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or bad

Diversification, dé-ver-se-fe-ka'shủn. s. va-(Do, 186. v. a. to act any thing good or bad riation; multiformity; change

Do, 063. v. n. to act or behave in any manDiversify, dé-vêr'sė-ft. v. a. to make different; ner well or ill; to make an end, to conto variegate


(taught Diversion, dé-vêr'shủn. 8. the act of turning| Docible, dôs'é-bl. a. tractable, easy to be Diversity, dé-vêr'se-tê. s. difference Docile, dos'sil. a. teachable Diversely, di'vers-lè. ad. in different ways, Docility, dô-sil'le-tè. 8. aptness to be taught variously

Dock, dôk. 8. a place where ships are built os Divert, dé-vêrt'. v. a. to turn off ; to please

(in a doci Divertise, dé-vêr'tiz. v. n. to amuse, to divertDock, dôk. v. a. to cut short; to lay a ship Divertisement, dé-vêr'tiz-mént. s, diversion, Docket, dok'ít. s. a direction tied upon goods delight

Doctor, dôk'tır. 8. title in divinity, law Divertive, de-vêr'tiv. a. recreative, amusive physick, &c. Divest, dé-vést'. v. a. to make naked Doctor, dok'tür. v. a. to physick, to cure Divesture, dé-vês'tshåre. s. the act of putting|| Doctoral, dôk'td-rål. a. relating to the degree off

of a doctor

[doctor Dividable, de-vida-bl. a. that may be separated Doctorship, dôk'tůr-ship. s. the rank of a Divide, dé-vide'. v. a. to part ; to separate Doctrinal, dôk'tré-nål. a. pertaining to the Divide, dé-vide'. v. 0. to sunder, to break act or meaos of teaching friendship

Doctrine, dok'trin. 8. the principles of any Dividend, div'é-dénd. s. a share ; the number

sect or master; the act of teaching given to be divided

Document, dök'8-mênt. 8. precept, instruction Divider, dé-vřáůr. s. a distributer ; a disuni-| Dodecagon, do-dék'a-gon. s. a figure of ter; a particular kind of compass

twelve sides Dividual, dé-vld'val. & divided, shared, par-Dodge, dodje. V. n. to use craft; to shift ticipated

place; to raise expectations and disappoint Divination, div-d-nå'shủn. s. prediction or Doe, do. s. a she deer

[them foretelling of future things

Doer, d88'ür. s. one that does any thing good Divine, dé-vloe', a. partaking of the nature of God

[a clergyman Dog, dôg. 1. a domestick animal; a constelDivine, dé-vlne'. s. a minister of the Gospel,|| lation ; a reproachful name Divine, dè-vine'. v. a. to foretell

Dog, dog. v. a. to follow any one, watching Divine, de-vine'. v. R. tu feel presages ; to him with an insidious design conjecture

Dog-days, dôg'dåze. s. the days in which the Divinely, de-vine'lė. ad. by the agency or dog-star rises and sets with the sun

influence of God; in a manner noting a Doge, doje. s. the title of the chief magistrate deity

[divination of Venice and Genoa Diviner, dé-vl'nür. s. one that professes Dogged, dog'gêd. a. sullen, sour, morose Divinity, dè-vln'é-té. s. Deity; celestial be-Doggedness, dôg'gèd-nès, s. gloom of mind, ing; the science of divine things, theology sullenness

(mast Divisible, dd_viz'd-bl. a. capable of being Dogger, dôg går. s. a small ship with one divided

Doggrel, dog'grêl. 8. mean, worthless verses Divisibility, dd-viz-e-bli'l-td. s. the quality Doggish, dôg'gish. a. currish, brutal of admitting division

Doghole, dog'hole. s. a vile hole Division, dé vish'ún. s. the act of dividing Dogkennel, dogʻkên-nel. &. a little hut or the state of being divided; partition; dir house for dogs

[settled notion ference; space

Dogma, dog'ma. s. established principle, Divisor, de-si'zůr. .. number that divides Dogmatism, dôg'ma-tîzm. 3. dogmatical asDivorce, dé-võrse'. s. legal separation of sertion husband and wife

Dogmatica), dag-måt'd-kál. Divorcs, dé-vorse'. v. o. to separate a husband||Dogmatick, dog-raat'lk.

