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8. the

Innumerably, In-nů můr-a-ble. ad. without||Insculpture, in-skúlp'tshåre. 8. any thing ennumber

insertion graved Inoculate, lo-ok ku-låte. V. a. to propagate by Inseam, În-séme'. v. a. to impress or mark by Inoculation, in-ok-ků-lå'shủn. 8. grafting in a seam or cicatrix

(animal the bud ; the practice of transplanting the Insect, fn'sẽkt. s. a small creeping or flying small-pox

Insectile, in-sek'tfl. a. having the nature of Inodorous, in-8'dår-ửs. a. wanting scent insects

[scribes insecto Inoffensive, in-of-fén'siv. a. harmless, innocent|Insectologer, In-sek-t81'8-jůr. s. one who deInoffensively, in-8f-fénʼsiv-lè. ad. without Insecure, fa-se-kúre's a. not secure; not safe barm

I nsecurity, in-se-ku're-tê. s. want of safety, Inoffensiveness, in-8f-fèn'siv-nês, s. harmless danger

[inconvenient Insemination, In-sem-me-nă'shủn. s. the act nopportune, in-óp-pôr-tdne'. a. unseasonable, of scattering seed on ground Laordinacy, fu dé-nå-se. B. irregularity, Insensate, in-sen'såte. a. stupid disorder

Insensibility, in-sên-se-bil'e-tè. s. stupidity, Inordinate, in-8r'dé-nåte. a. irregular torpor

(void of feeling Inordinately, in-8r'dê-nắte-lè. ad. irregularly|Insensible, in-sên'sė-bl. a. imperceptible; Inordination, in-or-de-nå'shủn. s. irregularity||Insensibleness, in-sểa'sė-bl-nés. s. absence of Inorganical, in-8r-gån'é-kål. a. void of organs perception, inability to perceive or instrumental parts

Insensibly, in-sên'sè-blè. ad. imperceptibly Inosculate, in-ös'kå-låte. V. n. to unite by ap-|Insentient, in-sển'shé-ént. a. not having perposition or contact

ception Inostulation, in-s-kd-ld'shủn. s. union by Inseparability, in-sép-pår-a-bil'l-te. conjunction of the extremities

Inseparableness, in-sép'pår-a-bl-nes. Inquest, Ing'kwèst. s. judicial inquiry ; a jury quality of being such as cannot be divided Inquietude, in-kul'é-idde. s. disturbed state, Inseparable, in-sèp'pår-å-bl. a. united so as want of quiet

not to be parted

(soluble union Inquinate, Ing'kwé-nåte. V. a. to pollute, to Inseparably, in-sếp pår-a-blè. ad. with indiscorrupt

(pollution Insert, in-sêrt'. v. a to place in or among Inquination, Ing-kwé-na'shủn. s. corruption, other things Inquire, fn-kwire'. v. n. to ask questions, to insertion, In-sér'shứn, s. the act of placing any make search

thing in or among other matter, the thing Inquirer, in-kwi'růr. 8. searcher, examiner inserted Inquiry, in-kwi'rè. s. interrogation Inservient, in-ser'vé-ént. a. conducive Inquisition, îng-kwė-zish'ủo. s. judicial inqui-Inshell, in-shêl.' v. a. to hide in a shell

ry; the court established in some countries Inship, in-ship'. v. a. to shut in a ship, to emfor the detection of heresy


Cor precious case Inquisitive, în-kwiz'e-tiv. a. curious, active to Inshrine, In-shrine'. v. a. to enclose in a shrine pry into any thing

Inside, in slde. s. interior part Inquisitiveness, in-kwiz'ze-tiv-nês. . dili-Insidious, ln-słd'é-ìs. a. circumventive, treachgence to pry into things hidden

(treacherous mauper Inquisitor, fo-kwiz'ze-tửr. s. an officer in the Insidiously, in-sid'é-is-lè. ad. in a sly and courts of inquisition

Insight, în'site. s. inspection Inrail, in-råle'. v. a. to enclose with rails Insignificance, in-sig-nif'fe-kânse. s. want of Inroad, ln'rode. s. incursion

