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at once

'is to make guns

Guaranty, går'rån-te. v. a. to undertake tofGull, gúl. s. a sea bird; one easily cheated

secure the performance of a treaty or stipu-Gullet, gül'lft. s. the throat

lation between contending parties Gullyhole, gül'ld-hole. s. the hole where gutGuard, gyárd. 5. a. to watch by way of de ters empty themselves fence; to protect

Gulosity, gá-los'è-té. s. g reediness, voracity Guard, gyård. 8. a man, or body of inen,Gulp, gúlp. v. a. to swallow eagerly

whose business is to watch; a state of vigi-Gulp, gủlp. s. as much as can be swallowed lance; limitation, part of the hilt of a sword

Gum, gům. 8. the viscous juice of trees; the Guardian,, or gy1rj -ần. 8. one| fleshy covering that contains the teeth

that has the care of an orphan; one to Gum, gim. v. a. to close with gum whom the care and preservation of any Gumminess, gúm'mé-nés. s. the state of being thing is committed

gummy Guardian, gyár' de-an. a. protecting Gummous, gům' můs. a. of the nature of gum Guardianship, gyår'dé-au-shỉp. s. the office of Gummy, gúm'mė. a. consisting of gum; overa guardjan

grown with gum Guardless, gyảrd'lês. a. without defence Gun, gún. s. the instrument from which shot Guardship, gyård'shỉp. s. a king's ship to is discharged by fire guard the coast

Gunner, gủn'nůr. 8. a cannonier Gudgeon, gůd'jún. 8. a small fish ; a person Gunnery, gủn'nůr-ė. s. the science of artillery easily imposed on

Gunpowder, gủn'poi-důr. s. the powder put . Guerdon, gér'uản. 8. a reward, a re mpense into guns to be fired

(gun Guess, ges. v. n. to conjecture

Gunshot, gůn'shết. s. the reach or range of a Guess, gés. s. conjecture ; a supposition Gunsmith, gủn'smith. 8. a man whose trade Guest, gést. 5. one entertained in the house of another

Gunstock, gủn'stôk. s. the wood to which the Guestchamber, gểst'tshảm-bůr. 8. chamber of barrel of a gun is fixed entertainment

Gunwale or Gunnel of a ship, gin'nil. s. that Guggle, gúg'gl. v. n. to sound as water run piece of timber which reaches on either

ping with intermission out of a carrow side of the ship from the half-deck to the vessel

[guide forecastle Guidage, gyldáje. 6. the reward paid to a Gurge, gürje. s. a whirlpool, a gulf Guidance, syl'dånse. s. direction, government Gurgle, gür'gl. 7. n. to fall or gush with noise Guide, gylde. V. a. to direct; to instruct Gush, gủsh. V. n. to rush ont with violence' Guide, gyide. s. one who directs

Gush, gủsh. 8. an emission of liquor in a large Guideless, gyide'lés. a. without a guide quantity at once Guild, gild. s. a society, a corporation Gusset, gůs'aft. s. any thing sewed on to cloth Guile, gylle. 5. deceitful cunning, insidious to strengthen it artifice

Cartfull Gust, gůst. s. sense of tasting ; liking; a sudGuileful, gylle'rål. a. insidious, mischievously| den blast of wind Guilefully, gyile'fil-d. ad. insidiously, trea-Gustable, gủs'tå-bl. a. to be tasted; pleasant cherously

to the taste Guileless, gylle'lês. a. without deceit Gustation, gús-ta'sbûn. 8. the act of tasting Guilt, gilt. 8. crime, an offence

Gustful, zůst'fål. a. well-tasted Guiltily, gilt'é-lé. ad. without innocence Gusto, gůs'td. s. the relish of any thing; inGuiltiness, glit'é-nés. s. the state of being tellectual taste guilty

Gusty, gůs'tė. a. stormy, tempestuous Guiltless, gilt'lês. a. free from crime Gut, gût. s. the inward passage for food Guiltlessness, gilt'lés-nés. 8. innocence, free-Gut, gůt. V. a. to eviscerate; to take out the dom from crime

inside Guilty, gilt'tė. a. justly chargeable with a Gutter, gût'tûr. s. a passage for water crime, not innocent

Gutter, gůt'tûr. v. a. to cut in small hollows Guinea, flo'nd. s. a gold coin valued at one Gutile, gåttl

