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a violent man;


Hotbrained, hôt'brand. a. violent, vehement,((Hucklebore, hủkskl-bdne. 5. the hip-bone furious

Huckster, hủks'tůr. B. one who sells goods Hotcockles, hôt-kok'klz. 8. a child's play by retail, or in small quantities Hotheaded, hôt'héd-êd. a. vehement, passion-Huckster, hůks'túr. v. 6. to deal in petty

bargains Hothouse, håt'h88se. 8. a bagnio, a place to Huddle, hảd'al. v. a. to dress up close so as sweat and cup in; a house in which tender not to be discovered; to perform in a hurplants are raised and fruits are matured ry; to throw together in confusion early

(kind of pea Huddle, hůd'dl. s. crowd, tumult, confusion Hotspur, hột'spur. .

al Hue, hủ. 8. colour, die; a clamour Hough, hk. s. the lower part of the thigh Huff, hủf. 8. swell of sudden anger Hough, hôk. v. a. to hamstring

Huff, húf. v. a. to swell; to hector, to treat Hound, hôůnd. s. a dog used in the chase with insolence Hour, 8år. 8. the twenty-fourth part of a day,| Hufish, hår fish. a. arrogant, hectoring sixty minutes

Huffishly, búf'fish-lè. ad. with arrogant petuHourglass, důr'glås. s. a glass filled with sand, lance

(bluster which marks the time

[hour Huffishness, hủl'rish-nës. s. petulance, noisy Hourly, dir'lė. a. happening or done every Hug, húg. s. close embrace Hourly, důr'lė. ad. every hour

Hug, hứg. v. 2. to press close in an embrace House, hůúse. 5. a place of buman abode ; the Huge, hủje. a. vast, immense

table ; family of ancestors, race; a body| Hugely, hủje'lė. ad. immensely, enormously of the parliament

Hugeness, hủje'nés. s. enormous bulk, greatHouse, hôůze, v. a. to harbour; to shelter, to keep under a roof

Hulk, hůlk. 8. the body of a ship Housebreaker, hồůs'brá-kår. s. one who makes Hull, hůl. s. the husk or integument of any his way into houses to steal

thing; the body of a ship (to sing low Housebreaking, håůs'brá-king. s. burglary Hum, húm. v. a. to make the noise of bees Household, hřůs'hold. s. family; domestickHum, hứm. s. the noise of bees; any low dull management


(deliberation Housekeeper, h8 ủs'kèép-ứr. s. the master of a Hum, húm. int. a sound implying doubt and family; a female superintendent

Human, buman. a. having the qualities of a Housekeeping, höůs'kdep-ing. 8. provisions for a family,

Humane, hu-måne.' a. kind, good-natured Houseless, hóüz'lês. a. without abode Humanely, hů-måne'lė. ad. kindly, with good Housemaid, hồús'måde. s. a maid employed to keep the house clean

Humanity, hů-man'è-td. s. the nature of man; Houseroom, h8ůs'r38m. s. place in a house tenderness; philology Housewarming, håůs'wår-ming. 8. a feast or|lHumanize, hů mån-ize. v. a. to soften, to

merrymaking upon going into a new house make susceptive of tenderness or benevoHousewife, hủz'wif. s. a female economist lence

(inan Housewifery, hůz'wif-ré. s. management, fe-Humankind, hd-man-kyind'. s. the race of

Humanly, hu'mân-lé, al. after the notions of Hovel, bôv'il. 8. a shed open on the side: Humble, úm'bl. a. modest ; low (men

and covered above; a mean cottage Hunble, ům'bl. v. a. to make submissive ; to Hover, hủv'ůr. v. n. to hang fluttering over subdue ; to bring down

(of pride head, to wander about one place

Humbleness, úm'bl-nés. s. humility, absence How, hod. ad. in what manner, to what de-Humbles, úm'blz. s. entrails of a deer

gree; for what reason ; by what means Humbly, ům'ble, ad. with bumility How beit, h84-be'it. ad. nevertheless, notwith- Humdrum, hằm'drúm. a. dull, dronish, stupid standing