(diable meaning ; unimportance Insanable, in-sân'a-bl. a. incurable, irreme-Insignificant, in-sig-nir'd-kânt. a. wanting Insane, in-sảne'. a. mad, making mad

meaning'; unimportant Insanity, in-sản'é-té. s. the state of being in-| Insignificantly, in-sig-nif'id-känt-lè. ad. withsane; madness

out meaning ; without importance Insatiable, lo-så'shé-a-bl. a. greedy beyond Insincere, in-sin-sére'. a. dissembling, une measure [ness not to be appeased

faithful Insatiableness, In-så'she-a-bl-nës. . greedi-|I nsincerity, {n-sfn-sér'e-tè. s. dissimulation Insatiably, in-sd'sbé-a-blè. ad. with greedi- Insinew, in-sin'nů. v. a. to strengthen, to conness not to be appeased


(to gain favour Insaturable, in-såtsh'd-rå-bl.a. not to be filled Insinuant, in-sin'nd-ant. a. having the power Inscribe, in-skribe'. v. a. to write on any Insinuate, în-sin'nd-åte: V. a. to introduce any thing; to assign to a patron

thing gently; to hint; to infuse Inscription, lo+krip'shứn. s. something writ-||Insinuate, in-staʼnd-åte. v. A. to wheedle, to ten or engraved; a title

gain on the affections by gentle degrees Inscrutable, in-skråtå-bl.a. ogsearchable Insinuation, in-sin-nu-d'shủn. s. the power of Insculp, in-skúlp'. v. a. to engrave, to out pleasing, or stealing upon the affections


I psipid, in-sip'pid. a. without taste

Instantaneous, in-stån-ta' né-ús. a. done in Insipidity, in-se-pid'é-té.

an instant

s. want of taste Insipidness, in-sip'pid-nés.

I ostantaneously, in-stân-ta' nê-ús-lè. ad. in an Insipidly, in-sip'rid-iė. ad. without taste indivisible point of time Insipience, in-sip'é-énse. 6. folly, want of Instantly, in'stånt-le. ad. immediately, with understanding

(persist in urgent importunity Insist, in-sisi'. v. n. to stand or rest upon ; tu Instauration, in-stảw-rå'shản. s. restoration I asistent, in-sis'tént. 2. restiny upon Instead, in-stêd': prep. in room of Insitiency, in-sísh'é-ểo-sė. s. exemption from Insteep, in-stėép'. v. a. to soak, to macerate thirst

I ustep, in'stęp. s. the upper part of the foot Insition, in-sísk'ún, s. the insertion or ingraft-|Instigate, in'stê-gate. v. a. to urge to ill ment of one branch into another

Iustigation, in-stě-gå'shủn. s. impulse to ill Insnare, in-snåre'. v. a. to entrap; to inveigle I nstigator, in'ste-gå-túr. s. inciter to ill Insobriety, in-sd-brie-té. s. drunkenness (Iustill, in-stil'. v. a. to infuse by drops I asociable, in-so'sht-á-bl. a. averse from con- i astillation, in-stil-la'shún. s. the act of versation; incapable of connexion

pouring in by drops; the act of infusing insolation, in-80-lå'shin. 5. exposition to the slowly into the mind

Instinct, în'stíngkt. a. moved, animated Insoleńce, în'ső-lénze. 6. pride exerted in ever- Instinct, în'stíngkt. s the power which deter

bearing treatment of others; petulant con-|| mines the will of brutes; natural desire or terort

Coverhearing a version Insolent, in'st-lent. a. contemptuous of others, Instinctive, in-stîngk'tiv. ao acting without Insolently, fo'só-lépt-13. ad. hang huly, rudelyil the application or choice of reason (stinct I osoluble, in-sci'ld-ol. 2. not to be dissolved Instinctively, in-stảngk'tir-lė. ad. by inor separated

institute, in'stė-tåte. v. a. to establish Insolvable, ia-sol'vå-bi. a. such as admits of Institute, in'ste-túte. s. established law, sealed

no solution; that cannot be paid [debts order; precept, maxim, principle [asolvency, in-sol'ven-sé. 6. inability to pay Institution, fo-stè-tu'shủn. s. establishment ; (osolvent, in-sol'vênt. a. unable to pay

positive law Insomuch, in-sd-trútsh'. couj. so that, to such Institutionary, in-stè tè'shủn-år-d. a. element a degree that

(of examination Instruct, in-strúkt'. v a. to teach, to form by Inspect, in-spékt'. v. a to look into by way

precept Inspection, &i-spék'shún. s. close survey ; su- Instructer, in-strúk'tůr. 8. a teacher perintendence


fo-strúk'shủn. S. the act of Inspector, in-spêk'túr. s. a superintendent teaching, information

(ledge Inspersion, in-spér'shủn. 8. a sprinkling Instructive, in-strúk'tlv. a. conveying know ) osphere, in-sfére'. v. a. to place in an orb or Instrument, in'stro-mént. 9. a tool; sphere

