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Impenetrabie, în-pén'ê-tra-bl. a. not to be Implacability, im-pia-kä-bil'd-tė. B. inexura

pierced [want of remorse for crimes bleness, determined malice 1 mpenitence, im-pén'é-tense. s. obduracy, Implacable, im-plå'ká-bl. a. not to be pacifiImpenitent, îm-pén'e-tênt. a. obdurate

ed, inexorable Impenitently, îm-pên'é-tént-lė. ad. without Implacably, im-plå'ká-blé. ad. with malice not repentance

[ness to be pacified, inexorably (ingraft Jmperate, îm'pé-råte. a. Jone with conscious Implant, im-plant'. v. a. to infix, to insert, to Impera:ive, îm-pêr'rå-tiv, a. commanding, Implantation, im-plån-tå'shủn. 6. the act of expressive of command

setting or planting Imperceptible, im-per-sếp'tė-bl. a. not to be Implausible, îm-plåw'ze-bl. a. not specious discovered, not to be perceived

Implement, îm'plė-mént. cool, instrument inperceptibleness, m-per-Bếpote-bl-nes. 8. of Jaanufacture

the quality of eluding observation Impletion, iin-plė'shủn. 8. the act of filling Imperceptibly, lm-per-sép'te-blé. ad. in a the state of being full manner not to be perceived

Implex, îm'pleks. a. intricate Imperfect, im-pêr'fékt. a. not complete, de-Implicate, îm'plė-kåte. v. a. to entangle, to fective Crailure, fault embarrass

(tanglement Imperfection, im-per-fêk'shủn. s. defect, Implication, im-ple-ka'shủn. s. involution, enImperfectly, im-pér'rékt-lé, ad. not complete-Implicit, im-plis'it. a. infolded ; inferred, taly, not fully

citly comprized; entirely obedient Imperial, im-pè'ré-ål. a. royal; belonging to Implicitly, łm-plis'it-lé. ad. hy inference an emperor or monarch

Implore, im-plore'. v. a. to solicit; to ask, to Imperialist, îm-pe're-ål-ist. 8. one that be beg longs to an emperor

[haughtyImply, im-pil. v. a. to comprise Imperious, im-pe're-ús. a. commanding : Impoison, îm-poe'zn. v. a. to corrupt or kill Imperiously, fm-pe're-ůs-lè. ad. with insolence

with poison of authority

Impolite, im-po-lite'. a. unpolished, rude Imperiousness, îm-pé're-is-nês. 8. authority, Impoliteness, im-pd-liteľnés. s. want of poarrogance of command (destroyed liteness

(discreet Imperishable, im-pêr'rsh-a-bl. a. not to be|Impolitick, îm-p8l'e-tîk. a. imprudent, inImpersonal, {m-pèr’sún-ål. a. nut varied ac-|Imponderous, îm-pân'dêr-ús. a. void of percording to the persons

ceptible weight Impersuasible, fm-per-swå'zê-bl. a. not to be Imporosity, im-po-růs'sê-té, s. compactness, moved by persuasion


(vacuities Impertinence, im-pêr'te-nênse. s. folly; trou- Imporous, im-pdʻrůs. a. free from pores or blesomeness, intrusion; trifle

Import, im-port'. v. a. to carry into any Impertinent, im-pêr'té-nént. a. intrusive, country from abroad; to infer meddling, foolish

Import, im'port. s. importance ; any thing Impertinent, im-pêr'tê-nềnt. 6. a trifler, a imported

[quence, moment meddler, an intruder

Importance, îm-pêr'tånse. s. matter; conseImpertinently, {m-pêr'tê-nent-lè. ad. offi- Important, im-pôr'tânt. momentous,

ciously, intrusively [impenetrable weighty Impervious, im-pér’vé-ìs. a. unpassable,Importation, fm-por-tå'shủn. s. the act or Imperviousness, im-pềr'vê-ús-nés.

the state

practice of importing [from abroad of not admitting any passage

Importer, im-port'år. s. one that brings in Impetuosity, {m-pétsh-u-ts'e-tě. 8. violence,||Importunacy, îm-pår'tu-nå-bė. s. the act of imfury, vehemence (ment, passionate portuning

