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Incurvate, in-kůr' våte. v. a to bend, to Independent, in-de-pen'dent. a. free, sot concrook

trolled Incurvation, ing-kűr-på'shản. s. the act of ma-||Independent, in-de-pén'dént. 8. one who in king crooked; flexion

religious affairs holds that every congre. Incurvity, {n-kůr' vê-tė. s. crookedness, the gation is a complete church state of bending inward

Independently, in-de-pén'dêut-lè. ad. withIndagate, in'da-gåte. v. a. to search, to examine out reference to other things Indagation, in-da-gå'shủn. s. search, exami- Indesert, in-de-zért'. s. want of merit nation

(aminer Indesinently, in-des'se-nent-le. ad, without Indagator, in'da-gå-tôr. s. a searcher, an ex cessation

(be destroyed Jadart, in-dårt'. v. a. to dart in

Indestructible, in-de-strik'te-bl. a. not to Indebted, in-dét'têd. part. a. obliged by Indeterminable, in-de-têr'me-na-bl. a. not to

something received, bound to restitution be fixed, not to be defined Indecency, lo-de'sê.

3. any thing contrary Indeterminate, în-de-têr' me-nåte. a. unfixed, to good manners [ears indefinite

(definitely Indecent, in-dé'sếnt. a. unfit for the eyes or Indeterminately, in-dé-têr' me-nåte-lè. ad. in Indecently, in-dė'sếnt-lé. ad. in a mauner Indetermined, in-de-tér'mind. a. unsettled, contrary to decency


[want of resolution Indeciduous, in-de-sid'd-ửs or in-de-sid'jů-|Indetermination, In-de-tér-me-ná'shản.

ds. a. not falling, not shed [nation Indevotion, in-de-vd'shủn. B. want of devoIndecision, in-de-sizh'ún. s. want of deterini tion, irreligion Indeclinable, in-de-kll'nâ-bl. a. not varied by Indevoat, in-de-vsůt'. a. irreligious terminations

(coming Index, iddéks. s. the discoverer ; the hand Indecorous, in-de-ko'růs. a. indecent, unbe that points to any thing; the table of conIndecorum, in-de-ko'rům. s. indecency

tents to a book

(terity Indeed, in-deed'. ad. in reality

Indexterity, in-déks-téré-tè. o. want of dexo Indefatigable, in-de-rât'te-gå-bl. a. unwearied Indicant, In'de-kảnt. a. showing, pointing out Indefatigably, in-dé-fåt'te-gå-tlè. ad. witb- Iodicate, in'dė-kåte. V. a. to show, to point

out weariness Iodefeisible, in-de-fé'ze-bl. a. not to be cut Indication, in-de-kå'shủn. s. mark, sympton off, not to be vacated

Indicative, ln-dik'kå-tiv. a. showing, pointIndefensible, in-de-rên'sė-bl. a. what cannot ing out be defended

Indict, in-dlte'. v. a. to accuse, to charge $ Indefinite, in-déré-nit. a. not limited Indiction, In-dik'shủn. 8. declaration, proclaIndefinitely, in-déré-nit-lè. ad. without any mation; an epocha of the Roman calendar settled limitation

Indifference, in-différ-ense. 8. neutrality; Indefinitude, in-de-fin'é-túde. 8. quantity not negligence, unconcerned ness limited by our understanding

Indifferent, In-différ- ént. a. Ceutral ; unconIndeliberate, in-de-lih'bêr-åte. a. unpremedi cerned ; impartial tated, without consideration

Indifferently, in-différ-ent-le. ad. without Indelible, in-del'é-bl. a. not to be blotted out distinction; in a neutral state ; middlingly Indelicacy, in-dél'é-kå-sể. 8. want of delicacy Indigence, In'de-jense. 8. want, penury Indelicate, in-délé-kåte. a. without decency |Indigenous, in-did'jé-nûs. a native to a Indemnification, in-dem-ne-tê-ká'-shủn.

country security against loss or penalty; reimburse-Indigent, ln'de-jếnt. a. poor, necessitous ment