a magisterial, or wife from the other


(rially, positively Divulge, dê-vůlje'. v.m to publish; to pro-Dogmatically, dog-måt'é-kal-ė. ad. magisteclaim

Dogmatist, døg'ma-tlst. s. * magisterial Divulger, dé-vůljůr. s. a publisher

teacher Divulsion, dê-rúlshủn. e. the act plucking| Dogmatise, dégʻmå-tize. v. n. to assert posiaway

tively; to teach magisterially Dizen, dl'zn. v. a to dress, to deck Dogstar, dôg'står. s. the star which gives Dizziness, diz-ze-nés. s. giddiness

name to the dog-days Dizzy, dizzé. a. giddy, thoughtless [giddy||Dogtrot, dög'trôt. &. a gentle trot like that Dizzy, dizzė. v. a. to whirl round, to make

of a dog


Doings, d88'ingz. s. things done, events, Dubr, udre. s. the gate of a house ; entrance;

transactions; feats, actions good or bad; means of approach
stir, bustle, turnult

Doorkeeper, dore'kėép-ür. 8. one that keeps Doit, ddit. . a small piece of money

the entrance of a house

Frant Dole, ddle. B. the act of distrib. ting ; pro-Doquet, dok'st. 6. a paper containing a war.

visions or muuey distributed in charity ;|| Dorick, dör'lk. a.a species of architecture grief

invented by the Dorians Dole, dôle. V. a. to deal, to distribute Dormant, dår'ıảnt. a. sleeping ; concealed | Doleful, ddle'ml. a. sorrowful , feeling grief Dormitory, děr'mè-túr-é. s. a room with ma

Dolefully, ddle'fòl-lè. ad, in a doleful manner ny beds ; a burial-place Dolefulness, ddle'rðl-nes. e. sorrow, melan-Dormouise, dår'mò 'se. 8. a small animal which choly

passes a large part of the winter in sleep Dolesome, dôle'sům. a. melancholy, gloomy Dose, dose. 8. so much of any medicine as is Do!l, dôl. s. a little girl's puppet

taken at one tine Dollar, dôl'lůr. s. a foreign coin of different Dost, dúst. the second person of do value

(grief or pain Dot, dåt. s. a small point or spot in writing Dolorifick, dol-8-rlik. a. that which causes Dot, dôt. v. a. to make dots or spots Dolorous, dôl'd-růs. a. sori vwful, doleful Dotage, do'tadje. s. imbecility of mind; ex. Dolonr, adlår. 6. grief, sorrow ; lainentation

cessive fondness

(woman Dolphin, dol'rin. s. a fish

Dotal, d3'tål. a. relating to the portion of a Dolt, dllt. s. a heavy stupid fellow

Dotard, ddtård. e. a man whose age has imDoltish, ddlt'ish. a. stupid, blockish

paired his intellects Demain, db-måne'. s. dominion, estate [polaDote, dote. v. n. to have the intellects in. Dome, dome. 8. an hemispherical arch, a cu paired by age or passion ; to regard with Domestical, dd-mès'tė-kai.

excessive fondness Domestick, db-mes'tik.

a. belonging to

Doth, důth, the third person of do the house ; intestine

(domnestick Dotingly, do'ting-le. ad. fondly Domesticate, do-inës'te-kåte. V. a. to make Dottard, dot'tård. s. a tree kept low by cutDomiciliary, dôm-e-sll'ya-rè. a. intruding ting

into private houses under pretence of search-Double, důb'bl. a. two of a sort, twice as

ing for enemies or contraband goods inucb; two-fold, of two kinds; having Dominant, dôm'é-nânt. a. predominant, as twice the effect or influence ; deceitful, cendant

(the rest

acting two parts Dominate, dôm'd-náte. V. a. to prevail over|| Double, dûb'bl. v. a. to increase to twice the Domination, dôm-e-na'shủn. 8. power, do quantity ; to enlarge the stake to twice the minion; ty ranny

(power sum in play; to wind in running Dominator, dôm'e-nå-tör. s. the presiding Double, důb'bl. s. twice the quantity or numDomineer, dôm-e-néer'. . n. to rule with ber; a trick, a shift, an artifice insolence, to act without control

