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Foretoken, fóre-to'kn. V. a. to foreshow, Formerly, fór'múr-le. ad. in times past to prognosticate

(prognostick | Formidable, fór'ınė-da-bl. a. terrible, dreadForetoken, före-to'kn. s. prevenient sign, ful

(manner Foretop, fóre'tôp. s. the front of a peruke, &c. Formidably, fêr'mé-da-bid. ad. in a terrible Forewarn, fore-wårn' v. a. to admonish be-Formless, forn'lés. a. shape less forehand; to caution

(hand Formula, fôr'mu-la. 8. a prescribed form Forewish, fóre-wish'. v. a. to desire before-Formulary, fôr'mů-lår-ė. s. a book containing Forfeit, fôr'fft. 8. something lost by the prescribed models

(lewdness commission of a crime, a fine

Fornicate, för'na-káte. v. to commit Forfeit, for'fit. v. a. to lose by some offenee or Fornication, fer-ne-ka'shủn. s. concubinage breach of condition

or commerce with an unmarried woman Forfeit, får'fit. a. liable to penal seizure, Fornicator, för'nė-kå-túr. s. one that has alienated

[conditions commerce with unmarried women Forfeitable, for'fit-à-bl. a. possessed on Fornicatress, för'nė-ka-tres. 8. a woman who, Forfeiture, för'fit-yúre, s. the act of forfeit without marriage, cohabits with a man ing; the thing forfeited

Forsake, för-såke'. v. a. pret. forsook; part, Forge, férje. s. the place where iron is pass. forsook or forsaken, to leave; te beaten into form

desert, to fail Forge, forje, v. a. to form by the hammer ;| Forsaker, för-så'kûr. 8. a deserter, one that to counterfeit, to falsify

forsakes Forger, fóre'jûr. 6. one who makes or forms; Forsooth, fôr-s88th'. ad. in truth, certainly one who counterfeito

Forswear, för-swảre'. v. a. pret. forswore ; Forgery fôre'jůr-é. s. the crime of falsifica part. forsworn. to renounce upon oath ; te tion; smith's work

be perjured

(to commit perjury Forget, för-gết'. v. a. pret. forgot; part. for- Forswear, för-swire'. v. n. to swear falsely,

gotten or forgot to lose memory of Fert, fort. s. fortified house, a castle Forgetful, fôr-gết'fůl. a. oblivious, negligent||Forth, förth. ad. forward ; abroad; on to the Forgetfulness, fôr-gét fül-nés. .. öblirion, end loss of memory

Forth, forth. prep. out of Forgive, för-giv'. v. a. pret. forgave; part.|Forthcoming, förth-kům'ing. a. ready to ap

P983, foregiven. to pardon; to remit pear, not absconding Forgiveness, fôr-giv'nés. b. the act of forgiv- Forthright, förth-rite'. ad. straight forward ing, pardon

Forthwith, forth-with'. ad. immediately Forgot, fòr-gåt'.

Fortieth, f&r'té-eth. a. the fourth tenth Forgotten, för-gôt'tn.

part. pass. of for

Fortification, for-tê-fé-kå'shủn. s. a place get, not remembered

built for strength Fork, förk. s. an instrument divided at the Fortify, for’te-r1. v. a. to strengthen against end into two or more points or prongs attacks, to confirm

City Fork, fork. v. n. to shoot into blades Fortitude, för'tė-tude. 5. courage, magnanim Forked, for'ked, a. opening into two parts

Fortnight, fürt'alte. . the space of two Forky, för'kė.

weeks Forlorn, fôr-lorn'.'a. deserted, forsaken Fortress, får'trés. 8. a strong hold Forlornness, för-lórn'nés. 8. misery, solitude Fortuitous, för-tu'è-tůs, a. accidentai, casual Form, form. s. shape ; beauty; ceremony ;| Fortunate, 18r'tshû-nåte. a. incky, successful

external appearance; stated method; a Fortunately, fôr'tshû-náte-lè. ad. happily, long seat ; a class, the bed of a hare

successfully Form, fòrm. v, a. to make ; to model ; to plan Fortune, for'tshåne. m. chance ; means of Formal, formål. a. ceremonious; regular,

living ; event; estate ; "the portion of a external

[pearance to reality Formalist, för'mål-ist. s, one who prefers ap-|Fortune, för'tshủne. v. n. to befall, to happen Formality, for-mål'è-tė. s. ceremony Fortunebunter, for'tshún-hủn-túr. s. Formalize, fôr'må-lize. v. a. to model; to who seeks for a woman with a fortune affect formality