(solicitations Impetuous, im-pétsh'd-is. a. violent; vehe-Importunale, im-pår'tshd-náte. a. incessant ia Impetuously, in-pêtsh'd-is-lè. ad. violently,||Importunately, im-por'tsbů-nåt-lé. ad. with veherently

incessant solicitation

(harass Impetuousness, Im-pétsh'd-ửs-nés. e. violence, Importune, im-por-từne'. v. a. to teaze, to Itopetus, îm'pe-tủs, s. violent effort Importunely, im-pôr-túne'ld. ad. troublesome Impiety, fr-pré-té. s. irreverence to the Su ly, incessantly

(licitation preme Being; an act of wickedness Importunity, in-pôr-từne-té. s. incessant 80Iinpignorate, im-pig'nd-råte. F. a. to pawn, Impose, îm-poze'. v. a. tu lay on; to enjoin; to pledge

[strike against

to deceive Impinge, im-pinje'. v. n. to fall against, to Imposeable, îm-poʻzá-bl. a. to be laid as obliImpinguate, Im-ping'gwåte. V. as to fatten gatory on a bedy Impious, Im'pe-ús. a. irreligious, profane Imposition, im-pd-zish'ûn. 8. injunction of Impiously, fm'pe-ús-lè. ad profanely wick any thing as a law or duty; cheat, imposedly




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1 apossible, im-pos'se-bl. a. impracticable Improper, sm-próp'ır. an unfit Impossibility, im-pôs-se-bli'é-tė. s. impracti- Improperly, im-prop'úr-le. ad. unfitly cability

Impropriate, îm-pro'pré-åte. V. a. to convert Impost, îm'póst. . a tax, a toll

to private use Imposthurnate, im-pos'tisbú-máte. v. n. tullImpropriation, im-prd-pre-A'shủn. 8, an eccleform an abscess

siastical benefice, or church lands, in the Imposthume, im-pôs'tshủme. 8. a collection of occupation of a layman puruleat matter in a bag or cyst

Impropriator, im-pro-pré-a'tûr. . layman Impostor, im-pôs'túr. s. one who cheats that has the possession of the lands of the Imposture, im-pås'tshůre. 8. cheat

church Impotence, îm'po-tense.

Impropriety, îm-pro-pré-te. s. unfitness Impotency, îm'pb-tén-sé. s. Want of power. I mprosperous, im-prðs'půr-ús, a. unhappy inability

I mprosperously, im-prós'půr-ủs-lè. ad. unbap Impotent, Im'pd-tènt. a. weak, feeble

pily, unsuccessfully, with ill-fortune Impotently, impa-tent-lė. ad. without power Improvuble, im-proB'vå-bl. a. capable of he. Impound, iin-pšund'. v. a. to enclose as in a

ing advanced

(to better pound, to shut in

[inpossibility Improve, fin pröðv'. v. a. to raise from good Impracticability, {m-pråk-te-kå-bil'd-td. s. Improve, Im-prởiv'. v. n. to advance in goodImpracticable, im-pråk'tė-kå-bl. a. impossible

(act of improving Impracticableness, im-pråk'tė-ka-bl-nés. s. Improvement, im-probv'mếnt. B. melioration; impossibility

||Improvidence, im-prov'e-dense. s. want of Imprecate, im'pre-kåte. . a. to call for evil forethought

(forecast Linprecation, im-pre-kå'shủn. s. curse, prayer Improvident, Im-prov'd-dênt. a. wanting by which any evil is wished

Improvidently, im-prov'é-dent-lè. ad. without Imprecatory, im'pré-kå-túr-ė. a. containing forethought wishes of evil

Imprudence, im-pr83'dênse. s. indiscretion Impregn, im-prene'. v. a. to fill with young Imprudent, îm-prób'dent. a. injudicious, inImpregnable, im-preg nå-bl. a. not to be discreet

