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petty debts


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Dungeil, dũnghĩI. s. a heap ur arcumulations Dweller, dwellẤr. 8. an inhabitant

of dung; any mean abode ; a term of re-l Dwelling, dwelling. b. babitation, ahode proach

(hil, mean, luwl Dwindle, dwind'dl. v. R. to shrink, to lose Dunghil, dủng'hil. a. sprung from the dung bulk

(a new colour Dunner, důn'nůr. s. one employed in soliciting Dying, d'ing. part. of die. expiring ; siviD

Dynasty, bi nås-té. s. government, soveDuodecimo, du-o-dés' se-md. s. a book in reigoty

(of the bloot which one sheet of paper makes twelve Dyscrasy, dls'krå-se. 3. a distemperature leaves

Dysentery, dis'sển-tér-é. s. a looseness Dupe, dupe. s. a credulous man

Dysphony, dís'fd-nė. s. a difficulty in speaking Dupe, dupe. v, a. to trick, to cheat

Dysury, dízh'd-ré. s. a difficulty in making Duplicate, dų plė-kåte. v. a. to double, to fold urine I together Duplicate, ad'plé-kåte.' s. a second thing of||

the same kind, a transcript of a paper Duplication, dů-ple-ka'shủn. s. the act of EACH, étsh. pron. either of two; every one doubling; a fold

[thing doubled Eager, e'g`r. a. ardently wishing ; veheDuplicature, do'plé-ka-tshůre. 8. a fold, any ment, ardent, quick; sour, acrid Duplicity, dů-plis'é-tė. s. deceit, doubleness Eagerly, é'g`r-le. ad. aruently, keeniy, of heart (lasting sharply

(mence, violence Durability, dů-rå-bll'e-tė. s. the power of Eagerness, d'gúr-nés. s. impetuosity, vebeDurable, dd'rå-bl. a. lasting, having the quali-|| Eagle, e'gl. s. a bird of prey ty of long continuance

Eagle-eyed, é'gl-ide. a. sharp-sighted Durableness, dů'rå-bl-nês. s. power of lasting||Eaglet, d'glét. 8. a young eagle Durably, dd'rå-blè. ad. ir, a lasting manner Ear, éér. s. the organ of hearing; a spike Durance, dd'rânse. s. imprisonment Earless, éér'lês. a, without any ears Duration, dů-rå'shủn. s. continuance of time Ear-ring, der'ring. s. jewels set in a ring, During, dů'ring. prep. for the time of the and worn at the ears continuance

Ear-shot, éér'shốt. 8. reach of the ear Durst, důrst. pret. of dare, to venture Earwax, der' waks. y. the cerumpen, or exudaDusk, dúsk. a. tending to darkness

tion which smears the inside of the ear Dusk, důsk. e. tendency to darkness Earwig, éér'wig. s. an insect (of a marquis Duskily, důsk'd-lè. ad. with a tendency to Earl, érl. s. the title of nobility next to that darkness

(tending to obscurity Earldom, érl'dỏm. s. tbe seigniory of an earl Duskish, důsk'lsh. a. inclining to darkness, Earliness, ér'ld-nés. 5. quickness of action Dusky, důsk'd a. tending to darkness, ob-| Early, ér'lè. a. soon with respect to something

else Dust, díst, s. earth reduced to small parti- Early, êr'!é. ad. soon, betimes (labour ciles; the state of diesolution

Earn, érn. v. a. to gain as the reward of Dust, důst v. a. to free from dust, to sprinkle Earnest, ér'nést. a. warm, zealous; intent, with dust

[dust fixed, eager Dusty, dis'të. a. clouded or covered with Earnest, ér'n&st. 8. seriousness; the money Duchess, důtsh'ès. 8. the lady of a duke which is given in token that a bargain is Dutchy, dåtsh'è. 1. a territory which gives ratified

leagerly title to a duke

Earnestly, ér' nêst-lè. ad. warmly, zealously; Duteous, dựie-ús, or dt'tshé-ìs. a. obedient, Earnestness, êr'nest-nês. eagerness, obsequious; enjoined by duty

warmth, veherence Dutiful, dd'te-fil. a. obedient, submissive Earth, érth. s. the element distinct from natural or legal superiors

fire, or water; the world

(with earth Dutifully, dù'te-fůl-. ad. obediently, sub-|Earth, érth. v. a. to hide in earth; to cover missively

