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Discommode, dis-körp-mode'. v. a. to put to Discreet, dis-kreet.' a. prudent, sober ; modest inconvenienoe, to molest

Discreetly, dis-kréét lê. ad. prudently, cauDiscommodious, dis-kom-rudde-ûs. or dis-1 tiously

(contrariety kôr-mo'jê-ús. a. inconvenient, troublesome Discrepance, dis'kré-pånse. B. difference, Discommodity, dis-köm-mód'é-te. s. incon-Discrepant, dfs'kré-pånt. a. different, disa

venience, disadvantage (to ruffle ; to offend greeing Discompose, dis-kom-poze'. v. a. to disorder ; Discrete, dis-kréte'. a. distinct ; disjunctive Discomposure, dis-kom-pd’zhůre. s. disorder, Discretion, dis-krésh'ún. s. prudence ; liberty

perturbation (mind, to discompose of acting at pleasure (large, unlimited Disconcert, dis-kön-sêrt'. v. a. to unsettle the Discretionary, dis-krésh'ůn-åré. a. left at Disconformity, dis-kôn-fôr' me-tê. s. want of Discriminate, dis-krim'e-náte. V. a. to mark agreement (inent, inconsistency with notes of difference

(tinctness Discongruity, dis-kon-grú'é-te. 8. disagree-Discriminateners, dis-krim'd-nåte-nes. . dis Disconsolate, dis-kůn'sô-låte. a. without con-Discrimination, dis-krim-e-na'sbản. 8. the fort, hopeless

(consolate manner act of distinguishing one from another, disDisconsolately, dis-kön'sd-låte-lè. ad. in a dis tinction

(hazardous Discontent, dis-kon-tênt' 6. want of content Discriminous, dis-krim'd-nús. a. dangerous, Discontent, dis-kön-tênt'. a. uneasy, dissatis-|| Discubitory, dis-kabe-tůr-ė. a. fitted to the fied

(dissatisfied posture of leaning (leaning at meat Discontented, dis-kon-tên'têd. part. a. uneasy, Discumbency, dis-kúm'bên-se. s. the act of Discontentment, dis-kon-tênt'ment. 8. the Discumber, dis-kúm'bůr. V. a. to disengage state of discontent

Discursive, dis-kůr'slv, a, moving here and Discontinuance, dfs-kön-tỉnou-ange. 4. want there, roving

of cohesion of parts; a breaking off Discursory, dis-kir'sůr-é, a. argumental Discontinuation, dis-kon-tin-u-a'shủn. s. dis-Discus, dis'kús. s. a quoit ruption of continuity, separation

Discuss, dis-kůs'. v. a. to examine Discontinue, dis-kon-tin'd. v. a. to leave off Discussion, dis-kûs'shủn. s. disquisition, exDiscontinuity, dis-kon-te-nd'd-té. 8. disunity amination,

Chas power to repel of parts, want of cohesion

Discutient, dis-ku'shént. 8. a medicine that Discord, dls'kord. s. disagreement (suit with Disdain, diz-dåne'. v. a. to scorn Discord, dis-körd'. v. n. to disagree, not to Disdain, diz-dáne'. s. scorn, contemptuous Discordance, dis-kor'dânse.


Coant ment, opposition Copposite, contrarious Disdainfully, diz-dåne'ful-. ad. with baughty Discordant, dis-cor-dånt. a. inconsistent ;

(scorn Discordantly, dis-kör'dant-lè. ad. inconsis-|| Disdainfulness, diz-dåne'rål-nes. .. baughty

tently; in disagreement with another Disease, diz-éze'. s. distemper, malady Discover, dis-kův’úr. v. a. to disclose, toDisease, diz-éze'. v. a. to afilict; to pain

bring to light; to find out (found out Disembark, dis-em-bárk'. v. 2. to carry to Discoverable, dis-kův'ůr-a-bl. a. that may land

(land Discovery, dís-kůr'úr-ė. s. the act of finding Disembark, dls-em-bårk'. v. A. to go on any thing

