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of extension

Exoptable, égz-op'ta-bl. a. desirable Expel, eks-pel. v. a. to drive out; to force Exorable, éks'd-rå-bl. a. to be moved by en away treaty

Expend, eks-pênd'. v. a. to lay out ; to spend Exorbitance, égz-or'hé-tanse.

Expense, éks-pênse'. s. cost, charges Exorbitancy, “gz-ằrobe-tần-se.

Expenseless, éks-pênse'lés. a. without cost mity; extravagant demand

Expensive, eks-pén'siv. a. given to expense; Exorbitant, égz-år'bė-tånt. As enormous, costly

[expense excessive

Expensively, éks-pén'siv-le. ad. with great Exorcise, éks'ór-size. V. a. to adjure by some Expensiveness, eks-péa'siv-nis. s. extravaholy name; to purify from tbe influence of

gance ; costliness

[quent trial evil spirits

Experience, éks-pe're-ense. 8. practice, fr Exorcism, éks'ôr-sizm. s. the form of adjura- |Experience, eks-pe'ré-énsể. v. a. to practise

tion, by which evil spirits are driven away to know by practice Exordium, égz-år'dè-ím. n. a formal preface Experienced, éks-pė’re-enst. part. a. made Exornation, eks-or-på' shủn. 8.

ornament, skilful by experience decoration

(boneless Experiment, éks-pèr'e-młot. e. trial of any Exosseous, égz-ösh'sht-is. a. wanting bones, thing Exotick, égz-åt'li. a. foreign, not produced Experimental, éks-per-e-mén’tál. a. built upin our own country

on experiment ; knopen hy experiment Expand, ék-spånd'. v. a. to spread, to lay Experimentally, éks-per-e-měn'tål-ė. ad. by open; to dilate

experience Expanse, ek-spânse'. s. a body widely ex-Expert, éks-pêrt'. a. skilful; ready, dexteros tended without inequalities

Expertly, éks-pêrt'le, ad. in a skilful ready Expansibility, ék-spån-sé-bil'é-te. s. capacity

[extended Expertness, éks-pêrt'nès. s. skill, readiness Expansible, ék-spån'sê-bl. a. capable to be Expiable, éks'pe--bl. a. capable to be expiated Expansion, eks-på n'shỉn. 6. extent, pure space Expiate, éks'pé-áte. v. a. to annul the guilt Expansive, éks-pân'siv. a. having the power of a crime ; to atone for to spread into a wider surface

Expiation, éks-pé-a'shủn. s. the act of expiaExpatiate, ek-spå'sbe-áte. 5. n. to range at ting or atoning for any crime

large; to enlarge upon in language Expiatory, éks'pe-å-túr-. a. having the Expect, ék-spekt'. 9. &. to have a previous

power of expiation apprehension of either good or evil; tol Expiration, eks-pd-rå'shủn. s. the act of reswait for

piration which thrusts the air out of the Expectance, ek-spêk'tanse.

s. the actor

lungs; death ; evaporation; vapour ; the Expectancy, ék-spêk'tan-sé.

conclusion of any limited time state of expecting something expected Expire, ek-spire'. v. a. to breathe out; to exExpectant, ek-spêk'tant. a. waiting in expec bale, to send out in exhalations tation

lin expectation Expire, ék-spire'. v, n. to die, to breathe the Expectant, ék-spêk'tant. s. one who waits

last ; to conclude

(illustrate Expectation, ek-spék-ta'shủn. B. the act or||Explain, éks-plåne'. v. a. to expound, to

state of expecting (from the breast Explainable, éks-piảne'a-bl. a. capable of beExpectorate, éks-pêk'td-råte. v. a. to eject ing explained Expectoration, eks-pék-td-rå'shủn. s. the act Explanation, éks-plå-nå'shủn. B. the act of

of discharging from the breast; a discharge explaining or interpreting ; the sense given by coughing

by an explainer or interpreter Expedience, éks-pe'dé-ense.

8. fitness, // Explanatory, éks-plån'a-túr-ė. a. containing Expediency, éks-pe'dé-én-se.


