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Emersion, e-mêr'shûn, s. the time when a star, || Employable, ém-plód'a-bl. a. capable to be

having been obscured by its too near ap used, proper for use proach to the sun, appears again

Employer, ém-ploé'úr. s. one that uses, or Emery, ểmỏer-e. 8. an iron ore

causes to be used Emetick, e-mét'ik. a. provoking vomits Employment, km-plỏe'mềat. 4. business, obEmetick, &-inèt'ik. s. a vomit

ject of industry ; office Emication, éin-e-kå'shún. s. sparkling Emporetick, êm-pd-rét'lk. th. used at mark Emigrant, .moe-grint. 5. one that emigrates ets, or in merchandise Emigrate, ém'è-gråte. V. n. to remove from En,porium, ém-po'ré-úm. 8. a place of mere one place to another

Itation chandise, a commercial city Emigration, êm-e-grå’shỉn. s. change of habi-Empoverish, ém-pôv'ér-ish. v. a. to mak Eminence, êm'é-néase.

s. loftiness, height

poor; to lessen fertility Eminency, ẩn e-ntn-s..

Empoverishment, ém-pôv'ér-eh-mént. 8. di surnnuit ; highest part; distinction; a title minution, waste

Lepable Emiuent, éın'é-nềnt. a. high, lofty ; conspicu-| Empower, ém-poł'úr. v. a. to authorize ; to cus, remarkable

Empress, ém'prés. s. the queen of an emperor; Eminently, éin'é-nềnt-lè. ad. conspicuously, in a female invested with imperial dignity a high degree

Emprise, ém-prize'. s. attempt of danger Emissary, ém is-sår-ré. 5. a secret agent Emptiness, ém'te-nês. s. the state of being Emission, é-mish'ún. 3. the act of sending out; empty, a void space, vacuity

Empty, ển tẻ. a. void ; unsatisfactory, ig Emit, é-mit'. v. a'. to let fly, to dart

norant, vain Emmet, ém'mit. s. an ant, a pismire Empty, ém'té. v. a. to evacuate, to exhaust Emmew, érn-inů'. v. a. to new or coop up Empurple, ťm-púr'pl. v. a. to make of a pur Emollient, e-môi'yềnt. a. softening, suppling

ple colour

(aerial Emollition, ém-inol- Iish'ún. s. the act of soft-|| Empyreal, ém-pir'e-al. a. refined beyond eping

Itage Empyrean, ém-pl-ré'an. s. the highest heaven Emolument, é-mål'ů-mênt. s. profit, advan-| Empyrosis, ém-pe-rd'sis. b. condagration, Emotion, e-mnd'shủn. S. disturbance of mind,

general fire vehemence of passion

Emulate, êr'i-låte. v. a. to rival Enpale, ẻm-pile”. v. a. to fence with a pale || Emulation, pm-1-la’shẳn. 8. rivalry ; contest

to enclose ; to put to death by sitting on a Emulative, ém'ú-lå-tiv. a. inclined to emula stake fired upright

tion Empannel, ém-pân'nêl. s. the writing or en- Emulator, &m'u-18-túr. 8. a rival, a competitor

tering the names of a jury into a schedule Emulge, é-ınůlje'. v. a. to milk out Empannel, ém-pänʼnél. v. a. 10 summon to Emulgent, e-múl'jểut. a. milking or draining, serve on a jury

Emulous, &m')-lús. a. rivalling lout Empassion, ém-påsh'ún. v. a. to move witb Emulsion, e-mủl'shủn. 8. a form of medicine, passion, to affect strongly

by bruising oily seeds and kernels Emperor, êm'pér-ứr. 8. a monarch of title and Enable, én-a'bl. . a. to make able, to confer digpity superior to a king

power Emphasis, ém'så-sis. s. a remarkable stress Enact, én-åkt', v. 2. to establish, to deeree laid upon a word or sentence

Enamel, én-am'êl. v. a. to inlay, to variegate Emphatical, êm-fåt'ik-ál.


with colours Emphatick, ém-fåt'ik.

Enamel, én-åm'êl. 8. any thing enamelled; strong, striking

(cibly the substance inlaid in other things Emphatically, em-fåt'é-kål-e. ad. strongly, for-Enameller, én-âm'êl-iúr. s. one that practises Empire, ém'pire. 8. imperial power ; the re the art of enamelling

(love. gion over which dominion is extended Enamour, én-am'ór. v. a. to inflame with Empirick, êm'pé-rik. s. a quack

Encage, én-kaje'. v. a. to coop up, to confine a. versed in ex

Encamp, én-kamp'. v. n. to pitch tents ém-.