(a bargain Disembitter, dis-em-bit'tůr. v. a. to free from Discount, dis'kdint. s. the sum refunded in bitterness

[body Discount, dis-koủnt'. v. a. to count back, to| Disembodied, dis-em-bôd'ld. a. divested of

pay back again (courage by cold treatment | Disembogue, dis-em-bog'. v. a. to pour out at Discountenance, dis-koun'té-nanse. V. a. to dis the mouth of a river (vent, to flow Discountenance, dis-koin'tė-nânse. . cold|Disembogue, dls-êm-bog': !. n. to gain a treatment

Disembowelled, dio-em-bbd'lid. part. a. taken Discourage, dis-kür'ldje. v. a. to depress from out the bowels (from perplexity Discouragement, dis-kår'ridj-mént. s. theDisembroil, dis-êm-bro?l'. . a. ' to free cause of depression, or fear

Disenable, dis-en-k'bl. v. m. to deprive of Discourse, dis-körse'. s. conversation, mutual power

(from enchantmen intercourse of language ; a treatise

Disenchant, dio-eo-tshant'. v. a. to free Discourse, dis-kórse'. y. n. to converse, to||Disencumber, dis-en-kim'bür. ... to die talk ; to reason

charge from incurabrances, to disburden Discourteous, dio-kůr'tshởg. a. uncivil [ness|Disencumbrance, dis-en-kim'brånse. 4. freeDiscourtesy, dis-kúr'tė-sd, s. uncivility, rude dom from encumbrance Discous, dís'kús. a. broad, flat, wide (trust Disengage, dis-en-gåje'. 7, a. to disentangle, Discredit, dis-kréd'it. s. disgrace; want of to clear from impediments or difficulties Disoredit, dis-kréd'lt. v. a. to deprive of cre- Disengage, dis-én gaje'. v. 0. to set one's dibility

self free from



Disengaged, dis-en-gájd'. part. a. at leisure Disincarcerate, dis-in-kár'sé-råte. v. a. to set Disentangle, dis-en-tang'gl. v. a. to set free at liberty

(affection from, to clear ; to unfold; to disengage Disinclination, dis-in-kld-nå'shún. s. want of Disenthral, dis-en-thrảwl'. v. a. to set free Disincline, dis-in-kline'. v. a. to produce disDisenthrone, dis-en-thrdge'. v. a. to Jepose like to, to make disaffected from sovereignty

Disingenuity, dis-in-je-nu'e-tê. s. mean dess or Disentrance, dis-en-transe'. Vi a. to awaken artifice, unfairness

[ral from a trance

Disingenuous, dis-in-jén'u-16. a. unfair, illibeDisespouse, dis-e-spôdze'. v. a. to zpparateDisingenuously, dis-in-jếu'ú-ús-lè. ad. in a after faith plighted

disengenuous manner Disesteem, dís-e-steem'. s. elight, dislike Disingenuousness, dis-in-jén's-6s-nês. 8. mean Disesteem, dis-é-stèém'. v. a. to slight, to dis subtility, low craft, like

Disinherit, dis-in-hér'it. V. a. to cut off from Disfavqur, dis-ra'vůr. s. discountenance hereditary right

(grave Disfavour, dis-fa'vůr. v. a. to discountenance Disinter, dis-in-têr'. v. a. to take out of the Disfigure, dis-fig'ure. v. a. to deform Disinterested, diz-n'tér-és-têd. a. superior to Disfigurement, dis-tlg'ure-ment. s. desacement regard of private advantage of beauty

Disinterestedly, diz-In'tér-és-têd-le. ad. in a Disfranchise, dis-från'tshỉz. v. a. to deprive of disinterested manner privileges or iminunities

Disinterestedness, diz-in'tér-és-têd-nés. Disfrapuh igement, dis-frán'tshlz-mênt. 8. the

contempt of private interest act of depriving of privileges

Disjoin, diz-jóin'. v. a. to separate, to part Disfurnish, dis-rår'nish. v. a. to unfurnish from each other Disg. rge, diz-görje'. v. a. to discharge by Disjoint, díz-joint'. v. a. to put out of joint

the mouth; to pour out with violence Disjoint, diz-jdint'. v. n. to fall in pieces, to Disgrace, diz-gráse'. s. ignominy, dishonour separate Disgrace, dis-gråse'. v. a. to dishonour ; to Disjunct, Jiz-jủngkt'. a. disjointed, separate put out of favour