(to take up room propriety; haste

[proper, fit Expletive, éks’plé-tiv. s. something used only Expedient, éks-pe'de-ent, or éks-pé'je-ent. a. Explicable, éks'plé-ka-bl. a. explainable Expedient, eks-pe'dė-ént. s. that which helps Explicate, éks'ple-kåte. v. a. to unfold, to forward; a shift, meanis to an end

clear Expediently, éks-De'dé-ent-lè.

ad. fitly, Explication, éks-plé-ka'shủn. s. the act of unsuitably

(hasten; to despatch | folding or explaining; the sense given by Expeditė, éks'pe-dhe. v. to facilitate, an explainer

Idency to explain Expedite, éks'pé-dite. a disericuinbered Ex, licative, éks'ple-kå-tiv. a. having a tenbimble, active, light armed

Explicit, éks-plis't. a. plain, clear Expe'ition, éks-né disb'ın s. speed, activity ;Explicitly, šks-plis' it-lê. ad. plainly

a march or voyage with martial intention Explode, éks-pidde'. v. a. to drive out with Expeditious, éks-pé-vishús. a. speedy, quick,

(cessful attempt owift

Exploih éks-pi&st. 1. achievement, a sa




(to stir up

Explorate, éks-pio'råte. v. a. to search out | Expugnation, éks-půg-nă'sbún. s. conquest, Exploration, éks-pld-rå'sbản. s. search, ex the act of taking by assault amination

[examining Expulse, éks-påse'. v. a to drive out, to Exploratory, éks-plôr'a-túr-é. a. searching,

force away Explore, eks-pidre'. v. a. to search into, to Expulsion, éks-på'shủn. 6. the act of expelexamine by trial

ling; the state of being driven out Explosion, eks-pld’zhủn. s. the act of driving Expulsive, éks-půl'sív. a. having the power of out any thing with noise and violence expulsion

(to eface Explosive, éks-pld'siv. a. driving out with Expunge, éks-půnje'. v. a. to blot or rub out; noise and violence

[country Expurgation, eks-půr-ga'shủn. s. the act of Export, eks-port'. v. a. to carry out of a cleaning ; purification Export, éks'port. s. commodity carried out Expurgatory, éks-půr' gå-túr-ė. & employed in traffick

in purging aray what is noxious Exportation, éks-pdr-tå'shủn. s. the act or Exquisite, éks'iwė-zit. an excellent, compractice of carryiog out commodities into


(completely other countries

[liable to Exquisitely, éks'kwė-zit-id. a. perfectly, Expose, eks-poze. v. a. to lay open, to make Exquisiteness, éks'kwė-zit-nês. 8. nicety, Exposition, éks-pd-zish'ún. s. an explanation, perfection interpretation

[interpreter Exsiccant, ék-sík'kant. a. drying Expositor, éks-pôz'é-túr. s. an explainer, Exsiccate, ék-sik'káte, v. a. to dry Expostulate, éks-pôs'tshi-låte. v. n. to de-Exsiccation, ék-sík-ká'shủn. s. the act of bate; to remonstrate in a friendly manner drying

(power of drying Expostulation, éks-pôs-tshů-lå'shúa. s. de-Exsiccative, ek-sík’ka-tiv. a. having the bate, discussion of an affair

Exspuition, ék-spů-Isn'ún. s. a discharge by Expostulatory, éks-pôs'tsbů-lå-tủr-ė. a. con-ii spitting

Coat taining expostulation

Exsuction, ék -súk'shủn. s. the act of sucking Exposure, eks-po’zhůre. s. the act of expos- Exsultation, ék-sảf-ià'shủn. 8. a blast works ing; the state of being exposed

ing underneath Expound, éks-poànd'. v. a. to explain, to Exsuffolate, ék-súr"fb-låte. V. a. to whisper, clear, to interpret

to buzz in the ear Expounder, eks-pôůn'důr. s. explainer, inter- Exsuscitate, ék-sủs'se-tåte. V. a. to rouse up. Express, eks-prés'. v. 2. to represent; to de-Extancy, ék'stån-sé. 6. parts rising above clare; to squeeze out

the rest

(now in being Express, éks-près'. a. resembling, exactly Extant, ek'stant. a. standing out to view ; Express, éks-prés. . 'a messenger sent on Extatical

, ek-statickál.} a. rapturous purpose ; a message sent

Extemporal, éks-têm'pd-rål. Expressible, éks-près'se-bl. a. that may be Extemporaneous, éks-têm-på-rå'nd-ús. } uttered or declared

Extemporary, éks-lèm'pd-rår-é. Expression, éks-présh'ûn. s. the act of power uttered or performed without premeof representing any thing; a phrase, a ditation

[meditation, readily mode of speech ; the act of squeezing or Extempore, éka-têmn'pd-rè. ad. without preforcing out