[immodesty stormed ; unmoved (lifick; to filll|Impudence, fm'pil-dense. s. shamelessness, Impregnate, im-prêg'náte. v. a. to make pro-Impudent, înı'pů-dént. a. shameless Impregnation, lin-prég-nå'shủn. B. the act of Impudently, ím'pu-dếct-lè. ad. shamelessly making prolifick ; fecundation

Impugn, im-páne'. v. a. to attack, to assault Imprejudicate, im-pre-j33'de-kåte. a. impar-||Impugner, im-pu'nứr. s. one that attacks or tial

[preparation invades Imi reparation, im-prép-å-ra'shủn. s. want of Impuissance, {m-pd-Is'sảnse. 6. impotence, Impress, im-prés'. v. a. to print by pressure weakness (influence upon the miod

to force into service (into service Impulse, im'púlse. s. communicated force; Impress, fin’prés. 8. stamp ; act of forcing Impulsive, îm-půl'siv. a. having the power of Impression, im-prểsh'ún. s. mark made by impulse

(ishment pressure, image fixed in the mind ; infi-|Impunity, îm-pu'ne-tė. 8. freedom from punence ; edition

(impressed Impure, im-púre'. a. unholy; feculent, drossy Impressible, {m-prés'se-bl. a. what may be Impurely, im-påre'lė. ad. with impurity Impressure, im-prêslı'dre. s. the mark made Impurity, im-pu're-tė. 8. want of holiness ; by pressure, the dint

act of unchastity ; feculent admix are Imprint, fm-print'. v. a. to mark upon any||Impurple, im-púr'pl. v. a. to make 19d

substance by pressure ; to fix on the mind Imputable, im-pu'tå-bl. a. chargeable upon Innprison, im-priz'zn. v. a. to shut up, to

any one, accusable

[tion confine

(raent Imputation, fm-pd-ta'shủn. 8. censure ; reflecImprisonment, im-priz'zn-ment. s. confine-Imputative, sm-pu'ta-tiv. a. capable of being Improbability, im-prob-a-bil'é-tė. s. unlikeli imputed hood

Impute, im-püte'. v. a. to attribute Improbable, îm-prób'á-bl. a, unlikely In, in. prep. Qoting place, state, time, power, Improbably, im-prób'å-blè. ad. without like or proportion lihood

In, in. ad. within some place; engaged to Improbate, Im'prd-bắte. v. a. not to approve

any affair, placed in some state Improbation, {m-pro-bå'shủn. s. act of dis- | 1 nability, in-a-hi l'e-té. s. impotence allowing

I neccessible, în-åk-gés'se-bl. a. not to be ap Improbity, Im-privé-td. s. want of honesty i proached

[exactness Improlificate, Im-pro-lif'fe-kåte. v. a. to im- | Inaccuracy, in-Åk'kd-ra-se. want of pregnate

(neous composition I naccurate, in-åk ku-råte. a. not exact, not Impromptu, Im-prởm'td. s. a short extempora accurate


Inaction, in-ak'shún. s. idleness

Incarn, in-kárn'. v. a. to cover with flesh Inactive, in-ak'tiv. a. indolent

Incarn, in-kårn'. v. n. to breed flesh Inactively, in-axtlv-lè. ad. idly, sluggishly Incarnate, in-kår'náte. part. a. clothed with Inactivity, lu-åk-tiv'e-tê. s. idleness

flesh, embodied with flesh Inadequacy, in-ad'é-kwa-sê. s. the state of Incarnation, in-kår-nà'shủn. s. the act of asbeing unequal to some purpose

suming body Inadequate, in-ad'd-kwåte. a. not equal to the Incase, în-kåse'. v. a. to cover purpose, defective

Incautious, ln-kåw'shủs. a. unwary, negligent Inadequately, în-id'é-kwáte-lé. ad. defectively Incautiously, fo-kaw'shủs-ld.' ad. unwarily, Inadvertence, fo-ad-vêr'tênse.


s. careless Inadvertency, in-ad-vêr'tên-sé.