[minious Disjunction, diz-jảngk'shủn. s. disunion, sepaDisgraceful, dia-grase'fol. a. shameful, igno ration, parting Disgracefully, díz-gråse'rål-lè. ad. in dis-Disjunctive, diz-jủngk'tîv. a. incapable of

gre.ce, with in dignity, ignominiously union; which marks separation or oppoDisgracefulness, dz-gråse'fól-nés. s. ig noming sition

[separately Disgracious, diz grá'shứs. a. unkind, unfa- Disjunctively, diz-jủngk’tiv-le. ad. distinctly, vourable

(to disfigure Disk, Jisk. s. the face of the sun, &c.; a quoit Disguise, dizg-yize'. v. a. to conceal; to hide, Dislike, diz-like'. s. absence of affection, disDisguise,'. s. a dress to conceal; a Dislike, diz-like'. v. a. to disapprove (gust counterfeit, show

[concealment Disliken, dfz-lı'kn. v. a. to make unlike Disguisement, dizg-ylze'mênt. s. dress of Dislikeness, diz-like'nês. s. dissimilituáe, Disgust, díz-gúst'. s. aversion ; offence con unlikeness ceived

(distaste ; to offend Dislimb, diz-lim'. v. a. to tear limb from limb Disgust, dlz-gast'. v. a. to raise aversion, to Dislocate, dis'ld-kåte. v. a. to put out of Disgustful, diz-güst fül. a. nauseous


[placing Dish, dish. s. a vessel, in which solid food is Dislocation, dis-18-kå'shỉn. . the act of dis

served up at the tables, any particular kind Dislodge, diz-lådje'. v. a. to remove from a of food

place Dish, dish. v. a. to serve in a dish

Disloyal, díz-18d'il. a. not true to allegiance Dishahilie, dis-h-bil'. s. undress, loose dress ||Disloyally, diz-lid'il-le. ad. unfaithfully, Disbearten, dis-hår'tn, v. a, to discourage, to disobediently

[to the sovereiga deject

(reditary succession |Disloyalty, díz-löd'il-td. 8. want of fidelity Disherit, dis-bêr'lt. v. a. to cut off from he- Dismal, diz'mal. a. sorrowful, unhappy Dishevel, disb-shểv'vel. v. 2. to spread the Disinally, diz'ınål-lé. ad. horribly, sorrowfully hair disorderly

(faithless Disinalness, diz'mal-nès. & horror, sorrow Dishonest, diz-on'ist. a. void of probity Dismantle, diz-måo'tl. v a. to strip Dishonestly, diz-ởn'ist-lé. ad. without probi-Dismask, diz-mask'. v. a. tu divest of a mask ty; unchastely

[unchastity Dismay, diz-ma'. v. a. to terrify, to affright Dishonesty, díz-on'uis-tė. s. faithlessness; Dismay, diz-ma'. s. fall of courage, terror Dishonour, diz-ởn'oúr. s. disgrace, ignominy| Dismayedness, diz-ma'éd-nês. s. dejection of Dishonour, diz-on'núr. v. a. to disgrace ; to

(member from member violate cbastity; to treat with indignity Dismember, dlz-mêm'bür. v. a. to divide Dishonouranle, dia-on'nůr-å-bl. a. shameful Dismise, diz-mis'. v. a. to send away ; to Dishora, dia-horo'. v. a. to strip of horas diroand




Dismission, diz-mlsh'ún. s. act of sending away Display, dis-pla'. v. a. to spread

wide ; to exDismortgage, diz-mêr'gåje. v. a. to redeem bibit

[thing to view from mortgage

Display, dis-pla'. s. an exhibition of any Dismount, diz-moint'. v. a. to throw any Displease, dis-pléze'. v. a. to offend

one from on horseback; to throw a cannon Displeasure, dis-plézb'dre. s. uneasiness, offrom its carriage