Indigested, in-de-jes'têd. a. not separated ; Indemnify, in-dêm'ne-st. v. 4. tó secure not formed not concocted in the stomach against loss or penalty,

Indigestible, in-dé-jës'tė-bl. a. not concoctiIndemnity, in-dém'ne-tė. s. Becurity from ble in the stomach punishment

[inequalities|Indigestion, in-de-jés'tshủn. s. the state of Indent, in-dênt'. v. a. to mark any thing with meats unconcocted

ito show Indent, in-deat'. v. n. to contract, to make a Indigitate, in-diu'jé táte. V. a. to point out, compact

Indigitation, in-did-je-tà'shủn. s. the act of Indent, in-dênt'. s. inequality, indentation pointing out or showing Indentation, in-déo-tå'shủn. 8. an indenture Indign, in-dine'. a. vnworthy, undeserving Indenture, in-dên'tshúre. 5. & covenant so Indignant, in-dig nånt. a. angry, raging

named because the counterparts are indent-|Indignation, in-dig-nà'shủn. s. anger mingled ed or cut one by the other

with contempt or disgust Independence, in-de-pen'dense.

Indignity, in-dig'ne-tė. s. contumely

6. freeIndependency, fn-de-pén'dén-se.

Indigo, in-de-gð. s. a plant used in dying • dom, exemption from reliance or control blue colour

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Indirect, in-de-rékt.' a. not straight, not ho-||Indivisible, in-de-viz'é-bl. a. what cannot be

bruken into parts

(be divided Indirection, in-de-rék shủn. . oblique means ; ||Indivisibly, in-de-viz'e-blé. ad. so as it cannot dishonest practice

(fairly|| Indocible, ir-dös'é-bl.

a. unteachable Indirectly, in-de-rékt'ié. ad. obliquely ; un-||Indocil, in-dôs'sil. Indirectness, în-dé-rékt'oès. s. obliquity ;| Indocility, in-dd-sil'é-té. s. unteachableness, unfairness

refusal of instructiou Indiscernible, in-diz-zêr'ne-bl. a. not percep-||Indoctrinate, in-dók'tré-nåte. V. a. to instruct tible, not discoverable

Indoctrination, in-dok-tre-na'shủn. s. instrucIndiscernibly, in-diz-zêr'ne-blé. ad. in a tion, information

manner not to be perceived [separated||Indolence, în'd8-lense. s. iaziness, listlessness Ladiscerptible, in-dis-sérp'tê-hl. a. not to be Indolent, în'dd-lếnt. a. lazy, listless Indiscreet, fn-dis-kréét'. a. imprudent, in- Indolently, in'd3-lent-le. ad. carelessly, la zily, cautions

[prudence listlessly Indiscreetly, fn-dis-kréét'le. ad. without Indraught, in'dráft. s. an inlet Indiscretion, fu-dis-krésh'ún. s. imprudence, Indrench, în-dréash'. v. a. to soak rashness

(tinguishable Indubious, in-důbé-ìs. Indiscriminate, in-dis-krim'é-nåte. a. undis-Indubitable, in-dů'bé-tå-bl.

a. undoubted, Indiscriminately, in-dis-krim'é-náte-lé. ad. unquestionable without distinction

Indubitably, in-dů'bê-tå-blė. ad. undoubtedly Indispensable, lo dîs-pên'så-bl. a. not to be Induce, in-dúse'. v. a. to persuade spared, necessary

[cessity Inducement, in-duse'mént. 8. motive to any Indispensableness, in-dis-pên'sa-bl-nés. s. ne thing

(in possession of a benefice Indispensably, in-dis-pên'så-ble. ad. without ||Induct, in-důkt'. v. a. to introduce

to put dispensation, necessarily

Laduction, in-důk'shủn. s. entrance Indispose, in-dis-poze'. v. a. to make unfit ; || I nductive, in-důk'tív. a. leading, persuasive to disorder

Indue, in-dů'. v. a. to invest Indisposedness, in-dis-pd’zéd-nes. s. state or Indulgé, in-důlje'. v. a. to rondle, to gratify unfitness or disinclination