Instrumental, in-strú-měn'tål. a. conducive l aspiration, in-spé-rá'shủn. s. the act of draw

as means to sorne end ing in the breath; infusion of ideas into Instrumentality, in-strů-mên-tal'd-tě. 8. subthe mind by a superior power

ordinate agency I uspire, in-spire'. v. n. to draw in the breath || nstrumentally, in-strů-mên'tål-e.

ad. es I uspire, in-spire'. v. a. to breathe into, to in means to an end fuse into the mind

i osufferable, in-sůl'für-a-bl. a. intclerable I uspirit, lu-spir'it. v. a. to animate

Insufferably, In-sůf'fúr-a-ble. ad. to a degree Ispissate, ir-spis'sate. v. a. to thicken

beyond endurance Juuspissation, in-spis-sá'shủn. 8. the act of mak-Insufficiency, in-sûr-fish'ền-sè. s. inadequateing any liquid thick

{ockleness ness to any end ur purpose I ustability, in-sta-bil'e-tė. 8. inconstancy, I nsufficient, in-sur-fish'ént. a. wanting abilities I etable, in-stå'bl. a. inconstant, changing Insufficiently, in-súf-fish'ént-le. ad. with I stall, in-ståll'. v. a. to invest

want of proper ability brustallation, in-stål-là'shản. 8. the act of Insular, lo'shd-lår. a. belonging to an island giving visible possession

Insulated, in'shú-là-têd. a. not contiguous on I ustalment, in-stål'mênt. s. the act of install

ing ; paymert nade at different times Insult, in'silt. s. act of insolence Iustance, in'stånse. 8. importunity, solicita- |1nsult, in-sůlt'. v. a. to treat with insolence

tion ; motive, influence (example I nsultingly, in-súlt'ing-le. ad. with contempt. Justance, in'stanse v. n. to give or offer ani uous triumph Instant, in'stant. a. pressing, urgent Insuperability, ?n-s-sér-å-bil'é-zd. s. the Iustant, lo'stant. s. the present or current

quality of being invincible inonth

Casuperable, 1o-super-s-bl. a. insurmocatavie

a deed

any side


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(of parts

Insuperableness, lo-sd'pér-a-bl-nes. s. invinci-ff Intenseness, in-tense'nès. s. the state of being bleness

(unsurmountably affected to a high degree Insuperably, in-sd'per-a-blè. ad. invincibly. Intension, în-tên’snủn. 6. the act of forcing Insupportable, in-súp-por'tá-bl.a. intolerable, or straining any thing insufferable

(yond endurance Intensity, in-tên'sė-tė. s. intense ness Insupportably, in-súp-por'tå-blé. ad. be- || Intensive, In-těn'sfv. a. intent, full of care Insurmountable, in-sûr-módn'tå-bl. a. not to Intensively, lo-ten'siv-lè. ad. to a great de

be got over Iasurmountably, in-sůr-m8in'tå-blé. ad. in- Intent, în-tênt'. a. anxiously, diligently

vincibly, unconquerably (rising Intent, in-tênt'. s. a design, a drift Insurrection, in-sûr-rek'shủn. 8. a seditiousIntention, in-ten'shún. s. design, purpose Intactible, in-tåk'tė-bl. a. not perceptible to Intentional, la-tén'shủn-al. a. designed, don, the touch

ty design Intaglio, in-tål’yd. 8. any thing that has || Intentionally, in-tên'shủn-al-é. ad. by designs figures engraved on it

with fixed choice Intastable, in-tås'tå-bl. a. not to be tasted Intentive, in-tên'tív. a. busily attentive Integer, în'tė-jếr. s. the whole of any thing

ad. with close Integral, la'te-grål. a. whole ; not broken in-||Intently, in-teut'lė. to fractions

application, closely

(tion Integral, in'te-grál. s. the whole made up Intentness, in-tênt'nés. 3. anxious applica Integrant, in'te-grånt. a. necessary for mak-Inter, fo-têr'. v. a. to bury, ing up an integer

Intercalary, in-tér-kal'd-ré. a. inserted oot Integrity, in-tégʻgré-tė. s. bonesty; entireness of the common order to preserve the equaIntegument, in'tégʻgu-ment. s. a covering tion of time, as the 20th of February in a Intellect, in'têl-likt. s. the power of under leap year is an Intercalary day standing

Intercalate, in-têr'kå-låte. v. a. to insert an Intellective, in-têl-lék'tlv. a. having power extraordinary day to understand

