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Adulterate, a-dil'tůr-åte. a. tainted with the|| Advent, ad'vent. s. one of the holy seasons,

guijt of adultery, corrupted with some fo signifying the coming of our Saviour; the reign admixture

four weeks before Christmas Adulterateness, a-důltür-åte-n_ss. s. the qua-|| Adventitious, âd-vên-tisa'ús. a. that adrenes, lity or state of being adulterate

extrinsically added Adulteration, à-důl-tůr-a'shủn. s. the act of Adventual, ad-vêu'ishủ-ål. a. relating to the corrupting; the state of being contaminat season of Advent

(hazard ed

(adultery | Adventure, åd-ven'tshire. 8. accident, chance, Adulterer, A-dil'tår-ůr. 8. a man guilty of Adventure, ád-ven'tsbåre, v. 2. to try the Adulteress, &-dii'tůr-éss. . a woman that chance, to dare commits adultery

Adventurer, ad-vèn'-tshår-ůr. s. he that seeks Adulterine, à-důl'tůr-lae. s. a child born of an occasions of hazard adulteress

[tery|| Adventurous, ad-vén'tshůr-ús. a. inclined to Adulterous, å-dil'tůr-ửs. a. guilty of adul adventures, daring, courageous; full of haAdultery, a-důl'tor-ė. s. the act of violating zard, dangerous

(daringly the bed of a married person

Adventurously, ad-vên'tshůr-is-lè. ad. boldly, Adumbrant, ad-âm'brânt a. thal gives a slight Adventuresome, åd-rên'tshür-sům. See Adresemblance

venturous Adumbrate, åd-im'bråte. . a. to shadow out, Alventuresomeness, ad-vên'tshår-sům-ness. to exhibit a faint resemblance

the quality of being adventuresome Adumbration, åd-ům-bra'shủn. s. the act of Adverb, ad’vềrb. s. a word joined to a verá

giving a slight and imperfect representa or adjective, and applied to the use of guacion

lifying and restraining the latitude of her Adunation, ad-d-nå'shủn. s. the state of being signification

(of an adverb united, union

[ness | Adverbial, ad-vêr'be-al. a. having the quality Aduncity, å-důn'se-tè.s. crookedness, hooked- ||-a dverbially, ad--ver'bé-ål-iė. ad. in the man Adunque, a-dủnk' a. crooked

ner of an adverb Adure, à-dire' v. n. to burn up

Adversable, ad'vêr-så-bl. a. contrary to Adust, å-důst.' a. burnt up, scorched Adversary, ad'vếr-så-ré. s. an opponent, adA dusted, i-důst'éd. a. burnt, dried with fire tagonist, enemy Adustible, á-dås'té-bl. a. that may be adusted Adverse, åd'vèrse. a. acting with contrary di Adustion, à-důs'tshủn. s. the act of burning up, rections; calamitous, afflictive or drying

Adversely, ad'verse-le. ad. uchambarely Advance, Ld-vänse'. v. a. to bring forward ;|| Adversity, ad-vêr'sė-tė. s. asnici, calamity

to raise to preferment; to improve ; to|| Advert, åd-vert'. v. n. to attend to, regard, accelerate

observe Advance, ad-vånse'. v. n. to come forward Advertence, ad-vêr'tếrss.

8. attention to to make improvement

Advertency, ad-vêr'tén-sé. Advance, ad-vänse'. s. the act of coming for regard to ward; progression, improvement

Advertise, ád-vér-tize'. v. a. to inform anoAdvancement, ad-vånse' mént. s. the act of|| ther, to give intelligence coming forward; preferment; improve- | Advertisement, ad-ver't{z-mênt. s. intelli.

gence, information; notice published in a Advancer, ád-vån'sůr. s. a promoter, forwarder paper of intelligence Advantage, ad-vån'tådje. s. superiority; gain,|| Advertiser, ad-ver-"zúr. s. he that gives in

profit; preponderation [promote telligence; the paper in which advertise Advantage, ád-vån'tadje. V. a to benefit; to ments are published Advantaged, ad-vån'tå-jêd. a. possessed of Advertising. âd-ver-tzing. a. active in giving advantages

intelligence, monitory Advantage-ground, id-våo'taje-griind. B.|| Advesperate, id-ves'pe-råte. v. n. to draw

ground that gives superiority and advan towards evening tage

Advice, ad-vise'. s. counsel, instruction, non Advantageous, ad-văn-tajle. . profitable, tice; intelligence usefu

