday the “ far advanced here ; and, by continuing to thew a

“ One and Twentieth Day of May next: And this Para “ just Diflike of all factious and turbulent Proceedings,

“ liament is prorogued accordingly to Tuesday the One " and resolving to discountenance the Encouragers and

" and Twentieth Day of May next.”.

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