Humeral, búiné-rål. a. belonging to the However, h88-év'ůr. ad. in whatsoever man shoulder

ner; at all events; at least; nevertheless, | Humid, ho'mld. a. wet, moist, watery yet

Humidity, hú-m?d'é-té. 8. muisture Howl, holl. v. n. to cry as a wolf or dog

Humiliation, hú-mil-e-a'shủn. 8. descent from Howl, håll. s. the cry of a wolf or dog greatness, act of humility Howsoever, h80-sd-év'vůr. ad. in what man-Humilty, hů-mil'é-té. s. freedown from pride; ner soever ; although [one deck act of subinission

Cown humour Hoy, hoč. s. a large boat, sometimes with Humorist, yu'múr-ist. B. one who gratilies his Hubbub, håb'båb. s. a tumult, a riot Humorous, yůmúr-ús. a. full of grotesque Huckaback, hůk'ka-håk. s. a kind of linen on images ; capricious ; jocular [cosely which the figures are raised

Humorously, yu'můr-us-lè. ad merrily, jo



male economy

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Humorousness, yıınír-is-nés. e. fickleness,|| Husbandry, húz'bủn-urė. s.. tillage ; thrift capricious levity

care of domestick affairs Humorsome, yumúr-sům. a. peevish; odd, Hush, hủsh, int. silence ! be still! no noise! humorous

Hush, hủsh. a. still, silent, quiet Humour, yü'můr. s. moisture ; general turn (Hush, húsh. v. a. to still, to silence, to apof mind; present disposition; jocularity : pease

(information petulance; caprice

(with Hushmoney, hủsh'můn-e. s. bribe to hinde) Humour, yd můr. V. a. to gratify; to comply Husk, hủsk. & the outmost integument a Hump, hủmp. s. a crooked back

some sorts of fruit Humpback, hủmp'båk. 8. crooked back, high| Husky, hảs'kė. a. abounding in husks shoulders

Hussar, hảz-zár'. s. a kind of soldier Hundred, hủn'dred. s. ten multiplied by ten ; Hussy, hủz'zė. s. a sorry woman a canton or division of a county

Hustings, hûs'tingz. s. a court held Hundredth, hủn'drėdth. a. the ordinal of a Hustle, hủs'sl. v. a. to shake together hundred

Huswife, hůz'zif. s. an economist Hung, hứng. pret. and part. pass. of Hang Huswire, t.ůz'zff. v. a. to manage with econoHunger, hủng'gúr. s. desire of food

my and frugality

(or bad Hunger, hủng'g`r. v. D. to feel the pain of Huswifery, hủz’zíf-ré. s. management good

hunger ; to desire with great eagerness Hut, hút. s. a poor cottage Hungered, hủng'gård. a. pinched by want of Hutch, hûtsh. 9. a corn chest (mation food

Huzza, hủz-za'. int. a shout, a cry of acclaHungrily, hủng'gre-lè. ad. with keen appetite Huzza, hůz-zá'. v. n. to utter acclamation Hungry, hủng'gre. a. feeling pain from want Huzza, hůz-za'. v. a. to receive with acclaof' food; greedy


[precious stone Hunks, hủngks. 8. a covetous wretch, a miser Hyacinth, hl's-sinth. s. a plant, a kind of Hunt, hủnt. v. a. to chase ; to pursue ; to Hyacinthine, bl-a-sîn'thin. a. made of hya search for

[sue or search cinths Hunt, hủnt. V. n. to follow the chase; to pur- Hydra, hi'dra. s. a monster with many heads Hunt, hủnt, . a pack of hounds; a chase ;| Hydraulical, hi-dråw'ld-kål. pursuit

a. relating to

Hydraulick, hl-dråw'lik.
Hunter, hủn'tůr. B. one who chases animals the conveyance of water through pipes

for pastime; a horse or dog for the chase Hydraulicks, hi-dråw'liks. 8. the science of Huntress, hủn'très. s. a woman that follows conveying water through pipes or conduits the chase