Advisable, åd-vizá-bl. a. prudent, fit to be ada Advantageously, ad-vån-tå'jos-ld. ad. conve vised

[of being advisable niently, opportunely, proftably

Advisableness, ad-vl’za-bl-ness. 6. the quality Advantageousness, ad-van-tå'jůs-nées. e. pro || Advise, ad-: ize'. v. a to counsel; inform, fitableness, convenience [added make acquainted

(deliberata Advene, ad-séne'. v. 9. to accede, to be super-| Advise, ad-vize'. v. t. to consult, consider, Advenient, id-ud'aé-ént. a. advening, super-|| Advised, âd-vi’zéd. part. a. acting with delic added

beration, prudent, wise




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mutual Code


Advisedly, ad-vizéd-lé. ad. deliberately, || Affectionately, al-rék'shún-åte-lè. ad. foudly, purposely, prudently


(ness, tenderness Advisedness, 'ad-plzéd-nést. s. deliberation, Affectionateness, áf-rêk'shữn-ate-ness s. fondprudent procedure

Affectioned, af-fék'shånd. a. affected, conceitAdviser, ad-vlzûr. s. the person that advises ed; inclined, mentally disposed Advocacy, ad'vd-kå-sė. s. vindication, de- Affectiously, åf-fék’shủs-lė. ad. in an affecting fedve, apology

(cause of another Advocate, ad-vb-kite. e. he that pleads the Affective, år-fék'tfv. a. that which affects Advocation, âd-vo-kå'shủn. s. the office of Affectuosity, åf-fék-tská-ôs'se-té. &. passion

pleading, plea, apology Advolation, åd-vd-lá'shún. s. the act of flying Affectuous, åf-fêk'tshỉ-ús. full of passion to something

[rolling Affere, af-fére'. v. a. a law term, signifying Advolution, ad-vd-ld'shủn. 8. the act of to confirm

(trust, confidence Advoutry, åd-vol'trè. s. adultery

Athance, af-fl'ànse. s. a marriage contract; Advowee, ad-voi-éè' s. he that has the right|Afliana, år-flånse. V. a. to betroth, to give of advowson

Ito a benefice confidence Advowsori, ad-verzîn. s. a right to present | Affirncer, åf-ft'an-sûr. s. he that makes a Ægyptiacum, e-zip-tra-hóm. s. an ointment contract of marriage between two parties

consisting of honey, verdigris, and vinegar Affidation, áf-fé-då'shủn. Atrial, å-e're-ål.a. belouging to the air, bigb|Affidature, åf-fé-då'tshůre. Aerie, è'ré. s. a nest cf birds of prey

tract, mutual oath of fidelity Aerology, á-úr-ol'18-jė. s. the doctrine of the Affidavit, åf-fé-uà'vit. s. a declaration opon air (ing by the air oath

[affianced Aeromancy, á'ür-8-man-sé, s. the art of divin-|| Athed, af-fl'ed, part. a, joined by contract, Aerometry, á-úr-om'ınd-tre. s. the art of me Atliliation, áf-fil-lé-a'shún. s. adoption suring the air

(ibrough the Atinage, år“fé-náje. & the act of refining Aeronaut, air-&-nawt. s. who sails metals Aeroscopy, d-úr-ös kö-pė. s. the ubservation Affined, af-fi'ued. a. related to another of the air

Affinity, áf-lin' ne-té. s. relation by marriage; Ætites, e-ul'tèz. 8. cagle-stone

connexion with

[confidently Asar, á-får.' ad, at a great distance

Adirm, åf-fèrm.' v. n. to declare, to assert Afeard, i-férd'. part. a. frightened, teri ified. Affirm, åf-férın'. v. a. to ratify or approve afraid

Afrinable, af-fêr'ma-bl. a. that may be affirmAfer, a'rür. 8. the south-west wind


Copposed to repeal Affability, af-fi.bil'lė-tė. s. easiness of man-|| Affirmance, af-fêr'mảnge. se confirmation ners; civility, condescension

Affirmant, af-fêr'mânt. s. the person that af Affable, af'fa-bl. a. easy of manners, courteous firms A fableness, af'fa-bl-ness. b. courtesy, alfa-| Afirmation, åf-fêr-ma'shủn. s. the act of af bility

firming; the position affirmed; confirma Afably, &frá-old. ad. courteously, civilly tion