Encamp, én-kamp'. v. a. to form an army into periments, practised only by rote

a regular camp Empiricism, em-pir’d-sizm. E. dependence on Encampment, én-kåmp'mếnt. s. the act of

experience without knowledge ; quackery encamping; a camp, tente pitched in order Emplastick, êm-plás'tík. a. viscous, glutinous Enchase, én-tshåse'. v. a. to enrage, to irritate Emplead, ém-pléde'. v. as to indict, to prefer Enchain, én tshảne'. v. a. to fasten with a · a charge against

chain, to bind Employ, ém-ploe'.v. a. to busy, to keep at work|| Enchant, én-tshảnt'. to subdue "hy Employ, ém-ploe'. s. business, object of in charms or spells; to délight in a bigb dustry: publick office


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Empirica, imprimante bal}

V. a.



Enchanter, éo-tshán'túr. s. a magician, a|| Endear, én-déer'. v. a. to make dear, to

make beloved Enchantment, én-tshảnt'mênt. 8. magical Endearment, én-déèr'mént. s. the cause of charms; irresistible influence

love ; state of being endeared Encbantress, én-tshản'trés. 8. a sorceress ; a Endeavour, én-dév'ůr. s. labour directed to woman whose beauty or excellence gives some certain end

(certain purpose irresistible influence

Endeavour, én-dév'úr, v. n. to labour to a Enchase, én-tshåse'. v. a. to enclose in any| Endeavour, én-dév'úr. v. a. to attempt, to try

other body so as to be held fast, but not Endemial, én-de'me-al. concealed

[in a ring or circle Endemical, én-dêm'é-kål. a. peculiar to Encircl-, én-sêr'kl. v. a. to environ, to enclose Endemick, én-dém'lk. Eucliticks, én-klit'iks. s. particles which a country; used of any disease that affects

throw cack the accent upon the last sylla several people together in the samo ble of the foregoing word

(round country Enclose, én-kloze'. v. a. to encircle, to sur-Erdict, Enclosure, én-kið'zhůre. $. the act of enclos. Endict,

én-dite'. v. a. to charge any man ing; the separation of common grounds by a written accusation before a court of into distinct possessions; the appropriation justice ; to draw up, to compose of things common; space enclosed

Endictment, Encomiast, én-komé-ást. s. a panegyrist,

én-dite'mêot. s. a till or de

a Enditement, praiser

claration made in form of law, for the Encomiastical, én-kd-me-ás'te-kål.

benefit of the commonwealth

a. paneEncomiastick, en-ko-me-ås'tik.

Endive, én'div. s. an berb, succory gyrical, containing or bestowing praise Endless, énd'iểs. a. without end; perpetual Encomium, én-ko'me-ům. s. panegyrick,|| Endlessly, énd'les-lė. ad. incessantly, perpraise, elogy


(less duration Encompass, én-kům'pås. V. a. to enclose Endlessness, end'lês-nés. 8. perpetuity, endEncore, ông-kore'. ad. again, once more Endorse, én-dôrse'. v. a to register on the Encounter, en-koln'tůr. s. duel, single fight; back of a writing, to superscribe battle

Endorsement, én-dôrse'ment. s. supersrcip Encounter, én-kain'tůr. . a. to meet in a tion, writing on the back

(tion hostile manner, to rush against in conflict ;| Endow, én-d88. v. a. to enrich with a porto oppose

Endowment, én-ddi'ment. s. wealth, best 'wEncounter, én-kin'tûr. v. n. to rush to ed; a sufficient portion for perpetual main

gether in a hostile manner, to conflict ; to tenance; gift of nature

fight; to come together by chance Endue, én-dů v. a. to supply with mental Encourage, én-kúr'ridje. v. a to animate ; to excellencies give courage, to embolden

Endurance, én-dd'rânse. s. continuance Encouragement, én-kůr'ridje-méot. s. incite- Endure, endåre'. v. a, to hear, to undergo ment, countenance, suprort

Endure, én-dúre'. v. n. to last, to continue Encroach, én-krótsh'. r. R. to make invasions to brook

upon the right of another; to advance by Endwise, énd'wize. ad. ereatly, on end stealth