Incendious, in-sển'dd-ús. a. rebellious, factious L'advertent, in-ad-vêr'tênt. a. careless Incendiary, In-sen'de-a-ré. s. one who sets Ladvertently, in-ad-vêr'tênt-lè. ad. careless hruses or towns on fire; one who inflames ly, negligently

faction Inalienable, in-ále'yén-a-bl. a. that cannot be Incense, in'sểnse. 8. perfumes exhaled by alienated (nourishment fire in honour of some god

[cense I nalimental, In-al-e-mên'tål. a. alfording no Incense, în'sếnse. v. n. to perfume with inI nanimate, in-ån'é-måte. 2. void of life, with-|Incense, in-sếnse'. v. a. to inflame with anger out animation

Incensory, fn'sển-sûr d. s. the vessel in which Inanition, in-a-nish'in. 8. emptiness of body incense is burnt Inanity, fn-an'é-té. s. emptiness (petite Incentive, in-sent'lv. s. incitement I nappetency, in-ap'pe-tên-sė. 8. want of ap- Incentive, in-sent'iv. a. inciting, encouraging Inapplicable, in-ap'plė-kå-bl. a. not to be Inception, in-sép'shủn. s. beginning put to a peculiar use

(negligence Inceptive, in-sép'tiv. a. noting a beginning Inapplication, In-åp-ple-kd's hủn. s. indolence, Incertitude, in-sêr'td-tdde. s. uncertainty, Inaptitude, lo-ap'te-tide. s. unfitness


(tinual Inarticulate, in-år-tik'á-låte. a. not uttered Incessant, in-sés sånt. a. unintermitted, conwith distinctness

[distinctly || Incessantly, in-sểs'sảnt-lè. ad. without interInarticulately, in-år-tik'kd-låte-lè. ad. not mission, continualiy Inartificial, In-år-te-rish'àl. a. contrary to art|Incest, in'sést. s. unnatural and crimina) Inartificially, 10-år-te-fish'ål-ė ad. without conjunction of persons

(ligence, neglect | Incestuous, in-sés'tshů-ởs. a. guilty of incest I nattention, in-at-tên'shủn. 8. disregard, neg-||Incestuously, in-sës'tshů-ửs-lè., ad. with unI nattentive, in-at-tên'tiv. a. careless, negligent natural love

(nice point of time Inaudible, 10-åw'de-bl. a. not to be heard Inch, Insh. s. the twelfth part of a foot; a Inaugurate, 10-åw'gu-råte. v. a. to consecrate,||Inch, insh. v. a. to drive or deal by inches; to invest

(by solemn rites to give sparingly Inauguration, in-dw-gå-rå'shủn. s. investiture Inchmeal, Insh’mėle. s. a piece an inch long Inauration, in-Xw-rå'shủn. s. the act of gild-Inchoate, îng'kd-ate. v. a. to begin, to com

ing with gold Irauspicious, in-Xw-spish'ủo. a. unlucky Inchoation, (ng-ko-A’shần. 1. beginning (alty Inborn, fn'börn. a. implanted by nature Incidence, In'se-dense. s. accident, hap, casu · Inbred, în'bréd. a. produced within (culated||Incident, in'sé-dênt. a. casual, fortaitous Incalculable, in-kái'ků-la-bl. a. not to be cal. Incident, în'sé-dent. s. casualty, an event Incalescence, in-ka-lès'sense.

Incidental, in-sé-dén'tål. a. casual, happening Incalescency, in-ka-lês'sen-sé.

by chance

(by the by state of growing warm, warmth

Incidently, in'sd-dênt-lè. ad. occasionally, Incantation, in-kan-ta'shủn. 8. enchantment Incinerate, lo-sin'nér-åte. V. a. to burn to L.cantatory, in-kån'tå-tůr-ė. a. dealing by ashes

(want of caution enchantment

Incircumspection, in-ser-kům-spér'shản Incanton, in-kán'tủo. v. a. to unite to a canton Incised, in-sizd'. a. cut, made by cutting Incapability, in-kå-på-bil'é-tė. s. inability Incision, In-sizh' ản. 8. a cut natural, disqualification legal