(the understanding|Intercalation, in-têr-ka-la'shủn. 8. insertion Intellectual, in-têl-lêk'tshů-ål. a. relating toll of days out of the ordinary reckoning Intelligence, in-têi'le-jense. s. notice ; spirit ;|| Intercede, în-tér-séér' v. n. to pass between; understanding

to act between two parties Intelligencer, in-têi'ld-jen-sûr. s. one who Interceder, in-tér-sée' důr. s. a mediator

conveys news, one who gives notice of Intercept, in-ter-sépt', v. a. to stop and seize private or distant transactions

in the way; to cut off Intelligent, in-tēl'le-jếnt. a. knowing, skilfull Interception, in-têr-sếp'shủo. &. obstruction, Intelligibility, in-têi-le-je-bil'é-tè. 3. possi seizure by the way bility to be understood

Intercession, in-têr-sesh'n. 8. mediation Intelligible, fo-têi'le-je-bl. ato be conceiv-|Intercessor, in-ter-sés'eûr. 8. mediator ed by the understanding

Interchain, in-têr-tshåne'. v. a. to chain, to Intelligibleness, lo-tēl'le-je-bl-nes. s. possi link together

Lalternately bility to be understood, perspicuity toterchange, in-têr-tshảnje'. v. a to succeed Intelligibly, in-têi'le-je-bid. ad. clearly Interchange, in'tér-tshảnje, s. commerce Intemperament, in-těm'pér-a-ment. $. bad Luterchangeable, in-têr-tshån'ji-bl. a. given constitution

(moderation, excess and taken mutually Intemperance, in-tēm'pér-ânse s. want of Interchangement, in-têr-tshảnje'mênt. 8. er Intemperate, în-têm'pér-åte. a. immoderate change, mutual transference Intemperateness, in-têm'pér-áte-nés. 8. wast Intercipient, in-ter-siy’é-épt. 8. an intercept of moderation

ing power Intemperature, in-têm'per-a-tåre. 8. excess of Intercision, in-têr-sizh’in. s. interruption scine quality

Interclude, ha-têr-kldde'. v. n. to shut out Intend, fo-tånd'. 5. a. to mean, to design Interclusion, in-têr-kluzhin. 8. obstruction Intendant, in-tén'dant. s. an officer of the interception highest class

Intercolumniation, ln-tår-k8-1ům-né-d'shản. a ,latenerale, fn-tên'ner-åte. V. a. to make ten space between pillars der, to soften

Intercostal, in-tér-koe'tål. a. placed between Inteneration, In-ten-ner-d'shin. s. the act of the ribs

(munication softening or unaking tender

Intercourse, In'tér-kórse. s. commerce ; comIntenible, in-tên'é-bl. a. that cannot hold Intercurrence, fo-têr-kůr'rénse, s. passage bo Intense, fu-tense'. a. rained to a high degree tween vehement

Intercurrent, la-têr-kår'rêat. a. running be. Intensely, In-tense'lė. ad. to a great degree



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Iaterdict, fo-tér-dike'. v. a. to forbid, 10 pro-Lutermeddle, ln-tér-méd'dł. v. n. to interpose hitit

officiously Interdict, în'tér-dikt. s. prohibition Intermediacy, in-têr-me'dê-å-sé, or interInterdiction, in-tér-dik'shún. s. prohibition, a inė'je-a-sė. s. interposition, intervention

Intermedial, in-têr-me'de-al, or Interdictory, in-tér-dik'túr-é. a. belonging in-tér-me'jé-ål.

a intervento an inierdiction

Intermediate, in-tér-me'de-åte. Paterest, fn'tér-és:. V. a. to concern

ing, interposed loterest, în'tér-ést. 6. concern, advantage, Interment, in-têr'ment. s. burial, sepalture

participation; money paid for use Intermigration, in-tér-me-grá'shủo. . an exinterfere, in-tér-less'. v. a. to interpose ; to change of place clash

Interminable, in-têr' me-na-bl.

