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« tified, to be Members of the House of Lords, David Earl of Leven.
" for and on the Behalf of that Part of Great James Earl of Seafield.
« Britain called Scotland, in the First Parliament David Earl of Glasgow.
66 of Great Britain, which is to meet the Twenty Archibald Earl of l’lay.
“ third Day of Oktober Instant.

Nathaniel Viscount Say & Seale.
James Duke of Queensberry.

Thomas Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. " James Duke of Montrose.

Thomas Lord Bishop of Rochester. ~ John Duke of Roxburgh.

John Lord Bishop of Ely. John Marquis of Tweeddale.

John Lord Bishop of Chichester. William Marquis of Lothian.

Richard Lord Bihop of Peterborough.
" John Earl of Crafoord.

Richard Lord Willoughby Breke.
John Earl of Sutherland.

Charles Lord Howard of Escrick.
John Earl of Marr.

Lewis Lord Rockingham. Hugh Earl of Loudoun.

William Lord Berkeley of Stratton. « David Earl of Weymss.

Charles Lord Cornwallis. " David Earl of Leven,

Henry Lord Herbert. James Earl of Seafield.

John Lord Sommers. John Earl of Stair.

Christopher Lord Barnard. « Archibald Earl of Roseberry.

Charles Lord Halifax. " David Earl of Glasgow.

Heneage Lord Gernsey.
Archibald Earl of Play.

“ Witness my Hand, this Twenty-second Day Dominus Cancellarius Magnæ Britanniæ declaravit Adjousi
“ of October, Anno Domini 1707. præsens Parliamentum continuandum efse usque ad et in
Geo. WRIGHTE, Cler. Coron." diem Jovis, tricesimum diem instantis Oétobris, hora

decima Aurora, Dominis fic decernentibus.

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D. Devonshire This Day William Duke of Devonshire Lord Steward
takes his Seate' of Her Majesty's Householdsat first in Parliament,

upon the Death of his Father William Duke of Devon-

IE Jovis, 30° O&tobris.

R E G I N A.
Lords take the

Then, the Lord Chancellor, singly, in the First
Place, at the Table, took the Oaths of Allegiance and

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes
Supremacy, and the Oath of Abjuration, and made

and subscribed the Declaration, pursuant to the Sta-

Arch. Cantuar. Ds. Cancellarius

Mag. Britannia.

Ds. Lawarr.
The Lords following also took the Oaths ; (vide- Epus. London.

Dux Somerset.

Ds. Berkeley. licet)

Epus. Sarum.

Ds. Chandos.
Epus. Lice. ơ Coo.

Dux Richmond.
Dux Grafton.

Ds. Howard E,C.
Sidney Earl of Godolphin, Lord High Treasurer of Great Epus. Petriburg.

Ds. Mobun.

Dux Ormonde.

Epus. Ciceftr.

Ds. Byron.

Dux St. Albans.
William Duke of Devonshire, Lord Steward of the Epus. Bangor.

Dux Schonburg.

Ds. Rockingham. Household.

Dux de Com. Bucking

Ds. Berkeley Str. Charles Duke of Richmond.

ham & Normanby.

Ds. Dartmouth.

Ds. Lempster. James Duke of Ormonde.

Dux Montrose.

Ds. Herbert. George Duke of Northumberland.

Dux Roxburghe.

Ds. Haversham. Charles Duke of Bolton.

March. Lindsey, Mag. Ds. Barnard. James Duke of Montrolle.

nus Camerarius.

Ds. Halifax.
John Duke of Roxburgh.

March. Lothian.
Robert Marquis of Lindsey, Lord Great Chamberlain
of England.

Comes Derby.

Comes Peterborow.
William Marquis of Lothian.

Comes Stanford.
Charles Earl of Peterborow and Monmouth.

Comes Sunderland,
Charles Earl of Sunderland,

Comes Scarsdale.
Robert Earl of Scarsdale.

Comes Essex.
Daniel Earl of Nottingham.

Comes Feversham.
Richard Earl of Scarbrough.

Comes Berkeley:
Francis Earl of Bradford.

Comes Nottingham.
Henry Earl of Grantham.

Comes Rochester.

Comes Portland.
John Earl Poulett.
Henry Earl of Bindon.

Comes Bradford.
John Earl of Crafurd.