Fortuneteller, for'tshån-têl-lir. R. one whe Formally, fôr'măl-lé. ad. according to estab pretends to the knowledge of futurity lished rules ; ceremoniously

Forty, tor'tė. a. four times ten Formation, for-ma'shủn. s. the act of form-Forum, to'rům. 8. & market; any publick ing; the manner in which a thing is

place formed

Forward, fer'wård. ad. towards, onward Formative, för' må-tlv. a. having the power of Forward, för'wård. a. warm, earnest ; ardent, giving form, plastick

(past | eager; confident; early ripe (vance ormer før'mur. a before another in time

Forward, for'wård. 5. a. to hasten; to ada 140

man or woman

a map


Forwarder, for'wår-důr. s. he who promotes Fowlingpiece, fðůl'ing-pėése. .. a gun for any thing


(knave Forwardly, för'wård-1d. ad. eagerly, hastily Fox, főks. 6. & wild animal of the chase Forwardness, får'wård-nés. s.

quickness, Foxcase, foks'kåse. i. a fox's skin earliness; confidence (progressively |Foxchase, fðks'tsháse. . the pursuit of the Forwards, for'wårdz. ad. straight before, fox with hounds Fosse, fös. s. a ditch, a moat

Foxhunter, röks'hůnt-úr.

one fond of Fossil, fös'sil. a. dug out of the earth

hunting foxes Fossil, fös'sfl. s. that which is dug out of the Foxtrap, fóks'tråp. 8. a snare to catch foxes bowels of the earth

[to cherish Fract, frakt. v.' a. to break, to violate Foster, fös'tır. v. a. to nurse ; to encourage, Fraction, fråk'shủn s. the act of breaking Fosterage, fös'tůr-fdje. . the charge of the state of being broken; a broken par nursing

of an integral

(broken number Fosterchild, ros'tür-tsblid. 6. & child nursed Fractional, fråk'shủn-ál. a. belonging to a by a woman not the mother

Fracture, fråk'tshůre. 8. tne breaking of a Fought, fåwt. pret. and part of fight

bone Foul, fðil. a. not clean, filthy; wicked :| Fracture, fråk'tshåre v. a. to break a bone gross; stormy

Fragile, frådj'il. a. brittle, easily soap ped Foul, foll. v. a. to daub, to bemire

Fragility, frá-jil'é-tė. s. brittleness, frailty Foulfaced, fðil'fåste. as having an ugly or Fragment, fråg'mếnt. . an imperfect piece hateful visage

Fragmentary, fråg'mên-târ-é. a. composed of Foully, fóðl'é. ad. filthily, nastily

fragments Foulmouthed, föůl'môùthd. a. habituated to Fragrance, frå gränse. the use of opprobrious terms

8. sweetness of

Fragrancy, frå'grân-se. ) Foulness, føůl'nés. s. filthiness ; pollution smell, pleasing scent Found, found. pret. and part. pass. of find Fragrant, frå'grảnt. a. odorous (duction Found, foind. v. a. to lay the basis of any Frail, fråle. a. weak; liable to error or sebuilding; to establish

Frailty, fråle'tè. 8. weakness of resolution, Found, føůnd. v. a. to form by melting and instability of mind pouring into moulds

Fraise, fráze. 8. a pancake with bacon in it Foundation, fðin-då-shủn. s. the basis or low-Frame, fråme. v. a. to form; to make ; to

er part of an edifice ; original; establishment regulate ; to plan; to invent Founder, foin'dúr. 8. a builder ; one from Frame, fråme. s. any thing made so as to en

whom any thing has its original; a caster close or admit some:hing else; order, re Founder, fðin'důr. v. 2. to make lame gularity; scheme

(ver, schemer Founder, rodn'dår. v. R. to sink; to fail Framer, fråme'ůr. &. maker, former, contri. Foundlings, fðind'ling. s. a child found with-Franchise, från'tshiz. 8. exemptiom from any out any parent or owner

onerous duty; immunity
Foundress, foin'drés. 8. a woman that founds, Franchise, från'tshfz. y. a. to make free
builds, or establishes any thing

Frangible, från'je-bl. a. fragile, brittie
Foundry, rödn'dré. s. a casting-house Frank, frangk. a. liberal; open
Fount, roint

A. a well, a spring;

Frank, frångk. s. a letter which pays no Fountain, roin'tin.