Hydrocele, hidro-séle. s. a watery rupture Huntsman, hủnts'mân. s. the servant whose Hydrocephalus, hl-dro-ser'fá-lès. s. a dropsy office is to manage the chase

in the head (draws maps of the sea Hurdle, hůr'dl. s. a texture of sticks woven Hydrographer, hl-drôg'gra-fůr. s. one who together

Hydrography, bl-drôg'grå-sé. 8. description Hurl, hůrl. v. a. to throw with violence of the watery part of the terraqueous globe Hurlbat, húrl'båt. s. whirlbat

Hydromancy, hidro-man-sé. s. prediction by Hurler, hůr'lůr. s. one that plays at burling water Hurlyburly, hůr'lė-bůr-lè. s. tumult, commo- Hydromel, hl'dr3-mnél. s. honey and water tion

Hydrometer, hl-drôm'me-tůr. 6. an instru- . Hurricane, bůr're-kân. 8. a violent storm ment to measure the extent of water Hurry, hũr'rè. . & to hasten, to put into Hydrophobia, hi-drd-ro'bé-å. dread of water confusion

(tation Hydropical, hl-drøpʼpe-kål. Hurry, hủr'rė. v. n. to move on with precipi-Hydropick, hl-drôpápik.

} 2. dropsical Hurry, bůr'rė. s. tur precipitation, com- Hydrostatical, hi-dro-ståt'é-kål. a. relating to motion

hydrostaticks Hurt, hûrt. v. a. pret. hurt ; part. pass. hurt. Hydrostaticks, hl-drd-ståt'?ks. 8. the science

to injure ; to wound, to pain (bruise of weighing fluids Hurt, hủrt. s. harm, mischief ; wound or Hyena, hl-ė'nå. s. an animal like a wolf Hurtful, húrt'fol. a. mischievous, pernicious Hymen, hł'mền. s. the god of marriage; the Hurtfully, hůrt'fil-lè. ad, mischievously, per virginal membrane niciously

[perniciousness Hymeneal, hi-me-ne'il. Hurtfulness, hảrt'/dl-nes. 5. mischievousness, (Hymenean, hi-me-ne'ån.

• a marriage Husband, hůz'bûnd. s. a man married to a song

(frugality| Hymeneal, hl-me-ne'il. Husband, hủz'bůnd. v. a. to manage with||Hymenean, hil-me-nė'an.

a. pertaining to Husbandman, hůz'bůnd-mán. 8. one who marriage

[s.perior being works in tillage

Hymn, him. s. a song of adoration to som.


Hymn, him. v. a to praise in song, to wor-|Icicle, t'sik-kl. s. a shout of ice hanging down
ship with hymns

Icon, l'kồn. 6. a representation
Hymnick, hîm'nik. a. relating to hymns Icterical, ik-têr' e-kál.a. afflicted with the
Hyperbole, hi-pêr'bd-le. s. a figure in rheto jaunu ice

rick by which any thing is increased or di-| Icy, l'sė. a. full of ice, cold
minished beyond the exact truth

Idea, l-de'. s. a mental image
Hyperbolical, hl-per-bôl'le-käl.

Ideal, i-dé'ål. a. mental, intellectual

a. exagHyperbolick, hl-per-böl’ik.

