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Alish, ale'ish. a, resembling ale

Alliciency, al-lísh'yén-sê. s. the power of
Alive, &-live'. a. not dead; unextinguished, attracting
active ; cheerful

Alligate, åt'ld-gáte. v. a. to tie one thing
Alkahest, al'ki-hêst. s. a universal dissolvent another
Alkalescent, ál-ka-lès' sếnt. a. that has a ten-Alligation, ål-le-gå'shủn. s. the act of tying
dency to the properties of an alkali

together; an arithmetical rule
Alkali, al'ká-lè. s. any substance which, Alligator, âl-lé-ga'túr. s. the crocodile of
when mingled with acid, produces fer-

America mentation

(alkalil Allision, ál-1lzh'ún. s. the act of striking one Alkaline, ål’ka-lin, a. that has the qualities of thing against another Alkalizate, ál-kál'ld-zåte. v. a. to make al-Alliteraticli

, ål-lit-ér-a'shủn. s. the beginning kaline

(lities of alkalil two or more words with the same letter, to Alkalizate, ál-kål'le-záte. a. that has the qua give them a sort of rhyming consonance Alkalization, il-kå-lé-zá'shún. s. the act of Allocution, ål-18-ku'shủn. $. the act of alkalizating (the kermes berries speaking to another

(pendent Alkermes, ál-kêr' méz, s. a confection made of Allodial, ål-18'dd-ål. a. not feudal, inde. All, Åll. a. the whole, every one

Allodium, ål-1d'dé-ìm. So possession held in All, XIL the whole; every thing

absolute independence All, áll. ad. quite, completely; altogether Allonge, ål-lůndje'. s. a pass or thrust with Allay, ál-la'. v. a. to mix one inetal with ano a rapier ther; to quiet, pacify, repress

Alloo, ál-188'. F. a. to set on, to incite Allay, al-la'. s. the metal of a baser kind|Alloquy, ál’ld-kwė. s. the act of speaking to mixed in coins, to harden them; any things another

(grant which, being added, abates the predomi- Allot, ål-lot'. v. a. to distribute by lot; to nant qualities of that with which it isAllotment, al-lôt'mênt. .. the part, the mingled

Allayer, ål-lA’úr. 2. the person or thing Allottery, &1-18t'túr-é. s. that which is

which has the power or quality of allaying ed to any in a distribution
Allayment, al-la’mént. s. that which has the Allow, ål-18ů'. v. a. to admit, grant, make
power of allaying


(ted, lawful Allegation, ål-lé-ga'shin. s. affirmation, decla-Allowable, ál-180'-bl. a. that may be admitration, plea

Allowableness, al-18ůå-bl-ness. s. lawfulAllege, il-lédje'. v. a. to affirm, declare, ness, exemption from prohibition maintain

[leged Allowance, ål-18t'ånse. h. sanction, license, legeable, il-lêdj='3-bl. a. that may be al permission; abatement; a sum granted megement, il-lédje'mént. s. the same withi|| Alloy, ál-loé'. s. baser metal mixed in coinAllegation

Alleger, al-ledje'ůr. s. he that alleges Allude, ål-Idde'. v. n, to have some refer
Allegiance, ål-lè'jânse. s. the duty of subjects ence to a thing, without the direct mention
Allegiant, al-lé'jánt. a. loyal, dutiful (teral|| Alluminor, ål-lú'me-nor. m. one who paints
Allegorick, ál-le..går'rik. a. not real, not li upon paper or parchment
Allegorical, ål-lé-gør're-kål. a. in the form | Allure, il-lúre'. v. a. to entice to any thing

of an allegory Callegorical manner||Allurement, Al-Idre'ment. 1. enticement,
Allegorically, ál-lé-gör'nd-kål-le. ad. after an temptation
Allegorize, al'le-gh-rize. v. a. to turn intulAllurer, ål- lu'rúr. s. enticar, inveigler
allegory, to form an allegory

Alluringly, al-lè'ring-lè. ad. in an alluring
Allegory, al'le-går-ré. s. a figurative dis manner, enticingly

course, in which something is intinded||Alluring pess, al-Idr'ing-ness. 8. enticement,
that is not contained in the words literally temptation

(musick Allusion, ál-li'zhủn. s. a hint, an implication Allegro, al-le'grd. s. a sprightly motion in Allusive, ål-lu'siv. a. hinting at something Allelujah, ál-lé-lu'ya. s. a word of spiritual Allusively, al-ld'sis-lè. ad. in an allusive exultation; Praise God