Incisive, in-sl'slv. a. having the quality of Incapable, in-ka'på-bl. a. unable; disqualified cutting or dividing Incapacious, fo-kå-på'sbús. a. narrow Incisor, In-sl'sôr. 8. cutter, tooth Incapacitate, in-kå-pås'ul-tåte. 8. a. to disable, Incisure, le-sizh'dre. 6. a cut, an aperture to weaken

Incitation, in-se-tå'shủn. s. incentive, motive Incapacity, lo-kå-pås'se-td. s. inability Incite, In-słte'. v. 2. to stir up Incarcerate, lu-kår'sé-råte. v. a. to imprison Incitement, la-site'mént. s. motive, impulse Incarceration, in-kår-sé-rá'shủn. s. imprison- Incivility, in-se-vil'le-te. A want of courtesy, ment, confinement




8. the

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Inclemency, fu-klém'mếu-se. s. cruelty, harsh-||Incompetently, in-króm'pe-tént-lè. ad. unsuita

bly Inclement, in-klem'mânt. a. unmerciful, harsh Incomplete, în-kôm-plète'. a. not perfect, not Inclinable, in-kll’nå-bl. a. willing


(fection Inclination, in-kle-ná'shủn. s. tendency to-Incompleteness, ín-kom-pléte’nés. s. imperwards any point; affection

Incompliance, în-kom-pll'ânse. s. untractable Incline, in-line'. v. n. to vend; to be favoura ness, impracticableness [componend

bly disposed to, to feel desire beginning Incomposed, in-kom-pozd'. a. disturbed, dign In-line, fu-kline'. v. a. to give a direction ; to Incomprehensibility, fn-kôm-pré-hên-sé-bilt bend, to incurvate

tė. s. unconceivableness Inclip, in-kisp'. v. a. to grasp, to enclose Incomprehensible, fn-kom-pré-hên'sd-bl. Iocl ister, in-kld is'tür. v. a. to shut up in a not to be conceived cloister

Incomprehensibleness, in-kồm-pré-hen'se-61 Incloud, in-kiðld'. v. a. to darken, to obscure nês. s. unconceivableness Include, in-klu le'. v. a. to enclose; to com-Incomprehensibly, {n-könn-pré-hần'sd-blé. ad. Inclusive, in-kld'sỉv. a. enclosing (prise in a jnanner not to be conceived Incoexistence, in-kd-ég-zis'tense. s. the quali- |Incompressible, in-kom-près'sė-bl. a. not capaity of not existing together

ble of being compressed into less space Incug, in-kôg'. ad. unknown, in private Inconcealable, in-kun-se'lá-bl. a. not to the Incogitancy, in-kod'je-tan-se. s.

kept secret

(conceived thought

(power of thought Inconceivable, in-kon-se'va-bl. a. not to be Incogitative, in-kod'je-ta-tiv. a. wanting the inconceivably, fn-kon-se' vå-ble. ad. in a Incognito, in-kög'ne-t8. ad. in a state of con manner beyond comprehension cealment

(connexion, incongruity Inconceptible, in-kon-sép'te-bl. not to be - Incuberence, in-ko-hé'rense. ?


(no consequence walt of Incoherency, u-kd-9.orển-se.

Inconcludent, in-kôn-kli'dênt. a. inferring Incohereut, in-kd-he'rant. a. inconsistent ;) Inconclusive, in-kon-klusiv. a. not exhibit without cohesion


ing cogent evidence Incoherently. in-kd-he'rênt-le. ad. incon- Inconclusiveness, in-kon-klusiv-nes. s. want Incombustibility, in-kom-bus-te-bil'é-té. s. the

of rational cogency

(ture quality of resisting fire

Inconcoct, ?r-kon-kökt'. a. unripened, immaIncoinbustible, in-kom-bůs'te-bl. a. not to be Inconcoction, in-kön-kók'shủn. s. the state consumed by fire