Double-dealer, důb-bl-de'lůr. B. a deceitful Dominicai, do-min'é-kål. a. that which notes person

(dissimulation the Lords's day, or Sunday

Double-dealing, dúb-bl-de'ling. s. artifice, Dominion, d8-min'yin. 8. sovereign anthori-Double-minded, důd-bl-mlad'éd. a. deceitful,

ty; territory ; region, district; predomi insidious

nance, ascendant ; an order of angels Doublet, dib'bl-êt. s. the inner garment of a Don, dôn. s. the Spanish title for a gentleman man, the waist-coat; two, a pair Donation, dd-na'shủn. s. the act of giving any Doubly, dûb'bl-é. ad. in twice the quantity

thing; the grant by which any thing is given Doubt, adůt. y. a. to question; to fear, to Donative, don'a-tiv. s. a gift, a present suspect

(fear, to distrust Done, dủn. part. pass. of the verb do Doubt, do it. v. D. to hold questionable ; to Done, din, int. the word by which a wagerDoubt, dåůt. s. uncertainty of mind, suspense; is concluded


(ples Dogor, do'nor. s. a giver, a bestower Doubter, don'tår. . one who entertain scru Doom, d88m. v. a, to condemn; to command Doubtful, d88t'ml. a. ambiguous ; uncertain judicially; to destine

Doubtfully, doůt'rul-d. ad. amciguously, un Doom, db8m. s. judicial sentence, judgment; certainly

[biguity condemnation; destruction

Doubtfulness, dout'rol-nès. s. dubiousness, um
Doomsday, d88mz'då. s. the day of judgment Doubtless, dóit'lés. a. without fear
Doomsday-book, dome'då-boők. á. a book | Doubtless, didt'lés. ad. without doubt, ur.

made by order of William the Conqueror, questionahly
in which the estates of the kingdom were Dough, dd. s. unbaked paste

Doughty, dot'té. a. brave, illustrious, eminens


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Dougby, do'è. a. unsound, soft

Draggle, Jråg'gl. v. n. to grow dirty by be. Douse, dồise v. a. to put over head suddenly ing drawn along the grouud in the wates

(water Dragon, dråg'ản. s. a serpent ; a constellation Douse, dåúse. v. n. to fall suddenly into the Dragonlike, dråg'ún-like. a. furious, fery Dove, dúv. s. a wild pigeon

Dragoun, drå-gðón' s. a kind of soldier that Dovecot, dův'kôt. s. a pigeon-house

serves either on horse or foot Dovetail, dův'tále. 4. å form if jointing two Drain, didne. v. a. tu empty ; to make quite

bodies together, wbere that wbich is in-|| dry

serted has the form of a wedge reversed Drain, dråne. . the channel through which Dowager, dồu'a-júr. s. a widow with a join-| liquids are gradually drawn

(woman Drake, dråke. s. the male of the duck Dowdy, dildė. s. an awkward, ill-dressed Dram, dråm. s. the eighth part of an uncen Dower, doiúr. 1. a jointure ; endow

a sınall quantity; spirits

Drama, dra' ma. s. a poem accommocated to ment, gift

action ; a play Dowerless, dod'úr-les. a. without a fortune Dramatical, dra-måt'e-kål. Dowias, dod'las. 8. a coarse kind of linen Dramatick, drå-måt'ik.

a. represented Down, ddio. s. soft feathers soft wool; or by action tender hair ; a large open plain

Dramatically, dra-måt'e-kal-d. ad. Ivy repreDown, Jiún. prep. along a descent, from a sentation higher place to a lower

Dramatist, drám'a-tist. s. the author of draPown, dồun. ad. on the ground; belcw th: matick compositions horizon

for demolition Drank, drink. the pret. of drink Down, cóun. int. an exhortation to desuruction Draper, dra'pår, s. one who sells cloth Downcast, dõin'kást. a. bent down, directed Drapery, dra'púr-é. 6. clothwork; the dress to the ground


of a picture or statue Downfal, doin't&ll. s. ruin ; destruction | Draught, draft. s. the act of drinking; a Downhill, còùn'hil. s. declivity, descent quantity drunk; the act o drawing, a Downlying, din-ll'ing. a. near childbirth

picture drawn; a detachment; a bill drawa Downright, dồún-rite'. ad. in plain terms for the payment of money Downright, dvůn'rite. a. plain, open Draw, dråw. v. a. pret. drew. part. pass. Downward, don'wird.