Indulgence, in-důl'jếnse. s. fondness ; forbearIndisposition, in-dis-pd-zish'ún. s. disorder of ance ; favour granted health

Indulgent, in-dúi'jếnt. a. kind, favourable Indisputable, fa-dis'pů-ta-bl, or in-dis-pů'tå-|| Indulgently, {u-dúljếnt-lé. ad. without bebl. a. uncontrovertible, incontestable

verity, without censure Indisputableness, in-dis'pu-ta-bl-nes. $. the|| I ndult, in-dúlt'. state of being indisputable

Indulto, in-důl'to.

5. privilege or exemption Indisputably, in-dis' pů-tå-ble. ad. without Indurate, în'dú-raté. v. 0. to harden controversy, certainly

Indurate, in'dd-rate. V. a. to harded the mind Indissolubility, in-dis-só-lu-bil'l-tê. s. resist-Induration, in-dů-ra'shủn. s. the state of grow ance of a dissolving power

ing hard ; act of hardening ; obduracy Indissoluble, in-dis'sd-1d-bl. a. firm, binding Industrious, in-důs'tre-ús. a. diligent, laborior subsisting for ever

(laboriously Indistincc, in-dis-tingt'. a. not plainly mark- Industriously, in-důs'tré-ús-lè. ad. diligently, ed, confused

Industry, in'důs-trė. s. diligence, assiduity Indistinctly, in-dis-tłogłt'ld. ad. confusedly, Inebriate, in-e'bré-åte. V. a. to intoxicate, to uncertainly (uncertainty make drunk

[intoxication Indistinctness, in-dis-tingkt'nés. s. confusion.Inebriation, in-e-bré-d'shủn. 8. drunkenness, Indisturbance, in-dis-túr'bånse. s. calmness,Inebriety, in-e-bri'é-tè. s. drunkenness freedom from disturbance

Ineffability, In-éf-tå-bil'é-té. s. unspeakableIndividual, in-de-rid'ju-ål. s. a single being Individual, in-de-vid'ju-ål. a. separate from Ineffable, in-értá-bl. a. unspeakable

others of the same species ; undivided Ineffably, in-ér rå-ble. ad. in a manner not to Individuality, fn-de-vfd-d-al'é-te. 8. separate be expressed

[no effect or distinct existence

Ineffective, in-ef-fêk'tlv. a. which can produce Individually, In-de-vid'd-al lè. ad. with se-Ineffectual, in-ef-fék'tshů-ål. a. weak, without parate or distinct existence


(effect Individuate, in-de-vid'd-åte. V. a. to distin-|| Ineffectually, in-ef-fêk'tsh!-al-ė. ad. without

guish from others of the same species Ipeffectualness, in-ef-rêk'tshu-al-nés. 8. inettiIndividuity, in-de-vid-d’é-tė. s. separate ex cacy, want of power istence

Inefficacious, in-er-fe-kå'shús. a. unable to Indivisibility, in-de-viz-d-bfl'e-tė. s. state in produce effects, weak which no more divisions can be made Inefficacy, In-ér“fé-ka-sė. s. want of power




of age

all price

Inefficient, in-ef-llah'ént. a. inetective Infallible, in-fålle-bl. a. incapable of mistake
Inelegance, In-él'é-gånge. b. want of elegance Infallibly, in-rål'le-ble. ad. with security
I nelegant, in-él'é-gånt. a. mean, despicable from error, certainly
Ineloquent, in-él'8-kwent. a. pot persuasive, Infamous, in'fâ-mủs. a. publickly branded
not oratoricai

with guilt

[proach ; shamefully Inept, in-ept'. a. unfit, useless (unfitly Infamously, łn'få můs-lè. ad. with open reI neptly, in-épt'lė. ad. triflingly, foolishly, Infamous ness, in'fa-můs-nés. Ineptitude, in-ep'te-túde. s. unfitness Infamy, in'fa-me.

$. notoriety Inequality, in-e-kwol'é-te.