Ideally, i-de'al-d. ad. intellectually, mentally gerating or extenuating beyond fact Identical, -ểnote-kal.

a. the same
Hyperborean, hl-pêr-bo're-an. a. northern Identick, 1-dểnotzk.
Hypercritick, bl-pêr-krst'lk. s. a critick ex- Identify, i-dên'tė-Si. v. a. to make two things
act or captious beyond reason

to be the same
Hypercritical, hl-per-krit'é-kål. a. critical Identity, l-dén'tê-tė. s. sameness
beyond use

[as vir-tue, ever-living|Ides, Idz. s. a term anciently used among the Hyphen, hł'fêu. s. a note of conjunction : Romans with regard to time; and meanHypnotick, hip-notik. 8. any medicice that ing the 16th day of March, May, July, and induces sleep

October; and the 15th of every other month *Hypochondriack, bỉp-pd-kûn'dré-åk. s. one Idiocracy, 'id-e-ők'krå-sė. s. peculiarity of affected with melancholy

constitution Hypocrisy, hè-pôk'kré-sé. s. dissimulation Idiocy, id'é-d-sė. B. want of understanding Hypocrite, hip'pd-krit. s. a dissembler in re-Idiom, id'ê-úm. 8. a mode of speaking peculiar ligion

[bling, insincere

to a language Hypocritical, hîp-po-krit'ik-kål. a. dissem-Idiot, id'e-út. s. a fool, a changeling Hypocritically, hip-po-krit'ik-kål-e. ad. with-Idiotism, id'é-ứt-ísm. s. peculiarity of expres out sincerity

[personality sion; natural imbecility of mind Hypostasis, hl-pôs'tå-sis. e. distinct substance, || Idle, i'ul. a. lazy, averse from labour Hypostatical, hl-po-ståt'e-kål. a. constitutive, Idle, i'dl. v n. to lose time in laziness and inpersonal


(hle Hypothesis, hîp-pôth'è-sis. 6. a supposition, a Idleheaded, I'dl-hềd-dêd. a. foolish, unreaso ua

system formed under some principle not Idleness, l'al-nés. s. laziness, sluggishness

proved (a supposition, conditional Idler, l'al-ửr. s. a lazy person Hypothetical, hi-pd-thết'te-kål. a. including Idly, l'al-ė. ad. lazily, carelessly Hypothetically, hi-på-thết'tė-kål-é. ad. upon Idol, l'aủl. s. an image worshipped as God; supposition, conditionally

one loved to adoration Hyssop, blz'zủp. s. a plant

Idolator, l-dôl'la-tůr. 8. one who pays divine Hysterical, his-têr're-kål.

honour to images

Itry a. troubled with Hysterick, his-têr'rik.

Idolatrous, 1-d3l'la-trůs. a. tending to indolafits

Idolatry, I-dôl'lå-tré. s. the worship of images Hystericks, his-têr'riks. s. fits of women Idolize, I'dd-lize. v. a. to love or reverence to


(style Idyl, l'dil. s. a small short poem, in the pastoral I.

It, if. conj. suppose that, allow that; whether


or no

I, pron. personal, oblique case Me; plural|Igneous, fg'nė-ús. a. fiery, containing fire

We, oblique case Us. The pronoun of the Ignis-fatuus, ig'nis-fåt'shů-ús. 8. will-with-thefirst person, myself

wisp, jack-with-the-lantern
Iambicť, i-am bik, 8. verses composed of a Ignite, ig-nite'. v. a. to kindle, to set on fire
short and long syllable alternately

Ignition, ig-assh'in. s. the act of setting on !
Ice, lae, s. frozen water ; concreted sugar Ignitible, ig-nl'te-bl. a. inflamınable (fire
Ice, lse. V. a. to cover with or turn to ice ;| Ignoble, ig-nobl. a. mean of birth ; worthless
to cover with concreted sugar

Ignobly, ig-noble. ad. ignominiously, meanly Icehouse, ise'bšise. 8. a house in which ice is ignominious, ig-nd-ınin'yús. a. mean, rereposited


[disgracefully Ichneumon, ik-nd'mēn. 6. a small animal Ignominionsly, lg-nd-mỉn'yús-lė. ad. meanly,

that breaks the eggs of the crocodile ; a Ignominy, ig'nd-min-ė. s. disgrace, shaine sort of sy

Ignoramus, ig-nd-rả mủs. s. foolish fellow Ichnography, fx-nôg'grå-fè. s. the ground-plot ignorance, ig'nd-rånse. 8. want of knowledge, Ichor, l'kor. $. a thin watery humour