ad. towards the

drawn. to pull along; to attract; to inDownwards, doin' wảrdz.

hale ; to unsheath; to represent by picCentre; in a course of successive or lineal

ture; to allure ; to compose; to eviscedescent

rate Downward, dồin'wůrd. a. decliviors, bending Draw, driw. v. n. to perform the office of a Duwny, do t'né. a. covered with down or nap beast of draught; to act as a weight; to sort, tender

contract; to advance; to unsheath; to Dowry, dõi'rė. s. a portion given with a wife ; practise the art of delineation; to take a a reward paid for a wife.

card out of the pack, to take a lot Doxology, důk-sol'd-jė. s. a form of giving Drawback, drảw'bák. 3. money given back glory to God

for ready payment Doxy, dôk'sė. s. a whore, a loose wench Drawbriilge, dråw'bridje. 3. a bridge made Doze, doze. V. n. to slumber

to be lifted up Doze, doze, v. a. to stupefy, to dull Drawer, drảw'ùr. s. one employed in procuDozen, důz'zn. s. the number of twelve

ring water from the well; one whose buDrziness, duzé-nés. 8. sleepiness, drowsiness siness is to draw liquors from the cask; Dozy, do zė. a. sleepy, sluggish

that which has the power of attraction; Drab, dråb. s. a strumpet

a box in a case

(tation Drachm, drám. s. an old Roman coin ; tbe Drawing, drảw'ing. s. delineation, represensouth part of an ounce

Drawing-room, draåw'ing-róim. 5. the room L' atf, dråf. s. any thing thrown away. in which company assemble at court'; the Drag, drág, v. a. to pull by force

company assembled there Drag, drág. V. A. to hang so low as to trail Drawn, dråwn. part. from draw. equal, where upon the ground

each party takes his own stake ; with a Drag, drag. 8. a net; an instrument with sword unsbeathed; open, unclosed; evir

hooks; a kind of car drawn by the hand cerated; induced Dragnet, dråg'nêt. . a net drawn along the Drawwell, drảw'wél. s. a well out of whicla bottom of the water

water is drawn by a long cord Draggle, dråg'gl. v. a. to make dirty by drag. Drawl, dråwl. v. 2. to utter any thing in a ging on the ground

slow way

Dray, dra.

8. the car on which! Drink, drink. v. a. to suck up, to absorb Draycart, dri' tårt.

Drink, urink. s. liquor to be swallowed beer is carried

Drinkable, drink'á-bl. a. that may be drunk Drayman, dra'mản. 8. one that attends a dray Drinker, drink'år. s. a drunkard Dread, dred. s. fear, terror, awe

Drip, drip. v. a. to let fall in drops Dread, dred. a. frightful ; awful, venerable in Drip, drip. s. that which falls in drops the highest degree

Dripping, drip'ing. 6. the fat which houseDread, dred. v. n. to be in fear

wives gather from roast meat Dreadful, dred kål. a. terrible, frightful Drive, drive. v. a. pret. drove, part. pass. Dreadfully, dred'rål-id. ad. terribly, fright driven, or drove. to force along; to urge fully

(intrepidity in any direction; to guide a carriage Dreadlessness, dred'lés-nés. 8. fearlessness, Drive, drive. y. n. to go as impelled by an Dreadless, dred'les. a. fearless, intrepid external agent ; to rush with violence ; to Dream, drėme. 6. a phantasm of sleep, the pass in a carriage; to tend to; to strike at thoughts of a sleeping man

with fury Dream, drėme. v. D. to have the representa-Drive), drly'vl. v. n. to slaver; to date

tion of something in sleep; to think idly; Drivel, driv'vl. 8. slaver to be sluggish

Driveller, driv'yl-úr. s. a fool, an idiot Dream, dreme. v. a. to see in a dream Driven, driv'vn. part. of drive Dreamer, drė'můr. 8. one who has dreams; Driver, drl'vůr. s. the person or instrument an idle fanciful man; a mope

who gives any motion by violence; one Dreamless, drėme'lès. a. without dreams who drives Drear, drere. a. mournful, dismal