Comes Grantham.
John Earl of Mar.

Comes Greenwich.
Hugh Earl of Loudoun.

Comes Wharton.
David Earl of Wemyss.


66 Name ;

Comes Poulett.

ceptance of his Service; and humbly prayed, in the
Comes Bindon.

Name of the Commons, " That Her Majesty would be
Comes Sutherland.

“ graciously pleased to allow and confirm all their ancient
Comes Wemyss.

Rights and Privileges; particularly,
Comes Seafield.

“ That they might have Liberty and Freedom of
Comes Glasgow.

Speech in all their Debates.
Comes Play.

“ That their Persons, Estates, and Servants, be free
Viscount Say & Seale.

s from Arrests and Troubles.

“ That they may have Access to Her Royal Person, PRAYERS.

“ as Occasion thall require.

" That Her Majesty would have a gracious Opi-
Lords take the

The Lords following took the Oaths of Allegiance “nion of all their Actions.
and Supremacy, and the Oath of Abjuration, and

And that, if himself at any Time should mistake,
also made and subscribed the Declaration, pur-
suant to the Statutes ; (videlicet,)

“ he might have Her Majesty's favourable Inter

pretation, and gracious Pardon.”
Charles Duke of Grafton.

Then the Lord Chancellor, by Her Majesty's further
Charles Duke of St. Albans.

Command, said,
Mainherdt Duke of Schonburg.
John Duke of Buckingham and Normanby.

“ Mr. Speaker,
James Earl of Derby.

“ Her Majesty is pleased to say, That She is fully Thomas Earl of Stamford.

" assured of the Discretion and Temper, as well as of Algernon Earl of Esex.

“ the good Affections, of Her House of Commons: Lewis Earl of Feversham.,

“ And as to the Suit which you have made in their
Charles Earl of Berkeley.

Her Majesty does most willingly grant to
Lawrence Earl of Rochester.

" them all their Privileges, in as full a Manner as they
William Earl of Portland.

were at any Time granted or allowed by any of Her John Earl of Greenwich.

“ Royal Predecessors: And as to what you have Thomas Earl of Wharton.

“ prayed in Relation to yourself; Her Majesty will John Earl of Sutherland.

put the best and most favourable Construction upon

your Words and Actions, in the Execution of your Henry Lord Bishop of London.

“ Duty of Speaker of the House of Commons; being Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.

“ satisfied of your Integrity, of your Zeal for Her SerJohn Lord Bishop of Lichfield & Coventrie.

“ vice, of your firm Adherence to the true Interest of John Lord Bishop of Bangor.

your Country, and of your faithful Performance of James Lord d'Berkeley.

" the Public Trusts which have been committed to your
Charles Lord Mohun.

" Care."
William Lord Byron.
William Lord Dartmouth.

After which, the Lord Chancellor, by Her Majesty's
William Lord Lempster.

Command, said,
Fohn Lord Haversham.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

Houses directe

ed to adjourn, Then the House was adjourned during Pleasure, to Her Majesty has commanded me to acquaint you, robe.

“ That Her Majesty, upon mature Consideration, has

“ thought it convenient to defer declaring Her Reasons The House was resumed.

“ for calling this Parliament till Thursday the Sixth

Day of November next : And therefore it is Her MaQueen present,

Her Majesty, being seated on Her Royal Throne, jesty's Pleasure, that both Houses should adjourn
adorned with Her Crown and Regal Ornaments, attend “ themselves to Thursday next.”
ed with Her Officers of State (the Peers being in their
Robes), commanded the Deputy Gentleman Usher of

Then Her Majesty was pleased to withdraw; and the
the Black Rod to let the Commons know, “ It is Her

Majesty's Pleasure, that they attend Her presently, Commons returned to their House. “ in the House of Peers.”

Dominus Cancellarius declaravit præsens Parliamen- Adjourn. Smith, Speak. Who being come; they presented the Right Honourer of H, C.

tum continuandum esse usque ad et in diem Jovis, sexprolented, and able John Smith Esquire, whom they had chosen to be

tum diem Novembris jam. prox. futur. hora decima approved of. their Speaker, for Her Majesty's Royal Approbation.