(horse fence, anger Dismount, diz-noint'. v. n. to alight from a Displeasure, dis-plézb'ùre. V. a. to disple986 Disobedience, dis-d-be'dé-ense. B. violation Displode, uis-plode' v. a. to vent with vioof lawful commands or prohibition, breach lence

(with noise of duty

Cof lawful authority Displosion, dis-plo'zhủn. s. a sudden burst Disobedient, dis-d-bédé-ént. a. not observant Disport, dis-port'. s. play, sport, pastime Disobey, dis-d-bå'. v. a. to break commands Disport, dis-port'. v. 0. to toy, to wanton Disoblige, dis-8-bllje'. v. a. to offend, disgust ||Disposal, dis-po'zål. s. the act of disposing Disobliging, dis-d-bll'jing. part. a. disgust regulation

(hestow; to adjust ing, offensive

(proper orbit Dispose, dis-pdze'. v. a. to give, to place, to Disorbed, diz-årbd'. a. thrown out of the Disposition, dis-pd-z isb'ún. 3. method ; Disorder, diz-or'důr. s. confusion ; tumult; quality ; temper of mind; predominaat insickness [fusion; to make sick clination

[disseize Disorder, diz-&r'důr. r. a. to throw into con- Dispossess, dis-pôz-zês'. v. a. to deprive, to Disordered, diz-ěr'dúrd. a. irregular, vicious, Disposure, dis-poʻzbúre. B. disposal ; state diseased

(lar, tumultuous Dispraise, dis-práze'. s. blame, censure Disorderly, dfz-&r'důr-le. a. confused, irregu- Dispraise, dis-práze'. v. a. to blame, to Disorderly, diz-ěr'důr-le. ad. irregularly,

(ways confusedly; inordinately

Dispread, dis-spréd'. v. a. to spread different Disordinate, diz-ör'dé-náte. a. not living by Disproof, dis-proof'. s. confutation, convicthe rules of virtue

tion of error or falsehood 171sown, díz-one'. v. a. to deny, to renounce ||Disproportion, dis-pro-pôr'shủn. s. unsuita Disparage, dis-pâr'ridje. v. a. to match une bleness, want of symmetry

equally, to injure by union or comparison Disproportion, dis-pro-pôr'shûn. V. a. to join with something inferior

things unsuitably Disparagement, dis-pâr'idje-mênt. s. injurious Disproportionable, dis-prd-pdr'shủn-å-bl. a.

union or comparison with something infe unsuitable in quantity Disparity, dis-pir'e-tė. s. inequality [rior Disproportionableness, dis-pro-por'shủn-a-blDispart, dis-párt'. v. a. to divide, to separate pés. s. unsuitableness Dispassionate, dis-påsb'ủn-åte. a. cool, calm, Disproportionably, dis-pro-pôr'shần--blé. ad. temperate

(to dissipate unsuitably, not symmetrically, Dispel, dis-pêi'. v. a. to drive by scattering||Disproportional, dis-pro-pör'shủn-ål. a. Dot Dispensary, dis-pen'så-re. s. the place where symmetrical medicines are dispensed

Disproportionate, dis-prd-pôr'shủn-åte, a. unDispensation, dis-pén-sa'shản. s. distribution,

symmetrical, unsuitable to something else method of Providence; an exemption Disproportionately, dis-pro-pôr'shủn-ắte-lé. Dispensatóry, dis-pé n'sa-túr-ė. s. a book in ad. unsuitably, unsymmetrically

which the composition of medicines is de- Disprove, dis-prðive'. v. a. to confute an scribed and directed [excuse assertion

[penal restraint Dispense, dis-pease'. r. a. to distribute ; to Dispunishable, dis-půn'Ish-a-bl. a. without Dispenser, dis-pển’súr. s. one that dispenses, Disputable, dis'pd-tå-bl. a. liable to contest, a distributer