Enemy, én'e-mè. s. a publick foe ; a privato Encroachment, én-krótsh'ment. 8. an unlaw opponent, an antagonist

ful gathering in upon another man; ad-Energetick, én-dr-jét’lk. a. forcible, active, vance into the territories or rights of Energize, én'dr-jize. v. n. to act with energy another

[to impede Energy, én'ér-jé. s. power, force Encumber, én-kům'bảr. v. a. to clog, to load, | Enervate, e-nér' våte. v. a to weaken, to deEncumorance, én-kům'brânse. 8. clog, load ; prive of force · burde upon an estate

Enervation, én-ér-vé'shủn. s. the actor weak Encyclopedia, én-si-kld-pe'dé-a. s. the circle of ening ; the state of being weakened sciences

Enerve, d-nerv'. 7. a. to weaken, to break End, end. 8. the extremity of any thing; con the force of

clusion; ultimate, state ; death ; abolition ;| Enfeeble, én-fé'bl. 5. a. to weaken intention ; final design

[destroy| Enfeoff, én-fedf'. v. 4. to invest with any End, ånd. v.a. to terminate, to finish; to dignities or possessions

(to enchain End, end. v. n. to come to an end; to con-Enfetter, én-fet'tür. v. a. to bind in fetters, clude, to cease

(to harm Enfilade, én-fé-låde'. s. a strait passage Endainage, én-dám'dje. V. a. to prejudice, Enforce, én-forse'. v. a. to strengthen ; to Endanger, én-dán'júr. v. to put iôto compel hazard, to bring into peril

Enforcement, £n-forsoʻméat. s, compulsion.


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Enfranchise, én-frau'tshiz. v. a. to make free, Enlarge, éu-lảrje'. v. n. to expatiate, to speak to denisen

in many words Enfranchise ment, én-från'tshỉz-mênt. s. in- Enlargement, én-lảrje'ment. s. increase, acg

vestiture of the privileges of a denisen mentation, farther extension ; release from release from prison, or from slavery

confineinent Engage, en-gåje'. v. a. to enlist, to bring into Enlight, én-llte'. 5. a. to illuminate

a party; to embark in an altair ; to attack : Enlighten, én-il'tn. V. a. to illuminate, to into win by pleasing means, to gain ; to employ; to fight

Enlink, én-link'. v. a. to chain te, to bind Engage, én-gaje'. v. n. to conflict, to fight; Enlist, ên-list'. v. a. to enter into military to einbark in any business, to enlist in any

(make alive, to animata party

Enliven, én-11'vn. ". a. to make quick, t Engagement, én-gåje'ment. s. the act of en-Enmnity, én' mé-té. s. malevolence, aversion

gaging ; obligation by contract ; employ malice

ment of the attention ; fight, battle Enmesh, én-mêsh'. v. a to net, to entangle Engarrison, én-går're-sn. v. a. to protect by Eunoble, én-nè'bl. v. a. to dignify, to aga garrison

grandize la knot ; solution of a difficulty Engender, én-jển’důr. v. a. to beget ; to pro- Enodation, en--dd'shún. s. the act of untying duce, to form ; to excite

Enormity, e-nêr'me-tè. 6. deviation froin Engine, én'jin. s. any mechanical complica rule ; atrocious crime

tion, in which various movements and parts Enormous, e-nör'mûs. a. regular, out of rule ; concur to one effect; an instrument to

large ;

wicked beyond the common mea* throw water upon burning houses; an

(sure agent for another

Enormously, e-nör'můs-lè. ad. beyond meaEngineer, ên-je-néer'. s. one who manages Enormousness, e-nör'můs-nés. s. iinmeasura. engines, or directs the artillery of an army ble wickedness

(measure Engird, én-gêrd'. v. a. to encircle, to sur-Enough, é-nif'. a. being in a sufficient round

Enough, e-nåf'. .. something sufficient in English, Ing'glish. a. belonging to England greatness or excellence Englut, englût'. v. a. to swallow up Enough, d-vår'. ad. in a sufficient degree Engorge, én-gårje'. v. a. to swallow, to de- | Enow, é-nði. the plural of Enough. a suffi

cient number Engrain, én-gråne'. v. a. to die deep, to die Enrage, én-råje'. v. a. to irritate, to provoke Engrapple, én-gråp'pl. v. n. to close with, Enrange, én-rå nje'. v. a. to place regularly to hold on each other