Drizzle, driz'zl. v. n. to fall in slow drops Dreary, dre'rè. a. sorrowful, gloomy Drizzly, driz'zl-ė. a. shedding small rain Dredge, dredje. 8. a kind of net

Droll, drole. s. a jester, a buffoon Dredge, drédje. 7. a. to gather with a dredge Droll, drole. a. comick, farcical Dregginess, drėg'gd-nés. s. fulness of dregs, | Droll, drðle. v. n. to jest, to play the buffoon feculepce

Drollery, drolửr-ė. s. idle jokes; buffoordry Dreggish, drėg'gish. a. foul with lees, feculent Dromedary, drủn'd-da-rė. s. a sort of camel Dreggy, dreg'gè. a. containing dregs, feculent Drone, drone. s. the bee which makes no Dregs, dregz. s. the sediment of liquors, the honey; a pipe of a bagpipe; a sluggard lees

(with drink or moisture Drone, drone. v. n. to live idly Drench, drénsh. v. a. to soak; to saturate Dronish, dro'nleh. a. idle, sluggish Drench, drénsh. s. a draught; physick for a Droop, drðip. v. n. to languish with sorrow, brute

to grow weak Dress, drés. v. a. to clothe; to adorn; to Drop, dróp. s. a globule of moisture ; diamond cover a wound, to curry


hanging in the ear Dress, drės, s. clothes ; skill of adjusting Drop, drop. v. a. to pour in drops; to let Dresser, drés' sûr. s. one who dresses ; a sort fall; to let go; to utter slightly ip to cease of kitchen table

to bedrop, to bespeckle Dressing, drés'sing. 8. the application to a sore Drop, drôp. v. n. to fall in drops ; to fall; to Dressing-room, drés'sing-room. s. the room vanish, to come to nothing in which clothes are put on

Dropping, dropping. B. that which falls in Dressy, drés'sė. a. showy in dress

Droplet, drop'let. s. a little drop [drops Dribble, drib'bl. v. D. to fall weakly and Dropæical, drop'sê-kål. a. diseased with a slowly

dropsy Driblet, drib'lêt. s. a small sum, odd money Dropsy, dráp'sė. s. a collection of water in


(feculence Drier, drl'ir. 6. that which has the quality of Dross, drôs. 8. the scuin of metals ; refuse, absorbing moisture

Drossiness, dros'sė-nés. s. foulness, feculence Drift, drift. s. impulse ; violence; any thing| Droszy, drôs'sė. a. full of dross ; foul

driven at random ; aim of action; scope Drought, dróút. s. dry weather; thirst of a discourse

(throw on heaps Droughty, drðu'tė. a. wanting rain, thirsty Drift, drift. v. a. to drive; to urge along; to Drove, drove. s. a body or number of cattle; Drill, drfl. v. a. to pierce any thing with a a crowd, a tumult

drill; to perforate ; to teach recruits their |Drove, drove. pret. of drive exercise

[are bored ; an ape Drover, drovůr. 8. one who drives cattle Drill, dril. s an instrument with which bolesDrown, drðin. v. a. to suffocate in water; to Drink, drink. v. n. pret. drank, or drunk ; overwhelm in water; to overlow, to bury

part. pass. drunk, or drucken. to swallow in an inundation liquors, to quench thirst

Drown, drðủn..v. 1. to be suffocated by water

in & SUTA



Drowsily, drouzé-lé. ad. sleepily, heavily Ducat, dúk'it. s. a coin struck by duker ; in Drowsiness urdů ze-nes. s. sleepiness

silver valued at about four shillinga and Drowsy, drðu'zė. a. sleepy, dull

sixpence, in gold at nine shillings and sixDrub, drůb. v. a. to thresh, to Leat


(ness Drub, drůb. s. a thump, a blow

Duck, důk. s. a water-fowl; a word of foud Drudge, drúdje. V R. to labour in mean Duck, důk. v. n. to dive under water offices

Duck, důk. v. a. to put under water Drudge, drůdje. s. one employed in mean Duck-legged, důk'legd. a. short-legged labour

Duckling, důk'ling. s. a young duck Drudger, drůdje’úr. s. a mean lahourer; the Duct, důkt. 6. guidance, direction

box out of which flour is thrown on roast Ductile, dük'til. a. fexible, pliable meat