. v. D. to feed luxuriously, to and twenty shillings

gormandize Guise, gylze. 5. manner, men, habit Guttler, güt'tl-år. s. a greedy eater (throat Guitar, git-tår'. s. a stringed instrument of Guttural, gůt'tshủ-rål. a. belonging to the musick

Guzzle, gůz'zl. v. a. to swallow with immoGules, gilz. a. red; a term used in heraldry

derate gust Gulf, gólf. 8. a bay; a whirlpool

Guzzler, gúz'zl-úr. 8. a gormandizer Gully, gú'fè. a. full of gulfs

Gymnastically, jim-vås'tê-kal-d. ad. athleticGull, gúl. v. a. to trick, to cheat

ally, fitly for strong exercise




Gymnastick, jim-nås'tik. a. relating to ath-||Hairbrained, håre'brand. a. wild, irregular letic exercises

(thing about Hairbreadth, håre'bredth. 6. a very small Jis Gyration, ji-rå'shủn. s. the act of turning any tance Gyre, jire. 8. a circle described by any thing Haircloth, håre'klồth. 8. stuff made of hair going in an orbit

Hairless, håre'lês. a. without hair
Gyve, jive. V. a. to fetter to shackle Hairiness, hå'ré-nes. e. a bairy state
Gyves, jlvz. B. fetters, chains for the legs Hairy, hả'rė. a. overgrown with hair

Halberd, håll'bůrd. s. a battle-axe
Halberdier, håll-bůr-déer. s. Ons who

armed with a halberd

Halcyon, hål'she-. s. a bird ? HA, hå. int. an expression of wonder, sur-||Halcyon, bål'she-in. a. placid, quiet, still prise, or sudden exertion

Hale, håle, a. healthy, sound [lently Haberdasher, håb'ůr-dash-ir. 8. who|Hale, håle. v. a. to drag by force, to pull rio.

sells small wares (the neck and breast||Haler, bå'lůr. s. he who pulls and bales Habergeon, bå-bểr 'je-on. s. armour to cover Half, hảf. s. a moiety, one of two equal Habiliment, hå-bil'e-mênt. s. dress, clothes

Habilitate, bå-bil'è-tate. v. a. to qualify Half, hảf. ad. in part, equally
Habilitation, hå-bil-e-ta'shủn. s. qualification Halfpenny, há'pen-né. s. a copper coin
Habit, håb'it. 8. state of any thing ; dress, Halibut, hol'le-bắt. s. a sort of fish

Hall, håll. s. a court of justice ; a large room
Habit, håb'it. v. a. to dress, accoutre Hallelujah, hâl-lé-188'yå. 8. praise ye the
Habitable, håb'é-ta-bl. a. capable of being Lord! a song of thanksgiving
dwelt in

Halloo, hål-188'. int. a word of encourage. Habitance, hab'é-tanse. s. dwelling, abode ment when dogs are let loose on thert Habitant, hab'e-tant. s. a dweller

garne Habitation, hâb-e-tà'shủn. s. a place of abode Halloo, hál-188'. v n. to cry as after the dogy Habitual, bå-bitsh's-al. a. customary Halloo, hål-138'

v. a. to encourage with Habitually, hå-bitsu'd-al-é. ad. by habit

shouts; to call or shout to Habitude, håb'e-túde. e. familiarity ; custom Hallow, hål'ld. v. a. to consecrate; to reveHabpab, hab'nab. ad. at random

rence as holy

(blundel Hack, hâk. v. a. to cut into small pieces Hallucination, hål-ld-se-nd'shủn. s. erron Hackle, båk'kl. v. a. to dress flax

Halo, há'18. s. a red circle round the sun of Hackney, håk'nė. s. a hired horse ; a hireling Hackney, hák'nė. v. a. to practise in one|Halsei, hảw'sůr. s. a rope less than a cable thing, to accustom to the road

Halt, hålt. v. 0. to limp; to stop in a marchi Had, håd. pret. and part. pass. of bave (kind to hesitate Haddock, had'důk. s. a sea fish of the cou|Halt, hålt. a. lame, crippled Haft, hårt. s. a handle

Halt, bålt. s. the act or manner of limping ; Haft, håft. v. a. to set in a haft

stop in a march

(a cord, a string Hag, håg. s. a fury, an ugly woman

Halter, hål'tůr. s. a rope to hang malefactors, Hag, håg. v. a. to torment; to harass with Halter, kaltảr. v. a. to bind with a cord; to terror