Auroræ, Dominis fic decernentibus.
And, after a short Speech made by him to Her Ma-
jesty, desiring Her Majesty to excuse him from that

The Lord Chancellor, by Her Majesty's Command, acquainted the House of Commons, "That Her Majesty “ was pleased to approve of the Choice they had made, “and did allow of, and confirm, Mr. Smith to be their “ Speaker."

Then Mr. Speaker returned Her Majesty Thanks, for Her gracious Approbation of the Choice and Ac.


IE Jovis, 6° Novembris.

John Marquis of Tweeddalon
John Earl of Leicester.

George Earl of Northampton.
Ι Ν Α.

Charles Earl of Radnor.
Edward Earl of Orford.

Edward Earl of Jersey.
Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsetites

Hugh Earl of Cholmondeley.

John Lord Archbishop of York.
Arch. Cantuar. Ds. Cancellarius.
Arch. Ebor,

John Lord Bishop of Landaffe.
Comes Godolphin,

Ds. Lawarr.

Ds. d'Berkeley.
Epus. London.

William Lord Paget.
Dux Devonshire, Se. Ds. Paget.
Epus. Sarum.

Ds. Howard Ef.

Thomas Lord Howard Eff
Epus. Eliens.

Ds. Chandos,

James Lord Chandos.
Epus. Petrib.
Dux Somerset.

William Lord Stawell:

Ds. Howard Esc. .
Epus. Ciceftr.
Dux Grafton.

Fohn Lord Ashburnhant.

Ds. Mohun.
Epus. Bangor.
Dux Ormonde.
Is. Byron.

John Lord Granville.
Epus. Landaven.
Dux Schonburg

Ds. Rockingham.
Dux Buckingham &
Ds. Dartmouth.

Then the House was adjourned during Pleasure, ta
Ds. Stawell.

Dux Queensberry. Ds. Ashburnham.
Dux Montrose. Ds. Lempster.

The House was resumed.
Dux Roxburghe. Ds. Weston.
March. Lindsey, Mag. Ds. Herbert.

Her Majesty, being seated on Her Royal Throne, Qdeen presenta

adorned with Her Crown and Regal Ornaments, attend-
nus Camerarius. Ds. Haversham.

ed with Her Officers of State (the Peers being in their
March. Kent, Came- Ds. Sommers.
Ds. Halifax.

Robes), commanded the Deputy Gentleman Uther of

the Black Rod to let the Commons know, “ It is Her
Ds. Granville.
March. Tweeddale.
Ds. Gerney.

Majesty's Pleasure, that they attend Her presently,
March. Lothian.

« in the House of Peers.”
Comes Derby.
Comes Leicester.

Who being come, with their Speaker ; Her Majesty
Comes Northampton.

was pleased to say as followeth :
Comes Peterborow.
2:55: Comes Stamford.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

Her Majesty's Comes Sunderland.

Speech. Comes Scarsdale.

“ It is with all humble Thankfulness to Almighty Comes Elex.

God, and with entire Satisfaction to Myself, that I
Comes Feversham.

meet you bere, in this First Parliament of Great Bris
Comes Radnor.

tain ; nor doubting, but you come with Hearts pre-
Comes Nottingham.

!! “ pared, as Mine is, to make this Union fo prosperous, Comes Rocheller,

“ as may answer the well-grounded Hopes of all My Comes Bradford.

“ good Subjects, and the reasonable Apprehensions of
Comes Orford.

Comes Jersey
Comes Grantham.

“ To this End, nothing is so immediately material, as
Comes Greenwich.

“ to convince, as soon as is possible, both our Friends Comes Wharton.

“ and our Enemies, that the uniting of our Interests Comes Poulet.

“ has not only improved our Abilities, but our ResoComes Cholmondeley.

“ lutjops allo; to profecute this just and necessary War, Comes Crafoord.

" till we obtain a safe and honourable Peace for our
Comes Sutherland.

“ selves, and for our Allies.
Comes Mar.
Comes Loudoun.

“ In so great and extensive a War, as this is, many
Comes Wemyss.

“ Things may be usefully undertaken, which are not Comes Leven.

« fit to be communicated before-hand: The Attempt Comes Seafield.

“apon Taulon was of this Nature ; and, though it had Comes Glasgow.

“ not wholly its desired Effect, has, nevertheless, been Comes Play.