Ea. th, érth. v. n. to retire under ground Dutifulness, di'te-rål-nês. 1. obedience, sub-|| Earthborn, érth'born. a born of the earth. mission to just authority

meanly born Duty, dd'tė. s. that to which a man is by any Earthen, ér'thn. a. made of earth

natural or lagal obligation bound; tax Earthiness, érth'e-nès. s. the quality of con Dwarf, dwór. A a man below the common taining earth, grossness

(sordid [bulk, little Earthly, érth'le. a. not beavenly, vile, inean, Dwarfish, dworf-isl. a. below the natural Earthquake, érth'kwake. B. a tremor or conDwell, dwél. v. n. pret: dwelt ur dwelled to vulsion of the earth

inhabit, to reside; to fix the mind upon; to Earthworm, értb'würm. 8. a worm bred under continue long speaking

ground; a ingan sordid wretci






Earthy, Erth'e. a. consisting of earth; relating|| Economick, ck-kd-lỏm'tk. to earth

Economical, ék-ko-nôm'é-kál.

a. pertaining Ease, èze. s. quiet, rest, tranquillity ; facility to the regulation of a housebold; frugal Ease ése. v. a. to free from pain; to relieve ;|| Ecstasy, éks'ta-se. s. excessive joy, rapture to assuage

Ecstasied, eks-ta-sid. a. enraptured Easement, èze' mếnt. 8. assistance

Ecstatical, eks-låt'é-kál. Easily, e'ze-lè. ad. without pain or difficulty Ecstatick, eks-tåt'ik.

a. raptured, ele Easiness, é'zê-nés. 8. flexibility ; readiness ; vated to ecstacy

[greedy freedom

E.dacious, é då'shủs. a. voracious, ravenous, E.ast, eest. s. the quarter where the sun rises Edacity, é-dås'é-tê. s. voraciousness, rarenEaster, éès'tůr. s. the day on which the Chris

[put upon the top of fenc: tian Church commemorates our Saviour's Edder, ed'důr. s. such wood as is commonly resurrection

Eddy, éd'dė. s. the water that, by some repes Easterly, éés'tůr lė. a. towards the East cussion, or opposite wind, runs contrary to Eastern, éés'tůru a. dwelling or found in the the main stream; a whirlpool east, oriental

Edge, édje. 8. the thin or cutting part of a - Eastward, éést'wird. ad. towards the East blade ; a narrow part rising from a broad

Easy, e'zė. a. not difficult, quiet ; complying er ; keenness, acrimony
Eat, éte. v. a. pret. ate or eat; part. eat or Euge, édje. 5. a. to sharpen; to furnish with

eaten. to devour with the mouth; to con an edge; to border; to exasperate (blunt sume, to corrode

Edged, édjd. or éd'jến. part. a. sharp, not Eat, éte. v. n. to take meals, to feed Edging, êd'jing. s. a narrow lace Eatable, é'ta-bl. s, any thing that may be Edgeless, édje'lês. a. blunt

(cut (uverhang the house Edgetool, édje't881'. s. a tool made sharp to Eaves, évz. 8. the edges of the roof which Edgewise, édje'wize. ad. with the edge put Eavesdropper, évz'drop-půr, s.' a listener into any particular direction

under windows [the sea; decline ; waste Edible, ēd'ê-bl. a. fit to be eaten Ebb, éb. s. the relux of the tide towards Edict é'dikt. s. a proclamation of command or Ebb, éb. v. n. to flow back towards the sea : prohibition to decline

Edification, éd-é-fé-kå'shủn, s improvement Ebon eb'ûn. 8. a hard, black, valuable

in holiness; instruction Ebony, éb'd-né.

êd'é-l'ts. s. a building

(teach wood

Edify, éd'e-fi. v. a. to build; to instruct, to Ebriety, e-bri'd-tė. s. drunkenness

(up Edile, d'alle. B. the title of a magistrate in Ebullition, éb-ul-Ifsh'ủn. %. the act of boiling old Rome (republication with revisal Eccentrical, ek-ben tre-kál.

Edition, e-dish'ûn. s. publication of a book ; Eccentrick, ék-sén-trik.

Editor, éd'é-tửr. 8. publisher, he that revises from the centre ; irregular,

or prepares any work for publication Eccentricity, ék-sen-tris'é-tė. s. deviation Educate, êd'ju-káte. v. a. to bring up from a centre

Education, éd-jų-ké'shủn. 8., formation of Ecclesiastical, ék-kle-zhe-s'te-kål.