[ugly, deformed catch in a noose Haggard, håg'gård. a. wild, untamed ; lean ; Halve, hàv. v. a. to divide into two parts Haggardly, håg'gård-lé. ad. deformedly, Ham, håm . part of the thigh; a leg o. wildly


pork cured Haggle, håg'gl. v. a. to cut ; to chop, to Hamadryad, håm' å-drl-ad. s. a nymph sup Haggle, håg'gl. v. n. to be tedious in a bar posed to reside in woods and groves gain

[ is tardy in bargaining| Hamlet, hầni'lệt. s. a small village Haggler, håg'gl-úr. s. one that cuts, one that Hammer, hảm'můr. 8. an instrument to drin Hah, hả. int. au expression of some sudden! pails effort

Himmer, håm'můr. v. a. to beat with a ham Hail, håle, s. drops of rain frozen

to work in the mind Hail, håle. V. n. to pour down bail

Hammercloth, båra'můr-kiðth. 5. the cloth Hail, håle. int. a term of salutation

upon the seat of a coach-box Hail, håle. V. a. to salute, to call to Hammock, hâm'můk. s. a swinging bed Hailshot, håle’shốt. s. small shot scattered Hamper, hâmp'úr. s. a large basket like hail

(ball hail Haniper, hầmp'úr. v. a. to shackle; to perHailstone, håle'stdne. s. a particle or single plex, to embarrass Hair, håre. 8. one of the common teguments Hamstring, håın'string. s. the tendon of the of the body



mer ;




Hamstring, ham'string. F. the pret. and part.JHanging, hång'ing. s. drapery hung or faste.

pass. bamstrung. to lame by cutting the ened against the walls of rooms tendon of the ham

Hanging, hång'ing. part. a. foreboding death Hanaper, hån'ä-půr. 8. an exchequer

by the halter ; requiring to be punished by Hand, hånd. s. that member which reaches the halter

from the wrist to the fingers' end ; measure Hangman, hång'mân. s. the public executioner of four inches ; side, rate ; cards held at Hank, hångk. s. a skein of thread a game ; discipline ; management; a work-Hanker, hằngk’úr. v. n. to long importunately

[guide or lead Hap, bảp. s. chance, fortune ; accident Hand, hånd. v. a. to give or transmit; to Hap, hấp. v. n. to come by accident, to Hand-basket, bånd'bas-kit. s. & portable happen basket

(band|Haply, håp'lė. ad. peradventure Hand-bell, hånd'bêl. s. a bell rung by the Hapless, båpʻlês. a. unhappy, unfortunate Hand-breadth, håndbredth. s. the breadth of Happen, håp'pn. V. p. to fall oct; to come to the hand


(fully Handed, tin'dêd. a. with hands joined Happily, håp'pé-lé. ad. fortunately, successHandful, bånd'fil. s. as much as the band Happiness, håp'pé-nés. 6. felicity ; good forcan gripe or contain

[fortunate Hand-gallop, hånd'gål-lůp. s. an easy gallop Happy, håp'pė. a. in a state of felicity; lucky, Handicraft, hån'de-krått. s. manual occu-Harangue, hå-rång', 8. a speech, a popular

pation Handily, bản'dd-id. ad. with skill

Harangue, hå-rång'. v. n. to make a speech Handiness, hån'dé-nés. 8. readiness, dexterity Haranguer, bâ-rång'ûr. s. an orator, a public Handiwork, bån'dé-wúrk. s. work of the! speaker band

Harass, hir'ás. v. a. to weary, to fatigue Handkerchief, bång'kểr-tshif. 6. a piece o: Harbinger, bảr'błn-jủr. 8. a forerunner

silk or linen used to wipe the face or cover|| Harbour, hår’búr. s. a port or haven for shipthe neck wield ; to treat in diecourse

ping; a shelter

(shelter Handle, bån'dl. v. a. to touch ; to feel; to Harbour, hår'bảr. v. a. to entertain, to Handie, hán’dl. a. that part of a thing by Harbourage, hår'bůr-åje. 8. shelter, enterwhich it is held (at hand tainmert