postage; a French coin a spout of water ; original

Frank, frângk. V. a. to fatten; to exempt Four, fore, a. twice two

letters from postage Fourbe, forb. &. a cheat, a tricking fellow Frankincense, frångk'in-sense. s. an odorifeFourfold, fore'rdia, a four times told

rous kind of resin Fourfooted, forê'rrêt-ed. a. quadruped Frankly, frånkg'lė. ad. liberally, freely Fourscore, fore'sköre. a. eighty

Frankness, frângk'nès. . plainness, opennes Foursquare, före'skwåre. a. quadrangular liberality Fourteen, före'tèèn. a. four and ten Frantick, från'tik. a. mad; distracted Fourteenth, fore'téłoth, 2. the ordinal Frantickly. fråo'tik-lé. ad. madly, out fourteen


[of passion Foorth, forth, a. the ordinal of four Frantickness, från'tłk-nés. S. madness, fury Fourthly, förtb'ld. ad. in the fourth place Fraternal, frå-têr'nål. a. brotherly Fourwheeled, fore'whédid. a. running upon Fraternity. frå-têr'nd-të. .' body of men four wheels

united, society

(a brotber Fowl, rol. s. a winged animal, a bird Fratricide, fratre-side. 5. the murder of Fowl, roll. v n. to Lll birds for food or Fraud, fråwd. 8. deceit, cheat, trick game

(birds Fraudful, fråwdril a. treacherous, arthul, Fowlor, til'br. 2. a sportsmaa sto pursues triokisb

Fraudulence, fråw'du-lense.

Frequent, fré'kwếnt. a. often done or sees,

8. deceitfalFrauduleney, trảwal-lên

full of concourse ness, trickishness

Frequent, fré-kwent.' v. a. to visit often Fraudulent, fråw'du-lênt. a. trickish, deceitful! Frequentable, fré-kwent'a-bl. a. conversable, Fraudulently, fråw'du-lênt-lé. ad. by fraud, accessible

{frequenting deceitfully

Frequentation, fré-kwều-tå'shủn. s. habit of Fraught, fråwt. part. pass. laden; filled Frequenter, fré-kwent’úr. s. one who often Fray, frå, s, a broil, a battle (rubbing rerorts to any place Fray, frà. v. a. to rub, to wear away by Frequently, frekwent-lé. ad. often, commonly Freak, fréke. s. a sudden fancy, a whim Fresco, frés'kå, s. coolness, shade; a picture Freakish, fréke'ish. a. capricious

drawn in dusk

[sweet Freakishness, fréke'ish-nés. 8. capriciousness Fresh, fresh. a. cnol; not salt; new; Aurid. Freckle, frékskl. s. a spot raised in the skinFreshen, frésh'shn. v. a. to make fresh by the sun

Freshen, fresh'shn. V. D. to grow fresh Freckled, frek'kld. a. spotted

Freshet, frēsn'ét. s. a puol of fresh water Freckly, frék'le. a full of freckles

Freshly, fresh'lè. ad. coolly ; newly ; ruddily Free, free. a. at liberty ; liberal ; frank; ex- Freshness, fresh’nés. s. the state of being empt ; invested with franchises

fresh Free, fréé. v. a. to set at liberty; to clear|| Fret, frét. s. a frith or strait of the sea; any from; to exempt

(derer agitation of liquors; stop of a musical inFreebooter, fréé-b88'tür. 3. a robber, a plun strument; work rising in protuberalice; Freeborn, free'born, a. inheriting liberty passion Freecost, free'kost. s. without expense Fret, frét. v. a. to wear away by rubbing, to Freedman, frééd mán. s. a slave manumitted form into raised work; to vex Freedom, fréè'dúm. 8. liberty; privilege ; Fret, frét. v. n. to be in commotion; to he ease or facility

worn away; to be angry Freehearted, fréd-hår'téd. a. liberal Fretful, frét’tůl. a. angry, peevish, Freehold, fréé'hold. s. land held in perpetual|Fretfulness, frêt'fůl- nės. s. peevishness right

(freehold Friability, fri-a-bil'e-tè. s. capacity of being Freeholder, fréé'hol-důr. s. one who has a reduced to powder Freely, fréėlė. ad. at liberty ; without re-Friable, frl'å-bl. a. easily crumbled straint ; liberally