[reasoner Dispeople, dis-pe'pl. v. a. to depopulate Disputant, dis'pd-tant. s. controvertist, a Disperge, dis-pèrdje'. v. a. to sprinkle Disputant, die'pd-tant. a. engaged in con Disperse, dis-pérse'. v. a. to scatter; to dis troversy

(versy, argumentation sipate

Disputation, dis-på-ta'shún. s. skill of controDispersion, dis-pêr'shủn. 8. the act of scatter-Disputatious, dis-pú-ta'shứs. a.

inclined to ing or spreading; the state of being scat-! dispute

(debate tered

(press|Disputative, dis-pú'ta-tiv. a. disposed to Dispirit, dis-plr'it. v. a. to discourage, to de-Dispute, dis-pâte.' v. n. to contend by arguDispiritedness, dis-pir'it-ted-nés. s. want on ment, to debate vigour

Dispute, dis-púte'. v. a. to contend for Displace, dis-plåse'. v. a. to put out of place Dispute, dis-pâte'. s. contest, controversy Displacency, dis-plá'sen-se. s. incivility Disqualification, dis-kwôl-e-le-kå'shún. s. that Displantation, dis-plån-ta'shức. s. the removal which disqualifies of a plant; the ejection of a people Disqualify, dis-kwôi'&-ri. v, a. make pofit

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Disquiet, dis-kül'ét. s. uneasiness, vexation Dissimilar, dis-simn'é-lúr, a. unlike, hete. Disquiet, dis-kwl'ét. v. a. to disturb

rogeneous Disquietness, dis-kw l'ét-nés. s. uneasiness,| Dissimilarity, dis-sim-é-lár'd-té. s. unlikeness restlessness

(anxiety Dissimilitude, dis-sin-mil'é-tåde. s. want of Disquietude, dis-kwl'e-tdde. 8. uneasiness, resemblance Disquisition, dis-kwė-z fsh'ún. s. exainination Dissimulation, dis-sim-d-là'shủn. s the act of Disregard, dis-ré-gård'. s. slight notice, ne dissembling, hypocrisy

[perse glect

(contema Dissipate, dis'se-pate. v. a. to' scatter, to disDisregard, dis-ré-gård'. v. a. to slight, to Dissipation, dis-se-på'shủn. s. the act of disDisregardiul, dis-re-gård'sůl. a. negligent persion; the state of being dispersed Disrelish, diz-rel'ish. s. bad taste ; dislike Dissociate, dis-so'shé-åte. v. a. to separate Disrelish, diz-rel'ish. v. a. to infect with an Dissolvable, diz-zol'va-bl. a. capable of dis unpleasant taste ; to want a taste of

solution Disrepute, dis-ré-påte'. s. ill character, dis-Dissoluble, dis-sd-18-bl. a. capable of separahonour

tion of one part from another Disrespect, dis-ré-spekt'. s. incivility Dissolubility, dís-sol-18-bile-tė. s. liableness Disrespectful, dis-ré-spekt'fúl. a. irreverent, to suffer a disunion of parts uncivil

(rently Dissolve, diz-zolv'. v. a. to destroy the form Disrespectfully, dis-ré-spekt'fùl-lè. ad. irreve-|| of any thing by disuniting the parts; to Disrobe, diz-robe'. v. a. to undress

break up assemblies; to be relaxed by Disruption, diz-růp'shủn. s. a breaking asun pleasure der, breach

Dissolve, diz'zolv'. v. n. to be melted ; to Dissatisfaction, dis-sat-is-fák'sbûn, s. the state

melt away in pleasure of teing dissatisfied, discontent

Dissolvent, diz-zôl'vént. a. having the power Dissatisfactory, dis-sat-is-råk'tår d. a. unable

of melting

[by dissolution to give content

Dissolvible, diz-zôl've-bl. a. liable to perish Dissatisfy, dis-sit'is-fl. 5. a. to displease Dissolute dis'sd-ldte. a. loose, wanton Dissect, dis-sékt. v. a. to cut in pieces ; to Dissolutely, dis'sd.-låte-lè. ad. loosely, in divide

debauchery Dissection, dis-sdk'shủn. 8. anatomy Dissoluteness, dis'sd-låte-nes. s. laxity of Disseisin, dis-se'zin. s. an unlawful dispos manners, debauchery sessing a man of his land