Extemporize, éks-têm'pd-rize. V. n. to speak Expressive, éks-prés'siv. a. having the pow extempore, or without premeditation er of utterance or representation

Extend, eks-tênd'. v. a. to stretch out; to Expressively, éks-prés'siv-le. ad. in a clear! enlarge; to increase

[extension and representative way

Extendible, éks-tên'de-bl. a. capable of Expressiveness, éks-prés'siv-nês. B. the power Extendlessness, éks-tênd'lês-nes. s. unlimired

of expression, or representation by words extension Expressly, éks-prés'le. ad. in direct termas Extensible, éks-tén'sė-LL. a. capable of being Expressure, eks-présh'dre. s. expression, ut stretched into length or breadth terance ; form; mark

Extension, 2ks-tên'shún. s. the act of extend Exprobrate, éks-prð'bråte. y. a to impute ing; state of being extended openly with blame, to upbraid

Extensive, éks-tên's?v. a. wide, large Exprobration, éks-prd-bra'shủn. s. scornful Extensively, éks-tên'afv-le. ad, widely, charge, reproachful accusation


(diffusiveness, wideness Exprobrative, eks-pro'brå-tiv. a. upbraiding Extensiveness, éks-tên'slv-nés. s. largeness, Expropriate, eks-pro'pré-åte. v. a to relin-Extert, éks-tént”. 8. space or degree to quish one's property

which any thing is extended; communicaExpugn, ékr-pane'. v. a to conquer, to take tion ; execution

(palliate by assaukt

JlExtenuate, ék-stiu'd-dico war to Lesson ; to


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Extenuation, eks-tén-u-a'shún. s. palliation ; (Extraordinary, éks-trồr'dé-når-é. a. different mitigation

(trinsick from common order and method; eminent Exterior, eks-te're-îr. a. external, not in-Extraparochial, éks-trå-pår-oké-ał. a. not Exteriorly, éks-te're-úr-le. ad. outwardly,!! comprehended within any parish externally

Extraregular, éks-trå-rég'a-lår. a. not com. Exterminate, eks-têr' mé-náte. v. a. to root prehended within a rule out, to tear up; to destroy

Extravagance, éks-trar'a-gånse. Extermination, éks-tér-me-på'shủn. 8. de- Extravagancy, éka-tråv'a-gån-sé. struction, excisien

regularity, wildness ; waste Exterminator, éks-têr'me-nå-túr. s. the per-|| Extravagant, éks-tråv'å-gant. a. roving be

son or instrument by which any thing is yond just limits ; irregular ; wasteful destroyed

(ing to extermination Extravagantly, éks-tråv'á-gånt-lé. ad. in an Exterininatory, éks-têr'me-nå-tor-é. a. tend extravagant manner; wastefully External, éks-têr'nal. a. outward, opposite to Extravagantness, eks-trav'a-gant-nes. . ex internal

cess, excursion beyond limits Externally, éks-têr'nal-é. ad. outwardly Extravasated, éks-tråv'vå-så-têd. a. forced Extillation, ék-stil-lá'shủn. 6. the actor out of the proper containing vessels falling in drops

[abolished Extravasation, eks-trå-vå-så'shủn. s. the act Extinct, ēk-sting kt'. a. extinguished, put out ; of forcing, or state of being forced, out of Extinction, ék-stîngk'shủn. s. the act of the proper containing vessels

quenching ; state of being quenched; exci-Extravenate, éks-tråv'e-nåte, a. let out of the sion, suppression


(est degree ; utmost Extinguish, ék-sing'gwish. v. a. to put out,| Extremne, eks-treme'. a. greatest of the highto queoch; to destroy

Extreme, éks-treme'. s. utmost point, bighest Extinguishable, ék-stîng'gwish-e-bl. a. that degree of ny thing

(degree may be quenched or destroyed

Extremely éks-treme'lè. ad. in the utinost Extinguisher, ék-sting'y wish-ảr. 8. a hollow Extremity, éks-trém'é-tė. s. the utmost point ; cone put upon a candle to quench it

rigour, distress

[to set free Extinguishment, ék-sting'gwish-mênt. s. ex-|| Extricate, éks'tre-kåte. v. a. to disembarrass,

tinction, suppression ; abolition, nullifica-Extrication, éks-tré-ká'shủn. 4. the act of tion [scind disentangling