(another Handmaid, hånd'måde, 8. a maid that waits Harbourer, hår'hůr-úr. s. one that entertaina Handmill, bånd'mil. 8. a mill moved by the Hard, hård, a. firm ; difficult; painful ; cruel; hand

(by the hand rigorous ; insensible; severe ; unreasonHandsaw, hånd'sảw. 8. & saw inanageable able ; austere ; rough ; avaricious Handsel, bån'sél. 8. the first act of using any Haru, bảrd. ad. close, near ; laboriously ; thing; the first act of sale

upeasily, distressfully; nimbly; tempestHandsel, tå n'sel. v. a. to use or do any thing nously the first time

(generous Harden, bảr'dn. 9. a. to make hard ; to Handsome, hån'siảm. a. beautiful; ample stupify ; to endue with constancy Handsonely, bân'sům-lé. ad. beautifully : Harulavoured, hård'få-vůrd. a. coarse of elegantly (elegance feature

(orable Handsomeness, hån'sům-nés. s. beauty, grace, (Hardhearted, hård-hårt'êd. a. cruel, inexHandvice, hånd' vise. 8. a vice to hold small Hardiness, hár'dé-nés. 8. stoutness, bravery ; work in

effroatery Handwriting, bảnd-ri'ting. 6. a cast or form Hardly, hảrd'ıé. ad. with difficulty ; scarcely; of writing peculiar to each band

severely ; oppressively; barshly Handy, hån'dė. a. ready, dexterous

Hardmouthed, hård-m8dthd'. a. disobedient Handydandy, hầu'de-cảnode. B. a play among to the rein children

Hardness, hård'nės. s. power of resistance in Hang, hång. v. a. pret. and part. pass. bodies; difficulty; scarcity; obscurity ; vehehanged or hung. to suspend; to choke and

meuce; cruelty ; harsbness ; stinginess kill by suspending by the neck ; to delay; Hardship, bård'shłp. . injury, oppression; to decline; to furnish with ornamenta fatigue

(metal Hang, hång. v. n. to be suspended ; to dan- Hardware, hård'wåre. 8. manufactures of

gle; to impepd; to be compact or united; Hardwareman, bảrd'ware-mån. s. a maker of to be in svepense; to linger; to be fixed seller of metalline manufactures or suspended with attention; to be executed Hardy, hảr'dė. a. bold, brave, stout by the halter

Hare, håre. 6. a small quadruped ; & constellaHanger, hång'ůr. s. a short broad sword

tion Hangor-en, gång-ur-on's on a dependant Harebrained, håre'brând. a. Tolatile, wild



Harier, hår're-úr. s. a dog for hunting hares Hasp, håsp. s. a clasp folded over a staple Hark, hårk. v. n. to listen

Hasp, hásp. v. n. to shut with a basp Hark, Lårk. int. list! hear! listen!

Hassock, hås'sůk. s. a thick mat to kneel on Harlequin, hår'ld-kin. s. a buffoon who plays Haste, håste. s. hurry, speed, precipitation tricks to divert the populace

Haste, hảste. Harlot, hảr'låt. B. a strumpet

*7. n. to make haste, to be Harlotry, hår'lût-rė. . fornication

in a hurry

(precipitately Harm, bảrm s. injury ; mischief

Hastily, hás'tê-lé. ad. in a hurry, speedily'; Harm, hảrm. V. a. to hurt, to injure Hastiness, hás'te-nés. s. haste, speed, precipiHarinful, hårm'tål. a. mischievous

tation Harmless, hárm'lês. a. innocent; undamaged Hastings, hás'tingz. 8. peas that come early Harmlessness, hårm'lès-nés.s. innocence, free-Hasty, hås'tė. a. quick; passionate ; early dom from injury

ripe Harmonical, hár-mon'd-kál.