Enrapture, én-råp'tshåre. v. a. to transport Engrave, én-gráve'. v. a. pret. engraved ; with pleasure

(ecstacy part. pass. engraved or engraven, pic-Enravish, én-råv'ish. v. a. to throw into ture by incisions in any matter; to impress Enravishment, én-råv'ish-mênt. . ecstacy of deeply (other matter delight

(to fertilize Engraver, én-gra' vur. 6. a cutter in stone or Enrich, én-ritsh'. r. a. to make wealthy; Engross, én-grose'. v. a. to purchase the Enrichment, én-rltsh'mếnt. 8. augmentation

whole of any commodity for the sake of of wealth ; improvement by addition selling at a high price ; to copy a large hand Enridge, én-ridje'. v. a. to form with ridges Engrossment, en-gros'mént. s. appropriation Enripen, én-rl'pn. 8. a. to ripen, to mature

of things in the gross, exorbitant acquisition Enrobe, én-rdbe'. v. a, to dress (register Enhance, ép-bånse'. v. a. to advance in price Enrol, én-role'. v. a. to insert in a roll or Enigma, e-nig'ma s. a riddle, an obscure Enrolment, én-ról’mènt. 8. register ; writing question

[arnbiguously expressed in which any thing is recorded Enigmatical, én-lg-måt'é-kål. a. obscure, Ens, énz. 6. any being or existence (with gore Enigmatist, e-nig'iná-tist. s. one who deals Ensanguine, én-sang'gwin. v. a. to in obscure matters

Enschedule, én-sed'üle. V. a. to insert in a Enjoin, ĉo-jólo'. v. a to order, to prescribe schedule or writing

[a fort Enjoy, én-jóe'. v. a. to feel with pleasure ; Ensconce, én-skonse'. v. a. to cover as with to obtain possesstvu of ; to please

Enshield, en-shééla'. v. a. to cover Enjoy, én-joe'. v. n. to live in happiness Enshrine, én-shrine'. v. a. to preserve as a Enjoyment, én-jód'inêut. s. happiness, fruition

tbing sacred Eokindle, én-kin'dl. v. a. to set on fire, to Ensign, én'sine s. the flag or standard of a ipflame

regiment; mark of distinction, the other Eolarge, én-lårje'. v. a. to make greater ; who carries the flag

to dilate ; to amplify, to release froin con- Ensigncy, én'sin-se. s. the office of an ensign Sinement

Enslave, en-s låre'. ' a. to deprive of liberty


[in grain


Enslavement, én-slåve'mént. 8. the state of Entity, én'tė-tė. s. a real being servitude, slavery

Entoil, én-toil'. v. a. to insnare, to entangle Ensnare.---See Insnare

Entomb, én-t8ôm'. v. a. to put into a tomb Ensue, én-sd'. v. a. to follow, to pursue Entrails, én'triis. S.

the intestines, the Ensurance, én-shu'rânse. 6. exemption from bowels

hazard; the sum paid for security (nify Entrance, ên'trânse, s. power of entering into Ensure, én-shůre'. v. a. to ascertain, to indem a place; act of entering ; passage ; initiaEntablature, eo-tab'la-tshüre.

tion, commencement

(trance 8. the archiEntablevnent, én-ta'bl-mênt.

Entrance, én-trånse'. v. a. to put into a traye, frize, and cornice of a pillar Entrap, én-tråp'. v. a. to insnare ; to take Entail, én-tåle'. s. the estate entailed, or set advantage of

tled with regard to the rule of its descent Entreat, én-tréte'. v. a. to petition, to soliEtail, én-tåle'. v. a. to settle the descent or cit, to importune

(licitation any estate so that it cannot be, by any sub-Entreaty, én-tre'tė. s. petition, prayer, 80

sequent possessor, bequeathed at pleasure Entry, én'trè. a. the passage by which any one Entame, en-tâme'. v. a. to tar...

enters; ingress; act of entering into any Entangle, én-tâng'yl. V a. to twist or con city fuse ; to perplex

(perplexity Enucleate, d-nd'klé-åte. v. a. to solve, to clear Entanglement, én-cång'gl-mént. s. intricacy, Envelop, én-vél'ủp. V. a. to inwrap, to cover ; Enter, én'têr. r. a. to go or come into any

to hide

Coutward case place; to initiate in a business ; to set Envelope, ôn-vé-1dpe'. s. a wrapper, an down in a writing