(unlearned leborous, ik'd-růs. a. thin, undigested Ignorant, íg'nd-rint. a. wanting knowledge, Ichthyology, ik-thể-31'8-jé. s. the doctrine of Ignorantly, ig'nd-rânt-ld. ad, without knowthe nature of fish

ledge, unskilfully

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ry to law


Iliac, Il'e-ak, a. relating to the lower bowels Llustrative, fl-1ůs'trå-tlv. a. having the quali
TH, Il. a. bad in any respect, evil; sick ty of clearing
Ill, 1. s. wickedness; misfortune, misery

nlustrious, 11-los'tré-us. a. conspicuous, noble Iil, 11. ad. not well, not rightly; not easily Ulustriously, Il-lửs'tré-is-lè. ad. conspicuous Illapse, Il-låps'. s. sudden attack, casual coming ly, nobly

(grandeur Illaqueate, f1-ldkwė-åte. v. a. lo entrap, to Mustriousness, 11-1ůs'tré-is-nés. s. eminence,

Image, im'midje. 8. & statue ; an idol; an idea Illation, 11-18'shủn. s. inference, conclusion Image, im'mlije. v. a. to copy by the fancy, drawn from premises

to imagine

[tion; false ideas Illaudable, 11-18w'di-bl. a. unworthy of Imagery, Im'mld-jêr-ré. s. sensible representa praise or commendation

Imaginable, d-mnad'jło-å-bl.a. possible to be Illandably, fl-låw'da-blè. ad. unworthily conceived

Cary Illegal, il-legal. a. contrary to law Imaginary, d-måd'jIn-år-d. a. fancied, visionIllegality, 31-le-gal'ld-tė. s. contrariety to law Imagination, e-måd-jin-d'shản. 3. fancy; idea; Illegally, il-lè'gål-lè. ad. in a manner contra contrivance

(of imagination

Imaginative, é-mid'jin--tlv. a. fantastick, full Illegible, il-léd'je-bl. a. what cannot be read | Imagine, d-mad'sa. v. a. to fancy, to paint in Illegitimacy, il-id-jit'tė-må-sé. s. state of bas-|| the mind tardy

Lin wedlock Imbecile, Im-bés'sil. a. feeble in mind or body Illegitimate, î1-12-; It'tė-måte. a. not begotten Imbecility, lm-be-all'd-tè. s. feebleness of mind Illeviable, il-lêv've-a-bl. a. what cannot be or body levied or exacted

Imbibe, im-bibe'. v. a. to drink in, to soak INfavoured, 11-fá'vůrd. a. deformed

Imbitter, îm-bit'tür. v. a. to make bitter ; to Illiberal, il-lib'bér-él. a. not noble, not gene exasperate

(niggardliness Imbody, im-bod'uè. v. a. to condense to a body, Illiberality, 11-11b-bêr-rål'le-tè. s. parsimony, Imbody, im-bôd'uè. v. n. to unite into one Tiliberally, il-lib'bêr-ral-ė. ad. disingenuously, mass, to coalesce meanly

Tinbolden, im-bli'dn. V. 2. to encourage Illicit, (1-11s'slt. a unlawful

Imbosom, im-b83'zům. V. a. to hold on the I:linitable, fl-Im'me-ta-bl.a. that which bosom; to adinit to the heart ounded

Imhuw, fm-bôů'. v. a. to arch, to vault Illiteracy, il-lit'têr-a-sé. 8. want of learning Inbower, lm-b8d’úr. v. a. to cover with a bow Illiterate, fl-lit'ter-áte. a. unlettered, unlearn er, to shelter with trees

(concavities (learning Imbricated, Im'bré-ke-têd. a. indented witte IViterateness, fl-lit'tér-åte-nés. .. want of Imbric tinn, liabré-kå'shủn. 8. concave in Illness, Il'mês. s. sickness, malady

denture Illnature, il-ná'tshúre. s. habitual malevolence Unbrown, im-brdin'. v. a. to make brown Illnatureà, il-ná'tshård. a. habitually malevo-Irnbrue, im-br88'. v. a. to steep, to soak lect; inischievous