[of being allusive Alleviate, ál-lévé-åte. V. a. to make light, to Allusiveness, ål-lú'siv-néss. e. the quality ease, to soften

Ally, al-Il'. v. a. to unite by kindred, friendA keviation, ál-lé-ré-d'shủn. 4. that by which ship, or confederacy

any pain is eased, or fault extenuated Ally, al-l'. s. one united to some other by Alley, al'le. s. a walk; a narrow passage marriage, friendship, or confederacy Alliance, il-ll'anse. s. the state of connexion Almacanter, al-må-kán'tår, s. a circle draws

by confederacy, a league ; relation by mar parallel to the horizon
riage or any form of kindred

l Almanack, Ilma-aik. to a calendar


Almightiness, ål-int'te-ness. s. omnipotencer, Alternateness, äl-tér' náte-ness. the quality of Almighty, ål-ml'tė. a. of unlimited' power, being alternate

(cession omnipotent

(tree Alternation, al-tûr-nd'shủn. s. reciprocal sucAlmond, a'můnd. s. the nut of the almond Alternative, ål-têr'na-tiv. 6. the choice given Almonds, à'mundz. 6. the two glands of the of two things, so that if one be rejected, the throat

other must be taken

(reciprocally Almoner, ål'md-nůr. s. the officer of a prince, Alternatively, al-tér' nå-tiv-le. ad. by turns,

employed in the distribution of charity Alternativeness, ål-têr' nå-tiv-nêss. s. the quaAlmonry, Ål'mủn-rė, s. the place where alma lity or state of being alternative are distributed

Alternity, il-têr'ne-té. t. reciproca) succesAlmost, ålmost. ad. nearly, well nigh sion, vicissitude

(however Alms, åmz. b. what is given in relief of the Although, ál-thd'. conj. notwithstanding, poor

[poor Altiloquence, ål-tu 16-kwếnse. . pompous Almshouse, &mnz'h8ise. 8. an hospital for the language Almsman, âmz'mån. 8. a man wbo lives upon Altimetry, ál-tim'me-.ré. s. the art of meaalms

suring altitudes or heights Ainager, al'na-jůr. 8. a measurer by the ell Altisonant, al-tis'sd- nånt. a. high-sounding, Alnage, ål'naje. s. ell-ineasure

pompous in scand Alnight, &l'níte. 8. a great cake of wax, with Altitude, al'te-túde. s. "height of place; the the wick in the midet

elevation of any of the heavenly bodies Aloes, al'dze. 8. a precious wood, a tree, a above the horizon medicinal juice

(of aloes Altogether, &l-td-géth'ůr. ad. completely, Aloetical, al-d-ét'e-kål. a, consisting chiefly without exception

(acid taste Aloft, &-18ft'. ad. on high, in the air Alum, al'lům. s. a kind of mineral salt, of an Aluft, á-loft'. prep. above

Aluminous al-lume-nús. a. relating to, or Alogy, al'l-jé. s. unreasonableness, absurdity consisting of, alum Alone, å-Idne', a. single; without company,| Always, Ål'waze. ad. perpetually, constantly solitary

[company with Am, ám. the first person of the verb 1o be Along, .-long'. ad. at length; forward ; in mability, âm-a-bil'd-te. s. loveliness Aloof, &-1888. ad. at a distance

Amain, å-måne'. ad. with vehemence, with Aloud, a-ldid'. ad. loudly, with a great noise vigour Alphabet, al'få-bết. B. the letters, or ele-|| Amalgam, d-mål’gâm.

8. the mixture of ments of speech (the series of letters Amalgama, å-mål’gå-mi. Alphabetical, al-fá-bét'te-kål. a. according to metals procured by amalgamation Alphabetically, al-få-bet'te-kål-lè. ad. ac-Apalgamation, å-mål-gå-ma'shủn. A. the ac cording to the order of the letters

or practice of amalgamating metals Alpine, alpin. a. belonging to the Alps Amalgamate, a-mål'ga-måte. v. a. to umu Already, dl-red'dė. ad. at this present time ;) metals with quicksilver before the present