[prive||Dissolution, dis-sd-lu'shủn. 8. the act of liDisseize, dís-séze'. v. a. to dispossess, to de quefying by heat or moisture ; the state of Disseizor, dis-se'zůr. s. he that dispossesses being liquefied; destruction of any thing another

by the separation of its parts; death; the Dissemble, dis-mêm'bl. v. a. to hide under

act of breaking up an assembly; looseness of false appearance, to pretend


(harmonious sounds Dissemble, dis -iểmobi. v. n. to play the Dissonance, dis'so-nånse. 5. a mixture of unhypocrite

Dissonant, dis'sd-nånt. a. unbarmonio:8 · disDissembler, dis-sēm'blůı. s. a hypocrite agreeing Disseminate, dis-sém'è-náte. v. a. to scatter Dissuade, dis-swåde'. v. a. to divert from, by as seed, to spread every way

reason or importunity Dissemination, dis-sem-e-pa' shủn. s. the act||Dissuasion, dis-swa'zbûn. s. urgency of reaof scattering

son or importunity against any thing Dissension, dis-sen'shủn. s. disagreement,||Dissuasive, dis-swa'siv. a. tending to persuade breach of union


(dissuade Dissensious, dis-sép'shủs. a. contentious Dissuasive, dis-swa'slv. 8. an argument to Dissent, dis-sent'. V. n. to disagree in Dissyllable, dís'slt-la-51. 8. a word of two opinion

syllables Dissent, dis-sent'. s. disagreement

Distaff, dis'tåf. s. the staff from which the Disse ntaneous, als-sen-ta' ne-ús. 2. incon flax is drawn in spinning sistent, contrary

Distain, dis-táne'. v. a. to stain; to hlot Dissenter, dis-sén'tûr. s. one that disagrees | Distance, dis'tanse. s. space ; remeteness in one who refuses the communion of the

place; distant behaviour ; reserve English church

Distance, distànse. v. a. to place remotely; Dissentient, dis-sen'sbéat. a. declaring dissent to leave behind

Treseived Dissertation, dis-sêr-ta shản. s. a discourse Distant, dis'tånt. a. remote in time or place ; Disserve, dis-sery'. v. a. to injure

Distaste, dis-tåste'. s. disgust, dislike Diaservice, dis-sểr' vis. s. injury, mischief Distaste, dis-taste'. v. a. to dislike, to loathe , Disserviceable, dis-sêr' vis-a-bl. a. injurious to disgust

(fensive Dissever, dis-sểv’úr. 8. a. to cut in owo

Çistasteful, dis-tasse'tůl. a. naureous; of

Distemper, dis-tém'púr. 8. a disease

Distribution, dis-tré-bu'shún. b. the act of Distemper, dis-têm'púr. v. a. to disorder ; to distributing disturb

Distributive, dis-trib'ú-tiv. a. assigning to Distemperate, dis-těm'pår-åte. a. immoderate each other their proper portions Distemperature, dis-tém'půr-å-tshůre. s. in- District, dis'trit. s. a circuit; country, tertemperateness

(breadth ritory Distend, dis-tênd'. v. a. to stretch out in Distrust, dis-trůst'. v. a. not td trust Distent, dis-tent'. s. the space through which Distrust, dis-trůst'. s. loss of credit, suoany thing is spread

[occupied picion Distention, dis-tên'shỉn. s. breadth, space Distrustful, dis-trůst'fil. a. suspicious Distich, dís'tik. s. a couple of lines

Distrustfulness, dis-trůst'ful-nes. $. want of Distil, dis-til'. v. R. to drop; to flow gently; confidence to use a stil

Distrustless, dis-trůst'lês. a. void of distrust Distillation, dis-til-là'shủn. 4. the act of Disturb, dis-tůrb'. v. a. to disquiet distilling or dropping