[affirmed Affabrous, al fa-bris. a. skilfully made, com-|| Affirmative, af-fér'ma-tiv. a. that may be plete

(managed or transacted|| Affirmatively, af-fêr'må-tv-lè, ad, on the Affair, áf-fåre'. s. business, something to be positive side, pot negatively Affear, år-fére'. v. a. to confirm, to establish Affirmer, af-fér' můr. s. the person who affirms Affect, af-fékt'. s. affection, passion, sensation|| Affix, afriks. v, a to unite to the end, to Affect, ál-fekt'. v. a.ito act upon; to move the subjoin

[of a word passions ; to aim at

A fix, af-riks! s, a particle united to the end Affectation, áf-fék-ta'shủn. 8. the act of mak-Atixion, áf- fik'shún. s. the act of affixing ing an artificial appearance, awkward imi state of being affixed


Aflation, åf-o'shủn. s. the act of breathing Affected, af-fék'têd. part. a. moved, touched Atilatus, áf-ad'tửs. 8. communication of the with affection

studied with over-mouch power of prophecy

(tu tormen care; full of affectation

Aflict, af-Aikt'. v. a. to put to pain, to grieve Affecte:lly, áf-têk'ted-lè. ad. in an affected Afflictedness, åf-dik'têd-nésa. 6. sorrowfulness, manner, bypocritically

grief Affectedness, l-f@k'téd-nées s. the quality of Micter, &f-Aik'tûr. s. the person who afflicts being effected

A fiction, år-Alk'shủn. B. the cause of pain or Affection, af-fék'shin. 1. the state of being af sorrow, calamity fected; passion of any kind ; love, kind- Affiictive, af alk'tly. a. painful, tormenting

(tion, fuad, tender Aduence, af'84-énse. 8. the act of Aowing; Afectionate, & rêk'shún-ate. e. full of affen exuberance of riches


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[of agato


Affluent, af'ad-exe - fowing, abundant, exu-| Aftercost, år'túr-kost. s. the expense incurred berant, wealthy

after the original plan is executed Amuemtness, åf'Ad-ênt-nêss. 8. the quality or Aftercrop, år'tór-krõp. s. second harvest being affluent

Aftergame, af'tůr-game. s. methods taken af Amux, år' Aởks. . the act of flowing, affluence ter the first turn of affairs Afluxion, áf-Aủk'shủn. s. the act of flowing to Aftermath, al'tûr-måtk. s. second crop of a particular place; that which flows

grass, mown in autumn Afford, af-förd'. v. a to yield or produce, to Afternoon, áf'túr-nổin'. s. the time from the he able to bear expenses

meridian to the evening Afforest, åf-fôr'rést. v. a. to turn ground into Afterpains, af'tůr-pånz. s. pains after birth forest

Aftertaste, aftůr-tåste. 8. taste remaining up Affranchise, af-från'tshiz. v. a. to make free on the tongue

(ter the act Affray, il-frá'. v. a. to fright, to terrify Afterthought, al'tor-thåwt. 8. reflection af Affray, af-fra'. s. a tumultuous assault Astertimes, as'tûr-tlmz. S. succeeding times Affriction, ås-frík'shủn. 6. the act of rubbing|| Afterward, áf'tůr-wård. ad. in succeeding

one thing upon another Affright, af-fríte'. v. a. to affect with fear, to|| Afterwit, åstår-wit. s. contrivance of expedi terrify

ents after the occasion of using them is Allright, af-frlte'. s. terror, fear

past Affrightment, af-frite'mént. s. the impression Again, a-gên'. ad. a second time, once more ; of fear, terror

[voke, offend | in any other time or place ; quantity Affront, af-frũut'. v. a. to encounter, pro-Against, å-genst'prep. contrary, opposite Affront, åf-frúnt. s. insult offered to the face ;| Agape, å-gåpe'. ad. staring with eagerness outrage, act of contempt

(fronts | Agarick, åg'a-rik. s. a drug of use in physic, Affronter, af-frủnt'tûr. s. the person who af and the dying -trade Affronting, åf-frîn'ting. part. a. haring the gate, åg'ất. s. a precious stone of the low quality of affronting

est class Affuse, áf-füze'. v. a. to pour one thing upon Agaty, ág'a-tè. a partaking of the nature

Age, aje. 6. the space of a hundred years ; Affusion, åf-rd’zhủn. s. the act of affusing, the latter part of life, old age Affy, áf-it'. v. a. to betroth in order to mar-|Aged, a'jéd. a. old, stricken in years riage

Agedly, á'jêd-le. ad. after the manner of an Affy, áf-fl.' v. n. to put confidence in

aged person A field, á-féeld. ad. to the field .