(rules of reasol Imbrute, im-brot'. v, a. to degrade to brutal. Illogical, f1-lôd'je-kål. a. contrary to the Imbue, fin-bů'. v. a. to tincture deep [ity Illude, il-lude'. v. a. to deceive, to mock Inburse, irn-bůrse'. v. a. to stock with money Illure, fl-lume'. Illuraine, 11-1d'min.

v. a. to enlighten,

Imitability, im-e-ta-bil'd-tė. . the quality of

being irritable to supply with light; to decorate, to adorn Imitable, Im'é-tå-bl. a. worthy to be imitated; Illurninate, fl-lu'mě-náte. V. a. to enlighten, possible to be initated

to supply with light; to adora with festa Iinitate, im'é-tåte. v. a. to copy, to' endea lamps or bonsres ; to adorn with pictures vour to resemble ; to counterfeit or initial letters of various colours ; to illimitation, im-me-ta'shủn. s. the act of copy. lustrate

ing, atteinpt to resembie Illumination, 31-14-me-nå'shủn. s. that which I mitative, im'e-ta-tiv. a. inclined to copy

gives light; festal light bung out as a token Imitator, îm'é-tá-tůr. s. one who endeavours of joy ; brightness, splendour ; infusion of to resemble another intellectual light

Immaculate, îmn-mak'kd-låte. a. spotless, pure Illuminative, fl-1me-na-tiv. a. having the Immanacle, im-mån'na-kl. V, a to fetter power to give light

(error immanent, im'iga-nênt. a. jatrinsick, inherent Ilusion, Il-1d' zhủn. s. mockers, false show, Immanifest, îm-mån'nd-féet. a. not plain Illusive, il-lù'slv. 2. deceiving by false show Immanity, Im-mân'ne-tė. s. barbarity Illusory, il-ld'sôr-d. an deceiving, fraudulent ||Immarceesible, in-mår-sës'ad-bl. a anfading Illustrate, fl-Iůs'tråte. V. a. to brighten with||Immartial, îm-mår'shål a. not warlike light; to elucidate

Celucidation immaterial, imn-ma-te'rėål as incorporeal Illustration, illus-trå'shủn. A explavation, unimportant




Immateriality, im-må-tê-rê-al'é-tė. s. distinct-||Immoveably, im-indiv'á-ble. ad. in a state ness from body or matter

not to be shaken

(tion Immature, im-ma-tůre'. a. not ripe. Immunity, im-md'ne-tè. s. privilege, exempImmaturely, im-må-túre'lė. ad. too soon Immure, im-Indre'. v. a. to enclose within Immatureness, im-ma-tåre'nés.

walls, to confine Immaturity, im-ma-tú're-tè.

5. unripeness, Immusical, îm-mů'zê-kål. a. inharmonious incompleteness

[measured Immutability, Im-mu-ta-bil'é-te. e. exemption Irameasurable, im-mêzh'h-ra-bl, a. not to be from change, invariableness [variable [mmeasurabiy, im-mêzb'ur-a-ble. ad. beyond Immutable, îm-mu'tå-bl. unchangeable, inall measure

(with regard to time|Immutably, im-md'ta-blè. ad. unalterably, unImmediate, im-me'de-at. a. instant, present changeably Inmediately, im-me'dé-at-lé. ad. instantly, at||Imp, imp. s. a son; a 'puny devil

1 the time present

Imp. imp. v. a. to enlarge with any thing Immedicable, im-mêd'de-kå-bl. a. incurable adscititious ; to assist Immemoriai, im-me-more-ål. a. past time of Impact, îm-påkt. v. as to drive close or hard memory

Impair, im-påre'. v. a. to diminish, to injure Immense, îm-mense'. a. unlimited, unbounded | Impairment, im-påre'mếnt. 6. diminution, inImmensely, im-mèns'lè. ad. infinitely, without