• attended with many great and obvious Advaạtages to Viscount Say & Seale.

" the common Cause in this Year; and has made our

Way more easy, I hope, to greater in the next.



Lords take the


“ As the French have gained Ground upon us in “ Spain, so they have been wholly driven out of Italy ;

" by which it is become more easy for all the Allies to
This Day the Lords following took the Oaths of " join their Alistance, next Year, for enabling the

Allegiance and Supremacy, and the Oath of “ King of Spain to recover His Affairs in that Kingdom,
Abjuration, and also made and subscribed the ! and to reduce the whole Spanish Monarchy to His

Declaration, pursuant to the Statutes ; (videlicet,) "Obedience.
James Duke of Queensberry..

“ The Weakness and ill Posture of Affairs upon
Henry Marquis of Kent, Lord Chamberlain. The Rhine, in the Beginning of the Year, has given

Vol. XVII.



“ thing to prevail with you to difunite among your

selves, or abate your Zeal in opposing the Common “ Enemy."

“ an Opportunity to the French, to make themselves

stronger in all other Parts; but this Defect seems in

a very promising Way of being fully remedied, against “ next Campaign, by the Conduct and Authority of " the Elector of Hannover, whose seasonable Acceptance “ of that Command has strengthened, and obliged, the “ whole Confederacy.

Then Her Majesty was pleased to withdraw; and the Commons returned to their House.

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" Gentlemen of the Houfe of Commons, “ The just Application of the Supplies, given Me by former Parliaments, the plain Necessity of continuing this War, the reasonable Prospect of putting

a good End to it, if we be not wanting to ourselves; " and the Honour of the First Parliament of Great Britain, are, I make no Doubt, sufficient Arguments “ to invite you to provide the necessary Supplies, “ which I am obliged to desire of you, for the en

suing Campaign in all Parts, and particularly for withe timely Support of the King of Spain, and the “ making good our Treaty with Portugal; as also for

strengthening the Confederate Army under the « Command of the Duke of Savoy : All which Ser« vices I do not doubt but you will think so necessary, «r that they ought not to be neglected, even though they " 'fhould require an Augmentation.

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کد ۲۲[ 1C

's The Sims already expended in this War, have « been very great; and they are sufficient Proofs, *. how well satisfied My Subjects have always been with " the Ends of My Government; of which I am so “ sensible, as never to ask any Supplies from them,

but what are absolutely necessary for the Preservaci tion of their Religion and Liberty ; and I look upon “ it as My great Happiness, that I have not the least “ Intereit feparate from that of all. My good. Subjects. " My Lórds, and Gentlemen, pimeInc ,000)

inici so --" In a Work so great, and new in its kind, as « that of the Union, it is impossible but that some “Doubts and Difficulties must have arifen ; which;

howeverI hope, iare i fa i fars, overcome,l, as to “ have defeated the Designs of those who would ! have made Use of that Handle to foment Distur" bances11393. I virt; o'i'

۲۰) (); s There are several Matters expressly made liable, by the Artieles of the Union, to the Confideration of

die Parliament of Great Britain ; which, together oë with such others as may reasonably produce those Advantages, that, with due Care, must certainly “ arise from that Treaty, I earnestly recommend to your * serious Confideration...


Messire Thomas Trevor, Chivalier et Chief Justicer de

Banc Comune. Messire Edvard Ward, Chivalier et Chief Baron de

l’Exchequer de la Reine.. Meflire Lacon William Child, Chivalier. 2 Messire Richard Holford, Chivalier.


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Et ceux qui veulent deliver leur Peticons, eux

baillent dedans Six Jours procheinment ensueant.

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3757 On My Part, nothing shall be wanting to procure ds to My People, all the Blesfings which can follow “ from ihis happy Circumstance of My Reign ; and, to « extinguish, by all proper Means, the least Oc*cafions of Jealousy, that either the Civil or Re“ ligious Rights of any Part of this My United

Kingdoin can suffer by the Consequences of this " Union. ..

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"'" Such a Suggestion shall never, in My Time, have « any Foundation ; 'how restless foever our Enemies “ may be in their Endeavours, and Artifices, to disturb « our Peace and Happiness. Those great and valuable “ Blessings cannot but be always secure to us, if we “ heartily endeavour to confirm and improve our pre« fent Union: I hope, therefore, you will suffer no

Le Count de Derby.