(wise Amandation, ám-ån-då'shủn. s. the act of Also, Al'sd. ad. in the same manner, like sending on a message Altar, &l'tůr. s. the table in Christian church-Amanuensis, å-mån-d-én'sls. s. a person who

es where the communion is administered writes what another dictates Alter, di'túr. v. a. to change (change Amaranth, âm'a-rânth. h. the name of a Alter, &l'tir. v, n. to be changed, to suffer

plant; an imaginary lower

[amaranths Alterable, ål'tůr-a-bl. a. that may be changed Amaranthine, ám-a-rân'thlo. a. consisting of Alterableness, al'tůr-å-bl-nêss. s. the quality|| Amaritude, a-mår'ré-tåde. s. bitterness

of being alterable [as may be altered Amass, a-mås'. v. a. to collect together into Alterably, al'tůr-a-ble. n.d. in such a manner one heap or mass

(mulation Alterant, &l'tir-ånt. a. that has the power of Amassment, å-más'ment. s. a beap, an accu

producing change [ing, the change made Amate, å-måte'. v. a. to terrify Alteration, ål-túr-a'shủn. s. the act of chang-|| Amateur, åm-a-tåre'. s. a lover of any partie Alterative, al'tor-a-tlv. a. nedicines which cular art or science

have no immediate sensible operation, but Amatorial, ám-a-to'rd-il. a. concerning love

gradually gain upon the constitution Amatory, âm'a-tůr-ré. a. relating to love Altercation, ål-túr-kå'shủn. 3. debate, con-|Amaurosis, ám-lo-růsis. s. a dimness of sight, troversy

occasioning the representations of flies and Altern, ki-térn'. a. acting by turns (procal dust Boating before the eyes Alternate, ál-têr'nåte. 2. being by turns, reci-| Amaze, å-máze'. v. a. to confuse with terror Alternate, ål-têr'nåte. 5. a. to perform alter to put into perplexity nately

(succession Amaze, a-máze'. s. astonishment, coufusion of Alternately, il-têi'aåte-lè. ad. ia reciprocal fear or wonder

Amazedly, a-aná'zéd-lè. ad. confusedly, with Ambrusial, ám-bro'zbe-al.'a. partaking of amazernent


the nature or quality of ambrosia Amazedness, 4-ma'zêd-ness. 5. wonder, con Ambry, ám'bré. s. the place where alms are Amazement, a-máze'ment. s. confused appre distributed; the place where plate and uten

hension ; wonder at an unexpected event sils are kept Amazing, å-ma'zing, part. a. wunderful, as- | Ambs-ace, åmz-åse'. 8. a double ace, aces

tonishing (may excite astonishment Ambulatioo, àm-bd-là'shún. s. the ac of Amazingly, a-ma'zing-le. ad. to a degree that! walking Amazon, dm'a-zủn. s. a wariike woman; al Ambulatory, åm'bd-lå-tůr-ré. a. that has the virago

power or faculty of walking Ambages, ám-há'jęz. s. a multiplicity of words Ambury, ám'bd-ré. s. a bloody wart op Ambassador, am-bás'sa-dúr. s. a person sent in borse's body

a publick manner from one sovereign power jA mbuscade, åm-bús-kåde'. s. a private sta to a nuther

Can ambassador tion in which men lie to surprise others Asnbassadress, âm-bis'så-drës. 8. the lady of Ambuscado, år-bńs-ka'dd. s. a private post, Ambajsaga, ám'bảs-saje. s. an embassy

in order to surprise Amber, å m'tůr. s. a yellow transparent sub-llAmhush, âm'bush s. the post where suldiers stance of a bituminous consistence

or assassins are placed in order to fall us Amber, ám'bůr. a. consisting of amber

expectedly upon an enemy; the state of loan Ambergris, ám'búr-grėse. s. a fragrant drug ing in wait Ambidexter, åm-be-dex'tér. s. a man who has Ambushment, å m'bisb-ment, s. ambush, or equally the use of both his hands; a man prise

felring who is equally ready to act on either side in Amel, am'mêi. s. the matter used for enamparty disputes

Amen, a'měn'. ad. so te it, so it is
Ambitexterity, âm-be-dér-têr're-tě. r. the Anenable, a-me'na-b) a responsible, sub.

quality of being able equally to use both ject so as to he liable to account
hands ; double dealing

Amenance, å-me'nâne s conduct, behavion Ambidextrons, ám-bé-déx'trůs. a. double deal-| Amend, a-mend'. v. a to correct, to change ing, practising on both sides

any thing that is wrong Ambidextrousness, âm-be-déx'trůs-néss, s. the Amend, a-mênd'. v. n. to grow better

quality of being ambidextrous (passing Amendment, å-mênd'ment. 8. a change from Ambient, ám'bé-ént. a. surrounding, encoin bad for the better; reformation of life; reAmbigu, ám'bé-gů, s. a medley of dishes covery of health; the correction of an Ambiguity, ám-bé-gu'été. s. uncertainty of signification