8. unevenness;
of bad character

(beginning inadequateness

Infancy, in'fán-sd. s. the first part of life; Inerrable, in-er'rå-bl. a. exempt from error Infant, in'fånt. s. a child under seven years Inerrableness, în-êr'rå-bl-nês. . exemption from error

Infanta, in-fån'tå. . a princess descended Inert, in-ért'. a. dull, sluggish

from the royal blood of Spain or Portugal Inertly, in-êrt'ld. ad. sluggishly, dully Infanticide, In-fân'tė-side. 8. slaughter of I nestimable, in-és'tê-ina-bl. a. transcending infants

Infantile; in'rin-clle a. pertaining to an infapt Inevident, in-êr'e-dênt. a. not plain, obscure Infantine, in'fån-tine. a. suitable to an infant Inevitability, in-év-e-tå-bil'é-tė. s. impossibil- | Infantry, în'fán-tré, s. the foot soldiers of an ity to be avoided

army Inevitable, in-év'e-ta-bl. a. unavoidabie Infatuate, in-fåtsh'8-åte. v. a. to strike Inevitably, in-év'e-ta-blè. ad. without possi with folly; to deprive of understanding bility of escape

(excused Infatuation, In-råtst-u-&'shủn, 8. deprivation Inexcusable, in-éks-ko'za-bl. a. not to be

of reason Inexcusableness, In-éks-kú'za-bl-nes. s. enor-|Infeasible, in-fé'ze-bl. a. impracticable mity beyond palliation

Infect, in-fékt'. v. a. to act upon by contaInexcusably, in-eks-kd’zá-ble. ad. to a degree gion, to affect with communicated qualities of guilt or folly beyond excuse

Infection, in-fék'shủn. s. contagion Inexhalable, in-eks-hå li-bl. a. that which||Infectious, in-fêk'shủs. a. contagious cannot evaporate

(to be emptied Infectiously, in-fêk'shủs-lė. ad. contagiously Inexhausted, 'In-eks-håws'têd. a. not possible Infectiousness, in-fêk'shủs-nés. s. contagious Inexhaustible, in-eks-håws'te-bl. a. not to be spent

(istenceInfecundity, in-fé-kůn'dê-tė. s.want of fertili:g Inexistence, fn-égz-is'tênse. B. want of ex-Infelicity, in-fé-lis'se-tè. s. misery, calamity Tnexistent, in-égz-is'tént. a. not having being||Infer, ln-fêr'. v. a. to induce ; to draw conInexorable, in-eks'd-rå-bl. a. to be clusions from foregoing premises mored by entreaty

Inferable, in-fêr'á-bl. a. to be inferred Inexpedience, In-éks-pe'dd-énse.

Inference, in'fèr-ease. 5. conclusion from

8. want Inexpediency, in-éks-pe'dé-én-se.

previous arguments of fitness

(proper Inferrible, in-fèr'ré-bl.a. deducible from loexpedient, in-éks-pe'dd-ént. a. unfit, im premised grounds (dignity or value Inexperience, In-éks-pe'ré-énse. s. want of Inferiority, in-rê-rê-8r'd-tė. s. lower state of

experimental knowledge, [perienced||Inferior, In-fé're-ũr. a. lower in place, station Inexperienced, in-éks-pė'ré-énst. a.

or value;

subordinate Inexpert, in-éks-pêrt'. a. unskilful Inferior, in-fé're-úr. s. one in a lower rank Inexpiable, in-éks'pe-A-bl. a. not to be atoned or station than another Inexplicable, so-eks'plé-kå-bl. a. incapable of||Infernal, In-fêr' nål. a. bellisb being explained

Infernal, 1n-fêr' nál. 6. one that comes from Inexpressible, in-eks-prés'sé-bl. a. not to be hell; one exceedingly wicked told, not to be uttered

Infertile, in-fêr'tfl. a. unfruitful Inexpressibly, in-éks-prés'sé-bid. ad. to al|Infest, in-fêst', v. a. to barass, to disturb degree or in a manner not to be uttered