Euvenom, én-vén'ům. V. a. to poison; to Enter, én'têr. v. n. to come or go in; to make odious

penetrate mentally, to make intellectual||Enviable, én've-a-bl. a. deserving envy

entrance; to be initiated in (into a place Envier, én've-úr. s. one that envies another Entering, én'tér-ing, s. entrance, passage Envious, ên'vê-ús, a. infected with envy Enterlace, en-têr-låse'. v. a. to intermix Enviously, én'vê-ús-lè. ad. with enry Enterprise, èn'têr-prize. 8, an undertaking of Environ, én-vl'rún._F. a. to surround; to hazard [to attempt envelop

(about the country Enterprise, &n'têr-prize. V. a. to undertake, Environs, én-rl'rins. s. the places round Entertain, én-tér-tåne'. v. a. to converse, Enumerate, é-ad'me-rate. V. a. to count over with; to treat ; to receive hospitably; to distinctly

[counting divert

Enumeration, é-nd-me-rd'shản. s. the act of Entertainment, én-têr-tåne'ment . treatment Enunciate, e-nůn'she-åte. V. a. to declare, to

at table; hospitable reception; amuse proclaim ments; dramatick performance, the lower Enunciation, d-nůn-she-a'shủn. 6. declaracomedy

tion, publick attestation Enthrone, én-thrine'. v. a. to place on a Enunciative, é-nủn'she-a-tiv. a. declarative,

regal seat; to invest with sovereiga au expressive thority

Envoy, én' vdd. s. a publick minister sent Enthusiasm, én-thi-che-azm. s. heat of ima from one power to another, in dignity begination ; exaltation of ideas

low an embassador Enthusiast, én-thézhe-ast 6. one of a hot Envy, én'vė. v. a. to hate another for excel

imagination; one of elevated fancy, or lence or success; to grieve at any qualities exalted ideas

of excellence in another; to grudge Enthusiastical, én-thd-zhe-as'te-kål. Envy, én'vè. v. n. to feel envy

. Enthusiastick, én-thu-zhe-is'tik.

Envy, én'vė. s. pain felt and malignity con vehemently but in any cause ; elevated in ceived at the sight of excellence or kape fancy

piness Entice, én-tise'. v. a. to allure, to attract Epact, e'påkt. s. a number whereby we note Enticement, én-tise'ment. s. allurement

the excess of the common solar year above Enticingly, en-ti'sing-le. ad. in a winning the lunar


Epaulet, ép'w-lêt. s. a military shoulderEatire, én-tire'. a, whole, undivided Ephemera, e-rêm'é-rå. s. a fever that termiEntirely, én-tire'le. ad. without division; nates in one day; an insect that lives only completely

(rulness one day Entireness, ép-tire'nès.

completeness, Ephemeral, d-rêm'd-rål. Entirety, en-tire'tė. s. completeness

a. diurnal, be

Ephemerick, é-fêm'e-rik. Entitle, én-ti'ul. v, a to grace or dignify ginning and ending in a day

with a title ; to give a claim to any thing :|Ephemeris, è-fêm'é-rh. a. an account of the to grant any thing as claimed by a title daily motions of the planeta


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Ephemerist, è-féın'é-rlst. s. one who consultsEqurability, e-kwa-bfl'é-tė. . equality to the planets

(Hebrew priests itsell, evenness, uniformity Ephod, érod. s. an ornament worn by the Equable, e'kwa-bl. a. equal to itself, uniform Epick, ep'ık. a. comprising narrations. It is Equabiy, ékwa-blè. ad. uniformly, evenly usually supposed to be heroick

Equal, e'kwal. a. like another; in just proEpicedium, ep-é-se'dé-ìm. 8. an elegy, a portion, equitable ; upon the same terms poem upon a funeral

(luxuryj Equal, é'kwal. s. one of the same age or Epicure, ép'é-kúre. 8. a man given wbolly to rank

[pense fully Epicurean, épé-ku-ré'ån. s. one who holds Equal, e'kwal. v. a. to make equal ; to recorthe principles of Epicurus

Equalise, d'kwal-lze. v. a. to make even; to Epicurean, tp-e-kd-rein. a. luxurious, con-| be equal to

(dignity; uniformity tributing to luxury

Equality, e-kwol'l-té. s. the same degree of Epicurism, ép'é-ků-rizm. 6. luxury, sensual Equally, é'kwål-lé. ad. in the same degree; enjoyment


(mind Epidemnical, ép-e-dém'é-kål.

a. that which Equacimity, e-kwa-nim'd-tė. s. evenness of Epidemick, ép-é-dém'ik.