Amender, å men'di

*. the person that · Ambiguous, âm-bigʻi-ús. a. doubtful, baring arnends any thing

(tron two meanings

Amends, a-mends'. s. secompense, compensaAmbiguously, åın-bigʻu-is-le. ad. in an am Amenity, a-nén'ud-tė. s. agreeableness of biguous manner, doubtíully

situation Ambiguousness, åm-big'u-ús-ness, s. oncer-|Amerce, a-mês se'. v. a. to punish with a fine tainty of meaning

Amercer, å-mêi'sůr. s. he that sets a fine Amuilogy, ám-bil'13-gé. 6. talk of amhiguous Amerceinent, à mérse'mént. s. the pecuniary significatica

[biguous expressions punishment of an offender Ambiloquous, âm-hfl'18-kwús. a. using am-|| Ames-ace, árn'c-áse'. 6. two aces thrown at Ambiloquy, Am-bilo-kwe. s. ambiguity of ex the same time on two dice pression

(any thing| Amethyst, åsn'é-thỉst. s. a precious stone of Ambit, ámbit. 8. the compass or circuit of a violet colour, bordering on purple Ambition, åm-bisb'ón. s. the desire of pre-Amethystine, am-e-this'tta. a. resembling an ferment or honour

(bition, aspiring amethyst Ambitious, åm-bssh'ús. a. touched with an-Amiable, a'ıné-a-hl. a. lovely, pleasing, worA:pbitiously, ám-bish'ůs-lè. ad. with eager

thy to be loved ness of advancement or preference Amiableness, a'mė-å bl-ness. &. loveliness, Ambitiousness, åm-bish'ús-uéss, s. the quality

power of raising love
of being ambitious

Ariably, I'mė-a-ble. ad. in such a manner as
Ambitude, âm'bê-túde. 6. compans, circuit to excite love
Anible, am'bl. v. n. to pace; to move easily | Amicable, am'me-ki þl. a. friendly, kind
Amble, am'bl. s. an easy pace

Amicableness, ám'md-ka-bl-uéss. 8. friendli mbler, im'blůr. 8. a pacer (movement

Dess, good will mblingly, ám'bling-id. ad. with an ambling||Amicabls. âm'é-kå-blé ad. in a friendly way Ambrosia, åm-bro'zhe-a. s. the isnaginary Amioe, åm'mis. 8. the undermost part of food of the gods; the name of a plant

priest's babit


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s. thel

Amid, å-mid'

Amply, ám'ple. ad. largely, iiberally, copia Amidst, a-midst'. prep. in the midst, or ously

(linb middle; among

Amputate, åm'pd-tåte. v. a to cut off a A.miss, á-mis'. ad. faultily; wrong

Amputation, ám-pu-ta'shủn. s. the operation Amission, a-mish'ún. s. loss

of cutting off a limb, or other part of the Ainit, a-mit.' v. a. to lose

body Anity, Âm nề-te. B. friendship

Amulet, ám'u-lết. 6. a charm; a thing bung Ammoniac, am-m8 ne-k. S. a gum; 4 salt about the neck, for preventing or curing a Ammoniacal, âm-md-nl'a-kål. a. having the disease nature of ammoniac salt

Amuse, å-múze'. v. a. to entertain with harmAmmunition, ám-md-nish'ún. s. military stores less trifling; to engage the attention; to deAmnesty, âm nês-té. s. an act of oblivion ceive by artful management Anong, i-mung.

Amusement, å-múze'mént. s. that which Amongst, a-mủngst'. prep. mingled with:

amuses, entertainment conjoined with others

Amuser, a-mu'zûr. s. he that amuses Amorist, ám'd-rist. 8. an inamorato, a gallant Amusive, å-mu'siv. a. that has the power of Amorous, âm'd-růs. a. enamoured. naturally amusing inclined to love

Amygdalate, a-mig'dá-låte. a. made of alAmorously, åm'b-ris-lè. ad. fondly, lovingly monds

(monds Amorousness, âm'd-rús-ness. d. fondness, Amygdaline, å-mig'dá-lin. a. resembling allovingness

An, ån, article. one, but with less emphasie; Amort, å-mort'. ad. depressed, spiritless

any, or some Amortization, a-mòr-te-zà'shủn.