Agency, a'jến-sè. s. the quality of acting, Aflat, a-fåt'. ad. level with the ground

the state of being in action; business per Afvat, á-fidte'. ad. floating

formed by an agent Afoot á-fůt'. ad. on soot, in action

Agent, á'jếnt. a. acting upon, acom Afore, &-fðre'prep. before ; sooner in time Agent, d'jéut. s. a substitute, a deputy, a face Afore, &-före'. ad. in time past; in front, in the fore part

(fore Aggeneration, åd-jén-nůr-a'shảo. s. the state Aforegoing, á-fére'go-ing. part. a. going be of growing to another body Aforehand, a-fore hånd. ad. by a previous || Aggerate, ad'jůr-åte. v. a. to heap op provision; preriously fitted

Agglomerate, ag-glom'můr-åte. v. a. to gathAforementioned, a-fdre'mén-shủnd. a. men er up in a ball tioned before

Agglutinants, sp-gldtė-nånts. 8. medicines Afore named, a-rdre'nå-med. a. named before which have the power of uniting parts toAforesaid, a-fore'sade. a. said before


another Aforetime, &-före'tlme, ad. in time past Agglutinate, ig-gld'te-nåte. v. a. to unite Afraid, å-fråde. part. a. terrified, fearful Agglutination, g-glu-te-na’shủn, 1. union, Afresh, a-fresh'. ad. anew, again

cohesion After, år'tûr. prep. following in place; in Agglutinative, åg-gid'te-na-iis. a. that has pursuit of; in imitation of

the power of procuring agglutination After, åt'túr. ad. in succeeding time, follow-|Aggrandize, åg'grân-dizr. v. a to make ing another

[posterity great, to enlarge, to exalt Arterages, af'tůr-å'jèz. s. succeeding times,|Aggrandizement, âg'gråa dize-ment. s. the Afterall, áttör-dil', ad. at last, in fine, ir state or being aggrandized conclusion

Aggrandizer, åg'grân-dlze-år. s. the persor Afterbirth, ár'tir-bêrth. B. the secundine that makes another great Asterclap, as'tûr-kiåp. . an unexpected event||Aggravate, åg'grå-våte. 8. a. to make heavy,

happening after an affair is supposed to be in a metaphorical sense; to make any thias at an end


(one part


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Aggravation, ág-grd-vå’shủn. s. the act of ag-|Agree, a-grėè'. v. n. to be in concord; to

gravating; the circumstances which height yield to; to settle
en guilt or calamity

Agreeable, å-gréé'a-bl. a. suitable to, con-
Aggregate, âg'gré-gåte. a. framed by the sistent, pleasing

collection of particular parts into one mass Agreeableness, a-gréé'k-bl-ness. s. consisAggregate, åg'gre-gåte. s. the result of the tency with, suitableness to; the quality of conjunction of many particulars

pleasing Aggregate, åg'gre-gåte. v. a. to collect to-|Agreeably, a-gréé'a-bid. ad. consistently gether

Agreed, å-greed'. part. a. settled by consent Aggregation, ág-gré-gå'shủn. B., act of Agreement, å-gréé mént. s. concord, compact, collecting; the whole compo!

by the

bargain collection of many particulars

Agrestic, å-grès'tik. a. belonging to the field. 'Aggress, ág-gress'. v. n. to commit the first unpolished

(bandry act of violence

Agriculture, ag'ré-kůl-tshåre, s. tillage, husAggression, ág-grêsh'ún. s. commencement Agrimony, ágʻre-mủn-nė. s. the name of a of a quarrel by some act of iniquity

plant Aggressor, ág-grès sûr. 8. an assaulter or in- Aground, å-groind'. ad. stranded, hindered valer

by the ground from passing farther Aggrievance, ág-gré' vânse. s. injury, wrong Ague, á'gue. s. an intermitting fever Agriere, ág-grève'. v. a. to give sorrow, to Agued, a'gu-ed. a. struck with the ague,

shivering Aggroup, åg-grgüp'. v. a. te bring together Ague-fit, agu-fit

. s. the paroxysm of the ague into one figure

Aguish, a'gu-ish. a. having the qualities of Aghast, a-gåst'. a. struck with horror, as at an ague