(ward Extirpate, ék-etêr'påte. v. a. to root out, to ex-|| Extrinsical, éks-trin-se-kál. a. external, outExtirpation, ék-ster-på'shủn. 8. the act of|| Extrinsically, éks-tria'sé-kal-ė. ad. from rooting out, excision

without Extol, ék-stól. v. a. to praise, to magnify, 10 Extrinsick, éks-tria'sik. a. outward, external celebrate

Extruct, ek-strúkt'. v. a. to build, to raise Etort, eks-tört'. v. a. to draw by force, to Extructor, ék-strůk'tůr. s. a builder, a fabri

wrest; to gain by violence or oppression Extort, éks-tört'. y. . to practise oppression Extrude, éks-tr88d'. v. a. to thrust out and violence, or usury

Extrusion, éks-tro'shủn. s. the act of thrustExtortion, éks-tör'shủn. s. the act or prac ing or driving out

tice of gaining by violence, or asury Exuberance, égz-ůbé-rånse. 1. overgrowth, Extortioner, eks-tor'shủn-úr. s. who

superfluous abundance practises extortion

(select Exuberant, égz-u'be-rånt. a. superfluously Extract, éks-trakt'. v. a. to draw out of; to plenteous; abounding in the utmost degree Extract, éks'tråkt. s. the chief parts drawn Exuberantly, éks-ůbd-rånt-lé. ad. abundantly

from any thing; the chief heads of a book| Exuberate, égz-ube-råte. V. L. to abound in Extraction, fiks-tråk'shủn. 5. the act of draw the highest degree

ing one part out of a compound; lineage, Exuccous, ék-súk'kůs. a. without juice, dry descent

(regular course of law Exudation, ék-sd-da'shủn. s. the matter issuing Extrajudicial, éks-tra-jú-dish'al. 2. out of the out hy sweat from any body Extra mission, éks-tra-mish'ún. s. the act of|| Exudate, ék-su'dáte.

V. D. to sweat out, to emitting outwards

Exvde, ék-súde'. Extramundane, éks-trå-min'dảne. a. beyoud issue by sweat the verge of the matsrial world

Exulærate, égz-3l'sê-råte, V. a. to make sore Extraneous, éks-tra'nė is. a. belonging to a with an ulcer different substance ; foreign

Exulceration, éks-31-se-ra'shủn. s. the beginExtraordinarily, éks-tror'de-når-é-lé, ad. un ning erosion which forms an ulcer, exacercommonly


(sure, to triumph Extraordinariness, éks-tror'dd-par-d-néo. 5. Exult, 'égz-&lt. v. n. to rejoice above mea woooMIODDES, remarkableness

Exultation, éks-ui-ta'shủn. s. jog, triumph




the eye

Exuperable, ék-sú'per-a-bl. a. conquerable, Facetiousness, fa-se'shús-nés. s. cheerful wit, vincible

[greater proportion mirth Exuperance, ek-su'pe-rânse. s. overbalance, Facile, fås'all. a. easy, pliant, flexible Exuscitate, ék-síủs sè-tåte. V. a. to stir up, to Facilitate, fa-sil'é-táte. v. a. to make easy,

[ing up
to free from didiculty

(difficulty Exustion, égz-iis'tshủo. s. she act of burn-Facility, fa-sfl'e-tė. s. easiness, freedom froin Exuriæ, égz-u'vé-é. s. cast skin, cast shells, Facing, fa'sing. s. an ornamental covering whatever is shed by animals

Facinorous, få-sin'd-růs. a. wicked, atrocious Eyas, l'ås. s. a young hawk just taken from Fact, fåkt. s. reality; action, deed the nest

Faction, fåk'shún. s. a party; tumult Eye, I. plural eyes. the organ of vision; as-Factious, fák'shús. a. given to faction

pect, regard; small catch into which o Factiously, fák'shús-lè. ad. in a manger crihook goes; bud of a plant

minally dissentious Eye, I. v. a. to watch, to keep in view Factitious, fák-tish'ús. a. made by art Eyeball, l'bảwl. s. the apple of the eye Factor, fåk'tór. 1. an agent for another, a Eyebrow, l'brðů. s. the hairy arch over the substitute eye

Factory, råk'tür-é. s. a house or district inEyeless, l'és. a. without eyes, sightless habited by traders in a distant country; the Eylet, i'lét. s. a hole through which light traders embodied in one place

may enter; any small perforation Factoturn, rák-to'tům. s. a servant employed Eyelid, I'lîd. s. the membrane that shuts over alike in all kinds of business