Friar, frúr. s. a religious, a brother of some Freeman, fréè'mån. s. not a vassal; one par

regular order

[friars taking of rights, or immunities

Friary, frľúr-ė. s. a monastery or convent of Freemason, fréé-ma'sn, s. one of a nunerous|| Fritbler, frib'bl-ịr. s. a trifler

society who profess having a secret to keep Fricasseé, frik-a-sėé'. s. a dish made by cutFreeminded, free-mind'êd. a. unconstrained ting chickens or other small things in Freeness, free'nès. s. openness, liberality pieces, and dressing them with strong Freeschool, fréé'sk381. 8. a school in which

[bodies together learning is given without pay

Friction, frik'shủn. s. the act of rubbing two Freespoken, free-spo'kn. a. accustomed to Friday, frl'dė. s. the sixth day of the week

speak without reserve (in building Friend, frend. s. a companion ; one propitious Freestone, fréè'stone. s. stone commonly used Friendless, frend'lês. a. wanting friends Freethinker, free-think'ér. s. a contemner of||Friendliness, frend'ld-nes. s. a disposition to religion

Cour own actions friendship Freewill, free-will'. s. the power of directing||Friendly, frénd'ld. a. having the disposition Freeze, frééze. v. a. pret. froze; part. of a friend, favourable

frozen or froze. to congeal with cold; to Friendship, frénd'ship. s favour, personal kill by cold; to chill by the loss of power kindness; assistance, help or motion

Frieze, freeze. s. a coarse warm cloth Freight, fråte. v. a. pret. freighted; part. Frieze, fréèze. s. in architecture, a large flat

fraught, freighted. to load a ship with member which separates the architravo
goods for transportation ; to load with a from the cornice

Frigate, frig'åt. s. a small snip of war
Freight, frate. s. the loading of a ship Fright, frite. V. a. to terrify
Frenzy, fréu'zė. s. nadness, distraction of Fright, frite, s. a sudden terror

(assembly||Frighten, fri tn. V. a. to terrify Frequence, fre'lswense. s. crowd, concourse, Frightful, frite'fil. a. dreadful, full of terror Frequency, fré'kwen-sè. s. common occur-||Frightfully, frite'fül-e. ad. dreadfully, borribly

rence, the condition of being often seen, or Frightfulness, frite' rús-neo. s. the power of often recurring

impresiog terror



Frigid, frid'jid. a. cold; impoteut

Frosted, fros'téd. a. laid on in inequalities Frigidity, frè-jíd'é-tė. s. coidness

like those of the hoar frost upon plants Frigidly, fridjid-le. ad. coldly, dully Frostily, frðs'té-lé, ad. with excessive cold Frigiduess, frid'jid-nés. s. coldness, want or Frostiness, fros'te-nes. 8. freezing cold affection

Frosty, fros'tė. a. excessively cold ; resemFrigorifick, fri-gb-rif'ik. a. causing cold bling frest Fringe, frinje. s. an ornamental appendage Froth, froth. s. spume, foam [spume added to dress or furniture

Froth, froth. v. n. to foam, to throw out Frinje, frinje. v. a. to adorn with fringes Frothily, froth'è-lè. ad. with foam ; in an Frippery, fripêr-ė. s. the place where old empty trifting manner clothes are sold ; old clothes

Frothy, froth'é. a. full of froth ; vain Frizeur, fré-zare'. s. a hair-dresser

Frouzy, froù'zē. a. dim, fetid, mustý Frisk, frisk. v. n. to leap, to skip

Froward, frowård. a. Frisk, frisk. s. a frolick

Frowardly, fro'wård-lé. ad. peevishly, per; Friskitress, frisk'é-niés. s. gayety, liveliness versely

(perverseness Frisky, friske. a. gay, airy

Frowardness, fré'wård-nês. s. jeevishness, Frit, frit. 6. among cbymists, ashes of salt Frown, froin. v. a. to express displeasure by Frith, frith. s. a strait of the sea a kind of net contracting the face to wrinkles Fritter, frit'tır. 8, a small piece to be fried; Frown, froủn. s. a look of displeasure a cheesecake

Fructiferous, frůk-cir'fér-ús. a. bearing fruit Fritter, frit'túr. v. a. to cut meat into small|Fructification, frük-te-fe-ka'shủn. s. the act

pieces to be fried; to break into small of causing or bearing fruit, fertility

Fructify, fråk'te-fl. v. a. to make fruitful, te
Frivolity, fré-vol'e-té. s. insignificancy fertilize
Frivolous, friy'd-lús. a. slight, trifling Fructify, frúk'tė-fi. v. n. to bear fruit
Frivolously, friv’s-lús-le. ad. triftingly Fructuous, frủk'tshủ-ús. a. fruitful, fertile
Frizle, fritzl. v. a. to curl in short curls Frugal, fru'gil. a. thristy, parsimonious
Fro, fro, ad. backward, regressively Frugality, fru-gál'é-té. s. thrift, parsimony
Frock, frůk. E. a dress for children; an out-Frugally, frügål-e. ad. parsiinoniously
ward Farment