2. unbound Interference, in-tér-fè'rense. s. an interpc-l1nterminate, în-térsmé-nắte. sing, an inte meddling

ed, unlimited Interfiuent, {n-têr'td-ént. a. flowing between intermingle, în-têr-ming'gl. v. a. to mingle, Interfulgent, în-tér-fůl'jếnt. a. shining be to mix some things among others tween

Intermingle, in-tér-ming'yl. v. n. to be mixed Interfused, in-têr-fázd'. a poured or scattered or incorporated between

Intermission, fn-têr-mish'ủn. 8. pause ; inInterjacent, in-têr-jå'sếnt. a. intervening, 19 tervenient time ; state of being intermitted ing between

(clamation!Intermissive, in-têr-mis'siv. a. coming by fits, Interjection, In-ter-jék'skůn. 6. a sudden ex not continual Interim, fn'tér-im. s. mean time, intervening Intermit, in-tér-mit'. v. a. to forbear any time

[to intermarry thing for a time, to interrupt Interjoin, in-têr-joln'. v. a. to join mutually, Intermit, in-têr-mit'. v. A. to grow mill be. Interior, in-tê-rê-úr. a. internal

tween the fits

(fits loterknowledge, fu-ter-nůlʻlédje. s. mutual Intermittent, in-iểr-mit'tênt. a. coming by knowledge

Intermix, in-têr-miks'. v. a. to mingle, to Interlace, în-têr-låse'. v. a. to intermix join, to put some things among others Interlapae, in-têr-lapse'. s. the low of time Intermix, in-têr-miks'. v. n. to be mingled between any two events

together (formed by mingling bodies Inter lard, in-têr-lård'. v. 2. to interpose, talIntermixture, in-têr-miks'tshåre. insert between

Intermundane, in-têr-mủn'dåne. a. subsisting Interleave, în-têr-lève'. v. a to chequer al between worlds

walls book by the insertion of blank leaves Intermural, in-tér-nı'rål. a. lying between Interline, in-têr-line'. v. a. to write in alter-|Intermutual, in-têr-mu'tshå-ål. a. mutual,

nate lines ; to correct by something written interchanged between the lines

Internal, in-têr'nål. a. inward ; intrinsick Interlineation, in-têr-lin-d-a'shản, s. correc- Internally, fn-têr'nål-é. ad. inwardly ; mention inade by writing between the lines tally

(slaughter Interlink, in-tér-lingk'. v. a. to join one in Internecion, in-têr-né'shủn. massacre, another

Internuncio, in-tér-nủn'she-8. 4. messenger Interlocution, in-tér-18-kų'shủn. 8. dialogue between two parties, Luterlocutor, în-têr-lok'ku-tár. s. one that|Interpolate, in-tèr’pd-låte. V. . to foist any

talks with another (ing of dialogue thing into a place to which it does not Interlocutory, in-têr-lok'kd-túr-è. a. consist belong Interlope, in-têr-lope'. v. n. to run between Laterpolation, fn-têr-pd-la'shủn. s. something

parties and intercept the advantage that added or put into the original matter one should gain from the other

Interpolator, in-ser'pd-là-tůr. s.

one who Interloper, in-têr-16'půr. 9. one who runs into foists in counterfeit passages

business to whicb he has no right Iterposal, in tér-på'zál. s. interposition ; inInterlucent, in-tér-lu'sént. a. shining between tervention Laterlude, fn'têr-lúde. 8. a farce

Interpose, {n-têr-pèze'. v. a. to thrust in as Interlunar, in-tér-l' når. a. belonging to the ar obstruction, interruption, or inconveni

time when the moon, about to change, is ence; to place between invisible

Interpose, in-tér-póze'. v. a. to mediate, to Intermarriage, in-tér-mår'ridje. s. marriage act between two parties

between two families, where each takes|Interposer, in-têr poʻzúr. s. ad intervenieut one and gives another

agent, a mediator Intermarry, in-tér-már'rė. v. 0. to marry||Interposition, fo-têr-pd-zfeb'o s. agedly be some of each family with the other

tween parties

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Interpret, in-tér prét. v. a. to explain, to | Interview, in'tér-vd. s. mutual sight translate

Intervolve, in-tér-volv'. v. a. to involve one Interpretation, in-têr-pré-ta'shủn. s. explana within another tion; exposition

Interweave, in-têr-weve'. v. a. pret. interInterpreter, in-têr' pré-túr. s. an expositor wove; part. pass. interwoven, interwove, Interregnum, in-ter-rég’núm. 8. space be or interweaved. to mix one with another

tween the death of one prince, and acces in a regular texture, to intermingle sion of another

[throneIntestable, in-tés'tå-bl. a. disqualified to Interreign, in-tér-råne'. s. vacancy of the make a will Interrrogate, in-têr'ro-gåte. v. a. to examineIntestate, In-tês'tåte, a. dying without a will Interrogation, in-tér-rd-gåshủn. s. a questioa Intestinal, in-tés'te-nål. a. belonging to the

put, an inquiry ; a note that marks a ques entrails tion, thus [?]