Faculty, fák'8l-té. s. ability; reason; power; Eyesbot, I'shởt. 8. sight, glance, view privilege, right to do any thing Eyesight, site. 8. sight of the eye {sight Facund, fák'únd. a. eloquent Eyesore, l'adre. 6. something offensive to the Faddle, fad'dl. v, n. to trifle, to play Eyetooth, l'166th. 6. the tooth in the upper Fade, fade. v. n. to tend froin greater to jaw next the grinders, the fang

less vigour ; to tend from a brighter to a Eyewitness, l'wit-nés. s. one who gives testi weaker colour; to wither; to die away

mony of facts seen with his own eyes gradually, to be transient
Eyre, áre. s. the court of justices itinerants Fadge, fådje. V. n. to fit; to agree
Eyry, a'rd. s. the place where birds of prey Fæces, fe'sėz. s. excrements, sediments
build their nesta

Fag, fåg. v. n. to grow weary
Fagend, rág-énd'. s. the refuse or meaner

part of any thing
Fagot, fåg'út. 8. a bundle of wocd

Fail, föle. v. n. to be deficient; to be exFABACEOUS, få-bå'she-ús. a. having the tinct; to perish; to decay; to iniss rature of a bean

Fail, rále. v. a. to desert ; not to assist ; to Fable, rá'bl. 8. a feigned story intended to oinit; to te waiting to

enforce some moral precept; a fiction; a lie Failing, rá'ling. s. deficiency, lapse Fable, fa'hl. v. n. to feign; to tell falsehoods Failure, fàle'ydre. $. deficience; omission, Fabled, fà'bld, a. celebrated in fables

slip; a lapse Fabricate, fáb’re-kate. y, a. to build; to con-Fain, fåne. a. merry, cheerful ; obliged struct; to forge, to devise falsely

Fain, fáne. ad, glady, very desirously Fabrication, râb-ré-ka'shûn. s. the act of Faint, fånt. v. n. to lose the animal funcbuilding

[system of matter tions, to sink motionless; to grow feeble Fabrick, fáb'rik. .. a building, an edifice; any Faint, fånt. a. languid; feeble of body; deFabulist, fåb'd-.fst. s. a writer of fables pressed Fabulous, fáb'u-lús. a, feigned, fall of fables Fainthearted, fånt-hårt'êd. a. cowardly Fabulously, fåb'u-lus-le. ad. in fiction Fainting, fånt'ing. s. temporary loss of Face, fase. s. the visage; the frout; appear

animal inotior ance ; confidence

Faintly, fånt'lė. ad, seebly, languidly Face, fáse. v. n. to carry a false appearance: Faintness, fánt'nds. r. languor, feebleues3 to turn the face, to come in front

Fair, fåre. a beautiful white in the com Face, fåse. v. a. to meet in front, to nppose plexion; clear; favourable, just; open;

with confidence; to cover with an ad gentle ; mild; equivable (cessfully ditional superficies

Wair, våre. ad. gently, decently, civilly; sucFaceless, fase'le's. a. without a face

Fair, fare. 6. ellip.ically a fair woman; an Facecious, fa-se'shús. a. guy, cheerful, lively annual or stated meeting of buyers and Facetivusiy, få-se'shis-le. ad. gayly, cheer sellers fully

Fairing, låre'ing. 6. a present given at a fair



of any

Fairly, fåre'lė. ad. beautifully; commodious-1 Falsify, fál se-ri. v. a. to counterfeit, to forge

ly; honestly, justly; ingenuously; candiuly; Falsify, fål'sė-fi. v. n. to tell lies completely

(genuity Falsity, rål’se-tê. s. falsehood ; a lie Fairness, fáre'nês. s. beauty; candour, in-Falter, fål'tůr. v. n. to besitate in the utter. Fairspoken, fåre'spd-kn. a. civil in language ance of words; to fail and address

Falteringly, fàl-tor-ing-le. ad. with hesitatiolio
Fairy, rá'ré. s. an elf, a fay; enchantress with Jifficulty
Fairy, fa'ré. a. belonging to fairies