} a. rela

manners in youth Ecclesiastick, ék-kie-zbe-as'tfk.

Educe, è-d use'. v. a. to bring out, to extract ting to the church

[a clergyman | Eduction, e-dîk'shin. s. the act of bringing Ecclesiastick, ék-kle-zhe-as'tik. s. a minister, any thing into view Echo, ék'kč. 8. the return of any sound; the Edulcorate, è-důl'kd-råte. v. a. to sweeten sound returned

(back) Edulcoration, é-dil-kd-rå'shủn. 8. the act of Echo, ek'k), v. n. to resound, to be sounded sweetening

(in mud Echo, ek'kd. v. a. to send back a voice

Eel, èèl. s. a serpentine slimy fish, that lurks Eclaircissement, ék-klåre'siz-ment. 3. expla- Een, één. ad. contracted from Even

nation, the act of clearing up an affair Effable, ér'fa-bl. a. expressive, utterable Eclat, é-klåw'. 6. splendour, show, lustre Efface, er-fase'. v. a. to destroy, to wear away Eclectick, ék-lêk'tlk. a. selecting, chousing Effect, éf-fékt'. s. that which is produced by at will

an operating cause ; consequence, event. Eclipse, d-klips'. s. an obscuration of the lumi-| Efect, ér-féie'. v. a. to bring to pass ; to

naries of heaven; darkness, obscuration achieve [produce effects ; operative Eclipse, &-klíps'. v. a. te darken a luminary : Effective, ef-fék'tiv. a. having the power to to obscure ; to disgrace

[sphere Effectively, ef-fék’tiv-lè. ad. powerfully, Ecliptick, d-klip'tík. . a great circle of the with real operation Eclogue, ek'log. 6. a pastoral poem

Effectless, ér-rêkt'lês. a. without effect Economy, e-kön'd-inė, s. frugality ; regula-HEffectual, ét-rêk'tshủ-a'. a. productive of tico

effects, powerful








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(or quantity

Efectually, éf-fék'tshu-ål-lé. ad. etiicaciously|| Egutize, é'go-tize. v. n. to talk much of one's Effectuate, èf-fék' tshå-åte. v. a. to bring tu! self pass

(unmanly delicacy Egregious, e-gre'jd-is. a. eminent, remarka. Effeminacy, ér-fém'e-na-se. softness,

ble; remarkably vicious

(shamefully Efleminate, &f-fêm'é-náte. a. womanish, volup-1 Egregiously, e-gré'jė-ús-le. ad. eminently tuous

(unanish, to unman Egress, é'grés Effeminate, êt-rêm'd-pâte. v. a. to make wo Egression, d-grésh'ûn. the act of going Effeminate, ĉi-fémn'é-nate. V. n. to soften, tol

meit into weakness (by intestine motion Egret, é'grêt. s. a fowl of the heron kind Effervesce, ér-fér-vés'. v. n. to generate heat Ejaculate, e-jåk'u-láte. v. to throw, to Effervescence, êr-têr-vēs'sense. s. the act of shoot out

[darted out occasionally growing bot, production of beat by intes- Ejaculation, e-ják--la'shún. 9. a short prayer Itine motion

Ejaculatory, e-jak’u-lå-túr-ė. a. sudden, hasty Eficacious, ér-fé-ka'shủs. 2. powerful to pro- Eject, è-jékt'. v. a to thro:y out duce the consequence intended

Ejection, d-jêk'shủn. s. an expulsion Efficaciously, êr-le-kå'shủs-lè. ad. effectually Ejectment, 'e-jékt'mếnt. s. å legal writ by Efficacy, ét-fe-ka-se. s. production of the which any inhabitant of a house, or tenant consequence intended

of an estate, is commanded to depart Efficience, ét-fish'yềnse.

Eigbt, ayt. a. twice four ; a word of number ducing effects, agency

Eighteen, ky'tdėn. a. twice nine Eficient, éf-fish'yènt. . the cause which Eighteenth, ảy'réenth. a. the next in order to make effects ; the effector

the seventeeuth Eficient, éf-fish'yềnt. a. causing effects Eightfold, ảyt'rdid. a. eight times the number

s. resemblance, image Eightieth, dy'té-éth. a. the next in order to Effigy, dr'-te-j&

Eighthly, dytth'lė. ad. in the eighth place in painting or sculpture

the seventy-ninth, eighth tenth Ellorescence, éf-68-rés'sense.

Eightscore, kyt'skdre. a. eight times twenty Etorescency, er-to-res’sen-se.