Hasty-pudding, bås'tė-půd'ing. s. a pudding Harmonick, hå.- mon'lk.

as adapted to

made of mi'k and flour boiled quick together each other, musical

Hat, hát. s. a cover for the head Harmonious, hår-mo'né-ìs. a. musical Hatband, båt'bånd. s. a band tied round the Harmoniously, bảr-mo'nė-ůs-lè. ad. musically, hat

[eggs; to contrive with concord of sounds

Hatch båtsh., V. a. to produce young from II armoniousness, hår-md'ne-ůs-nes. s. pro- Hatch, hátsh. s. a brood excluded from the portion, musicalness

egg ; a half-door Harmonize, hår'mo-nize. v. a. to adjust iD|Hatchel, hâk'kl. v. a. to heat flax so as to 88

fit proportions [sound; concord "perate the fibrous from the brittle part Harmony, hår'md-nè. so just proportion of Hatchel, håk'kl. s. the instrument with which Harness, hår'nès:' 8. traces for horses Itraces flax is beaten Harness, hår'nés. v. a. to fix horses in their Hatchet, hâtsh'It. 8. a small axe Harp, bảrp. s. a lyre ; a constellation Hatchet-face, håtsh'it-ase, s. a thin ugly Harp, hårp. v. v. to play on the harp; to Hatchment, hâtsb'mêut... au escutcheon for dwell vexatiously on one subject

the dead Harper, hår'p úr. e. a player on the harp Hatchway, hâtsh'wa, o, the way over or Harpoon, hải -poồn'. s. a bearded dart, with a through the batches

line fastened to the handle, with which Háte, håte. v. 2. to detest, to abominate whales are caught

Hate, håte. s. malignity, detestation Harpooneer, hár-p83-néėr'. s. he that throws Hateful, håte'fül. a. odious, malignant the harpoon

(strurnent Hatefully, håte'fil-d. ad. odiously, malige Harpsichord, hårp'sė-k8rd. 3. a musical in nantly Harty, hår'pé. s. a fabulous bird ; a ravenous Hatefulness, kåte'fůl-nês. s. odiousness wretch

Hatred, hå'trèd. s. ill-will, malignity Harrow, hår'rd. s. a frame of timbers cross-Hatter, hát'tůr. 8. a naker of hats

ing each other, and set with teeth Haugh, hảw. s. a little meadow lying in a Harrow, hår'ro. v. a. to break with the bar valley row ; to tear up; to disturb

Haughtily, håw'td-lè. ad. proudly, arrogantly Harsh, hảrgh. a. austere, rough, sour

Haughtiness, hảw'tė-nés. s. pride, arrugance Larshly, hårsh'lė, ad. sourly, austerely; se-i Haughty, håw'tė. a. proud, insolent, arrogant verely ; ruggedly

Haul, håwl. v. a. to pull, to draw, to drag Harshness, bársh' nês. s. sourness; rough by violence

ness to the ear; ruggedness ; crabbedness Haul, håw!. s. violence ia dragging Hart, hårt. s. the male of the roe

Haum, håwm. s. straw of peas, &c. Hartshorn hảrts'hôrn. . spirit drawn from Haunch, hảntsh. 6. the thigh horn ; an herb

Haunt, hảnt. v. a. to frequent Harvest, hår'vest. 3. the season of reaping : Haunt, bảnt. v. n. to be much about, to apo the product of labour

pear frequently Harvest-bomé, hår' vést-hdine. s. the song||Haunt, hảnt. s. place in which one is frequente

which the reapers sing at the feast made ly found, habit of being in a certain place for having inned the harvest

Hautboy, hobôd. s. a wind instrument; a sort Has, ház. the thira person singular of the of large strawberry verb To have

[pieces and mingle Have, håv. V. a. pret. and part. pass. bad. to Hash, hash. v. a. to mince, to chop into small possess; to enjoy Haslet, hå'sldt.

Haven, ha'vn. s. a port, a harbour ; aa'asyluna Harslet, hår'sJêt. 6. the heart, liver, and

Havock, háv'vůk. 8. waste; wide and general lights, of a bog


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Harock, häv'vuk. v. a. to waste, to destroy Health, hélth. s. freedom from sickness
Haw, hiw. 8. the berry of the hawthorn Healthful, hélth'fùl. a. free from sickness
Hawthorn, håw'thỏrn. s. the thorn that bears | Healthfulness, hélth'fil-nés. 8. state of being

well ; wholesomeness Hawk, båwk. 6. a bird of prey; an effort to Healthily, hélth'é-lé. ad. without sickness force phlegm up the throat

Healthiness, hélth'é-nés. s. the state of health Hawk, båwk. v. 0. to fly hawks; to force up Healthrome, hệlth'súm. a. wholesome, salutary

phlegm with a noise ; to sell by proclaim-Healthy, hélth'è. a. in health, free from ing in the streets