Infidel, In' fè-dél. s. an unbeliever Inexpugnable, in-eks-påg'nâ-bl.a. impregna- Infidelity, ln-fé-déi’é-tė. s. want of faith; ble, not to be taken by assault

treachery Inextinguishable, ln-éks-ting'gwish-a-bl. a. lInfinite, in're-nit. a. unbounded, immense unque nchable

(disentangled Infinitely, in'fê-nit-lè. ad. without limits, Inextricable, fn-êks'tre-kå-bl. a. not to bell immensity

(boundlessness I neye, 10-1'. x. n. to inoculate

Infiniteness, fo'ré-nit-nês. 3. immensity, Infallibility, in-fål-Id-b?l'é-te.

s. inerra

Infinitive, fo-rin'é-tiv. a. unconfined, belongInfallibleness, in-f21-1e-bl-nês.

ing to that mood of a verb which express tility, exemption from error

es the action or being indeterminately




not ex



(to repeat

Intinitude, in-fín'é-tuje. 5. ininity; bound-||1ufract, in-fråkt'. v. a. to break less number

(ness Iofraction, in-fråk'shủn. 6. the act of breakInfiuity, in-fin'é-té. s. immensity, boundless

ing, breach Infirm, in-ferm'. a. weak, feehle

Infrangible, in-frân'j£-bl. a. not to be broken Infirmary, fu-fér' må-ré. lodgings for Infrequency, in-fré'kwen-sé. uncommon the sick

[ease, malady ness, rarity Infirmity, in-fér'me-te. s. weakness; dis- Infrequent, fn-fré'kwént. a. rare, uncommon Infirmness, în-ferm’nés. 8. weakness, feeble- Infrigidate, in-frid'jė-dáte. v. a. to chill

Infringe, in-frinje'. v. a. to violate Infix, in-fiks'. v. a. to drive in, to fasten Infringement, in-frinje'mént. s. breach, rion Inflame, in-flåme'. r. a. to kindle, to exag

lation gerate ; to irritate

Infuriate, fn-fűré-åte. a. enraged, raging Inflammability, in-fam-ma-bil'é-te. s. the Infuse, in-füze'. v. a. to pour in, to instil; to quality of catching fire

Con Aame tincture; to inspire with Inflammable, In-gån’må-bl. a. easy to be set Infusible, In-fd’ze-bl. a. possible to be infused Inflammableness, fn-fåm'ma-bl-nés. s. the Infusion, in-lú'zbún. s. the act of pouring in, quality of easily catching fire

instillation [infusion or being infused Lniamination, in-flâm-ma'shủo. s. the state of Infusive, in-füsiv. a. having the power of

being in flame; the heat of any morbidl Ingathering, in-gåth'úr-ing. s. the act of gapart occasioned by obstruction

thering in harvest Inflammatory, in-flâm'må-túr-é. a. having the Ingeminate, in-jểm'me-nåte. v. a. to double, power of iniaming

Ingemination, in-jém-me-nå'shủn. s. repetiInflate, in-fåte'. v. a. to swell with wind; to tion, reduplication

fill with the breath (swelled with wind Ingenerate, in-jén'é-råte. a. iuborn, innate Inflation, in-há'shủn. s. the state of being I ngenious, in-jé'nė-ús. a. witty, inventive Infect, ia-lékt'. v. a. to bend; to change or Ingeniously, in-jé'ne-is-le. ad. wittily, subtilly vary

Ingenious pess, in-jé'ně-ús- nês. 2. wittinesse Inflection, in-Alk'shản. s. the act of bending subtilty

or turning ; modulation of the voice; va- Ingenite, in'jén-st. a. innate, inborn riation of a noun or verb

Ingenuity, in-je-nu'e-tè. s. wit, genius Inflexibility, in-déks-e-billé-té.