Ductility', důk-tile-té. s. lexibility ;

com Drudgery, drůjje'ůr-é. 5. mean labour pliance

(ness, ill-wid Drudging-box, drůdje'ing-bóks. s. the box Dudgeon, did'jủn. 8. a sınall dagger; sullenout of which four is sprinkled upon roast | Due, dd. a. owed ; proper, fit

(without value Due, dó. ad. exactly, directly Drug, drúg. s. a medicinal simple; any thing Die, dú. s. that which may be justly claimed Drugget, drug'git. s. a coarse kind of woollen

right, just title cloth

Due!, dů'll. s. a combat between two Druggist, drug'gist. s. one who sells drugs Duel, dúll. v. p. to fight a single combat Druid, dra'id. s. priest of the ancient Britons Dueller, du'il-lór. s. a single combatant Drum, drům. s. an instrument of military Duelling, du'll-ling. 6. the act of fighting a musick į the tympanum of the ear

duel Druin, drúm. v. n. to beat a drum

Dullist, d\'{l-list. s. one who tights a duel Drum-major, drům-inå'júr. s. the chief drum-| Duenna, dú-én’ná. 8. an old woman kept to mer of a regiment

guard a younger Drummer, drům'ınır. s. he whose office is to Dug, dig. s. a nipple, a teat beat the drun

Dug, dùg: pret. and part. pass. of dig Druinstick, drům'stik. s. the stick with which Duke, duke. s. one of the highest order of a drum is beaten

(moisture nobility in England Drunk, drúnk. a. inebriated; drenched with Dukedom, dike'dúm. s. the possession of a Drunkard, drůnk'ůrd. s. one giren to exces dike; the title or quality of a duke sive use of strong liquors

Dulcet, dil'sệt. a. sweet, luscious; harmonious Drunken, drůn'kn. a. intoxicated with liquor, Dulcisy, dúlsé-fi. v. a. to sweeten inebriated

Dulcinier, důl'se-múr. 5. a musical instrument Drunkenness, drủn'kn-nês. s. intoxication Duleorate, důl'kd-råte, F. a. to sweeten with strong liquor; habitual ebriety Dulcoration, dúl-k8-ma'shủn. 8.

the act o Dry, drl. a. not muist; without rain; thirsty ; sweetening barren

Duil, dů), a. stupid ; blunt; sad Dry, drl.v. a. to free from inoisture ; to ex- | Dull, důl. v. a. to stupefy ; to blunt hale moisture ; to drain

Dully, důllé. ad. stupidly; sluggishly Dry, dri. v. n. to grow dry

Dulness, dil'nèe, s. stupidity; drowsiuens ; Dryad, dr!'ad. s. a wood-nymph

dimness Dryads, drlädz. 5. the English plural of Duly, dů'ld. ad. properly, fitly Dryad

(the same woru Dumb, důln. a. mute, incapable of speech Dryades, drl'à-déz. 8. the Latin plural of Dumbly, dům'lė. ad. mutely, silently Dryer, dr'lúr. s. that which has the quality | Dumbness, dům'nės. s. incapacity to speak of absorbing moisture

(barrenly Dump, důmp. 8. sorrow, melancholy Dryly, drl'ié. ad. without moisture ; coldly ;|| Duinpish, dimp'ish. a. sad, melancholy Dryness, drľnés. s. want of moisture Dumpling, dump'ling. s. a sort of pudding Drynurse, dri-nůrse. s. a woman who brings | Dun, dúu. a. colour partaking of brown and up ard feeds a child without the breast


(meace and importunity Dryshod, drl'shod. a. without treading above Dun, dủn. v. a. to claim a debt with vehethe shoes in the water

Dun, dún. S. & clamorous, troublesome Dual, důål. a. expressing the number two creditor Dub, dầb. v. a. to make a man a knight ; to Dunce, dứnse. 8. a dolt, a thiekskull confer any kind of dignity

Dung, dủng. s. the excrement of animals, Dubious, dube-us. a. doubtful, uncertain used to fatten ground Dubiously, dube-ús-le. ad. uncertainly Dung, dùng. v. a. to fatten with dung Dubitable, bibe-ta-bl. a. doubtful

Dungeon, dîn'jún. s. a close subterraneous Ducal, dukál. a. pertaining to a duke


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