Intestine, in-tés'tin. a, internal; domestick , nterrogative, in-têr-rôg'ga-tiv. a. denoting Intestine, fu-tes'tin. s. the gut, the bowel a question, expressed in a questionary form Inthral, in-thriwl'. v. a. to enslave, to sbackle of words

Intbralment, in-thrảwl'ment. s. servitude, Interrogative, în-têr-røg'gå-tiv. s. a pronoun slavery

used in asking questions : as, who ? what ?|Intimacy, In'tė - må-sé. s. close familiarity Interrogator, in-têr'ro-gå-tůr. s. an asker of Intimate, in'tė-måt. a. familiar, closely acquestions

[tion, an inquiry quainted Interrogatory, in-têr-rôg'zi-tůr-ė. s. a ques-Intimate, in'te-måt. s. a familiar friend Interrogatory, in-têr-rôg'ga-tûr-é. a. COD- Intimate, in'tė-måte. V. a. to hidt, to point taining or expressing a question

out indirectly Interrupt, în-têr-rúpt'. 7. a. to hinder

Intimately, în'té-mate-lè. ad. closely Interruptedly, lo-ter-růp'tėd-1d. ad. not in Intimation, in-tê-ma'shủn. s. bint, indirect continuity

[continuity ; stop

declaration or direction Interruption, in-têr-růp'shủn. s. breach of||Intimidate, in-tim'é-dáte. T. a. to make Interscind, in-têr-sind'. v. 2. to cut off by fearful, to dastardize interruption

(tween Intire, in-tire', a. whole, unbroken Interscribe, in-têr-skribe'. v. a. to write be- Intireness, In-fire'nés. s. rboleness ; integrity Intersecant, in-têr-se'kånt. a. dividing anyInto, in't8. prep. noting entrance with regard thing into parts

to place, or penetration beyond the outside Intersect, in-têr-sekt'. v. a. to cut, to divide intolerable, in-tol'lêr-a-bl. a. insufferable each other mutually

Intolerably, fo-t3l'ler-a-blè. ad. to a degree Intersection, in-têr-sek'shủn. s. the point beyond endurance where lines cross each other

Intolerant, in-tôl'lêr-ånt. a. not enduring Intersert, in-têr-sêrt'. v. a. to put in between Intolerance, in-tol'ler-ånse. .. want of tole Intersertion, in-têr-sér'shủn. s. an insertion ration

(sounding Intersperse, in-têr-spérse'. v. a. to scatter||Intonation, in-td-nå'shic

manner here and there

Intort, in-tårt'. v. a. to twist, to wreath Interspersion, in-têr-spêr'sbûn. & the act of Intoxicate, in-tộks'd-kåte. v. a. to inebriate scattering here and there

to make drunk Interstellar, 1o-têr-stêi'lir. a. intervening Intoxication, in-toks-d-ka'shủn. s. inebriatio. between the stars

Intractable, In-tråk'tå-bl. a. ungovernable Interstice, in'têr-stis. s. space between one furious

[nac, perversene thing and another

(terstices Intractableness, in-tråk'tå-bl-nes. s. obsti Interstitial, in-têr-st?sh'kl. a. containing in-|Intransmutable, in-trans-md'tå-bl. ntertexture,

n-têr-têks'tshdre. 5. diversifi changeable to any other substance cation of things mingled or woven among Iatreasure, in-trézh'dre. V. a. to lay up as i each other

& treasury Intertwine, 1n-têr-twine'.

Intrench, -trensh'. y. n. to break with

V. A to unite Intertwist, in-ter-twist'.

hollows; to fortify with a trench by twisting

Intrenchant, In-trénsbánt. a. not to be di Interval, In'têr-vál. . space between inter vided

(with a trench stice ; remission of a distemper

Intrenchment, in-trénsh'mếnt. . fortification Intervene, ln-tér-véne'. v. n. to come be-|Intrepid, in-trēp'id. a. fearless, bold tween

(between Intrepidity, in-tré-pld'd-tė. e. fearlessness Intervenient, In-têr-ye'nd-Ant. a. passing courage

(ingly Intervention, in-tér-vén'sbån. r. agency be-/Intrepidly, fn-trép'?d-lè. ad. fearlessly, dar

tween; interposition (another courseIntricacy, lo'trd-kå-sé. .. perplexity, invan Intervert, fo-tér-vêrt'. 7. 4. to turn toll lution

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