4. produc

Eighty, dy'tė. a. eight times ten tion of flowers (out in form of flowers Eisel, ė'sfl. s. vinegar, verjuice Emorescent, ér-Ad-rês'sent. a. shooting Either, d'thúr. pron, distrib. whichsoever of Equenoe, dr'id-ense. s. that which issues from the two, whether one or the other some other principle

Eitber, e'thứr. conj. a distributive conjunction, Effluvia, él-Ad've-a. a. the plural of effluvium answered by Or: either the one or the other Eduvium, éf-Aữvé-ìm. s. those small parti- Ejulation, éd-ja-la'shún, s. lamentation

cles which are continually flying off from Eke, éke. ad. also, likewise, beside bodies

Eke, éke. V. a. to increase ; to supply Eflux, ér'Aůks. s. effusion; emanation Elaborate, è-låb’d-råte.v. 8. to produce with Efuxion, ĉi-fikshủn. .. the act of Bowing labour

(diligence effluvium

(vour Elaborate, d-láb'drråte. a. foished with great Effort, ér'fort. s. stroggle, laborious endea-Elaborately, é-láb’d-ráte-lè. ad. laboriously Efrontery, éf-frůn'têr-e. s. impudence Elance, é-lânse'. v. a. to throw out, to dart Effulgence, èf-fůl'jênse. s. lustre, brightness Elapse, é-lapse'. v. n. to pass away Efulgent, el-rů'jènt. a. shining, bright, lurai- Elastick, d-lås'tik. a. having the power of reEffuse, éf-füze'. v. a. to pour out

(nous turning to the form from which it is disa Efusion, ér-fu'zhủn. s. the act of pouring out; torted the thing poured out

(persing| Elasticity, d-lås-tls'é-tė. s. force in bodies Effusive, ér-fu'slv. a. pouring out, dis by which they endeavour to restore them. . Eft, éft. . a newt, an evet

welves Egestion, e-jểs'tshủn. s. the act of throwing Elate, d-låte'. a. flushed with success out the digested food

Elate, è-låte'. v. a. to puff up; to exalt Egg, ég. s. that which is laid by feathered Elation, e-lå'shủn. s. baughtiness proceeding

animals, from which their young is produ from success ced; the spawn or sperm of creatures; any Elbow, èi'nd. s. the next joint of the arm ben thing fashioned in the shape of an egg

low the shoulder; any nexure or angle Egg, ég, v. a. to incite, to instigate

Elbow, ei'b). v. a. to push with the elbow; Eglantine, gin-tơn. 5. A species of roze : to drive to a distance sweetbriar

(one's self Elbow, él'bd. 5. n. to jut out in angles Egotism, é'gd-tízm. 8. too frequent mention of Eld, éld. s. old age, old people Egotist, e'go-tsst. s. one that is always talk-Elder, er dĩr. a. surpassing another in year ing of himself

| Elder, él'úúr, s, the name of a tree



a cone

Elders, él'dórz. s. persons whose age givesti Elf, ell. s. plural elves, a wandering spirit;

them reverence; among the Jews, rulers a devil of the people ; among Presbyterians, lay-|Elflock, elf’lok. s. knots of hair twisted by men introduced into the kirk polity

elves Elderly, êi'důr-le. a. no longer young

Elicit, é-lis'sit. v. a. to strike out Eldes!, el'dêst. a. the oldest

Elicit, é-lis'sít. a. trought into action Elecampane, di-d-kâm-pane'. s. a plant, Elicitation, é-lis-se-ta'shún. 3. a deducing the

named also Starwort [object of favour power of the will into act Elect, é-lékt'. v. a. to choose, to select as an Elide, é-ilde'. v. a. to break in pieces Elect, é-lékt'. a. chusen, taken by preference Eligibility, él-e-je-bile-tė. s. worthiness to from among others

be chosen Electary, é-lék'ta-rė. s. a form of medicine Eligitle, èl’d-je-bl. a. fit to he chosen

made of conserves and powderr, of the con- Elision, e-lizh ản. 8. tba act of cutting off sistence of honey

division Election, é-lék'shún. s. the act of choosing ; Elization, el-ik-så'shủn. s. the act of boiling the power of choice; voluntary prefer- Elixir, é-11k'súr. 8. a medicine made by strong

(in parliamentary elections infusion; the quintessence of any thing; Electioneering, e-lék-shủn-éér'ing. 8. concern

any cordial

(kind Elective, é-lék'tiv. a. exerting the power of Elk, élk. s. a large stately animal of the stag choice

(to choose or electEll, el. s. a measure containing a yard and a E lector, é-lêk'tůr. s. one who has a right quarter Electoral, e-lêk'td -rål. a. having the dignity Ellipsis, el-tip'sle. s. a figure of rhetorick, by of an elector

[an elector which something is left out ; in geometry, Electorate, ê-lêk'td-råte. s. the territory of an oval figure generated from the section of Electure, é-lêk'tůr. s. a mixed metal Electrical, é-lék'tre-kål. Electrick, á-lêk'trik.