(resembling an ague the sight of a spectre

Aguishuess, d'gy-fsh-ness. s. the quality of
Agile, àj'll. a. nimble, ready, active Ah, å. int. a word denoting dislike or com
Agileness, aj'll-ness. s. nimbleness, quick passion
ness, activity

[activity Aha! å-hå'. int. a word intimating triumph Agility, a-jil'é-tė. s. nimbleness, quickness, Ahead, å-hềd'. ad. further coward than anAgist, å-jist'. v. a. to feed the cattle of stran other

[cour gers in the king's forest, and to gather the Aid, áde. v. a. to help, to support, to sucmoney

(mean rateljAid, ade. s. help, support; in law, a subsidy Agistment, a-jistmént. s. composition, or Aidance, áde’ånse. s. help, support Agitable, &j'é-ta-bl. a. that may be put in mo Aidant, åde'aut, a. helping, helpful tion

įto actuate Aid-de-camp, kde-de-kåwng'. s. an officer Agitate, aj'é-tate. v. a. to put in motion ; who attends the chief commander to carry Agitation, dj-é-tå'shủn. s. the act of moving his orders to the inferior officers

any thing; the state of being moved, dis-Aider, åde'ůr. s. a kelper, an ally
cussion, disturbance

[affairs Aidless, ade'lêss. a. belpless, unsupported
Agitator, aj'é-ta-túr. s. he who manages Ail, ále. V. n. to pain, to trouble
Agminal, ag'me-nål. a. belonging to a troop Ailment, ále'mènt. s. pain, disease
Agnail, åg nåle. 8. a whitlow

Ailing, åle'ing. part. a. sickly
Agnation, åg-ná'shủn. s. descent from the Aim, åme. v. a. to endeavour to strike with
same father

a missile weapon; to endeavour to reach or Agnition, åg-nish'ản. s. acknowledgment obtain Agnize, ág-nize'. v. 2. to acknowledge ; to Aim, ấme. 8. the direction of a missile


an intention, a design Agnomination, ág-nôm-md-nå'shứn. 1. allu-||Air, áre. so the element encompassing the sion of one word to another

earth; a gentle gale ; music; mien; an afAgo, a-g8'. ad. past, as, Long ago

fected or laboured manner of gesture Agos, a-gôg'. ad. in a state of desire Air, åre. v. a. to expose to the air, to take Agoing, å-gdtog. ad. in action

the air; to warm

(with air Agone, a-gón'. ad. ago, past

Airbladder, åre'blád-dûr. 1. a bladder filled Agonism, ag'd-nizm. s. contention for a prize Airbuilt, áre'biit. a. built in the air Agonistes, ág-d-nis'tèz. 8. a prize-fighter Air-drawn, áre'dråwn. &. painted in air Agonize, ag'd-pize. v. n. to be iu excessive Airer, åreúr. s. he that exposes to the air pain

Airhole, åre'ndle. 8. a hole to admit air
Agony, ág'd-dd. s. the pangs of death ; vio- Airiness, fre'é-néss. s. exposure to the air;

lightness, gayety
agrarian, a-grd'rd-ån. a. relating to field Airing, åre'ing. I. a short jaunt
or grounds

Airless, áre'idae. a. without the free air


leut pain

Airpump, áre'púınp. s. a machine by means | A lehouse, ále house. s. a tippling house

of which the air is exhausted out of proper Alembic, á-lém'bik. s. a vessel used 'in dis vessels

[into mines tilling Airshaft, åre'shaft. s. a passage for the air|Alert, å-lêrt'. a. watchful, vigilant, brisk Airy, åre'è. a. composed of, or relating to Alertness, á-lêrt'ness. 8. the quality of being the air ; light as air, unsubstantial; gay, alert

(alehouse sprightly

Alewife, Åle'wife. 8. a woman that keeps an Aisle, lle. s. the walk in a church

Alexandrine, äl-légz-An'dr?. 8. a verse con-' Ake, åke. v. n. to feel a lasting pain

sisting of twelve syllables Akin, a-kin'. a. allied to by blood Alexipharmick, á-lék-sé-fár'mik. . that Alabaster, al's-bás-túr. s. a kind of soft mar drives

poison, antidotal tle [ter|Alexiterican, a-lêk-se-têr're-kal.