(a cluster, number Hawker, bảw'kůr. s. one who sells wares by || Heap, hépe. 8. many things thrown together; proclaiming them in the streets

Heap, hèpe. v. a. to throw on herpo, to pile; Hay, hå. 6. grass dried to fodder cattle in to accumulate winter; a kind of dance

Hear, here. v. a. to perceive by the ear; to Haymaker, hå'ma-kůr. s. one employed in give an audience; to listen; to try drying grass for hay

Hearer, here'úr, 8. one who attends to a Hazard, haz'ůrd. 8. chance; danger; a game discourse Hazard, håz'úrd. v. a. to expose to chance Hearing, hére'ing. s. the sense by which Hazard, hâz'úrd. v. n. to try the chance, to sounds perceived ; judicial trial; adventure

reach of the ear Hazardable, bâz'ür-di-bl. a. ventueesome Hearken, hảr'kn. v. n. to listen ; to attend Hazardous, ház'ûr-dús. a. dangerous Hearkener, hår'kn-úr. B. a listener Haze, hảze. 8. fog, mist

Hearsay, here'sá. s. report, rumcur Hazel, hå'zl. s. a nut-tree

[hazel|Hearse, herse. s. a carriage for the dead Hazel, há'zl. a. light brown, of the colour of Heart, hårt. s. the muscle which by its conHazy, hà'zė. a. dark, foggy, misty

traction and dilatation propels the blood He, hée. pron. oblique case Him; plur. They, through the course of circulation, and is

oblique case Them. the man that was therefore considered as the sexurce of vital named before; the person ; a male

motion; the inner part of any thing ; couHead, hêd. s. the part that contains the rage ; affection; memory ; conscience

brain; principal person; the first place ; | Heart-ach, hårt'áke. s. sorrow, anguisb

resistance ; the top; the forepart ; principal Heart-breaking, bảrt'brå-king.a. overpowerpotopick of a discourse ; source of a stream; ing with sorrow crisis

Heart-burning, hảrt'bůr-ning. s. pain at the Head, bed. v. a. to lead, to govern

stomach ; discontent, secret enmity Headach, héd’åke. s. pain in the head Heart-dear, hårt'dére. a. sincerely beloved Headband, bêd'band. s. a fillet for the head Heart-easing, hảrt'èz-ing. a. giving quiet Headborongh, hed'bůr-rð. s. a subordinate Heartfelt, hårt'félt a, felt in the conscience, cc nstable

(woman's head felt at the heart Headdress, hêd'drës. s. the covering of a Heart-sick, hảrt'stk. 2. pained in mind Headiness, hềd'dé-nés. 5. rashness, pre-Heart-string, hårt'string s. the tendons or cipitation

nerves supposed to brace and sustain the Headland, hea'lând. s. promontory, cape


(yet unfixed Headless, hêd'lés. a. without a bead ; without Heart-whole, hårt'hðle. a. with the affections a chief

Hearten, hårt'tn. v. a. to encourage, to stir Headlong, bed'long. a. rash, thonghtless, up

(where a fire is made precipitate

[most; precipitately|| Hearth, hảrth. s. the pavement of a room Headlong, hếa'lông. ad, with the head fore-Heartily, hår'td-le. a. sincerely, actively, via Headpiece, hêd'pèése. s. armour for the head ; gorously

(from hypocrisy ; vigour force of mind

Heartiness, hår'té-nés. s. sincerity, freedom Headsman, będz'man. a. an executioner Heartless, bårt'lés. a. without courage, spiritHeadstall, hêd'atåll. s. part of the bridle that less

(strong covers the head

(stone Hearty, hir'té. a. sincere, warm, zealous; Headstone, hêd'sthne. 8. the first or capital Heat, hète. s. the sensation caused hy the Headstrong, hềd'strông. a. violent, un appi oach or touch of fire ; hot weather ; a governable

course at a race; flusb ; agitation of sudHeady, hed'dė, a. rash, precipitate

den passion; contest Heal, héle, v. a. to cure a person ; to reconcile Heat, héte. v. a. to make hot Heal, hèle. v. n. to grow well

Heat, bête. v. n. to grow hot Healer, hèle'ůr. 8. one who cures or heals Heater, hè'tůr. s. an iron made hit, and put Healing, héle'ing. part. a. mild, gentle, as into a box-iron

(with heath suasive

Heath, hétb. s. a plant ; a place overgrowe

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