[thing of being indigested Income, în'kům. s. revenue, produce of any Incondite, în'kon-dite. a. irregular Incuinmensurable, în-kom-men'shú-rå-bl. a. Inconditional, ir-kön-d?sh'ún-ál. a. without

not to be reduced to any measure common exception or limitation to both

Inconditionate, in-kon-dish'ún-åte. a. not Incommensurate, 1o-kom-men'shů-råte. a. not limited, not restrained

(anca admitting one common measure

Inconformity, in-kön-fôr'me-tê. s. incompliIacominode, in-kom-móde'. v. a. to hinder or Incongruence, in-kóng'gro-ense. embar ass

8. unsuit

Incongruity, in-kởn-gró'd-tě. Ipcommodious, in-kom-m8'dé-ús, or in-kom ableness; absurdity; disagreement

mu'jé-ús. a. inconvenient, vexatious Incongruous, in-kồng'grð-ús. a. unsuitable, Juconinodiously, in-kom-mode-ús-le. ad. in not fitting conveniently

[convenience Inconnexedly, in-kon-nêk'sēd-lè. ad. withIncommodiousness, in-kêm-modd-is-nés. s. in

out any connexion or dependence Incommunicable, in-kom-macé-ká-bl. a. Dot Inconsequence, in-kởn'sė-kwénse. s. inconimpartible; not to be told


(just conclusion Incompact, in-kům-påkt'. a. not joined, not Inconsequent, in-kön'se-kwent. a. without cohering

[above compare Inconsiderable, in-kon-sid'ér-a-bl.a. unIncomparable, in-kom'på-rå-bl. a. excellent worthy of notice

(stnall importance Incomparably, in-kởm'på-rå-blé. ad. beyond|Inconsiderableness, In-kôn-sid'ér-a-bi-nés. s.

comparison, without competition [of pity Inconsiderate, în-kon-sid'ér-åte. a. careless Incompassionate, in-i om-pish'ún-ate. a. void Inconsiderately, in-kôn-sid'ér-áte-lè. ad. negIncompatibility, in-kom-påt-é-bil'é-té. s. in ligently, thoughtlessly

consistency of one thing with another Inconsiderateness, in-kon-sld'ér-åte-nes. Incompatible, în-kôm-påt’é-bl. a. inconsistent|| Inconsideration, in-kon-sid-ér-a'shủn. with something else

5. want of thought, inattention Incompetency, in-kom'pé-tea-sè. s. inability Inconsistency, in-kón-sts'tén-se. .. disagreeIncompetent, in-kôm'pe-tênt. a. not suitable, ment; absurdity; incongruity: unsteadipot adequate


8. un

In poco intento Imbon-alostént. a. incompatible, I ne corrupt, bo-kor-répť. e. free from depravaInconsistently, in-kon-sis'tênt-lè. ad. ab- Incorruptibility, in-kôr-růp-té bird-té. s. insurdly, incongruously

capacity of decay

(of corruption Iacousolable, in-kon-sdʻla-bl. a. aot to be Incorruptible, fn-kör-růp'te-bl. a. not capable comforted, sorrowful

Incorruption, in-kôr-róp'shủn. 8. incapacity Inconsonancy, fn-kons8-pin-se. . disagree of corruption

ment with itself [ble, not perceptible Incorruptness, in-kôr-rúpt'nės. 6. purity of Ioconspicuous, in-kon-spik'd-ús. a. indiscerni

manners, honesty Inconstancy, in-kon'stan-sé. s. unsteadiness Incrassate, in-kras'såte. v. a. to thicken Inconstant, in-køn'stânt. a. not firm; mutableIncrassation, in-krås-sa'shủn. s. the act of Iconsumable, in-kon-sų ma-bl. a. not to be thickening wasted

(disputed||Incrassative, in-krås'så-tiv. a. having the ncontestable, in-kon-tês'ta-bl. a. not to be quality of thickening Incontestibly, to-kon-tés'tå-blé. ad. indis- Increase, In-krėse'. v. D. to grow putably, incontrovertibly

Increase, Ingʻkrėse. s. augmentation; proIncontiguous, ln-kon-tig'gi-ús. a. not touch duce ; generation ing each other


in-kred-d-bil-e-tė. s. the quality Incontinence, in-kún'tė-nênse.

of surpassing belief Incontinency, in-kón'té-nên-se.