Equation, e-kwà'shủn. b. a bringing of things falls at once upon great numbers of people ; to an equality, generally prevailing ; universal

Equator, e-kwa'tůr. 8. a great circle, wbich Epidermis, ép-é-dér' mis. s. the scarf-skin of divides the globe into two equal parts, or a man's body


(the equator Epigram, ép'é-gråm. 8. a short poem ter- Equatorial, e-kwa-to'ré-al. a. pertaining to minating in a point

Equerry, e-kwet. s. master of the horse Epigrammatical, ép-e-gråm-måt'é-kál. Equestrian, e-kwês'tré-ân. a. appearing on Epigrammatick, ép-e-grâm-måt'ik.

horseback ; skilled in horsemanship dealing in or relating to epigrams Equidistant, 'é kwè-dis'tânt. a. at the same Epigrammatist, ép-é-grảm'må-tist. s. a writer


lequality of epigrams

Equiformity, l-kwé-för'me-tè. 8. a uniform Epilepsy, êz. "l-lép-sd. s. a convulsive motion Equilatural, é-kwè-låt'ér-ål. a. having all of the bory, with a loss of sense

sides equal

(equally Epileptick, ép-é-lép'tik. a. convulsed Equilibrate, e-kwe-11'bråte. V. a. to balance Epilogue, ép'd-log. s. the poem or speech at Equilibrium, e-kwè-lib'ré-ìm. 8. equipoise, the end of a play

equality of weight Epiphany, &-pir fă-nė. s. a church festival, ce-Equinoctial, e-kwė-nok'shål. 6. the line that

lebrated on the twelfth day after Christmas answers to the equator Episcopacy, d-pls'kd-på-sė. s. the govern-Equinoctial, e-kwé-nôk'sbål. a. pertaining ment of bishops

[bishop to the equinox Episcopal, e-pís'kd-pål

. a. belonging to a Equinox, é'kwé-nôks. . the time when the Episode, ép'é-sode. 8. an incidental narra-|| day and night are equal tive, er digression in a poem

Equinumerant, e-kwé-nú'me-rånt. a. having Episcdical, ép-e-sód'e-kål. a. contained in an the same number

(to fit out Epistle, e-p?s'sl. s. a letter (episode Equip, e-kwip'. v. a. to furnish, tu accoutre, Epistolary, é-pis'td-lår-ė. a. relating to let-Equipage, ék'kwė-påje. 6. carriage of state, ters; transacted by letters

vehicle ; attendance, retinue Epitaph, ép'é-tâf. s. an inscription upon al Equipment, é-kwip’mént. s. the act of equiptomb-stone

(song ping or accoutering l'equilibration Epithalamium, ép-é-thå-la'mė-úm. 8. a nuptial Equipoise, d'kwė-pésze, s. equality of weight, Epithet, épé-thết. s. an adjective denoting Equipollence, &-kwé-pôl'lēnse. s. equality of quality [breviature force or power

[power or force Epitome, e-pít'd-mè. s. abridgment, ab- Equipollent, l-kwè-pollent. a. having equal Epitomise, d-pit'8-mize, v.a. to abstract, to Equiponderance, e-kwé-pân'der-ånse. curtail

||Equiponderaneye-kwề-pôn dễr-in sẽ Fpoch, ép'ok. 3. the time at which a

equality of weight Epocha, èp'8-kå.

Eqmpouderant, &-kwé-pân'dér-ánt. a. being new computation is begun, from which of the saine weight dates are numbered

E quiponderate, e-kwé-pân'der-åte. v. n. to Epode, ép’dde. s. the stanza alter the weigh equal to any thing stropbe and antistrophe

(poem! Equitable," ék'kwé-tá-bl. a. just, candid, Epopee, ép-o-pe'. s. an epick or hervich in partial

ally Epulation, ép-u-la'shủn. s. a feast

Equitally, čl'kwè-tå-blè. ad. justly, imparEpulotick, ép-d-lôt'lk. s. a cicatrizing medi-|| Equity, ék'kwė-té. s. justice, right; impat cament



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