tha Alabaster, al'd-bás-túr. a. made of alabas- | Alexiterick, a-lek-se-têr'rik. Alack, á-lák'. int. an expression of sorrow

which drives away poison A lackaday, á-lak'a-da'. int. a word noting||Algebra, al'je-brå. s. a peculiar kind of arithsorrow and melancholy

metic Alacriously, á-låk're-ús-le. ad. cheerfully, || Algebraical, ál-jé-tra'&-kal. withont dejection (liness | Algebraick, ál-jé-bra'ik,

a. relating Alacsıty, á-lák'kré-té. s. cheerfulness, spright to algebra Alamode, ål-a-mode'. ad. according to the Algebraist, ål-je-bra'ist. s. one skilled in the fashion

science of algebra Alarm, a-lårm'. s. notice of danger, a spe-||Algid, al'jid. a. cold, chill cies of clock

[prise Algidity, al-jỉd'dê-tě. s. chiloess, cold Alarm, á-lắrm'. v. a. to call to arms; to sur-|Algific, ál-jtěrik. a. that produces cold Alarming, á-lår' ming. part. a. terrifying,|| Algor, al'gồr. s. extreme cold, chilness surprising

[tion or pity Algorithin, al'gd-rithm. .. the science of Alas, i-lås'. int. a word expressing lamenta numbers Alb, alb. 8. a surplice

(ingl Alias, a'le-as. ad, otherwise Albeit, ål-be'it. ad. although, notwithstand-|| Alible, al'é-bl. a. nutritive, nourishing Albugo, ål-bu'gl. s. a disease in the eye Alien, åle'yén. a. foreign, estranged from, Alcahest, al'ka-hést. s. a universal dissolvent not allied to Alchymical, ál-klm'me-kál. a. relating to Alien, kle'yên. s. a foreigner, a stranger alchymy

Alienable, éle'yên-a-bl. a. that may be trans Alchymically, ál-kim'mė-kål-lé, ad. in the ferred manner of an alchymist

Alienate, kle'yền-åte. v. a. to transfer the Alchymist, álíke-mist. s. one who professes property of any thing to another; to with the science of alchymy

draw the affections

(stranger to Alchymy, al'ké-mè. 8. sublime chymistry; a Alienate, ale'yển-áte. a. withdrawn from,

kind of mixed metal [rit of wine Alienation, ålogén-d'shủn. s. the act of transAlcohol, al'kd-hål. 8. a high rectified spi ferring property

(upon Alcobolization, al'kd-hôl-é-zá'shủn. 6. the Alight, a-lite'. v. a. to come down; to fall act of rectifying spirits

Alike, á-ilke'. ad, with resemblance, in the Alcoholize, i'k-hå-lize. v. a. to rectify

spirits till they are wholly depblegmated Aliment, al'le-rnênt. 8. nourishment, food Alcoran, al'ko-rån. s. the book of the Ma-|Alimental, al-lé-měn'iil. a. that nourishes hometan precepts and credenda

Alinentariness, ál-le-mên'tå-ré-ness. . the Alcove, il-kove'. s. a private recess to lie or? quality of being alimentary sit in

Alimentary, ál-le-mén'tå-ré. a. that has the Alder, di'dir. &. a tree

power of nourishing Alderman, A'dúr-mân. e, a governor or ma-|Alimentation, ål-lé-men-ta'shủn. hebe quem gistrate

(Jerman) lity of nourishing Aldermanly, dl'důr-mån-lé, ad. like an al-Alimonious, àl-lé-md'ne-1s. a. that nourishes Aldera, &i'důrn.. made of alder Alimony, ál'le-mún-nė. s. legal proportion Ale, ale m, a liquor made of malt and hops of the husband's estate allowed to the Alebrewer, Åle'broß ir. . one who profess-il wile, 'pon the account of separation es to brew ale

Aliquant, al'le-qwảot. a. parts of a number Aleconner, Ale'kon-nür. . an officer in the which will never make up the number ex

city of London to inspect the measures of actly public houses

Aliquot, al’ld-quat. a. parts of any number of Alegar, år'le-gir. e. sour ale

quutity, such as will exactly measure it Alehoof, lle'b83f. 6. ground ivy

without any rernaunder

same manner

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