Incredible, in-kred'd-bl. a. not to be credited chastity

Incredibleness, in-kred'é-bl-nes. s. quality of Incontinent, in-kon'tė-nent. & unchaste

being not credible

(belief Incontinently, in-kổn'tė-nent-lé. ad. un- Incredulity, ing-kré-dd'ld-tè. s. hardness of chastely

(disputable Incredulous, in-créd' l-lús a. hard of belief, Incontrovertible, in-kôn-tro-vêr'te-bl. a. in

refusing credit Inconvenience, in-kon-vene-ense.

Incredulousness, Zn-krld'ji-lô-nê. 1. hardInconveniency, in-kón-ve' ne-en-id. }

ness of belief, incredulity unfitness, disadvantage, difficulty Increment, Ing'kré-ment. .. increase ; produce Laconvenient, in-kon-véʼné-ént. a. incom-||Increpation, Ing-kré-pa'shủn. 8. reprehension, modious ; inexpedient

chiding Inconveniently, fn-kôn-ve'nė-ént-lè. ad. in-||Incrust, lo-krůst.

v. a. to cover commodiously; unseasonably

Incrustate, în-kris'tåte. Inconversable, in-kən-vêr'så-bl. a. unsocial with an additional coat Inconvertible, in-kon-vêr'te-ul. a. not trans- \Incrustration, Ing-krůs-ta'shủn. s. an adherent mutable

(convinced covering Inconvincible, lo-kon-vin'sė-bl. a. not to be Incubate, ing'ku-båte. v. n. to sit upon egg Inconvincibly, fn-kon-vla'sé-blè. ad. without ||Incubation, îng-ku-bá'shủn. s. the act of sit. admitting conviction

(tinct from body

ting upon eggs to batch them Incorporal, in-kór’pd-rål. a. immaterial, dis-Incubus, lug'ků-bůs. 6. the nightmare Incorporally, fn-kôr'pd-rål-ė. ad. without ||Inculcate, in-kúl’kåte. V. a. to impress by matter

frequent admonitions Incorporate, fa-kôr'pd-råte. v. a. to mix ;||Incalcation, Ing-kůl-ká'shủn. s. the act of ime to form into one body, to unite

pressing by frequent admonition Incorporate, {n-kôr'pd-ráte. a. immaterial, Inculpable, in-il'på-bl. a. unblameable unbodied

I oculpably, ln-kůl' på-ble. ad. unblamably Incorporation, l.-kôr-pd-rå'shủn. s. union of Incumbency, in-kim'bếa-bė. s. the state of

divers ingredients in one mass ; formation keeping a benefice of a body politick ; association

Incumbent, fu-kům'bënt. a. resting upon, lge Incorporeal, in-kår-po'ré-ål. a. immaterial, ing upon; imposed as a duty unbodied

(riality||Incumbent, in-kům'bênt. s. he who is in por Incorporeity, in-kôr-pd-ré'é-tê. s. immate session of a benefice Incorps, in-körps'. V. a. to incorporate Incur, in-ků:'. v. a. to become liable to Incorrect, in-kor-rekt'. a. not exact Incurability, in-ku-rå-bil'é-tė. s. impossibility Incorrectly, in-kór-rékt'le. ad. inaccurately, not exactly

(want of exactness|Incurable, in-kůra-hi. a. not admitting remedy Incorrectness, in-kôr-rékt'něs. s. inaccuracy, Incurableness, in-kú'rå-bl-nès. s. state of not Incorrigible, in-kôr'ré-je-bl. a. bad beyond admitting any cure

correction, depraved (less depravity || I ncurably, in-ki'rå-blè. ad. without remedy Incorrigibleness, in-kêr'rd-je-bl-uês. s. hope-|Incurious, in-ki'rê-ús. a. negligent, without Incorrigibly, lo-kôr're-je-bié. ad. beyond all curiosity maas of ameadment

Incursion, lo-kår'shin. 8. attack, invasion


of cure

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