[ceived by touch [ness, infinity Impalpable, im-pål/på-bl. a. not to be perIminensity, Im-men'se-té. s. unbounded great-Imparadise, im-pår'á-dise. V. a. to put into a Immensurable, im-mên'shd-rå-bl. a. not to be state resembling paradise

(tioa measured

Imparity, Im-pär'e-tè. s. inequality, dispropor Immerge, îm-mêrdje'. v. a. to put under water Impart, im-pårt'. v. a. to grant ; to commu Immerse, fm-mérse'. v. a. to put under water nicate Immersion, fm-mêr'shủn. s. the state of sink- Impartial, im-pår'shål. a. equitable ing below the surface of a fluid

Impartiality, lm-pår-she-al'è-tê. s. equitableImmethodical, im-me-thod'ê-kål. a. confused,

ness, justice without regularity

(without method|Impartially, {m-pår'shál-d. ad. equitably, Immethodically, Žrn-me-thod'é-kal-lè. ad.

without regard to party or interest Imminence, im'me-nense. s. immediate or near Impartible, im-pårt'é-bl. a. communicable danger

(ening|Impassable, fm-pås'så-bl. a. not to be passed Imminent, im'me-nent. a. impending, threat-|Impassioned, im-påst'shủnd. a. seized with Imminution, im-me-nd'shủn. s. diminution, de passion

Impatience, im-på'shềnse. 8. rage under sufImmission, im-mlsh'ún. s. the act of sending in fering ; vehemence of temper Immix, im-miks'. v. a. to mingle [mingled Impatient, îm-på'shềnt. a. not able to endure i Immixable, in-miks'a-bl. a. impossible to be furious with pain; ardently desirous Immobility, îm-md-bll'ê-té. s. unmoveable-Iinpatiently, im-på'shent-lè. ad. passionately, nen, want of motion

(due mean eagerly Immoderate, im-mod'dér-at. a. exceeding the Impawn, Im-påwn'. v. a. to pledge Immuderately, im-mid'der-råt-le. ad. in an Impeach, im-péétsh'. v. a. to accuse by pubexcessive degree

lick authority,

(chargeable Immodest, Im-mod'dést. a. unchaste ; obscene ;| Impeachable, lm-péétsb'å-bl. a. accusable, Immodesty, im-mod'dés-tė. s. want of modesty| Impeachment, im-péétsh'ment. s. hindrance i Immolate, Im'md-låte. V. a. to sacrifice, to kill publick accusation in sacrifice

[crificing|Impearl, im-perl'. v. a. to form in resemImmolation, im-md-la'shủn. e. the act of sa blance of pearls ; to decorate with pearls Immoment, im-mo'mềnt. a. trifling

Impeccability, im-pek-kå-bll'e-te. s. exempo Immoral, îm-môr'rål. a. contrary to honesty, tion from sin

[possibility of sin dishonest

Impeccable, im-pêk'ká-bl. a. exempt from Immorality, im-md-rål'd-té. .. dishonesty, ||Impede, im-péde'. v. a. to hinder, to obstruct want of virtue

Impediment, im-pêd'é-ment. B. hindrance, Immortal, im-mor'tål. a. exempt from death, obstruction

(ward, to press on never to die

(from death |Impel, Im-pêi'. v. a. to drive on, to urge for. Immortality, im-mér-tål'd-té. 8. exemption Impellent, im-pêl'lent. 6. an impulsive power Immortalize, im-mor'tål-ize. v. a. to make Impend, im-pênd'. v. D. to hang over, to immortal, to exempt from death

press nearly Immortally, im-mor’tål-é. ad. with exemption Impendent, Im-pên'dênt. a. hanging over from death

Impenetrability, im-pén-é-trå-bile-te. o. qua Immoveable, im-mobv'á-bl. a. not to be forced lity of not being pierceable ; insusceptibi from its place

lity of intellectual impression


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