Ingenuous, in-jén'nů-ús. a. open, fair, candid

Ingenuously, În-jén'!-ủs-lé. ad. openly, canness; obstinacy; inexorable persistence didly

[fairness, candour Inflexible, in-Aēks'é-bl. a. not to be bent ;| Ingenuousness, in-jến' nú-ủs-nés. 8. openness, not to be changed

Inglorious, in-gló'ré-ìs. a. void of honour Inflexibly, in-féks'é-blè. ad. inexorably, in- Ingloriously, in-gld're-is-lè. ad. with ignovariably

(ment Ingot, fu'got. s. a mass of metal (miny Inflict, in-flikt'. v. a. to impose as a punish-| Ingraft, in-gräft'. v. a. to propagate trees by Infliction, in-fik'shủn. s. the act of using pu grafting ; to fix deep, to settle nishinents

(as a punishment Ingraftinent, in-gråft' ment. 8. the act of inInflictive, in-Alk'tlv. a. that which is laid on grafting; the sprig ingrafted Influence, in'Ad-ense. s. ascendant power Ingrate, în-gråte Infuence, în'As-ense. V. a. to act upon withi|Ingrateful, in-gråte'fůl.

a. ungrateful directive or impulsive power

Ingratiate, in-grå'she-åte. V. a. to put in faInfluent, în'Ad-ént. a. flowing in

(ness Influential, in-gå-&n'shål. a. exerting influence Ingratitude, in-gråt'te-túde. 8. unthankfulor power

[thing Ingredient, in-gré'jếnt. s. component part of Influx, in'fiúks. s. ct of flowing into any a body consisting of different materials Infold, in-fold'. v. a. to involve, to inwrap Ingress, Ing/grés. s. entrance Infoliate, in-f8'12-åte.V. a. to cover with leaves|Ingression, in-grésh'ún. s. the act of entering Inform, in-fòrm'. v. a. to instruct, to ac- Inguinal, lng'gwe-nål. a. belonging to the quaint; to offer an accusation


(profundity Informant, in-för’måst. s. one who gives in. Ingulph, in-gủlr'. v. a. to swallow up in a vast formation

[ugurgitate, in gür'jé-tåte. v. a. to swallow Information, In-får-ma'shin. s. intelligence | Ingurgitation, in-gúr-je-ta'shứn. s. voracity

given, instruction; charge or accusation Ingustable, in-gủs'ta-bl. a. not perceptible by exhibited

(gence the taste Informer, in-form'ùr. s. one who gira intelli-Inhabile, in-håb'll. a. unskilful, unready, unfit Informidable, in-för'md-di-bl. a. not to be Iobabit, in-håb'it. v. 2. to dwell in feared

Johabitable, fn-båb'&-ta-ol. a. capable of af luformity, lo-1&r'mol-. s. slapelousness

fording habitation

S. stift


Inhabitance, la-håb'it-anse. % residence off|Injury, in'jó-re. s. mischief; annoyance ; re-

* Inhabitant, în-båb'it-tânt. 8. one that lives or Injustice, in-jůs'tis s. iniquity, wrong
resides in a place

(dwelling Ink, ingk. s. the black liquor with whick
Inhabitation, in-hab-e-ta' shủn. 8. place of med write
Inhabiter, in-håb'it-túr. 8. a dweller Ink, ingk. v. a to black or daub with ink
Inhale, in-båle'. v. a. to draw in with air, to Inkhorn, ingk'bårn. s. a portable case for the

instruments of writing
1 gharmonious, in-hår-md'ne-is. a. unmusica: Inkle, ing'kl. 8. parrow fillet, a tape
Inhere, in-bére'. v. n. to exist in something eise Inkling, fogk'ling. s. hiot, intimation
Inherent, în-he'rént. a. existing in something Inky, ingk'è. a. consisting of ink, black as
else ; innate

(by in beritance ink
Inherit, in-hér'rít. v. a. to receive or possess I nland, în'land. a. interior

[stong Inheritable, in-hêr'rît-à-bl. a. transmissible Inlapidate, in-låp'é-dáte. V. a. to turn to

by inheritance, obtainable by succession i nlay, fo-la'. v. 2. to diversify with different Inheritance, in-hér'rit-anse. s. patrimogy

bodies inserted into the ground or substra. Inheritor, in-hểr'rit-úr. 8. an heir

tum; to variegate Inheritress, in-hér'rit-rés.