Elliptick, êl-lip'tik.

a. having the form vut magnetism

of an ellipsis Electricity, é-lék-tris'è-tė. s. a property in Elm, élm. 8. the name of a tee

bodies, whereby, when rubbed, they draw Elncution, &-6-kü shủn. s. the power of doen substances, and emit fire

speech ; eloquence, flow of language Electuary, é-lék'tsh4-år-é. 8.--See Electary Elogy, el's-jė. s. praise, panegyrick Eleemosynary, él-e-môz'é-når-é. a living Elongate, é-longʻgåte. v. a. to leugthen

Elongation, el-ong-gå'shủn. B. the act of Elegance, él'é-gånse. h. beauty without

lengthening; the state of being stretched Elegancy, él'é-gân-se. }

Elope, é-idpe'. v. 1. to run away, to break grandeur (beauties ; nice, not coarse loose, to escape

(just restraint Elegant, èi'l-gánt. a. pleasing with minuter Elopement, é'ment. s. departure from Elegantly, & é gånt-id. ad. in such a manner Eloquence, èi'd-kwếnse. 6. the power of as to please without elevation

speaking with fluency and elegance Elegiack, îl-e-jlik. a. used in elegies ;) Eloquent, &i'd-kwént. a, having the power of mournful, sorrowful

oratory Elegist, él'e-jíst. s. a writer of elegies E!se, else. pron. other, one besides Elegy, él'é-jé. $. a mournful song

Else, else. ad. otherwise ; besides, except Eiement, &'é-ment. $. the first or constituent Elsewhere, else'whảre. ad. in any other place

principle of any thing; the proper habita- Elucidate, d-ld'sė-Játe. V. a. to explain, to tion or sphere of any thing; the first rudi clear

(exposition ments of literature or science (elements Elucidation, d-lu-se-dd'shủn. s. explanation, Elemental, el-é-měn'til. a. produced by Elucidator, d-lu'se-så-tůr. s. explainer, er Elementary, el-e-mén'tár-é. a. uncompounded positor, commentator Elephant, àl'e-rånt. s. the largest of all quad- Elude, d-lude'. v. fas to avoid ny artifice rupeds

(the elephant Eludible, é-lu'de-bl. a. possible to ce deluded Elephantine, el-e-fân'tin. a. pertaining to Elumbated, é-lům'vå-têd. a. weak in the loing Elevate, &l'é-váte. v. a. to exalt

for examination, an artifice Elevate, él'é-våte. part. a. exalted, raised Elusion, e-lu'zbûn. s. escape from inquiry aloft

(aloft ; exaltation Elusive, e-lu'sir. a. using arts to escape
Elevation, el-d-vá'shủn. 6. the act of raising| Elusory, d-1d'sůr-d. a. tending to elude
Elevator, &l'é-vå-túr. s. a raiser or lifter up Elute, e-lute'. v. a. to wash of
Eleven, é-lév'vn. a. ten and one

Elutriate, d-l'tré-åte. v. a. to decant, to Eleventh, é-lêr'vath. a. the next in orderli strain out to the tenth

Elysian, d-lizhod io. a. exceedingly delightful

upon alms

Elysiuin, e-lizn'é-um. s. the place assigued, amvezzle, énr-béz'zi. v. a. to appropriate by the heathens to happy souls

by breach of trust; to waste Emaciate, è-ma'she-åte. y. a. to waste; to Embezzlement, ém-béz'zl-mếnt. s. the act of deprive of flesh

appropriating to himself that which is Emaciate, e-ma'shé-åte.av. n. to lose flesh received in trust for another Emaciation, e-ma-she-a'shủn. s. the act of Einblaze, êm-bláze'. v. a. to enblazon, to

making lean; the state of one grown lean paint with ensigns armorial Emaculation, e-måk-d-lå'shún. s. the act of Emblazon, êm-bla'zn. v. a. to adorn with

freeing any thing from spots or foulness figures of heraldry; to deck in' glaring Emanant, êm'a-nånt. a. issuirg from some colours