Frugiferous, frd-jir' rêr-ús. a. bearing fruit Frog, frog. 8. a small amphibious animal; Fruit, frot. 6. the product of a tree or plant the hollow part of a horse's hoof

production; the offspring of the womb Frolick, frol'lk. a. full of levity

Fruitage, frišt'idje. 6. fruit collectively Frolick, fröl’ik. s. a wild prank, a flight of Fruitbearing, fr&lt'bårring. a. having the whim

quality of producing fruit

(fruit Frolick, frol'sk. v. n. to play wild pranks Fruiterer, frit'êr-ũr. s. one who trades in Frolicksome, fr$l'{k-sům. a. full of wild gayety||Fruitery, frot'ér-é. 8. a fruit-loft Frolicksomeness, frôl'ik-sům-nés. 8. wild-Fruitful, frồbt'rúl. a. fertile ; prolifick ; plet.ness of gayety, pranks


(dantly From, frům. prep. away, noting privation ;|| Fruitfully, fr33t'fül-e. ad. plenteously; abun

out of ; because of; at a distance; contra-Fruitfulness, froit'tůl-nés. 6. fertility ; the ry to

quality of being prolifick Frondiferous, frôn-dir'fè-růs. a. bearing leaves Fruition, fri-Ish'ún. s. enjoyment, possession Front, frủnt. s. the face; the van of an army ;| Fruitive, frú è-tfv. a. enjoying, possessing

the forepart of any thing; impudence Fruitless, frbot'lés. a. barren; vain, unprofit Froot, frunt. V. a. to oppose directly, or face able

(fitably to face

Fruitlessly, frißt'lês-le. ad. vainly, unproFront, frůnt. v. n. to stand foremost Fruit-tree, fr83t'trèė. s. a tree that produces Fronted, frúntêd. a. formed with a front fruit

[grain Frontier, från'tshéér. B. the marches, the ut-Frumentacious, fru-men-tå'shủs. a. made of inost verge of any territory

Frumenty, fru'mền-té. s. food made of wheat Frontier, fron'tsheer. a. bordering

boiled in milk Frontispiece, frûn'tís-péėse. s. that part of Frump, frůmp. v. a. to mock, to browbeat

any luilding or other body that directly Frush, frůsh. v. a. to break, bruise
meets the

Frustraneous, frůs-trå'ně-ús. a. vain, unprofit. Frontless, frúnt'lés. a. without shame

able Frontlet, front'lét. 8. a bandage worn upon Frustrate, frůs'tråte. V. a. to defeat, to balk the forehead 1

Frustrate, frủs'trate. part. a. vain, ineffectual, Frost, frust. s. the last effect of cold, the unprofitable, void

(defeat power or act of congelation

Frustration, frůs'trå-shún. s. disappointments Frostbitten, fröst'bit-tas. 2. uipped by the frost Frustrative, frůs'trå-tiv a. diaappointing

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(by fire

fying musick

Frustum, früs'üm. h. a piece cut off from al|Fumble, fúm'bl. v. 0. to attempt any thing regular figure

awkwardly Fry, frl. s. the swarm of little fishes just pro-|Fumbler, fùm'bl-år. s. one who acts anke duced from the spawn


(manner Fry, frl. v. a. to dress food in a pan Fumblingly, rům'bling-le. ad. in an awkward Fry, fri. s. a dish of things fried

Fume, füme. 8. smoke, vapour Fryingpan, frl'ing-pån. s. the vessel in which Fume, fume. V. n. to smoke ; to be in a rage meat is roasted on the fire