Inlaw, in-låw'. v. R. to clear of outlawry
Inheritrix, {n-hér'rit-triks. } 8. an heiress

Inlet, in'lết. s. place of ingress
Inhibit, in-hib'it. v. a. to restraio, prohibit Inly, in'le. a. internal, secret
Inhibition, in-he-bish'ún. s. prohibition Inmate, in'måte. s. one that is admitted to
Inhold, in-hold'. v. a. to contain in itself dwell jointly with another man
Inbospitable, in-hos'pe-tå-bl. a. affording nol|Inmost, in'mðst. a. deepest within, rematest
entertainment to strangers

from the surface
Tohospitably, in-hos'pe-ta-ble. ad. unkindly to Inn, in. s. a house of entertainment for travel

[courtesy to strangers lers; a college for students of law Iuhospitality, in-hos-pé-tál’e-te. s. want of Inn, son, v. n. to take up temporary lodging? Inhuman, in-hu'min. a. barbarous, cruel Innate, in-náte'. a. įnborn Inburna nity, in-hu-mån'é-té. s. cruelty, bar- ||Innateness, in-nåte'nés. s. the quality of being barity

innate Inhumanży, in-bůmän-lé. ad. savagely, cruelly Ionavigable, in-nåv'vė-gå-bl. a. not to be Inbumate, in-hu'mắte. Inbume, in-húme'. V. a. to bury, to inter||Inner, în’núr. a. interior, not outward

passed by sailing Inject, in-jékt'. v. a. to throw in, to dart in Innermost, in'nůr-mdst. a. remotest from the Injection, fn-jék'shứn. 8. the act of casting in

outward part

(an inn Inimical, ín-Im'é-kål. a. hostile, contrary, re- Innholder, in'hol-dúr. s. a man who keeps pugnant

(ty to be imitated Innings, in'ningz. s. lands recovered from the Inimitability, in-Im-e-tå-bil'é-tė. s. incapaciInimitable, fu-im'é-ta-bl. a. not to be copied Innkeeper, în’kėép-úr. . one who keeps Inimitably, in-im'é-tå-blé. ad. in a manner lodgings and provisions for entertainment not to be imitated

of travellers Iniquitous, in-]k'kwé-tủs. a. unjust, wicked Innocence, in'no-sense. Iniquiry, in-ik'kwè-té. s. injustice, wicked-Innocency, {n'nd-sén-se.

5. purity; un[incipient

taipted integrity; harmless pess; innoxious Initial, in-nish'al. a. placed at the beginning; Initiate, in-ish'é-åte. V. a. to enter, to instruct Innocent, in'nd-sent. a. pure from mischief ; Initiation, in-ish-é-a'shủn. s. the act of enter unhurtful, harmless

Charm ing into any art or state

[ness Innocent, in'nd-sent. s. one free from guilt ve Injucundity, io-jų-kůn'dė tė. s. unpleasant-Innocently, in'no-bếnt-lè. ad. without guilt, Injudicial, în-jų-disb'ål. a. not according to with simplicity form of law

(ment Innocuous, în-nok'k-ửs. a. harmless Injudicious, in-jd-dish'ús. a. without judg-Innovate, n'nd-våte. v. a. to bring in someInjudiciously, in-jů-disb'ús-lè. ad. with in thing not known before judgment

Innovation, in-no-va'shỉn. 8. change by the Injunction, in-jủngk’siún. 8. order, precept

introduction of novelty

(novelties jure, in'júr. v. a. to burt unjustly; to an Innovator, în'nò-va-túr. s. an introducer of noy

Innoxious, in-nök'shủs. a. free from mischiev. Injurious, in-jú'ré-ús. a. unjust, misch ievous ous ett'ects detractory, reproachful

Innuendo, in-no-ển'dd. s. an oblique hint Jejuriously, lo-pi'rê-ús-lè. ad. wrongfully.Tunumerable, in-ni'snůr-ä-bl. a. not to be with injustice

counted for inultitude



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