Disturbance, dis-túr'bånse. 8. contusion, dis Distillatory, dis-til'l-túr-ė. a. belonging to order, tumult distillation

Disturber, dis-tůr'bảr. 8. á violator of peace Distiller, dis-t?l'lửr. s. one who distils spirits Disanion, dis-une-ún. 8. separation Distilment, dis-til'mếnt. . that which is Disunite, dis-ů-pite'. v. a. to separate, to drawn by distillation

divide Distinct, dis-tingké a. different; clear ;| Disunite, dis-d-nlte'. v. n. to fall asunder marked out

(note of superiority Disunity, dis-une-tė. s. a state of actual sepaDistinction, dis-tingk'shủn. 8. difference ; ration

(of use or custom Distinctire, dis-tingk'tỉv. a. able to distinguish Disusage, dis-1'zaje. s. the gradual cessation Distinctively, dis-tingk’tiv-le. ad. in right Disuse, dis-dse'. s. cessation or use or custom order

(plaini Disuse, dis-ůze'. v. a. to cease to make use of; Distinctly, dis-tingkt'lè. ad. not confusedly; to disaccustom Distinctness, dis-tingkt'nés. s. cleanness, Disvaluation, díz-vål-1-A'shủn. s. disgrace, piainness

diminution of reputation Distinguish, dis-ting'gwish. v. a. to note the Disvalue, diz-vál'ú. v. a. to undervalue

diversity of things; to discern, to judge ;|| Disvouch, díz-văltsh'. •. a. to destroy the to specificate ; to make known or emi credit of, to contradict nent

Ditch, ditsh. s. a trench; the moat witb Distinguish, dis-ting'gwish. v. n. to make which a town is surrounded

distinction, to find or show the difference Ditch, ditsh. v. a. to made a ditch Distinguishable, dis-ting'gwish-a-bl. a. capa- Ditcher, dítsh’úr. s. one who digs ditches

ble of being distinguished; worthy of note Dithyrambick, dith-e-râm'bik. s. any poor or regard

(nent, extraordinary written with wildness Distinguished, dis-ting'gwisht. part. a. emi-Dittied, dit'tid. a. sung, a unted to musick Distori, dis-tört', v. a to twist, to wrest from Ditty, dit'tė. s. a poem to be sung the true meaning

Diuretick, di-u-réiik. a. provoking urine Distortion, dis-tör'shủn. s. irregular motion, Diurnal, dl-ir'nål. a. relating to, or perform

by which the face is writhed, or the parts ed in a day, daily disordered

Diurnal, di-ár' nál. 9. a journal Distract, dis-tråkt'. F. a. part. pass. dis | Diurnally, diír'nåle. ad. daily, every day * -tracted, anciently Distraught. to divide ;| Diuturnity, di-d-túr'nė-:d. s. length of dura. to perplex, to make ma


(princes Distractedness, dis-tråk'ted-nés. 8. the state | Divan, de-vin'. s. the council of the Oriental of being distracted, madness

Divaricate, di-vår'e-kåte. v. n. to be parted Distraction, dis-tråk'shủn.

confusion; into two frantickness

Divarication, dl-vår-d-ka'shủn, s. partition Distrain, dis-tråne'. v. a. to seize

into two Distrain, dis-trảne'. v. n. to make seizure Dive, dive. v. D. to sink voluntarily under Distraint, dis-trånt'. x. seizure

water; to go deep into any question or Distress, dis-três'. s. the act of making a le-||Diver, divůr. . one who dives (science

gal seizure; the thing seized ; calamity,|| Diverge, dé-vérje'. v. n. to tead various wayı misery

from one point Distress, dis-trés'. v. a. to harass

Divergent, dè-vêr'jênt. a. tending to vari Distressful, dis-trés'rål. a. full of trouble or ous parts from one point misery

(amongst many Divers, al'verz. a. several, sundry Distribute, dis-trib'ite.

V. a. to divide Diverse, dl'sérve. different; multiforma

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