Fame, táme. s. celebrity, renown
Faith, fåth. s. belief; tenet held; fidelity; Famed, rá:nd. a. renowned, celebrated

honour ; sincerity, veracity; promise given Fameless, fảine-lês. a. without fame Faithful, fàth'súl. a. firm in adherence to the Familiar, fă-mil'yår. a. dumestick ; affable ;

truth of religion ; loyal; honest, without well known; accustomed fraud

Familiar, mil'yår. s. an intimate Faithfullly, fåtb'fül-e. ad. with firm belief in Familiarity, få-mil-yė-år’é-tė. s. omission of religion; with full confidence in God

ceremony ; acquaintance; easy intercourse sincerely, honestly

[city; loyalty | Familiarize, få-mil'yår-ize. v. a. to make Faithfulness, fàth'ful-nês. s. honesty, vera

easy by habitude Faithless, fåth'lès. a. without belief; dis- Familiarly, fă-milyar-lè. ad. easily, without loyal

(fidy; unbelief formality Faithlessness, fàth'lés-nés. 8. treachery, per-| Family, ráin'é-lé. s. household ; a race, a tribe Falchion, íài'shún. s. a short crooked sword, Famine, fåm'ln. e. scarcity of food, dearth a scimitar

Fainish, fårn'ish. v. a. to kill with bunger, to Falcon, fåw'kn. s. a hawk trained for sport; a sort of cannon

Farish, fam'?sh. v. n. to die of hunger Falconer, fåw'kn-úr. s. one who trains hawks Famous, få'ınủs. a, renowned, celebrated Fall, rill. v. n. pret. I fell; compound pret. Famously, rå mús-lè. ad. with celebrity

I have fallen; to drop; to apostatize ; to Fan, fån. s. an instrument used by ladies to enter into any state worse than the for move the air and cool theinselves; the inmer; to decrease; to become the property strument by which the chat is blown away

Fan, fån. v. a. to cool or recreate with a Fall, fåll. v. a. to drop, to let fall; to sink, to fan; to ventilate; to separate, as by win

depress; to diminish in value, to let sink nowing in price ; to cut down, to fell; to yean, to Fanaticism, fá-nåt'é-sizm. s. enthusiasm, reli

gious phrensy

(stitious Fall, fåll. s. the act of falling; ruin; degra- Fanatick, fi-nát'ik. a. enthusiastick, super

dation; diminution; steep descent; cata-1 Fanatick, få nå:'lk. s. an entbusiast ract, cascade

(takes ; deceitful Fanciful, fán'se-fül. a. imaginative; directed Fallacious, fål-la'sbûs. a. producing mis by the imagination Fallaciously, fàl-lå'shủs-lė. ad. sophistically, Fancifully, fán'sé-fůl-é. ad. according to the with purpose to deceive

wildness of imagination Fallaciousness, fål-là'shủs-nés. 6. tendency Fancy, fån’sė. s. imagination ; an inclinato deceive

[deceitfui argument tion; caprice; frolick, vagary Fallacy, fålla-sé. 8. sophism, logical artifice, Fancy, fån'sé. v. n. to imagine, to believe Fallability, fál-lé-bil'é-té. s. liableness to be without being able to prove deceived

Fancy, fan'sé. v. a. to portray in the mind, Fallible, fål'le-bl. a. liable to error

to be pleased with Fallingsickness , fàl-ling-sikʼnés

. s. the epi- Fane, fånc. s. a temple consecrated to religios Fallow, fil'ld. a. uncultivated; uboccupied Fanfaronade, fan-får-3-nåde'. s. bluster Fallow, fál'18. s. ground ploughed in order Fang, fång. s. a long tusk; any thing like a

to be ploughed again ; ground lying at reet long tooth Fallow, ral'lo. v. n. to plough in order to al Fanged, tängd. a. furnished with fangs

second ploughing (terseit, hypocritical Fangle. fäng'gl. s. silly attempt, trilling False, fålse. a. not true ; treacherous ; coun scheme Falsehearted, fålse-hấrt'éd. a. treacherous, Fangled, fång'gld. a. vainly fond of novelty deceitful

Fangless, fing'lés. a. without teeth Falsehood, fålse'hid. s. a lie, a false assertion Fantasied, fan'tå-sid. a. Glled with fancies Falsely, fålee'lė. ad. erroneously ; treacher- Fantastical, fån-tas'tê-kål. ously (duplicity, deceit Fantastick, fan-tas'tik.

a. imaginary: Falseness, flise'nès. s. contrariety to truth; humorous, unsteady; whimsical Falsifier, fål'se-fi-ửr. s. one that makes any Fantastically," fån-tås'tė-kal-é. ad. caprithing to seem what it is not; a liar

ciously ; whimsically

bring forth




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