(tion, an allusive licture thing else

Emblem, &m'blem. . an occult repro sentaEmanate, &m'a-nåte, v. n. to issue or Aow Emblematical, ém-ble-mit'e-kål. from something else

Emblematick, êm-ble-mit'ik.

a. c. mprio Emanation, ém-mă-ná' shûn. s. the act of is sing an emblem, allusive

suing or proceeding from any other sub-Emblematically, ém-blè-måt'è-kil-ė. ed. in stance; that which issues

the manner of einblems, allusively Emanative, ém'ân-a-tiv. a. issuing from ano-Emboss, ém-bis'. v. a. to forin with grotuther [from servitude berances; to engrave

with relief, or Emancipate, e-mân'sė-påte. v. a. to set free rising work; to enclose, to include, tower Emancipation, e-mån-sé-på'shủn. s. the act of Embossment, êm-bôs'mếnt. s. any thing

setting free, deliverance from slavery standing out from the rest; relief, rising Emasculate, e-mås'kd-låte. v. a. to castrate work

(the entrails Emasculation, e-más-ku-la'shún. s. castration Embowel, ém-b8d'él. v. a. to deprive of Embale, ém-båle.' v. a. to make up into a Embrace, êm-bråse'. v. a. to hold fondly in bundle; to enclose

the arms

(brace Embalm, ém-bấm'. v.a. to impregnate a body Embrace, ém-bråse'. v. n. to join in an enn

with aromaticks, that it may resist putre-| Eenbrace, érn-bráse', 's. clasp, sond pressure faction

in the arms Embarkation, ém-bảr-ka'shủn. $. the act of Embracement, éın-bråse'mânt. 9. clasp in the putting or going on shipboard

arms, enclosure ;, conjugal endearinent Embargo, em-bảr'gd. $. a prohibition to pass, Embrasure, êm-brå-zhůre'. s. an aperture in a stop put to trade

the wall, battlement Embark, ém-bảrk' v. a. to put on shipboard; Embrocate, ém'bro-kåte. v. a. to rub any part to engage another in any affair

diseased with medicinal liquors Embark, em-bảrk'. v. n. to go on shipbcard; || Embrocation, ém-brð-ka'shún. 8. the lotion to engage in any affair

with which any diseased part is washed Embarrass, ém-bår'rås. v. a. to perplex, to Embroider, éin-brởe'dúr. v. a. to decorais entangle

*[ity, entanglement with figured works Embarrassment, ém-bår'rås-mênt. s. perplex-Embroiderer, ém-broé'dúr-úr. s.

one that Embase, ém-båse'. v. a. to vitiate ; to degrade adorns with needlework Embasement, &in-båse' ment. 8. depravation Embroidery, em-brydayr-.. 8. variegated Embassador, êm-bie'si-dur. 8. one sent on a needlework

(tract public message on a public message Embroil, ém-broil'. v. 2. to disturb, to diss,

8. the offspring yet Embassage, ém'bås-såje. Embassy, ém'bås-se

s. a publick mes

Embryon, ém'bré-on.

unfinished in the womb; any thing unfin sage ; any solemn massage


(dation, corrigible Embattle, ém-båt'tl. v. a. to range in order Emendable, e-mên'da-bl. a. capable of emerof battle

[a bay Emendation, ém-én-ca'shủn. 8. correction, alEmbay, em-hå. v. a. to bathe ; to enclose teration of any thing from worse to better Embellish, êm-bell?sh. v. A. to adorn; Emerald, én'é-råld. s. a green precious stone beautify

[inent, decoration Emerge, e-mérje'. v. n. to rise out of any Embellishment, êm-b21/1ĩs-Inent. 8.

thing in which it is covered Embers, êm'bẫrz. 5. hot cinders

Emergence, e-mér'jếnsa.

s. the act of Ember-week, ém'bůr-wèék. 8. a week in Emergency, e-mêr'jên-sé.

which an ember-day falls. The ember rising into view; any sudden occasion ; days at the four seasons are the Wednes pressiog necessity day, Friday, and Saturday, after the first | Emergent, e-mêr'jềnt. a. rising into view u Sunday in Lent, the feast of Pentecost, notice ; sudden, unexpected, casual September fourteenth December tuir-Emerited, e-mêr'it-éd, a. allowed to have teenth

done sufficient publick service


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