Anacamptick, án-a-kåm'tik. a. reflecting, or Amortizement, å-mor'ilz-ment.

reflected right or act of transferring lands to mort-||Anacathartick, in-a-ka-thảr'tîk. 8, any medimain

cine that works upwards Amortise, á-mór'tfz. v. n. to alien lands or Anachorite, an-ak'd-rite. s. a monk who tenements to any corporation

leaves the convent for a more solitary life Amount, å-mðůnt'. v. n. to rise to in the ac-Anachronism, ån-ak'kro-nizm. s. an error in cumulative quality

computing time Amount, å-mount'. s. the sum total

Anaclaticks, an-a-klát'iks. s. the doctrine of Amour, å-mobr'. s. an affair of gallantry, refracted light; dioptricks an intrigue

[two elements Anadiplosis, ån-å-de-plo'sis. 5. reduplication, Amphibious, âm-flu'ê-ús. a. that can live in a figure in rhetorick. Amphibiousness, âm-fib'è-ús-nése. 6. the qua- |Anagram, an'a-gråın. 8. a conceit arising from

lity of being able to live in different ele the letters of a name transposed so as tu ments

[fuil form some other word or sentence Amphibological, am-fé-bd-18d'jé-käi. a. doubt-|Anagrammatism, ån-a-gråm’må-t?zm. 1. the mphibology, ám-fe-bôl'8-jė. s. discourse of art or practice of making anagrams uncertaiu meaning

Anagrammatist, ån-a-gråmmå-tist. 8. a maAmphibolous, âm-f ib'b&- lús. a. tossed from

ker of anagrams one to another

Anagrammatize, áo-a-gram'ma-tize. V. R. to Amphitheatre, am-fb-thể4-tủy. S. a building make anagrams

in a circular or oval form, having its area Analeptick, án-á-lép'tik. a. comforting, coencompassed with rows of seats one above

roborating another

Analogical, an-à-18dje'é-kål. a. used by way Ample, am'pl. a. large, wide, extended of analogy Ampleness, åm'pl-ness. s. largeness, liberality||Analogically, an-a-1ődje'é-kal-é. ad. in me Ampliate, ám'ple-ate. V. a. to enlarge, to ex a.nalogical manner tend

(exaggeration Analogicalness, ân-a-lôdje'd-kål-ness. s. the Ampliation, âm-pl&-A'shủn. 8. enlargement, quality of being analogical Amplificate, âm-pilf’é-kite. v, a. to enlarge|Analogize, 8-nål'id_jize. v. a. to explain by to amplify

[ment, extension

way of analogy Amplification, âm-ple-fé-kå'shủn. s. enlarge-||Analogous, a-nal'ld-gủs. a. having analogy Amplifier, åm'plé-rl-úr. s. one that exagge-Analogy, á-nål'18-jd. 8. resemblance tetween rates

[prove things Amplify, âm'ple-fl. v. a. to enlarge, to im- Analysis, a-når'ld-his. s. a separation of an Amplify, âm'ple-ri. v. n. to lay one's self compound into its several parts; a soluti out in diffusion

of any thing to its first elements Amplitude, ám'plé-tåde. s. largeness, great-||Analytical, ăn-a-lit'te-kal, a that whicka ness; copicusness, abundance

proceeds by analysis

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, i per fa. confused, without


Analytically, ån-a-lit'te-kål-lè. ad. the man- Anchury, ån-tsho've. s. a little sea-fish used by ner of resolving compounds into the simple

way of sauce constituent parts

Ancient, ảne'tshếnt. s. the flag or streamer of Analyze, ån'a-lize. v. a. to resolve a com- Ancient, ảne'tshent. a. old, past, former pound into its first principles

Anciently, ảne'tshent-le. ad. in cid times Asalyzer, ån’ä-1l-zůr. s. that which has the Ancientness, áre'uhént-ness. b. antiquity power of analyzing

Ancieatry, ảne'tshéu-trė. s. the honour of anAnamorpbosis, ån-a-m8r-fB'sis. 8. deforma cient lineage

(handmaid tion, perspective projection, so that at one Ancillary, ån'sil-a-ré. a. subservient point of view it shall appear deformed, in And, ånd. conj. the particle by which sentenanother an exact representation

ces or terms are joined Ananas, á-na' nas. s. the pine-apple

Andiron, ard'l-úrn. s. iron at the end of a fireAnapæst, ån’å-pést. s. a foot consisting of grate, in which the spit turns