Fume, füme. v. a. to dry in the smoke; to Fub, füb. v. a. to put off

disperse in vapours Fucus, flíkůs. s. paint for the face

Funid, rü'mid. a. smoky, vaporous (to smoke Fuddle, råd'al. y. a. to make drunk

Fumidity, fd-mid'é-té. 8. smokiness, tendency Fiddle, růd'dl. v. R. to drink to excess Fumigate, fu’rne-gåte. V. n. to scooke, perFiel, få fl. s. the aliment of fire

fume by smoke or vapour Figacious, fù-gå'shủs. a. solatile, fleeting Fumigation, fill-mé-gå'shủn. s. scents raised Fugacity, fd-gås'é-tė. s. volatility, sastabiity Fumingly, fè'ming-lé. ad. angrily, in a rage Fugitive, få'jè-tir. a. unsteady ; volatile, fly- Fun, fủn. 8. sport, high merriment ing

(station or duty Function, fủng'shủn. s. discharge, performFugitive, få'je-tv. s. one who runs from his ance ; office; power Fugitiveness, fl'je-tiv-nes. s. volatility, in- Fund, fúnd. s. stock, capital Fugue, fèwg. s.

(stability| Fundament, fün'da-mênt. s. the aperture from Fulciment, fülsé-ment. & that on which a which the excrements are ejected 'body rests

Fundamental, fún-da-mén'tål. a. serving for Fulfil, fül-rli' v. a to perform, accomplish the foundation, essential Fulfilment, 1dl-ffl'ment. s. accomplishinent Fundamental, fún-da-měn'tå!. s. leading proFulfraught, rôl-fråwt'. a. full-stored

position; that part on which the rest is Fulgency, fl'jên-sé. s. splendour


(ally, originally Fulgent, ril'jente Fulgid, få'jía. a. shining

Fundamentally, rún-da-mên'tål-e. ad. essenti

Funeral, funér-ål. s. the solemnization of a Fulgidity, fól-j}a'd-té. s. splendour

burial ; obsequies ; interment Fulgour, rålgår. 6. splendour, dazzling Funeral,' rừnếr-ål. a. used at the ceremony brightness

of interring the dead (dark, dismal Full, sůl. a. replete ; stored; plump ; satura- Funereal, fù-né'ré-il. a. suiting a funeral, ted; complete ; mature

Fungous, fung'çus. a. excrescent, spongy Full, fol. v. 2. to cleanse cloth

Fungus, fúng gis. s. a mushroom ; an excresFull, fdl. 8. complete measure ; the total

(small cord or fibro Foll, fði. ad. without abatement ; quite ; er-Funicular, fd-pik'd-lár. a. consisting of a actly ; directly

(extent|Funnel, růn'nel. s. an inverted bollow code Full-blown, filbldne. a. spread to the utmost with a pipe descending from it through Full-bottomed, fål-bot'tůmd. a. having a large which liquors are poured into vessels bottom

[eyes Fur, fûr. 6. soft hair of beasts found in cold Full-eyed, fül-Ide'. a. having large prominent countries; a substance sticking to the sides Full-fed, fül-féd'. a. sated, saturated

of vessels Full-spread, fål-spréd'. a. spread to the ut- Fur, fúr. v. a. to line or cover with fur mort extent

(cloth Purbelow, für' bé-10. s. an ornament of dress Fulier, fdl'lůr. 8. one whose trade is to cleanse Furbelow, rúr'hé-10. v. a. to adorn with or. Fullers Earth, fål’lürz-érth'. s. a kind of marl|| namental appendages or clay used in fulling

Furbish, får'bish. v. 2. io polish, to rub up Fullingmill, fúl'ileg nk. s. & mill where Furcation, får-ka'shủn. s. forlaness

bammers beat Ene cloth till 4 be cleansed Furious, fűré-ìs. a. inad, phrenetick; raging Fully, rolld. ad. without var uity; completely Furiously, fl're-ús- le. ad. madly, vehemently Fulminant, růl'me-nânt. a. kundering Furiousness, fi'rê-ús-nés. 8. madness, transFulminate, rôl'me-nåte, n. to thunder ; to port of passion issue out ecclesiastical censures

Furl, fürl. v, a. to draw up, to contract Yulmination, fil-me-ma'shỏn. s. the act of||Furlong, für'long. s. the eighth part of a neile

thundering; denur nation of censures Furlough, für'ld. s. leave of absence to a solTulminatory, fül'mod så-tår-é. athundering, dier for a limited time striking horror

Furmenty, für'mên-té. s. food made by boiling Fulness, fol'nès... copiousness, plenty ; satiety wheat in milk Fulsome, fil'sům. & nauseous, offensive Furnace, für'nis. s. an enclosed fireplace Fulsomeness, "Bi'sớm-nés. s. nauseousness; -|Furnish, für'nish. v. a. to supply; to fit up; to scenity

equip ; to adora


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