Le Count de Stamford.
Le Count de Sunderland.
Le Count de Feversham.
Le Count de Wharton.
Le Count de Crafoord.
POLJ ! ;

?c eis LT:


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Comes Ejjex.vis ;

Le Count de Southerland.

Dux Buckingham, Epus. Landaven. Ds. Byron.
Le Count de Mar.

& Nor.

Ds. Rockingham.
Dux Queensberry.

Ds. Dartmouth.
Le Baron de Lawarr.

Dux Montrose.

Ds. Stawell.
Le Baron Herbert.

Duš Roxburgh.

Ds. Ashburnham.
Le Baron Sommers.

March. Lindsey,

Ds. Lempster.
Le Baron Halifax.

Ds. Weston.
Magnus Came-

Ds. Hierbert.

Ds. Haversham. "Touts eux ensemble, ou Quatres de Seigneurs March. Kent,

Camerarius. avanditz; appellants aux eux les Serjeants

Ds. Sommers.

Ds. Halifax. de la Reine, quant sera Besoigne; tien

March. Tweeddale.

Ds. Granville. dront leur Place en le Chamber de Tre.

March. Lothian.

Ds. Gernsey

Comes Derby.
Comeş Leicester.

"Comes Northamp-
Les Triours des Peticons de Gascoigne, et des ton.
autres Terres et Pais de par le Mer et des

Comes Petersilie!


Comes Stamford.
Le Duc d'Ormonde.

Comes Sundera! 9':
Le Duc de Shrewsbury."

Le Duc de Bedford.

Coines Scarsdale.
Le Duc de Montague.

Le Duc de Roxburghé.

Comes Feversham.


Comes Radnor.
Le Marquess de Kent, Chamberlein de l'Hostel * et de Comes Nottinge:) Cinisi's quis,ni
la Reine.

bam. 3 citar

- pont) Comes Rochester. ; 5:17

Le Marquess de Lothian.

Comes Bradford.
Comes Orford,

Le Count de Bridgewater.

***Comes Jersey... Tot Le Count de Westworland.

? Comes Granthamo! ) 5:01 Le Count de Thanet.) 27.

"Comes Greenwich...,, Le Count de Rochester. it;)

Comes Wharton. mé,

!!!!!!! Le Count Poulett.

Comes Poulett. ?i..

Le Count de Loudoun...)

Comes Cholmonde, por
Le Count de Wemyss...??

191) liny:

Le Count de Leven.)

Comes Crafoord.or...'! : ! :
Comes Sutheri' niested ,


b. C': Le Baron North & Grey...)


soilo )
Le Baron Mohun.:: ? 10)

Comes Mar.
Le Baron Dartmouth...)

Comes Loudoun.
Le Baron Gernsey.

Comes Wemyss. -11...!!???, :')
Comes Leven."

Comes Seafield.
Touts eux ensemble, ou Quatre de Seigneours
avanditz; appellant aux eux les Serjeants Comes Play.

Comes Glasgow.
de la Reine, quant serra Besoigne; tien-
dront leur Place en la Chambre de Cham Viscount Say &


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Poor's Bill." rich Hodie ra, vice lecta eft Billa, intituled, “An Act for

at the preventing of the Poor's being defrauded, and
• Redress of several other Abuses.".

Their Lordships, or any Seven of them; to meet

on Monday next, at Ten a Clock in the Fore-
noon, in the House of Peers ; and to adjourn
from Time to Time as they please.

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Lords Sub-committees appointed to consider of the Committee for
Orders and Customs of the House, and Privileges

the Journal.
of the Peers of Great Britain and Lords of Par-
liament; and to peruse and perfect the Journals of
the last Parliament, and also the Journal of this

Dux Buckingham

& Normanby. Epus. Sarum.
Dux Queensberry. Epus. Eliens.

Ds. Lawarr.
Dux Montrose.
Epus. Petriburg. Ds. Pagett.

Ds. Howard Esc.
March. Lindsey, Epus. Ciceftr.

Ds. Mohun.
Magnus Came. Epus. Bangor.
Epus. Landaven. Ds. Rockingham.

Ds. Dartmouth.
March. Tweeddale.

Ds. Ashburnham.

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