(both sexes three syllables, two short and one long Androgynal, ån-dridje'e-nál. a. partaking of A napæstic, ån-a-pés'tik. a. belonging to an Androphagus, ån-dróř'a.gủs. 8. a cannibal, a anapæst

(lished ; secret history Anaphora, a-nåf'18-rå. 8, a figure when seve- Anecdote, an'êk-dote. s. something yet unpubw

ral clauses of a sentence are begun with the Anecdotical, ån-êk-dot'é-kål. a. relative to same word


[of the winds Anarch, ån'árk. s. an author of confusion Anernography, an-e-môg'gra-fé. s. description , å-når'ke-ål.

Anemometer, ån-e-mom'me-têr. s. an instru

ment to measure the wind (state without magistracy Anemone, a-ném'd- nė. s. the wind-flower Anarchy, ån'år-ké. s. want of government, a Anemoscope, a-nếin'd-skope. 8. a machine to Anasarca, ån-å-sảr kå. 4. a sort of dropsy.|| foretell the changes of the wind

[ries where the whole substance is stuffed with Aneurism, an'd-rizm. s. a disease of the artepituitous humours

Anew, a-ni'. ad, over again, another time Anastrophe, å-nâs'trd-fè. s. a figure whereby newly

[ness of windings and turnings words, which should have been precedent, Anfractuousness, ån-fråk'tshủ-is-ness. 8. fullare postponed

[curse Angel, án'jểl. s. a messenger; a spirit emAnathema, a-nitb'e-mi. 8. an ecclesiastical ployed by God in human affairs; a beautiful Anathematize, a n-ath'è-må-tize. v. a. to pro person; a piece of ancient money

nounce accursed by ecclesiastical authority|| Angelica, ån-jéi'l-kå. s. the name of a plant Anatiferous, ån-a-tirʻré-rús. a. producing ducks Angelical, ån-jel'é-kai. a, resembling or beA natomical, ån-a-tom'è-kål. a. relating or be longing to angels (more than humaa longing to anatomy

Angelicalness, an-jél'il-kal ness. 8. excellence, Anatomically, ån-i-tõm'é-kål-lè. ad. in an Angelick, ån-jėl'lik. a. angelical ; above huanatomnical manner

(of any injury; smart of a sore Anatomist, a-nåt'd-mist. s. he that studies the|Anger, årg'gûr. 8. uneasiness upon the receipt

structure of animal bodies by means of dis-lAnger, ång'gủr. v. a. to provoke, to enrage section

Angiography, in-je-3g'gri-fề. E. a description Adatomize, a-nåt'td-mize. V. a to dissect an of vessels in the human body

animal, to lay any thing open distinctly Angle, ang'gl. s. the space intercepted beA natoiny, á-nat's-mė. s. the art of dissecting tween two lines intersecting each other; an a skeleton.

instrunent to take fish Ancestor, ån'sés-tûr. s. one from whom a Angle, ang'gl. v. a. to fish with a rod and person descends

book; to try to gain by insinuating artifice Axestrel, ån'rdu-trêl. a. claimed from ances-||Angler, ång'glúr. s. he that fishes with an angle Lors.

Anglicism, ang'gle-sizm. 8. an English idiom Ancestry, an'sės-tré. s. lineage, a series of an- Angrily, ång'gré-lé. ad. in an angry manner

cestors; the honour of deacent, birth Angry, ång'grė. a. touched with, or baving Anchor, ánk'úr. s. a heavy iron, to hold the the appearance of, anger; inflamed

ship, by being fixed to the ground; any Anguish, â ng'gwish. s. excessive pain of mind thing which confers stability

or body

(sen Anchor, ank'år. V. n. to cast anchor, to lie at Angular, ång'g8-lir. a. having angles or coranchor; to stop at, to rest on

Angularity, ång-gu-lår'd-té. s. the quality of Anchorage, ank'ür-ádje. s. ground to cast an being angular

char upon; a duty paid for anchoring in a Angularly, ång'gd-18r-lè. ad. with angles port

Angulated, ång'gd-là-têd. a. formed with eto Anchoret, ánk'd-rét.

gies Anchorite, ank'd-rita.

3. a recluse, a bermit
Angulowa ång'gd-lús. a booked, angnlar


the body;

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